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Overlooked Vietnam Masterpiece
nikkichristmas-111 November 2004
"The people were friendly. We liked them and they liked us... so it really hurt us to see their heads on stakes." This line, dryly spouted by R. Lee Ermey's character Sergeant Major Bill Hafner of the United States Marine Corps' Force Recon, begins a brutal portrayal of war at its worst. This film pulls no punches, showing combat for what it is: a slaughter.

Do not come into this film with a soft heart. If scenes showing piles of dead children, teenage Vietnamese prostitutes wrapping themselves in dynamite to act as suicide bombers or "sappers", American nurses and Embassy secretaries being machine-gunned by Viet Cong soldiers, the execution of prisoners by both the V.C. and Marines, and the wholesale slaughter of an entire generation of young men (both American and Vietnamese) have the potential to bother you, you might want to avoid this one. "Siege of Firebase Gloria" is frighteningly graphic and realistic and the only thing that keeps this movie from being little more than a snuff film is the humanity of the characters.

While the men on both sides commit acts that most people would consider atrocities, we can see them for what they are: scared human beings, some of them barely more than boys ("No way - Mighty Mouse could never get us out of this s**t," says Private "Shortwave" Coates) who don't know why they have to do these horrible things, only that they must if they want to survive.

In the end, it is the North Vietnamese Army Colonel Cao Van who gives the best summary of the situation: "The courage of your enemies does you honor."
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I was there - This is like a 'Nam Vet's 2 hour home movie.
elskootero6 February 2003
This movie is so good it's scary. I'm glad I didn't see it in a theater because I would have freaked out most of the audience! It was like being back there again! Lee Ermey is good but in this one, he is FANTASTIC; Wings Hauser also turns in a superb job as his close friend and is very believable, for a civilian (meaning non-military), and the clown who plays the chopper pilot is so REAL, I couldn't believe that he WASN'T a 'Nam pilot! I spent 16 months over there and was on many Firebases, and was overrun many times and this film over the ensuing years has caused me many flashbacks, but it's so great, I can't help re-watching it again and again - I just don't plan on getting much sleep that night. If you haven't seen it- Do so! It's the best Viet-Nam flick on the market-I think even better than Full metal Jacket, because it's serious to the end.
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This Movie is GREAT!!!!..
ctgarrett27 January 2003
First off. This is a movie not a documentary. As a former Recon Marine who served in that hell, the movie has many realistic and uncompromising moments. Like a movie it went for the splatter and over the top special effects. However, the story of a Marine Recon patrol plays out properly. Although, the fishing village shootout wouldn't have been the best way to gather intelligence.

The movie greatest asset is it tells the truth about the transition from guerrilla warfare to guerrilla political warfare. Defeat the village supporting the warrior then you can defeat the warrior. The movie attempts to tell the story of both the professional marine and the Viet Minh. The guerrilla forces operating in the South while the North militarizes its forces. The marines aren't all gung-ho over the top, but they are marines. It's our job, lets get it done. However the job is a fight that can't be fought and moral support wasn't forthcoming from home. Marines fought and won every one of their land battles in Vietnam. We weren't trying to win wars, just the current fight and get out alive.

The Amazon special issue tape doesn't contain the subtitles of the Viet Minh. Thereby, removing the essence of the movie's twofold storytelling. The creation of a social awareness on both sides of the fences.

In combat your only motivation is to survive and that means keeping yourself and the guy on your flank covered. The Viet Minh aren't shown as mindless communists, but soldiers fighting foreign invaders and the corruption that they fostered.

This movie has an intelligent story to tell, but Hollywood recognized the need to entertain the dopers in the back rows. They buy more movie tickets. Also this movie is from the 80's. When you judge a movie remember the mental and social climate in which it was made. So there are a lot of oil drums being blown to simulate explosions. And super bullets being fired on both sides. As I said this is a movie.

If you want to be entertained and maybe have your eyes opened a little bit more about that time. This is the movie for you.

Sometimes low budget doesn't have to mean low quality. Hollywood needs to sweep you into the popcorn tub and drench it with butter. But you don't have to swallow all the crap that's put in front of you.

Other movies to check out are Platoon Leader (Vietnam), Bravo Two Zero (SAS in the Gulf). I didn't like Platoon or A Crop of S--T Now (Apocalypse Now). That the essence of our individual freedom, choices.

