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Questions and Answers With Kelly McGillis

It's been 27 years since Kelly McGillis starred opposite Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" as his instructor and love interest, though the film is arguably as much a part of the zeitgeist now as it ever was — hence its upcoming re-release in IMAX 3D. After "Top Gun," McGillis went on to a prolific film and stage career, including roles in "The Accused," "Winter People" and "The Innkeepers."

We spoke with McGillis in advance of the release of "Top Gun: An IMAX 3D Experience" about sex scenes with Cruise, thinking about "Top Gun" at the supermarket and, of course, the volleyball scene. "Top Gun" in 3D is currently in theaters with the Blu-ray release set for Feb. 19.

When you were making "Top Gun," did you have any idea of the cultural impact that the movie would have for years?

No. How could I know? I wouldn't ever guess that that film was
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