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In regards to the Fishbowl on Ricky's Head
SiskelisDead28 November 2005
I enjoyed the original Silent Night, Deadly Night. To the dismay of other internet film critics, i also enjoyed Silent Night, Deadly Night part 2. But when i sat down to watch the 3rd installment in the series, even at the age of 15 i knew the end was near.

My Biggest issue with this film has little to do with the low rent acting. It is the blatant disregard for the previous film that irritates me the most.

Ricky has no need for the science fictional fishbowl on his head in this film, other than to draw attention away from the lack of plot, and place all eyes on a sad gimmick. In the end of Silent Night, Deadly Night 2, Ricky is shot three times, yes – But he was never shot in the head – nor did he have his head blown off as another commentator included in his/her IMDb review of the film. There is No Need for the Fishbowl!
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Utterly banal and worthless slasher effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder19 December 2014
Hoping to rest for the holidays, a blind psychic woman and her friends' trip to a family gathering is interrupted by the reanimated killer that was part of her experiments with and tries to stop him before he kills off her friends.

This was a truly abysmal and near worthless slasher effort. About the only positive this one has is the finale stalking around the house, which is quite effective here at putting her in danger due to the use of her physical condition causing a lot of fumbling and stumbling around in the dark while trying to avoid the killer who's closing in, through several different floors of the house and down into the basement where the real stalking is used and the best bloodletting is all thrown together. By itself, it's a decent enough sequence but is just trapped all throughout here with the rest of the banal attributes that hold it down. Among the numerous flaws here, nothing is bigger than the utterly lame and unimposing killer, who looks so ridiculous with the coma-device still strapped to his head that he gets quite more laughs than scares by his appearance and really settles into this one quite weakly. It's hardly off to a good start when we find ourselves treating the killer as a joke, and the other flaws only enhance that since this one is just interminably boring and lifeless. There's hardly any action at all within this since the first half tends to run through her experiments at the hospital before finally just getting to the house at the forty-minute mark as the useless side-tangents of the killer's stops along the way and the detectives spouting pointless scientific jargon at each other make up the rest of the running time in the first half. This is naturally spurred on by the criminally-low body-count that never really gives this one a chance to let loose with the splatter that would've helped the running time along here and in the end there's just not enough action to really get this one going at all. The last flaw here is the overall cheap-ness of the film, both in regards to the locations and sets but also the overall quality of the rest of the special effects as the kills are all off-screen, the design is pretty bad and overall this one never really had a chance to do much good for itself.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Nudity and Language.
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David Lynch Connection
GorgonHeep30 May 2004
There is a strange connection between some of the actors/actresses in this film; director David Lynch. How did such a typical slasher/B-movie happen to have 3 individuals who all went to work with the intriguing director David Lynch, on various projects. Eric DaRe from SNDN 3 portrayed shady brute "Leo Johnson" in Lynch's TV series "Twin Peaks". Richard Beymer also ended up in the strange town of "Twin Peaks", having played rich and devious "Benjamin Horne". And then certainly, the lovely and mysterious Laura Harring makes her appearance in David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive". Perhaps some of the supernatural entities that exist in Lynch's various works, seeped into the world of reality, and pulled these three actors/actresses into the world of David Lynch at an unforeseen future point in their careers... or, maybe David Lynch is just a really big fan of "Silent Night, Deadly Night 3". You be the judge.
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The Christmas spirit is not for everyone.
lost-in-limbo9 August 2009
You know things aren't going so well, when you start to think that you rather be watching 'Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2' again and this indeed was running through my head during the very plodding part 3. Sure it's competently produced and slicker than the first two (way ahead in those stakes), but what a total snooze fest with a bunch of niggling characters. I know the shoddy second film has a bad wrap, but at least it was brainlessly cheesy fun, which this entry completely fumbled. Gone is the wicked dark humor (well it does try with less than flattering results) and forcefully graphic carnage, replaced with a leadenly talkative script (which does on to meander in many scenes), uninterestedly indifferent performances (does Robert Culp know what the movie's about?) and plenty of flat build-ups that lead to off-screen kills with a spurt of blood. Lame!

