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Pitt Former TV Co-Star Kallsen Dead at 48, Emmy Nominee Meadows dead at 95, Oscar nominee Mankiewicz dead at 93

Brad Pitt 'Glory Days' costar Nicholas Kallsen Brad Pitt 'Glory Days' costar Nicholas Kallsen dead at 48 Nicholas Kallsen, who was featured opposite Brad Pitt in the short-lived television series Glory Days, has died at age 48 in Thailand according to online reports. Their source is one of Rupert Murdoch's rags, citing a Facebook posting by one of the actor's friends. The cause of death was purportedly – no specific source was provided – a drug overdose.* Aired on Fox in July 1990, Glory Days told the story of four high-school friends whose paths take different directions after graduation. Besides Nicholas Kallsen and Brad Pitt, the show also featured Spike Alexander and Evan Mirand. Glory Days lasted a mere six episodes – two of which directed by former Happy Days actor Anson Williams – before its cancellation. Roommates Nicholas Kallsen and Brad Pitt vying for same 'Thelma & Louise' role? The Murdoch tabloid also
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Brad Pitt's Glory Days Costar Nicholas Kallsen Dead: Actor Dies at 48

Brad Pitt's Glory Days Costar Nicholas Kallsen Dead: Actor Dies at 48
Brad Pitt's former Glory Days costar Nicholas Kallsen was found dead in Thailand earlier this month from a suspected overdose. He was 48. Kallsen's death was announced on Facebook by Dorrian's Red Hand founder Michael Dorrian. The restaurateur was an old friend of the actor, who frequented his bar on Manhattan's Upper East Side. "R.I.P. My old friend. Nick Kallsen. Sadly passed away earlier this month," Dorrian wrote last week in a Facebook update. "Will always remember the good times, a big part of my past has gone [...]
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See Never-Before-Seen Shirtless Pic of Brad Pitt from 1989!

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Brad Pitt was a stone-cold fox years before "Thelma & Louise."In a batch of just-released, never-before-seen photos from the set of the short-lived series "Glory Days," we get a good look at a then 25-year-old Brad in nothing but his boxers.The show, which only lasted six episodes, revolved around a group of friends graduating high school and heading into the real world ... and costarred one of the aunts from "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch."The series ran from July-September 1990, a year before Pitt first gained notoriety for his role as an extremely sexy cowboy hitchhiker opposite Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon in their classic road movie. 25 years later, and Brad still looks pretty damn good without a shirt at the age of 50. We got a quick glimpse at his impressive physique in one of the trailers for his new film, "Fury," which hits theaters tomorrow.While he was a total
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Birthday Gallery: Brad Pitt Turns 50

Superstar Brad Pitt has been in our lives for 25 years, from early appearances on Dallas and Growing Pains, to the short-lived series Glory Days. But it was his electric appearance as shady drifter J.D. in Thelma & Louise that first brought him a taste of the stardom he’d experience for the next two decades.

He’s been nominated for three Oscars for his performances in Twelve Monkeys, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and Moneyball (which also garnered him a producing nomination), and had memorable turns in such films as Fight Club and Seven.

On the personal side, he’s a vocal advocate for marriage-equality and fought hard against Prop 8, and he and wife Angelina Jolie (with whom he’s shared many a tabloid headline) are two of our greatest allies.

Today, the perennial sexiest man alive reaches a milestone, celebrating his 50th birthday. Let’s take a pictorial
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Brad Pitt turns 50: 10 of the actor's defining career moments

Brad Pitt turns 50: 10 of the actor's defining career moments
2013 has been something of a vintage year for Brad Pitt – his troubled zombie thriller World War Z became a smash hit against all odds, and he co-produced Steve McQueen's critically acclaimed Oscar frontrunner 12 Years a Slave.

As the actor celebrates his 50th birthday, Digital Spy takes a look back over 10 key moments from his on-screen career.

Brad Pitt turns 50: 11 vintage pictures to celebrate

1. This Pringles advert from 1989

Because... wow. Pitt had a few early roles on the small screen – most notably in 21 Jump Street, Dallas and short-lived Fox high school drama Glory Days – but we feel 'Once You Pop', directed by Lawrence Bridges, really sums up the first era of his career. That era being "the eighties".

2. Thelma & Louise (1991)

This year's The Counsellor reunited Pitt with Ridley Scott, the director who gave him his first break on the big screen in 1991's iconic womance. After Billy Baldwin dropped
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John Sayles on the MPAA, the Boss, and 'Go For Sisters' -- Exclusive Video

John Sayles on the MPAA, the Boss, and 'Go For Sisters' -- Exclusive Video
In Go For Sisters, the new movie from legendary independent filmmaker John Sayles, two childhood friends cross paths again at fragile moments in each other’s adult lives. Fontayne (Yolonda Ross) is a recovering drug addict just out of jail; Bernice (LisaGay Hamilton) is her new parole officer. But while Bernice should immediately recuse herself from the renewed relationship, she comes to rely on Fontayne — and her underworld contacts — when her son goes missing near the Mexican border. Together, the women recruit a disgraced Lapd detective (Edward James Olmos) who they hope can help them navigate the underbelly of Tijuana and rescue the young man.
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On Brad Pitt's Birthday: Watch His Super Cute First Big Break!

On Brad Pitt's Birthday: Watch His Super Cute First Big Break!
Brad Pitt turns 48 years old on Sunday, which to us underscores two things: One, the guy looks good for his age; and two, he's been at this Hollywood superstar thing for a long time.

The Oklahoma native's career is as strong as ever. He earned his fourth Golden Globe nomination on Thursday for his work in "Moneyball," an honor that is a major addition to the critics and festival awards he's been receiving for both that role and his turn in "The Tree of Life." But because birthdays are a day to reflect, we'd rather concentrate on the major roles that brought him to this illustrious point.

Pitt began taking guest turns and small parts in TV series and movies in 1987 after moving out to Hollywood. His first substantial break came when he starred in an arc on the soap opera "Dallas" as Randy, Charlie's tempting boyfriend. Check out his
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