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Season 5

1 Oct. 1996
Inside the Asylum
Helen is unnerved by a traumatic start to her working day. Henry is happy to be courted by a rival broadcaster - will he make a marriage made in TV heaven? And the Globelink team - all of them as sane as the next person - prepare to welcome back Sally from an enforced absence in another place.
8 Oct. 1996
The Godless Society
Gus is eager to impress a Japanese delegation of potential financiers; the news staffers are introduced to the novel concept of religious belief, except for George, who's lost all faith in public transport.
15 Oct. 1996
The Bird of Doom
The technology revolution reaches Globelink. Joy prepares to shin up the career ladder and Sally has a close encounter with an enemy on the wing.
22 Oct. 1996
What Are Friends For?
Gus has a date with destiny, Helen is in a spin over spin doctors and Globelink News braces itself for a visit by the nation's leader - no, not Sir Royston, John Major!
29 Oct. 1996
The Path of True Love
Helen has a new woman in her life and Gus is about to get a woman in his life as Cupid starts firing poison-tipped arrows.
5 Nov. 1996
George's Car
Sally decides her face doesn't fit. Meanwhile, George's newly-bought car turns out to be a dud; and Dave tries to grasp the concept of fidelity.
12 Nov. 1996
Charnley in Love
Gus is worried about an old face, Dave is worried about his wedding, and Damian is just worried.
19 Nov. 1996
Henry's Diary
Gus holds a celebrity dinner in honour of Sir Royston; George prepares for a very public debut; and Henry's newspaper column suffers from a ghost in the machine.
26 Nov. 1996
Dave and Diana
Rumours are sweeping the Globelink newsroom about the incident of the mysterious, handsome man-about-town seen with Di... And as if that's not enough, a psychologist arrives to appraise the team's mental health.
3 Dec. 1996
Henry has a mid-life crisis, Sally makes an exhibition of herself, and Damien discovers he's not Mister Indestructible after all.
10 Dec. 1996
The Graveyard Shift
Helen is not alone when she works the nightshift. George is suspected of having some form of mind-altering experience, while Joy admits to being involved in an unusual relationship.
17 Dec. 1996
Sex 'n Death
George grapples with illness, Henry grapples with some dreadful news and Gus wrestles with dreams involving a rather nice set of manacles.

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