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Season 5

7 Sep. 1994
What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories
The Walshes welcome Valerie Malone, a young and charming family friend from Buffalo, who moves into Brenda's room after she leaves for England. But unknown to everybody, Valerie is secretly revealed to be a manipulative, cynical and callous woman with a taste for drugs and hard liquor. Meanwhile, Donna returns from her summer stay in Texas and claims that she's over with David, who's doing a video for his film class about his travels during the summer. But that evening, Donna has an emotional breakdown when she runs into David at a nightclub. Steve returns from his ...
14 Sep. 1994
Under the Influence
Donna announces to the gang that she has decided to move to Houston to be a débutante. But Kelly eventually learns that Donna still emotionally fragile since her breakup with David and she's hiding behind her mother just to avoid running into him. Dylan also finds out that his entire bank account is cleaned out by Kevin and Suzanne's scam, but alienated with life and embarrassed and ashamed at himself for what happened, Dylan keeps his financial problem to himself. Meanwhile, Brandon decides to tell Dylan about him and Kelly, but chickens out after seeing him drinking...
21 Sep. 1994
A Clean Slate
Brandon runs for vice president along side Josh and does great when he steps in and gives a speech in Josh's place. Their campaign is threatened, however, when Alex Diaz, their opponents campaign manager, uncovers the unpublished article that Josh wrote about Brandon the previous year, which details Brandon's tutoring of D'Shawn and ledges allegations of him taking tests for D'shawn. Donna asks Claire (now attending C.U. as a sophomore) to move into the beach apartment in David's place, but Clare brings a bad snoring habit with her. Meanwhile, Valerie secretly decides...
28 Sep. 1994
Life after Death
Brandon has trouble coping with Josh's sudden death in a car accident, which is a challenge to his political position when he's forced to fill Josh's shoes. Meanwhile, Donna finds a new man for herself, a KEG member named Griffin Stone, who her mother wants her to date. David meets Clare for the first time, and they, too, become close. Also, Valerie continues pursuing Dylan, who lays out ground rules that their clandestine relationship is based purely on sex, while Valerie continues her "good girl" charade in front of Steve and everyone else.
5 Oct. 1994
Rave On
Kelly's senses alert her to be suspicious of Valerie's true unwholesome colors when she catches her smoking pot and she naturally makes a big fuss about it. But to Kelly's surprise, she cannot get a sympathetic ear. Steve refuses to believe Kelly, thinking that she's just jealous. Even Brandon is skeptic and tells Kelly to give Valerie the benefit of a doubt. However, Donna doesn't seem to care and tells Kelly that what Valerie does in her spare time is none of their business. Later when Kelly sees Valerie at the Peach Pit drinking and flirting with Dylan, she ...
12 Oct. 1994
Brandon, now the new student body president of CU, has his first challenge when he is pressed into action by some human-rights activist students who are against the chancellor's friend Quintaro, a visiting Asian dignitary from a fictitious South-East Asian country of Selanesia, who is accused of human-rights violations which puts Brandon at odds with both Clare and Chancellor Arnold. Meanwhile, Valerie helps Steve, Kelly, and fellow KEG members Griffin and Muntz, plan the theft of a rival college's mascot, a huge stuffed bear, during homecoming weekend. Donna skips ...
19 Oct. 1994
Who's Zoomin' Who?
Kelly's disapproval of her mother's return to modeling increases when she learns that her baby sister Erin is involved. Meanwhile, the Walshes finally learn that Dylan is broke when the proposed Peach Pit expansion leads to an exposure of his finances. Valerie, still smearing with both anger and pity after catching Dylan cheating on her, confirms to them that Dylan is bankrupt. Jim then offers Dylan financial assistance. But the growingly misanthropic Dylan is too far gone to accept any sympathy and rudely blows off Jim. While Donna has trouble balancing the ...
26 Oct. 1994
Things That Go Bang in the Night
On Halloween night, Donna becomes scared when her two suitors, Ray and Griffin, finally cross paths during a costume party at the KEG house. After being shunned by the Walshes and the rest of the gang, Valerie considers moving back to Buffalo, but decides to stay after learning that her mother has suffered a nervous breakdown. Steve unfairly blames Dylan for having a tryst with Valerie, and breaks his business agreement with the Peach Pit After Dark. Valerie also fails to bewitch Dylan who's sinking deeper into depravity with hard drugs, while Brandon reacts coldly ...
