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Sex & Nudity

  • some woman in a video store are dressed in revealing clothing. one of them jumps up and down, we see her breasts flop up and down.
  • a soft, non graphic sex scene with the toxic avenger and his girlfriend. comical without graphic nudity.
  • some partial nudity and suggestive humor.

Violence & Gore

  • a woman is shot in the chest. we see her lying on the ground gagging on blood and blood oozing out of a bullet wound.
  • a man is body slammed through a video display.
  • a gang of thugs shoot up the walls and cassetes in a video store.
  • a man has one of his intestine pulled out of his stomach by the toxic avenger. toxie then skips rope with it.
  • a man is strangled with another mans intestine.
  • a mans face is erased in a tape eraser. we see his face turned to a blank flesh colored surface.
  • a mans arm is grinded apart in a VCR. this is projected onto the tv the vcr is hooked up to. we see his hand slowly and graphically torn to pieces. then he has a mop pole stabbed through his head and his head is twisted off and thrown into a wall. blood gushes out of the neck stump.
  • a man turns into the devil. the devil rips his way out of the guys stomach and crawls out from inside him with much green slime and guts.
  • the devil has his skin ripped of his torso and bugs are crawling all over his insides.
  • some non graphic shooting and some punching and fighting.


  • normal R rated language. nothing extreme.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • some smoking and drinking but not much. some mild drug content

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • not really intense at all. gore will disturb some. the devil monster may scare children. the themes involving the devil may scare or upset some. more comedic and campy than intense.

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