This straight to video effort (which the next two would follow path) pretty much continues on from 'Part 2', but trying to get away from the randomly standard stalk and slash angle where it adds another idea involving the unusual connection between the comatose Ricky (who survived the head shot with his exposed brain being protected by a Plexiglas cap) and a clairvoyant blind girl Laura, which her doctor was using those physic abilities to get into the mind of Ricky (although unknown to her). However in doing so she gets nightmarish images she rather no talk about, but through these experiments Ricky actually awakens from the coma and because of that attachment he heads after Laura.

Credit for trying some different, but it got completely daft and spineless leading to something routine. At the beginning it started using scenes from the first film in what Laura's character was seeing in her visions and I was thinking… "Here we go again?". Gladly it wasn't the case. The only thing that achieved some sort of energy was the hysterical screaming by Samantha Scully as the stubbornly unlikeable blind heroine, but again that wasn't entirely convincing. Moments within the plot actually reminded me of John Carl Buechler's 'Friday the 13th Part 7: New Blood' (1988). Now that one was better. Popping up as the maniac Ricky is Bill Moseley as his robotic manner goes through it with that plastic bowl on top of his head getting most of the attention. Robert Culp gives a batty performance, while Richard Beymer goes for stiltedly serious temperament. Laura Harring and Eric DaRe also appear. The busily echoing score punches out the electronic cues. The man in the director's chair Monte Hellman ('The Shooting', 'Cockfighter' and 'Two-lane Blacktop') does a stylish, but lethargic job which lacked a sinister bite. Bit of atmosphere in some dreamy parts and camera placement showed some inventiveness, but it triggers no tension, no jolts and no fun.
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psycho_15322 December 1999
Compared to the first two a very slow and boring sequel. With a blind girl as the lead role it was very boring seeing her slowly adjust to the sittuation not realizing the killer was standing next to her. Now to the killer by now the killer is a very slow and frail man, unlike in previous one. The chase scene are hard to watch, your sitting there saying hurry up, or he's just there. It's not a bad movie but I definately enjoyed the first two much more. but do watch it, it's okay.
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Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 Better Watch Out!: Yikes! That was bad.
Platypuschow2 June 2018
I consider Silent Night, Deadly Night 1 & 2 to be underwhelming but passable slasher flicks, this third part however is a different creature altogether.

So Ricky Caldwell found himself in a coma after the final events of the last film, somehow he's formed a psychic connection with a blind girl and when he predictably awakens and goes on a killing spree she is his target.

This time he's mute, no more yelling "Naughty" or "Punish" in fact he's near enough braindead. He resembles more of a Frankensteins monster rather than the serial killer we're used to seeing.

This could have worked but alas doesn't. The story is a mess, the whole thing is incredibly boring, the kills are uninspired and not one part of it works.

To make matters worse Ricky has been recast! Taking the role is horror legend Bill Moseley which you'd think would be a great thing but a mute role like this is one he could do little with. This is certainly not Moseleys finest hour.

Not on par with the first two, this is a mindless cash grab.

The Good:

Not a sausage

The Bad:


