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A great venue for James Earl Jones' talent!
kittykatkan3 February 2006
It didn't run very long, but "Gabriel's Fire" is a fantastic series for anyone who wants to see the complete range of James Earl Jones' ability as an actor, and not only to hear the range of his beautiful voice! Even just the first episode gives him the chance to show off a broad range of emotion, of action, of genuinely slipping into his character -- the ex-cop, ex-con, Gabriel Bird.

The series begins with Bird in his twentieth year in prison for murder; he killed a white cop during a raid, and was convicted for this, but because of his exemplary military record, his sentence was reduced to life in prison. A friend of his in prison is murdered, bringing Bird through circumstances together with his friend's lawyer, and on this is built the premise of the series.

Jones does take over every scene he's in, but he's got rather an overwhelming personality on the screen; he can't help that, I think =D If you get a chance to see the series, take it!
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An amazing series - give me a DVD!
jryingst5 September 2005
I wish I'd been able to catch all the episodes when this was on. If it were available on DVD, I'd certainly buy it. The cast and stories were amazing. My favorite moment was the sight of Gabriel Bird enjoying his first hot dog after release from prison. The pure joy in this simple act was a wonder to behold, and James Earl Jones did some great work here.

The previous reviewer wondered if James Earl Jones had received an Emmy nomination. Not only was he nominated - he won, for best actor, for his work in this series. Also Madge Sinclair won the Emmy for best actress, for this series. It was a nice Emmy moment for the series ABC had all but canceled. They brought it back, sort of, as "Pros and Cons" - which I never saw, but it doesn't sound much like the series I loved. Too bad.
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James Earl Jones is terrific in this role!
Syl30 April 2007
I remember when this show came on the air and how it ended. It was a terrible shame because James Earl Jones is one of our country's finest actors. Finally, he gets a series of his own but the show never really gained a large following after a season and was canceled by the network. It did have a terrific cast and won Emmys for James Earl Jones and others but the show never truly caught on because it was more character based than action based. For those of us who don't care about action packed movies, I prefer a good drama with characters that you can identify with and sympathize. The series was serious and too sophisticated for most audiences today who prefer to escape from their daily troubles. Of course, good drama can still effective without car chases, violence, etc. Gabriel's Fire based on my memory was a decent show with a purpose but the network felt the audiences weren't enough for it to continue in another season.
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Great series
love747628 April 2005
I'm a huge fan of James Earl Jones and I vaguely remember this series. It was a serious drama but also very engaging. Jones played Gabriel Bird, an ex-con trying to adjust to life on the outside. The sad thing was that he was wrongly jailed for a murder he could not control. He was a cop in his former life and his partner was going to shoot an innocent woman and her child during a raid and he chose his partner's life over the Innocent civilians. I was oddly into it when it ran and was sad to see it go. I'm not sure if James Earl Jones received an Emmy nomination but he definitely deserved it. Ah, just checked, he was nominated for a golden globe in 1990 for actor in a leading role. He is a fine actor, one whose performance is never overdone. It's probably due to his voice, so commanding and ominous, that he's had to work hard at not overpowering his roles with his voice. I'd purchase the first season if it was available on DVD. It gets my vote.
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looking for an old TV show
hilleljw29 August 2009
anyone know where I can get copies of the old TV show with James Earl Jones - Gabriel's Fire - from 1990 and Pros and Cons from 1991? This was a great TV show and I'd love to be able to have a look at some of the episodes again. There was one particularly memorable one about a pair of sneakers.

anyone know anything about it? Please get it touch with me. James Earl Jones of course is one of America's greatest actors.

I've just seen him again in Field of Dreams.

What's the point of forcing us to write 10 lines of text if we only have a little to say. This has got to be one of the craziest requirements I've seen.
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