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6 Sep. 1992
Early Retirement
Richard must finally come to terms with early retirement which includes spending all day and every day with Hyacinth. But Hyacinth is eager to find Richard a new position, so when she hears that the Henderson's in frozen foods have an opening, she makes plans to get Richard the most executive, senior position.
13 Sep. 1992
Iron Age Remains
Now that Richard has retired, Hyacinth has decided that they must spend more time together, taking trips into the country to look for Iron Age remains. But Hyacinth and Richard are distracted from their studies when Rose hits an emotional low and locks herself in her room.
20 Sep. 1992
Violet's Country Cottage
Hyacinth and Richard head to the country where they have borrowed Violet and Bruce's cottage to host a barbecue. Whilst there, they meet the eccentric, but very well off, couple from the manor house and begin making acquaintances.
27 Sep. 1992
How to Go on Holiday Without Really Trying
When Delia Wheelwright boasts of her plans to vacation in the Caribbean, Hyacinth fumes. She immediately concocts a plan to out do Delia. But how can you convince everyone that you're going on holiday without actually going?
4 Oct. 1992
Richard's New Hobby
Hyacinth decides to quench Richard's boredom by giving him a new hobby, filming. Set off to film, anything, Richard does not to how to film or what to film for that matter. Meanwhile, Hyacinth invites Mrs.Counselor Nugent to her house in order to gain a valuable position on her committee.
11 Oct. 1992
The Art Exhibition
Hyacinth prepares for her trip to the art exhibition, she is of course an avid art lover. But her plans are interrupted when Daddy runs off to join the French Foreign Legion.
18 Oct. 1992
What to Wear When Yachting
About to embark on their yachting vacation, Hyacinth and Richard get kitted out with old sea-dog jerseys and caps. However, when they arrive at the docks, their magnificent yacht does not live up to its expectations, and with guests arriving at any moment, what is Hyacinth to do?

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