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8 Jul. 1990
The First Episode
Book editor Martin Tupper doesn't want to admit his marriage is over.
15 Jul. 1990
Death Takes a Coffee Break
Can book editor Martin Tupper's day get any worse? It starts with a dose from an exterminator at 6:30AM, then losing his coat in a cab door, and progresses to being assaulted by a zoftig female author whose book he rejected. His pal Eddie fixes him up with a amorous 20 year old, but movie-mad Martin ends up in an ER.
22 Jul. 1990
Sex and the Single Father
Worried that the divorce is the cause of Jeremy's poor concentration at school, Judith tells Martin that it's actually because of a crush on his teacher. After some wrangling with Judith, it's left to Martin to have 'the talk'.
29 Jul. 1990
Sole Sister
Initially overjoyed by a whirlwind visit from his globe-trotting baby sister 'Beano', Martin finds it difficult to accept that she's more grown up than he imagined; and unfortunately, his best friend Eddie is part of the problem.
5 Aug. 1990
Angst for the Memories
After being admonished by an old school friend, for not becoming a famous writer, Martin feels galvanized to pick up the quill again - but are his central characters a little too close to home?
23 Sep. 1990
Bored after breaking up with Nina, Martin is phoning anybody and everybody, when he accidentally takes a call meant for the suicide helpline. The caller is Irma, who he somehow persuades not to 'do the deed', while his apartment is filling up with his associates. Then they leave! This may not be the most entertaining plot summary in the world but it IS what happens.

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