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Season 2

22 Sep. 1990
Grandma Gets It On
Lillian Preskin (Burnett) is a frisky 82-year-old senior citizen who still has an eye for the gentlemen at her nursing home, much to the consternation of her daughter (Fay) who threatens to send her mother to a home run by nuns if she engages once more in sex with the residents.
29 Sep. 1990
Diary of a Really, Really Mad Housewife
A Pollyannaish housewife has a day that would freak out Pollyanna herself as she prepares a dinner to impress her husband's boss.
6 Oct. 1990
Goin' to the Chapel
Evelyn Sweets (Burnett) is featured in two separate episodes about her "Chapel of Romance": Evelyn is approached by a woman with a ventriloquist's dummy who pleads with her to marry them in "Dummy Dearest"; Evelyn is approached by Chester Neff, who assumes that her ad's tag I'll marry anyone means that she will become his wife in "Being Out There".
13 Oct. 1990
Guns and Rosie
Three pistol-packing mamas capture an unarmed burglar (Richard Kind) who believes that guns are dangerous.
20 Oct. 1990
Stiff Competition
A woman (Carol Burnett) gets cold comfort from the death by freezing of her paramour's wife: the man's still in love with the woman.
27 Oct. 1990
Here's to You, Mrs. Baldwin
Lisa Baldwin (Burnett), a successful single businesswoman, is enchanted but unnerved when her son's college roommate, Patrick (Krause), expresses his admiration for her.
3 Nov. 1990
Trisha Springs Eternal
Trisha Durant (Betty White) is a college friend of Rosalind "Roz" Burke (Burnett) who comes to town and announces that she's taken the apartment next door to Roz - but Roz can't stand her.
10 Nov. 1990
Mom and Dad Day Afternoon
Frank and Julia Miller (Kiser and Burnett) are a bickering couple applying for a loan who witness an unusual robbery - the bank is being held up by their son (Krause).
17 Nov. 1990
Driving Miss Crazy
A recovering stress victim is put to the test of renewing her driver's license.
24 Nov. 1990
The Jingle Belles
Arlene Harvey and Kate Benton (Burnett and Bernadette Peters) are songwriters who strike a sour note when Kate alone is offered an audition with a record producer.
1 Dec. 1990
Teacher, Teacher
Daisy Kornfeld (Burnett), a teacher, tries to talk her way out of a speeding ticket from a cop (Krause), her former student in whom she instilled a value system that doesn't bend the rules.
8 Dec. 1990
Veta Mae Klybocker (Burnett) is a spaced-out woman who prepares to rendezvous with aliens at a fishing dock and confronts Dakota (Nell Carter), a fisherwoman who resents having her solitude disturbed.
15 Jan. 1991
No News Is Bad News
A former game-show producer (Barone) turns a newscast into a circus, and its once-respected anchor Christine Hayward (Burnett) into a clown.
19 Jan. 1991
Turning Tables
Virtually nothing goes as planned for three couples out for a romantic evening at an elegant restaurant.
26 Jan. 1991
That Little Extra Something
A spoof of an old-fashioned murder mystery but complications ensue when Richard Kind's Aunt Wanda (Burnett) comes for a visit. Tim Conway makes a cameo appearance.
9 Feb. 1991
Suture Self
Eminent surgeon Hoogie Dowser (Neil Patrick Harris in a spoof of his TV show Doogie Howser, M.D.) is called in for a splinter removal from the toe of a recovering patient (Burnett).
16 Feb. 1991
High on Life
A free-spirited man (Kiser) begs Margaret (Burnett) to live life on the edge - moments before her marriage to Herb (Kind).
9 Mar. 1991
Jewel of Denial
A Sam Spade spoof has Carol Burnett playing wisecracking PI.
16 Mar. 1991
Intimate Behavior
Hal Linden plays in a series of vignettes that take a musical look at intimate behavior in a café, an elevator, a support-group meeting, a dentist's office and an alley.
13 Apr. 1991
Noah's Place
A cafe is the setting for a reunion between lovers, and for negotiations between a talking head and an agent.
27 Apr. 1991
Overnight Male
Myrna Fallows (Burnett), a postal worker, dreams that she gets to date her fantasy mailman (Christopher Reeve), but they are often interrupted by a co-worker (Kind).
4 May 1991
For Love or Money, Part 1
In a sendup of 1940s gangster films, wealthy Agnes Pringle (Burnett) contemplates a lover's revenge while "Lefty" Malone (Kind) and "Dollface" (Barone) join in on the scheming on a cruise ship. A one-hour season finale.
4 May 1991
For Love or Money, Part 2
In a sendup of 1940s gangster films, wealthy Agnes Pringle (Burnett) contemplates a lover's revenge while "Lefty" Malone (Kind) and "Dollface" (Barone) join in on the scheming on a cruise ship. A one-hour season finale.

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