Semper Fi
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Gritty, realistic, and worth the watch
fredgarrett11 April 2004
I was an 8 yr old wanna be marine in 1968, having grown up on a steady diet of books about the Marine's island-hopping campaign during WWII and shows like "Combat!", "Sands Of Iwo Jima", "To Hell and Back", and "The Longest Day." My hearts desire was to be with the defenders of a place I could barely pronounce [Khe Sanh]and help them break out of that siege. As a result, over the years I have read almost every combat account/Oral History and a few novels about that particular war and the experience of being in it.

SOFG answered one of the abiding questions I'd always had during my many readings: "What was it like when your firebase was overrun?" I could never quite understand or picture it until I saw that movie. The performances were excellent--R. Lee Ermey in particular--and the character development of the NVA/VC added a welcome and needed layer to the movie. There were flaws, for sure, like rifles that shot for ever, and defenders not crouching down but standing tall; but from what I have read, the movie was realistic and right on target. The very 'feel' of it seemed to capture what I had read about that war.

And to the many vets who served there: thank you for your service and sacrifice for this country, and all that you saw and endured. If instead of Vietman, WWII or Korea had been the 'first TV War', people's repulsion for what they saw as real war would have been taken out in a similar way on those who served in these conflicts.
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Most realistic Viet Nam movie ever made
Jerry von Lind27 December 2003
There are many comments already about this movie but as a vet and been there I consider this as many of the other vets have said in their comments...a super great and realistic movie. Not for the squimish but if you want to see what it really was like..this is the movie for you. Certainly NOT...for children! I agree with the other VN vets...only those who were not there would pick it apart for tech details and acting abilities. I agree the wisecracking chopper pilot is a bit overdone for sure but that's hollywood for you. Ignoring that, it is still the best and most truthfull depiction of what it was really like. Former USMC....Jerry von Lind
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Refreshingly old-fashioned
Varlaam18 October 1998
An isolated firebase faces human wave assaults from the VC at the start of Tet.

This is the Vietnam War just the way we thought or preferred to think about it at the time: the Americans are the good guys, Charlie's the bad guy, South Vietnamese civilians are the ones being protected, everyone loves being in the Corps, inter-service co-operation is something you can always take for granted. The reality was a bit more complicated, but it didn't seem that way to a lot of people then.

It's about time the guys who were over there, or sit-at-home strategists back here, got a movie that validates their recollections and good intentions, one that's realistic, but without being too gung ho on the one hand (like "The Green Berets"), or too negative about US involvement on the other (like most other Vietnam films). I don't think I buy this point of view personally anymore, but it's good to have it available as an option.

Lee Ermey is totally authentic as always. Wings Hauser is not at that level but he's good enough. The Vietnamese are generally played by Filipinos who don't completely look the part but do a decent job.

There's plenty of mayhem for action buffs -- much of the movie looks like the climax from "Glory" (or "Zulu"). Pot-smoking is frowned upon in this one, as is poor grooming (I did say old-fashioned). Everybody does his duty, especially Charlie.

The good guys win this time.
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Very Watchable
Robert W. Anderson25 August 2003
R. Lee Emrey strikes again. This a good movie, made better by R Lee. His While this film strays from historical accuracy. It gets enough right to make it interesting, even to those of us who we had to be there (VN). There is a very watchable film.
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well, i sponsored this film to be put in the database...
dana-272 August 1999
i had bragged on this film so much over the last year that i finally pleaded with IMDB to include it, and they did (thank you).

i finally got home from a contract and found several folks had put in comments ahead of me. i respect these opinions expressed and am pleased that the film got such an immediate group of comments.

this movie is a shocker, and much of what it says is too painful to be accepted by most folks. i am not going to defend it... it is worthy of standing alone. but if you watched it and found it another RAH-RAH WE ARE AMERICANS film, a john wayne we win in the end shootem-up, then consider watching it again, but pretend you come from america, home of the north viet nam peoples and the round eyes are the invaders from a place far away and unimportant.... then see if you can count the autocracies committed in the name of their backward, wrong country. no, this is not a routine movie, not by any sense of the word.

by the way, Lee Ermey is a genuine, real live viet nam war hero, multiple tours, a leader of men... his performance is over the top for those of you who weren't there, but for us guys who had 3 feet of piled dirt between us and 500 of them at one time or the other, nothing sounded so good as a gruff old man saying that if we did as we were told, we would live to see morning.

catch Lee in 'purple hearts'
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A tough, gritty, and seemingly authentic war movie
rsimanski18 March 2002
If you've never heard of this movie before, you're in good company. Apparently, neither have Leonard Maltin, Roger Ebert, or the editors of the "VideoHound Golden Movie Retriever." Fortunately, the editor of VideoHound's book on war movies had heard of it. Based on his favorable review, I taped and viewed the film recently. If you enjoy a good "battle" movie, be sure to catch this one--you won't be disappointed.