Incredibly boring

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

"She'll come back and she'll let me go as deep as I want, she likes it, loves it" The writer was horny when he was writing this film, this above line was not even remotely meant to be sexual.
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The worst movie of the SNDN series...
UltimateDarkness9 March 2004
Not only is this movie the worst of the entire Silent Night, Deadly Night series, it is also one of the worst slashers ever made. The main reason for this movie being so awful is that it has absolutely horrendous pacing. It moves beyond slow, and as a result is dull during times when it should be exciting, like when the killer is getting closer and closer to a victim, but in this movie the killer is so messed up and brain damaged he walks slower than any grandma walking the planet when he's actually a skinny twentysomething year old dude. It is due to the killer's slugglishness that taints the whole movie because since he is so slow pretty much every scene he is in bores you out of your mind. If your making your way through the SNDN series in order, SKIP THIS ONE, and move on to SNDN 4 which may have nothing to do with Christmas but it is actually the second best of the series in my opinion because it is very entertaining and creative, plus it has giant cockroaches, wormslugs, and Clint Howard, so, yeah, exactly, you just can't go wrong with that combination.
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A marginally better than "Silent Night,Deadly Night Part 2"
HumanoidOfFlesh1 May 2006
Dr.Newbury has saved the life of the hideously injured Ricky Caldwell.The doctor has encased his patient's explosive brain inside a Plexiglas cap,yet he has failed to revive him from his deep coma.In Newbury's attempt to reach the comatose victim's mind,he connects Ricky's brain waves to a gifted clairvoyant,Laura Anderson,who unexpectedly taps into the dark and twisted realm of his haunted dreams.Ghastly things begin to happen and detective Connoly(Robert Culp),must fight to stop the dangerous experiment."Silent Night,Deadly Night 3" is a mediocre horror film at its best.The pace is horrendously slow,the script is terrible and the acting is weak.Still there are some interesting camera angles and the film is suitably interesting.The next sequel was a completely unrelated gorefest from Brian Yuzna,whose unusual vision—often rejected by series fans—was at least a change of pace.6 out of 10.
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have a cool yule with a ghoul
vampi196029 September 2006
i have seen the first two silent night deadly night movies,and this one is the best one.its a very good fright film with a great cast,two from my favorite TV show twin peaks;Richard beymer,and Eric Da Re(Ben Horne and Leo Johnson from twin peaks)also Leonard Mann,Samantha scully, laura harring(muholland drive)and Robert culp(i spy)a Christmas themed movie that focuses on a blind girl,her big brother,his girlfriend and an escaped killer.(from silent night deadly night 2)Robert culp is great as the cell phone obsessed police detective and Richard beymer as the nutty doctor.directed by Monte Hellman who is a protégée of roger corman.they show scenes from the terror with jack Nicholson and Boris Karloff during the movie,Hellman worked on that movie in 1963.the violence is'nt too graphic,and the good cast really works the movie and makes it interesting,this was one of laura harrings first roles before moving on to the black scorpion,and muholland summary was from one of Forrest j Ackerman's puns for a magazine from the 1960's monster world.ill have to say silent night deadly night 3 is a guilty pleasure favorite.and I'm giving this the highest rating,call me crazy.
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"Who said you have to be the world's champion blind orphan?"
utgard1412 December 2014
Yes, we'd better all watch out. Watch out for the terrible acting in this terrible series of slasher flicks. After the abysmal part 2 I can't believe anyone thought the Silent Night, Deadly Night series needed to continue. But it was the '80s and crappy movies like these were very popular on home video. This time the Santa killer, Ricky Caldwell (Bill Moseley), is awakened from a coma and naturally returns to killing people. There's also a blind psychic girl (Samantha Scully) with a telepathic connection to the killer. Her brother has an awesome perm and loves denim. They take a trip to see their grandmother and find Ricky instead.