2 Nov. 1994
Dylan enters a rehab center after all of his friends conduct an intervention. Valerie and Clare, left out of the intervention, spend the day shopping and bonding with each other. But after one day, Dylan runs away from the clinic with a little of Valerie's help. Dylan then alienates Valerie more with his continuing drug use and attitude in which she walks out on him for good. Kelly gets a modeling offer from Seventeen magazine. Meanwhile, Ray has dinner with Donna's wary parents Felice and John. Also, David and Clare's homemade video of their lovemaking disappears and...
9 Nov. 1994
The Dreams of Dylan McKay
When Dylan is put in a coma after a car accident while driving under the influence of heroin, bizarre near-death dreams he has mirror his fight for life which involve his drug dealer, his high school principal Mrs. Teasley, Kevin, Suzanne, Erica, Valerie, the Walshes, and his own long-dead father, Jack. Meanwhile, Steve is bothered by the appearance of his annoying and overbearing father, Rush, at a flag-football tournament as part of the KEG sports weekend.
16 Nov. 1994
Hate Is Just a Four Letter Word
Brandon and Dean Trimble are caught in the middle of a conflict when several Jewish students, including Andrea, protest the scheduled campus appearance of a controversial, anti-Semitist, African-American orator, in which the demonstrations and near-riots disrupt Kelly's photo shoot for the magazine. Meanwhile, Donna plans a party for Ray's 25th birthday. In the hospital, Dylan spends the time talking with his mother Iris, while his drug dealer pays an unexpected visit and threatens him not to tell the police about their business.
23 Nov. 1994
Rock of Ages
Jim gets Brandon tickets to the Rolling Stones' Rose Bowl concert, but a hearing to determine the legality of his presidency is moved to the night of the concert. Jesse argues that Brandon is already the legitimate president, as he has been calling senate meetings to order; the challenge to the presidency is denied. Brandon takes Andrea to the concert. Kelly gets backstage access through the magazine, while braggart Steve has trouble getting in at all after a hippie steals his wallet. Ray and Donna work as vendors and see the show free of charge. David and Clare go to...
30 Nov. 1994
Up in Flames
Emily flies back from Paris to attend a seminar at La Jolla. She asks Brandon to meet her at the airport, claiming to have just a four-hour layover. She actually has a week until the beginning of her seminar, but Brandon breaks her heart by revealing that he is dating Kelly. When he sees her back to her hotel room, they share a passionate kiss. Steve and Griffin organize a holiday rave at an abandoned house. Valerie helps them out in the hopes of getting back in Steve's good graces. David and Clare accidentally post the notice about the event on a computer bulletin ...
14 Dec. 1994
Injustice for All
In the aftermath of the house fire, Kelly suffers second and third degree burns on right wrist, ear, and the whole right side of her neck. Allison's injuries are much more severe, but she maintains a positive attitude. Brandon is racked with guilt because of his feelings for Emily. Kelly does not react well when she learns that Emily is still in town. She calls Dylan to discuss her insecurities and Brandon visits him in search of advice. Kelly believes that Brandon is only staying with her out of guilt, but Emily eases her mind when she reveals that he expressed his ...
21 Dec. 1994
Christmas Comes This Time Each Year
Donna's snobbish mother, Felice, puts Ray's feelings for her daughter to a test by offering him money to stop seeing her, while Ray's alcoholic, chain-smoking, redneck mother, LuAnn, goes Christmas shopping with Donna. Differing family traditions cause tension between the Catholic Jesse and the Jewish Andrea. Clare introduces David to her father during a faculty Christmas party who finds common ground with him over their love of music. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to his old friend, Christine Pettit, from the FBI to help him find his stolen money. Unable to help Dylan, ...
4 Jan. 1995
Sentenced to Life
Steve begins community service at a retirement home and meets Saul Howard, an ex-entertainer with Alzheimer's disease, whom Steve confides in with his problems. Dylan asks Jesse for advice when he is told to appear in court over his car accident. Meanwhile, Valerie returns to Beverly Hills after spending a sunny Christmas vacation in the Caribbean, instead of visiting her mother in Buffalo, which prompts a cold response from Kelly who openly admits to everyone that she despises Valerie and doesn't trust her for a second. Ray declines a request by Donna to perform at ...