"The Siege of Firebase Gloria" is a real film about real people in an unreal hell. Its apparently low budget was a blessing because it forced the creators to focus on plot and character development rather than on bombastic and meaningless special effects. Nevertheless, the battle sequences are believable and well-done.

This film is a sleeper that apparently did not get the exposure that it deserved. Then again, R. Lee Ermey and Wings Hauser, who played the lead roles, are not exactly box-office draws, and the other names in the cast were totally unfamiliar to me. However, Ermey, Hauser, and everyone in the cast do a solid job.

The action takes place during the Vietnamese Tet offensive in 1968, during a supposed holiday cease-fire, when the Viet Cong caught the South Vietnamese and U.S. forces by surprise with an all-out assault throughout South Vietnam. Ermey and his Marines are caught in the trap when they are ordered to help defend a small, meaningless outpost, Firebase Gloria, with virtually no help except, finally, from a small Air Cavalry unit. The Tet offensive was the beginning of the end for South Vietnam.

I never served in Vietnam, but this film has the feeling of being authentic. This is not a simplistic "good guys versus bad guys" film. The atrocities and inhumanities committed by both sides are not overemphasised but they are not glossed over either. They are just there as part of the fabric of the war.

Perhaps more importantly, they are shown in the context of a deadly, virtually unsurvivable siege and final battle. We sympathize with the Marines, of course, and we see them as ordinary, basically decent human beings. We may not condone some of the things that they do, but we understand why they may have seen no other alternative. It reminds me of the film "Zulu," about British troops trapped in a similar situation a century ago.

For many of us, our image of R. Lee Ermey is as the over-the-top drill sergeant in "Full Metal Jacket." His character in "Firebase Gloria" is more human and lower in key, yet you can see his character evolving into the drill sergeant following his tour in Vietnam. When you've walked through hell with your fellow battle-hardened Marines and been one of the few to come out alive, you know that you have to do everything in your power to prepare your green recruits to walk through that same hell.

Is "Firebase Gloria" on the same level of quality as "Platoon" and "Full Metal Jacket"? Not quite. I'd put it on a par with "Go Tell the Spartans," which, despite a strong performance from Burt Lancaster, has also never gotten the exposure that it deserves. These films deserve to be seen, not forgotten.
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F******G "A"on this ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Skoooooter23 August 2002
I was there Jack; and this one is right on the money!!!! This film is so true to the mark that for almost 2 hours I literally forgot where I was and thought I was THERE with those f*****' jarheads (God love 'em!) Although I was only an Army Ranger (5th Group) for 18 months, I was on 7 LZ' and was in 49 firefights and got into this film from the first minute-I got it only a few weeks ago on video, but have seen it on cable dozens of times and will catch it EVERY time it's on! Lee Ermey is absolutely flawless in every picture he does, and for a civilian, Wings Hauser isn't far behind. And the guy who did the chopper pilot was PHENOMENAL; I would have sworn he was real as gold!!! Unless you're a Jane Fonda or Hillary Clinton type, see this flick at least once- you owe it to every serviceman and woman who went over there- We did it for YOU!
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Can a movie have too much shooting???
LuvsFood8 April 1999
The answer is yes!