Samantha Scully is one of the worst actresses that ever lived. It's not surprising that her career was so brief. What is surprising is that her career didn't end with her first audition. She is exceptionally bad in this. Consider yourself warned. The movie is somewhat notable for being directed by cult director Monte Hellman, who does manage to imbue the film with more quirky weirdness than most '80s slasher sequels. Also notable for a nice Laura Harring nude scene. Robert Culp had bills to pay, I guess, so he's in this as a detective with one memorably awful scene discussing the merits of the car phone with his partner. It's really a dull chore of a movie to sit through, even for the most avid slasher fan. The acting is incompetent, the pace sluggish, and the 'kills' unimaginative. We can thank the good people at Ragu for the blood used in this. Avoid unless you really like garbage. And don't forget -- it's Piru, not Peru.
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Better Watch Out?
mkay-549-1104959 December 2009
I doubt loads of people watched out for yet another santa sequel after Part 2, known as one of the worst slasher movies ever - not bad in a subgenre where there's tight competition. So why bother doing another unwanted entry in the Ricky story? Or bother watching it? Well, personally I thought that with Richard Beymer from Twin Peaks as a mad scientist and Bill Moseley (who's had sort of a comeback lately but was probably working for free food when this movie was made) as reanimated Ricky it could only be so bad. Well, right now it's almost Christmas, so can I be blamed for wishing for a cinematic miracle? Back to reality: Beymer doesn't do anything with his clichéd character, and Moseley tries to keep a straight face wearing that fun glass head top (supposed to keep his reconstructed brain from falling out!), just looking evil and hardly uttering a word. He's rather slow and fragile than dangerous-looking, yet the bad supporting cast (including Laura Herring in an undemanding 'girlfriend-for-the-breasts-shot" role) are in panic. The blind girl doesn't act as tough she's blind, but as though she's über-stoned. Her bad 80s-haircut victim of a brother behaves absurdly, not even caring when someone he's supposed to love gets killed. There's boring flashbacks galore (and that after SNDN2 was trashed for its use of flashbacks, though they don't take up half of the movie here) and the murders are mostly tame or off-screen; so this isn't even of interest to undemanding gorehounds. Silent Night Deadly Night 3 - better watch out and rent a better movie!
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better yet - don't watch
dmidtrui19 February 2001
This is a very bad movie - dry, boring, lame, technically inept. The script is very poor. I can't believe Monte Hellman actually directed it - or anyone, for that matter. The ONLY good thing about this film is Robert Culp, who rises far above everything else in his role as the detective. He's great.
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Just Wear the Damn Suit!
scythertitus27 May 2020
Like the other entries in this series thus film has a lot of padding in its short run time. It feels cheap and the acting is terrible. But worse than that, Ricky doesn't even dress up as Santa Claus!

The later sequels drift further away from the original premise, but this one has the same character from the second film, only they strip him of all memorable quotes and over the top acting that actually made that film (the parts that were original anyway) kind of fun. This is the worst sin you could do in this kind of schlocky seasonal low budget horror.

As it stand this is just some people having lots of mostly pointless dialogue and seems to purposefully avoid the only redeeming aspects of the series. It's probably best just to avoid. Naughty!
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The best of the worst
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki10 November 2003
Samantha Scully plays a gorgeous blind psychic whose mind is linked to the now comatose killer from part 2 with telekinesis. He wakes up (or she inadvertently wakes him up) and spends most of the rest of the movie sleepwalking after her and her pin-up model type of brother and his pin-up model type of girlfriend at grandma's house in the country on Christmas Eve.

This is barely related to the first two films in this series and completely unrelated to the next two (which could be another point in its favour depending on your point of view) it's sometimes intentionally funny and is the only one in this series that actually has somewhat of a plot to it, but it's almost ruined by a terribly slooowww pacing. And I think Robert Culp is only in this movie because he lost a bet, but he still is probably the best actor in this film, and in the entire series, for that matter.

Probably the best out of an admittedly crappy series.