11 Jan. 1995
Sweating It Out
On their semester break, Dylan and Brandon take a motorcycle trip through California and they end up being subjected to slave labor by a Native American sheriff for trespassing on a reservation, which helps dissipate the tensions between both of them over Kelly. Meanwhile, Kelly benefits from attending psychology workshop seminars run by a famous, psychology professor named Patrick Finley. Donna tries to help Ray get over his stage fright on the eve of his debut at the grand opening of the Peach Pit After Dark. Steve spends the weekend moping over his father, Rush, ...
18 Jan. 1995
Hazardous to Your Health
Dylan recruits Valerie to help him and Jonesy pull off a caper in Punta Brava, Mexico to reclaim his lost money after they find Kevin and Suzanne. Jones and Valerie pose as a couple at a resort hotel where they befriend Kevin and Suzanne (aka: Karl and Kitty Cavendish) in order to get to know more about where they keep Dylan's stolen money. But when Dylan wants to rescue his sister Erica, Jones backs out, leaving Dylan to carry on a rash rescue attempt alone. In Beverly Hills, Brandon feels threatened by Kelly's relationship with Professor Finley when Brandon starts ...
1 Feb. 1995
Little Monsters
Kelly's continued involvement with Professor Finley and his conflict against the college faculty to preserve his tenure frustrates Brandon since he knows about Finley's hostile and paranoid attitude. Meanwhile, Valerie seeks a reward for helping Dylan recover his money and asks both him and Jones to cut her in on a large share. David's old flame Ariel Hunter, now a music company rep, returns and woos Ray to get him to sign a music deal, much to Donna's worry. Also, Andrea flirts with trouble when she starts seeing Peter while Jesse is away on business.
8 Feb. 1995
You Gotta Have Heart
Steve tries to secure the R&B group "Jade" for a Valentines Day telethon at the Peach Pit After Dark. Meanwhile, Brandon coaxes Kelly away from Professor Finley and his work at his newly opened commune, but only for the moment. After moving out of the Walshes and into a hotel suite, using some of Dylan's money, Valerie comes onto Ray who's having problems with Donna and pressures him into an affair. Ray's mother, LuAnn, figures out that Ray cheated on Donna when he doesn't come home after that night, and covers for him when Donna comes calling asking of Ray's ...
15 Feb. 1995
Stormy Weather
When a rainstorm hits Beverly Hills for the week, Andrea gets a job at the hospital where Peter works just to be near him. Valerie refuses to accept a "no" from Ray in response to a relationship with him. Meanwhile, Dylan goes undercover as a new Finley follower at the commune to spy on him and Kelly, while Brandon questions Chancellor Arnold and then seeks out a former Finley follower to speak to Kelly about Professor Finley's true racial and unethical ways.
22 Feb. 1995
Alone at the Top
An unseen psycho, who may be the creepy grad student Lenny, creates a crime wave on the CU campus which includes the rape of a girl student which worries everyone. Meanwhile, Ray decides to leave town after Valerie buys the Peach Pit After Dark from Steve's father for her own use. Peter temps Andrea to stay out late at the hospital with him, so she gives in to his requests to sleep with him. Also, Dylan is tempted by Valerie to fall off the wagon again. Seeking answers to his path in life, Dylan tracks down and finds his rehab friend Charlie Rollins, a motel owner, ...
1 Mar. 1995
Love Hurts
Lenny becomes an outcast when he is suspected of the campus rape despite his protest of innocence which prompts him to ask Brandon to help him prove his innocence. At the same time, the real rapist stalks an unsuspecting Donna and holds her hostage in the beach apartment. Meanwhile, Dylan accidentally becomes privy to Andrea's affair with Peter when he sees them together at Charlie's motel. When Andrea decides to leave Jesse to be with Peter, he reveals that he doesn't share the same views as she. Elsewhere, Valerie asks Steve to help secure the rock group "The ...
