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7 Jan. 1993
In Place of Alex
Gus and George interview possible replacements for Alex, who has been poached by another newsroom, and the office sweepstake goes into overdrive to nobble the front-runners.
14 Jan. 1993
Sally's Accountant
When prominent MPs are invited to discuss the recession, Henry hits meltdown as personal angst overcomes professional etiquette and the subject hits more than a chord.
21 Jan. 1993
Henry's Lost Love
Henry's ex-wife tells him she's re-marrying - why not to him, he wants to know. Meanwhile, Damien reckons he's on his way to a gambling fortune.
28 Jan. 1993
Helen'll Fix It
In the face of Government threats, Helen refuses to name her sources. Meanwhile, Gus refuses to OK Damien's titillating report on prostitution.
4 Feb. 1993
Sally's Libel
Newspaper reports suggest Sally isn't the most able, attractive, popular and least boring member of the Globelink team. She decides to sue.
11 Feb. 1993
Lady Merchant
Sexual harassment raises its ugly head in the newsroom - but for once its not Henry's. Meanwhile, Damien is busy invading every bit of privacy he can to track down a Nazi war criminal.
18 Feb. 1993
The New Newsreader
Gus introduces Jill, a newly qualified newsreader, as the youthful face of Globelink's image. But Henry and Sally discover she may become its only face.
25 Feb. 1993
Reeling from Helen's rejection, George finds a kindred spirit in Joy. But when he tells her to take things in hand, why does that include a knife?
4 Mar. 1993
Gus decides that Globelink is suffering from 'team-unbonding'. His answer? A weekend of 'adventure-harmonising', better known as paintball in the woods.
11 Mar. 1993
George and His Daughter
George is having family problems, Gus is having morality problems, and all around them Chippendale-mania is sweeping the country.
18 Mar. 1993
It's party time for GlobeLink: the razz at the British News Awards ceremony begins. Damian dreams of victory, Dave dreams of Helen, and for once Henry is less than happy to be centre-stage.

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