**1/2 out of ****
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Love this film
Kanzaki_ken12 September 2021
The hide and seek (check!), Laura herring is a fine skinny girl.
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rogue910214 June 2021
This was a plot-less, terribly acted mess. We're supposed to sympathize with the main character it I don't care about her at all. What a huge waste of time.
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There isn't even any really great kill scenes in this and no one dressed up as Santa as the killer
kevin_robbins8 May 2021
Silent Night Deadly Night 3 (1989) is currently available for free on Tubi and tells the tale of a blind woman who does psychiatric tests to help with research. Also part of the clinic is Rick from Silent Night Deadly Night 2 who has been kept alive but is in a coma. The two connect through the woman's psychiatric abilities bringing Rick to life and starting another killing spree. This movie is directed by Monte Hellman (Two-Lane Blacktop and Trapped Ashes) and stars Samantha Scully (Best of the Best), Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and House of 1000 Corpses), Eric DaRae (Starship Troopers) and Laura Harring (Mulholland Drive). The storyline for this movie is awful and felt like a knockoff of Friday the 13th VII. The villain looked crazy with his fishbowl head and the main character was a bit annoying. There isn't even any really great kill scenes in this and no one dressed up as Santa as the killer . I'd score it a 3/10.
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bevo-136781 April 2021
The best one of the lot which explains the very low rating.
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What a hackjob of a movie, better watch out for the ones this bad!
Foreverisacastironmess1231 September 2020
So to me right from the start this movie has a really flat and off putting tone that doesn't remotely have the feel of Silent Night Deadly Night, and it's just pretty much dead boring and not very fun at all. For one thing it takes itself too seriously, unlike the second 'movie' it doesn't even have a slight unintentionally hilarious charm going for it, it's way too po-faced to pull that off. They probably should have gone for laughs but it seems they actually thought that they could play a story with a man shuffling along like a snail in a hospital gown and slippers with his exposed brain in a salad bowl in place of his cranium, completely straight! Who the hell was the genius that decided to give him that look anyway? They never even get him in a Santa suit once, and there was a clear point in the story when he could have easily got one too, after Ricky kills the obnoxious drunk Santa who taunts him into waking up from his coma, but no he just inchworms his way out without anyone noticing and proceeds to hitchhike with his dumb fishbowl brain head, and somebody actually gives him a ride!!! It was a decent effort but with that thing stuck on his head the whole time with its antenna and little blinking light Bill Mosley just looked like a silly Frankenstein-esc zombie from a hokey 50s sci-fi B-movie that was more fun! Mosley had virtually nothing to work with here and that was too bad because everyone who knows about him knows that the guy can play manic crazy better than most in the horror movie business. He was stuck in a role that didn't even let him emote here though and he looks like he's ready to nod off in some shots, and for that reason he was nowhere near as much fun as Eric Freeman's version of the character was. I really found myself hating Samantha Scully's weird artsy performance as Laura, her look and how she spoke was so floaty and pretentious, timid or not she was horrible and I didn't give a hoot what happened to her character. She was such a ham when she was trying to act scared, and the Shining type thing between her and Ricky was stupid and completely unnecessary. It's such a listless little mess of a picture, like how they got to the sweet old granny's house who got bumped off earlier and they wonder where she is for about a minute but they never bother to go and look for her, they go and take romantic baths and watch old horror movies, and nothing interesting happens for a good forty minutes, it's a complete joke, and that little condescending "Happy new year" that tops off all the lousiness at the end from Mosley in a tuxedo was so bizarre, I just thought it was like they were going ha-ha you watched the whole movie you idiot! And how about those scenes with Ricky's doctor and the police detective or whatever he was meant to be, their scenes and ridiculous drawn out conversations about crap really drag an already slow as hell movie to a dead halt. They just talk and talk even though they're meant to be racing to stop a demented mass murderer! It's like they were ad-libbing it all and I couldn't stop focusing on the guy's freakishly protruding chin when he was talking.. If you watch them in order, the films in this series each seem to try and top the one that came before in terms of craziness, but at least all the others had they're good points, this is a boring dud with characters that are annoying and unlikeable, it thoroughly wasted Bill Mosley, the kills are pathetic, there's no goddamn Santa suit!! it's slow as f&@k and the absolute worst in the series, do not bother with it, total jingle balls x 👎
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So Bad It's Not Good
ginnymason30 May 2020
Rarely have I ever felt a film deserves merely one star, but when you're bringing as little to the plate as Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 does, it's hard to find much to recommend about it.

