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1 Jul. 1990
The Dealbreaker
A former girlfriend of Peter's gets kidnapped, because her husband, an ex-CIA agent reneged on a deal to supply terrorists with bomb detonators. After confronting her husband, Peter and his Counterstrike team-mates try to find the woman.
8 Jul. 1990
Dead in the Air
Nicole wins the confidence of a nightclub-owning drug-dealer who is plotting to kill a prosecutor in Colombia. The Counterstrike team's mission is to foil his plans.
15 Jul. 1990
Now and at the Hour of Our Death
The Counterstrike team protects a priest who is slated to testify about human rights abuses in his native South American country. The priest manages to flee to Boston, but hit-men track him down.
14 Oct. 1990
The Counterstrike team's mission is to rescue the wives of world leaders who are being held hostage in a French chateau by terrorists.
28 Oct. 1990
Escape Route
The Social Liberation Front (SLF) is killing rich industrialists. Their demand: a safe-cracker in a French prison be released. So Nicole infiltrates the SLF. Luke gets embedded with the safe-cracker in prison. Peter plays his lawyer.
10 Nov. 1990
The Beginning
The back-story of how the Counterstrike team was put together to find and rescue the kidnapped wife of billionaire Alexander Addington from the clutches of Kruger, a terrorist who wants weapons as ransom.
17 Nov. 1990
Cry of the Children
Luke's paternal instincts are aroused when a former girlfriend named Zoe shows up with a baby who she claims is his. Soon, Zoe gets shot and the baby disappears. Peter and Nicole uncover a baby-smuggling ring in Toronto and go after it.
24 Nov. 1990
A double takes the place of Addington at an important conference while the Counterstrike team tries to find a runaway gypsy boy pickpocket who was a witness to a murder in Greece. Can they find the boy and spot the double?
15 Dec. 1990
Regal Connection
An African-American professor gets kidnapped because he is the heir to an African throne. A more sinister group takes Luke hostage. Peter and Nicole must get Luke and the professor back from their respective kidnappers.
22 Dec. 1990
Cinema Verite
A crime novelist gets murdered. The Counterstrike team investigate his death by infiltrating a film crew that is filming his screenplay.

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