I enjoyed Siege of Firebase Gloria - good performances, decent writing, and the fact that it took us behind the scenes, depicting the NVA and Vietcong with convincing attention to detail. (Note that I didn't say accuracy!) My "yes" answer stems from the fact that the battle scenes went on for a bit too long in places - but all in all, SOFG is a first-rate low budget Vietnam film.
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The most honest and gritty Hollywood look at the Vietnam
videobob-310 September 2001
If you are tired of all of the Hollywood films that disparage the military in general and dedicated soldiers, sailor and airmen specifically, this is your movie. This also is not a gung-ho armed services recruiting film, because of its very real depiction of the horors of war, it received a well deserved "R" rating.
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The real deal .............
merklekranz9 November 2010
Much like the movie "Zulu" with Micaael Caine, "The Siege of Firebase Gloria" is about an isolated outpost threatened by overwhelming numbers. In this case, not Zulu warriors, but thousands of Viet Cong, during the grisly Tet Offensive. R.Lee Ermey is the Seargent Major who assumes command and Wings Hauser is his point man. Characters, though somewhat stereotyped, are well developed. The action sequences are plentiful, and nicely staged. The film is brutal, with a very high body count. It is not totally predictable, and has welcome flashes of military humor. Forget all the other Vietnam war films you have seen, and seek this one out. Believe me, it is the real deal. - MERK
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A lesser-known Vietnam War gem
Steve Riley29 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
MINOR SPOILER WARNING!! Forget what the nay-sayers write about this movie. Despite its low-ish budget and the sometimes not-very-Vietnamese-looking Vietnamese (and I'm also sure I saw a Filipino masquerading as an American chopper pilot as well), this is actually a very good film when taken on its own merits. Some reviewers have said that this film isn't `realistic'. Do me a favour!!! I bet most - if not all - of those who say that this film isn't `realistic' have never been anywhere near a combat situation themselves. So how would they even know whether it's "realistic" or not??!! Plus the fact that R. Lee Ermey is a real-life former Marine Corps drill sergeant and Vietnam combat vet, so he basically plays himself in this movie (as he does in the much more well-known ‘Full Metal Jacket'). How much more `realistic' can you get??!! I personally found the combat scenes quite harrowing at times. True, there were some cliched moments – like when the character Murphy started going on about his girl back home, you just knew that he was going to `buy the farm', and when we found out that Short-Wave only had a matter of weeks left of his tour, we knew that he was history as well. But by and large I thought that the movie worked in all departments. Decent attempts were made at developing some of the characters, an attempt was also made to show that the Vietnamese weren't just all `bad' and the Americans weren't just all `good', the combat scenes were well executed (despite the occasionally dodgy incidental music) and pulled no punches, and on the whole it avoids degenetrating into the chest-beating, gung-ho nonsense of films like "The Green Berets" and others (except perhaps for when the helicopter pilots are whooping and hollering like sadistic schoolboys as they mow down scores of "dinks" with their machine guns and rockets). Some other wags on this page have also complained about the film having too much shooting and explosions. It's a war movie for God's sake!!! War involves lots of shooting and explosions!! My overall rating would be a very solid 7 out of 10. With a slightly bigger budget to iron out some of the occasionally cheap and tacky-looking interior sets and more Vietnamese actors and extras portraying the Viet Cong, plus of course better promotion, this movie could definitely have been up there with the likes of `Platoon' (which I've always considered slightly overrated), `Hamburger Hill' and `Full Metal Jacket'.
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A good war movie
Knuckle23 November 2002
The Siege of Firebase Gloria is a rare movie in that it manages to show a conflict from both points of view (much like another war movie classic, The Longest Day.) While the director takes certain liberties with details (guns are fired for too long without reloading, for example) the action sweeps you up so that unless you are really looking for it, you won't notice it, and I am curious to know who actually counts rounds in combat.

The VC are portrayed as human beings with their own motivations and desires, just as the marines are. Soldiers on neither side are wanting to die, but they are willing to; the Vietnamese to liberate their country and the marines for each other.

There is a plot point with a small kid that doesn't quite work, but doesn't detract from the rest of the movie at all.

All in all, an excellent movie and one well worth watching.