After surviving his moral wounds from the last sequel, Ricky now spends his days in a hospital with his brain surrounded in some sort of bizarre fish bowl looking thing and, now, he's got a psychic link with a blind girl who is all sorts of insufferable and annoying. As expected, he wakes up and breaks out of his prison just in time for Christmas and starts killing people in a variety of uninspired, suspense-free ways.

Besides a few trippy dream sequences sprinkled throughout the film, this one is a big bore. Part 2 looks like Citizen Kane compared to this.
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Admittedly, my response to this film is at least biased, if not totally prejudiced
joe.star28 September 1999
The actress playing Laura in this flic is my "kid". Is that face a beautiful way to open a movie... or WHAT ?!! I recommend the opening shot. I've seen the entire film only once, but I come back to it again, to see its only...Beauty.
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jimmyhoover-558617 January 2020
If we're being honest, the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise isn't exactly horror's finest hour, but most of them at least have enough tackiness, cheese, or "so bad, it's good" charm to keep one entertained. Not so with this sequel.

Billy survived his injuries at the end of the last film, has apparently had a full face and body transplant, and wears a weird fish tank on his brain to...keep his brains intact? He has visions of a blind girl named Laura and he breaks out of the hospital and terrorizes Laura and her family.

There's enough worthwhile ingredients to make you think this movie might be going somewhere semi-interesting, but you'll likely tune out 30 minutes in and just hope Billy kills everyone and fast. It's not fun or cheesy - it's mind numbingly mundane and boring without a single worthwhile moment or surprise.
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Lump of Coal
maisyskinner19 August 2019
The original Silent Night, Deadly Night was one of the better and more well constructed slasher films of the 80's, but what it spawned has been no less than godawful. While Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 was no prize, it still had a few inspired moments and laugh out loud campy elements to keep one's interest. Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 takes itself as seriously as a heart attack, yet features a telepathic killer with a giant fishbowl on his head for the entire runtime of the movie.

Yes, Ricky from Part 2 wasn't killed at the end of that film, but taken to an asylum where he's been dormant long enough to shapeshift into a completely different actor and wears a strange device to protect his brain from...leaking out? It's never really made clear. He's developed a strange telepathic link with the world's surliest and most unlikable blind girl and he breaks out and goes after her and her family.

Slasher film sequels are known for nutty, ridiculous concepts so Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 isn't unique in this regard. Where it is unique is the sloppy and lethargic execution. Everyone involved in the film seems to have been tranquilized before they arrived on set and, for such a short film, it sure does move at a snail's pace.

Surely, the death scenes should be the film's saving grace, but even those feel like they came from an edited for TV print and have no impact whatsoever.
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Inspired by Boorman's The Exorcist II
meddlecore24 December 2016
Right off the bat, it is evident that this film is meant to be the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise's version of The Exorcist II. Only, instead of tapping into a shaman from a bygone era, our blind, psychic protaganess is being used to tap into Ricky- the killer from SNDN 2; younger brother of the killer from the first film- whom is now comatose, with his brain exposed, but contained in a jar.

It seems that Laura (our aforementioned protaganess) has unwittingly awakened Ricky, from his vegetative state, by probing into his mind with her psychic abilities. Now, he's out to hunt her down...and he will kill anyone and everyone who gets in his way.

It's a pretty average film over all, but at least there's a decent story to it. Certainly better than the second one, but still nothing compared to the original.

5 out of 10
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It just little bit better then first sequel,
atinder21 November 2012
I really liked the first movie it was a fun slasher movie, the second sequel as got to be one of the worst sequel ever made.

Not as bad as SD 2 But it was not that far from it!

The whole movie was very boring and dull, I could not care less about anyone in this movie, the plot was really rubbish as well

All the kills scenes were off screen, we only see the aftermath of death scenes in the movie, what is point of that.

The acting in this movie was even worse then SDND 2, Which is really shocking, I could believe how bad it was.

The ending was just really really silly, still a tiny bit of improvement on number 2
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