15 Mar. 1995
Unreal World
Brandon, Kelly, Donna and Steve appear in Clare and David's cinema verity project which ends up revealing truths from their pasts to each other. Valerie moves back in with the Walshes after being evicted from her hotel suite. Meanwhile, Dylan helps Charlie work on a movie screenplay and more help comes from Valerie who repeatedly temps Dylan. After visiting a therapist, Andrea considers telling Jesse about her affair. But she is unprepared when Jesse has a confession of his own for her.
29 Mar. 1995
Double Jeopardy
Brandon and Clare have the same bad dreams involving "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek and announcer Johnny Gilbert while competing with each other and Andrea for a spot in the show's college tournament. After learning from Andrea about her affair, Jesse moves in with Dylan and talks about the possibility of divorce while Dylan tries to reason with him to make up with her. Meanwhile, the reconciliation of Mel and Jackie gives David hope of reuniting with Donna whom he still has feelings for.
5 Apr. 1995
A Song for My Mother
During spring break, Donna visits Ray now living in Portland, Oregon and David tags along to visit his mother only to learn that she has disappeared. So David, along with Donna and his father, Mel, follow a strange trail of the past to find her, while Ray begins to show increasingly signs of jealousy over Donna helping David find his mother. Back in Beverly Hills, Dylan undergoes hypnosis by a therapist in his research to find ideas for a screenplay for Charlie, while Valerie considers and gets a tattoo for herself.
12 Apr. 1995
Squash It
Sagging attendance at the Peach Pit After Dark draws David back to the stage with a talented new partner named Juwan, a young gang member whose performance is threatened by violence from a disgruntled band. Valerie flies to Reno, Nevada to ask Ray to come back to the After Dark when Donna lobbies for his return. Meanwhile, Brandon becomes a guide to Warren, a young and bright, but immature and spoiled genius coveted by Chancellor Arnold to attend the university. Also, Dylan has a disturbing experience with hypnotic regression.
3 May 1995
Girls on the Side
Kelly finally becomes a cover girl on Seventeen magazine, but hesitates to continue modeling due to her fire burn scars. While coping with her newfound stardom, Kelly learns that she has a new admirer: the horribly scared Alison from the fire that night. Ray returns to Beverly Hills and to a bravo return appearance at the After Dark. But Ray's mother LuAnn, in an intoxicated state, ends up tipping off David and Clare about his unfaithfulness to Donna with Valerie. After David and Clare confront Ray, and then Valerie, they decide not to tell Donna to avoid hurting her ...
10 May 1995
The Real McCoy
Hypnotic regression leads Dylan to a past life where he is Billy McCoy, a gun-slinging outlaw in the Wild West, until he meets an upper-class woman (in the form of Kelly) to redeem his outlaw ways. Meanwhile in the real world, while Kelly goes to New York with Steve to meet with modeling agencies, Valerie turns her sights on Brandon who is hoping to be re-elected student body president. But Brandon runs into all kinds of problems when news of college tuition for undergraduates will be increased, he is criticized for not looking after the students best interests. As a ...
17 May 1995
Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills
Dylan makes summer plans for a trip around the world with Kelly while Brandon counters with a marriage proposal, forcing her to made a decision. Donna tries to cope with Ray's growing hostility as they confront their differences. Meanwhile, Andrea and Jesse go through a tearful going away party at West Beverly high school before leaving town to go to Yale. Also, Jim gets a promotion which means moving to Hong Kong.
24 May 1995
P.S. I Love You: Part 1
The gang goes to Palm Springs for the national KEG/ALPHA fraternity/sorority convention, where Steve tries to find the perfect woman for himself after he rejects the blind date his father sets him up with. But Steve gets more than he bargained for when he meets a shady women named Elle. Kelly spends a day shopping with Alison in which David and Clare misinterpret their relationship as something else. Jim and Cindy put their house up for sale before moving away to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Donna brings Ray along to make up with him, but later regrets it when he injures her...
24 May 1995
P.S. I Love You: Part 2
In Palm Springs, Brandon reacts coldly to Kelly after mistakingly thinking that she and Allison are more then friends in which he considers surrendering to Valerie's advances towards him. But things get even worse for Brandon after he's arrested for driving Valerie's car when he's pulled over by a traffic policeman, who finds Valerie's marijuana stash in it. Meanwhile, Steve finally learns Elle's secret of being "more than a woman." Donna decides to give the possessive Ray a second chance, and rudely blows off Valerie in which Donna reveals that she's figured out that...

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