8 out of 10.
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No question about it - one of the best
oldskibum23 September 2012
Just watched this again after several years, and frankly, there isn't much I can add to the many reviews already posted except to agree: SOFG is one of the very best films produced on the Viet Nam war. It heads the very, very short list of films that I recommend to people who ask what's the best film about that war. (It joins WE WERE SOLDIERS and THE ODD ANGRY SHOT at the top.) I speak as a former Marine Tet Vet (got my own Purple Heart at Hill 34). The writing is (mostly) spot on and the production crew clearly paid attention when the military advisors spoke. Lee Ermey, bless him, delivers his usual almost-over-the-top performance without even acting. Hauser is almost as good, and manages to avoid the overacting so common among civilian actors doing war films. It almost seems petty to pick on the few technical errors: Ermey at one point refers to himself as being on a LRRP mission (the Army's recon team) when he's Marine Recon, and the magazines on the M-16 rifles seem to hold thousands of one ever seems to need to reload. It's NOT being picky to point out two of the most glaring errors: The VC did NOT shoot their way into the US Embassy and start killing secretaries and staff; nineteen sappers broke into the embassy compound and all were killed outside on the grounds. And the Tet Offensive came as a complete surprise only to the news media. But SOFG does manage to stay away from the clichés and sermons that Hollywood seems determined to deliver in its films about the Viet Nam War, and that's what makes it so watchable. It's a just darned good action film.
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This ain't Kansas Toto
itspault29 March 2013
Spoilers ahead.

Changing rules for the draft in the early 70's created a window in time that accommodated some young men to be excluded from war. It turned out that if you were born in 1958 or 1959, you didn't even have to register for the draft. Now, philosophical positions on defending our nation aside, the fortune of being exempt from kill-or-be-killed was not lost on me. Consequently movies of a certain high caliber about Nam such as Firebase Gloria (FB) have a sobering effect on me. The scarier and more horrific a movie is about that war, the more intense I am grateful I didn't have to go. After watching FB I am as grateful as grateful ever gets. The movie did however have it's share of yuks, even if it perhaps took a sometimes morbid sense of humor to "get it." Decapitation, for instance, is not something I find particularly funny. A one-liner that follows from actor R. Lee Ermey playing Hafner, by contrast, added a sense of occasional relief to the otherwise expertly induced horror. I could go on, but suffice it to say if you dig war flicks and want something askew from standard shoot-die fare, this one might find you happier for having watched it. If, that is to say, it's possible at all to be "happy" for watching a movie about Vietnam.
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A Classic that needs to get a real release!
stvmath14 March 2013
This film is quite a nice surprise for fans of war movies. R. Lee Ermey gives a truly sympathetic and tough-as-nails performance. The action scenes are top-notch (and who would expect anything less from Ozploitation director Brian Trenchard-Smith?) It is hard not to love this little flick. The DVD from Amazon is manufactured on demand - ripped from a VHS. The quality is a lot better than one would expect from such a source, but it still does not do justice to this forgotten gem. This would be an ideal title for Synapse Films or Severin Films to do a blu-ray special edition for!

Highly Recommended
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Gung Ho action
crewcut627 August 1999
"The Siege of Firebase Gloria" is a really graphic flick about a squirmish at an American base called Firebase Gloria in Vietnam. It features R. Lee Ermey (who seems born to portray all-American soldiers) as a right-wing commander, and Wings Hauser, who plays a relentless but tender-hearted commando. What I mean by that is about a scene where Hauser maniacally beats the truth out of a Vietnamese soldier, but there was also a part where Wings saves the life of a helps little boy with the same cultural origin of that one soldier.

This film has a lot of graphic violence. Literally, the blood flowed like rivers in this flick! However, it was reallistically portrayed and nicely filmed, with great action sequences and dramatic performances by Ermey and the always dependable Hauser. One last word of advice, dear reader: if you are a Vietnam vet that suffers from post-traumatic-stress-syndrome and cannot stand the sight of full-fledged war violence, do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch "The Siege of Firebase Gloria", for your own safety, if you can't stomach this kind of content.
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Sam Fuller Gone Nuts
Tjcj18 November 2003
Incessant combat scenes and hilarious characterizations put this one in the pantheon. The split psyche protagonist(s) approach ala Anthony Mann is used pretty well here as a "professional" soldier embodied by Ermey's Sgt. Major is played off of Wings Hauser's kill-at-all-costs DiNardo. After a few scenes with these two guys you realize they are the most bughouse psychos ever unleashed as leaders on an unsuspecting war-movie platoon. The scene where Ermey parades around with the heads of two GI's who were taken by surprise and murdered in the darkness at their post is the blackest comedy . Throw in a wiseass chopper pilot who feasts off of death dealing nihilism . This one is in a class of it's own. Antecedents: "Beau Geste". "Zulu". "Khartoum". Any Alamo movie.(Did I miss any?) See also "We Were Soldiers" for a lot of similar scenes.
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A lesser known Vietnam film
matjusm6 February 2011
The Siege of Firebase Gloria is not a very well known Vietnam war film. In fact it hardly gets a mention at all and is overshadowed by films such as Apocalypse Now, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket and others.

