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E.N.G. Pilot: Part 1
A fire, mono and the looming arrival of a news director whose job should have gone to round out our introduction to the Channel 10 team. Then a hostage situation puts one of them in danger and leaves Ann facing an impossible choice.
E.N.G. Pilot: Part 2
The hostage situation suddenly spirals out of control and Jake is critically injured. The suspicious timing of the crisis point to a cover up at the mayor's office.
Special Segment
Channel 10 tries to fill a Special Segment. Mike's daughter, Carrie, drops by unexpectedly.
Forests of the Night
After Jake's son is attacked by a gang called the Tigers, Terri attempts to get the gang leader to share what he's all about.
Your Place or Mine
An overturned truck full of hazardous materials brings a old friend of Ann's to town and he has a surprising proposition.
Dirty Trick
While Jake and Dan track a garbage scandal, the rest of the Channel 10 team deal with a disappearing source for a story about a struggling mayoral candidate.
The Chilling Effect
Ann doesn't know who to believe when a former university pal gives her classified information he stumbled on while working at a lab with US military contracts.
Running with the Pack
Dan double books himself and fakes a story but Terri finds out. Ann's father comes to visit and wishes Ann could spend more time with him.

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