The premise is as follows: a Marine patrol led by sergeant Hafner (the great R. Lee Ermey) ends up in a remote US Army outpost deep in the jungles of Vietnam right at the start of the Tet offensive. Hafner takes command and must fend off waves of attacks by the Vietcong and NVA.

The story is quite interesting of how these men, outnumbered and almost forsaken must defend themselves against all odds. Although Ermey's role isn't too big (the film focuses on a few key soldiers), he is great in every frame he is in. Having been an actual Marine, he reprises his role as a tough commander with a witty tongue. The film in general find a nice balance between the main story while at the same time showing how war takes its toll on men. Interestingly enough the North Vietnamese commanders are also portrayed and fortunately not as cartoonish enemies but competent leaders.

The production values are quite good, there are lots of real helicopters, the sets and location are grand and well built and the action scenes quite vast in their scale.

However the film doesn't reach the levels achieved by Apocalypse Now or Full Metal Jacket. Despite that, its still worth a watch.
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One of the best war movies you will ever see
sronan200210 October 2010
This movie accomplished its mission; entertainment, character development, believability, and education.

All the combat scenes were tense and unpredictable. You were always aware that they were surrounded by an overwhelming enemy, with no way out.

There was a remarkable degree of character development within this well-written war movie. R. Lee Ermey was unimpeachable as the USMC Sergeant Major; his performance being so strong, that by contrast, it increased my interest in lesser characters that might have otherwise seemed inadequate. Wings Hauser's character permitted us a glimpse of the inner Sargeant Major. Ermey has given us the single greatest portrayal of a career military character in action on film.

The minimal narration by Ermey contributed to the veracity, setting, and historical significance of the story. The power of the narrative, for which Director Brian Trenchard-Smith deserves credit, and the performances by the actors, especially Ermey and Hauser, secure an honored spot for this film in the Pantheon of war movies.
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Good Vietnam war movie.
HumanoidOfFlesh28 September 2010
The action centers around the Tet offensive of 1968."The Siege of Firebase Gloria" explores the relationship between Sergeant Major Hafner (R. Lee Ermey)and his protégé Cpl. Di Nardo(Wings Hauser),two members of a Marine Recon squad.The movie opens with a visit to An Lap village,where all inhabitants have been killed and beheaded by the Vietcong.After some fighting the Recon team is transported by helicopter to "Firebase Gloria",which is completely unprepared for the siege of Vietcong that will follow."The Siege of Firebase Gloria" is a fairly realistic war movie with lots of shooting and some harrowing scenes of bloodshed.The acting is great,the characters are heroic and well-developed and the action almost never lets up.8 bullets out of 10.
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almost there
litecol200029 June 2007
As a former Vietnam Vet, I related to this film, though it was a little too much Hollywood. In 1967 to 1968, when the Tet Offensive started, I was in Air Rescue and our chopper was shot down at a fire base south of Da Nang,. We were stranded for a long time, and were hit by a large superior force of V.C. and lost a lot of men during that siege. To relive it on screen, or close to it, sent shivers up my spine and brought a tear or two. Ever experience combat, from a soldiers' view? Didn't think so. Next time you have a thought about actual combat, "forget it." You weren't there.I eventually made a career out of the military and have repeated this scenario on several occasions, from Granada, Panama,Desert Storm, Bosnia, etc. Tell me about it.
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Why has this film not been transferred to DVD?
High_Plains_Drifter-18 December 2006
Well now, c'mon and step right up fellas and take a close look at this gem. It's low budget by Hollywood standards and lacks a Hollywood pedigree, but it really rattles the 'nads and jolts the head out of any daydream you might have fallen into. Brian Trenchard-Smith is a classic director in this genre, far more interesting than Oliver Stone and his ideological vomit. I copied this film off cable in it's widescreen format with quality equipment and have viewed it on a large monitor with premium sound equipment. Spectacular. Every time I watch it I catch a nuance of some human foible or honor or universal experience. Overall, the treatment of the war is fair, without the preachy BS common in some war films. It's just raw, red meat. This film demands boxed set treatment and commentary on many levels, too numerous to comment on here. For all the endless meaningless films that are transferred to DVD why has this great film been passed over?
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