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Russians are not that bad - they (and the Japanese) originally created this cartoon ;)
jane_dem26 February 2009
A great cartoon originally created by a Russian-Japanese team and then translated to other languages, including English. The Russian version is Priklyucheniya pingvinenka Lolo (1986)

Most pleasant thing about this cartoon is that the animals are as close to the nature as possible, which is rare (both in American and Russain cartoons, not sure about other parts of the world.) I'm Russian and so far I've seen only the Russian version, and the funny thing is that before I read the comments here, I was convinced that the bad guys were Americans :))) After that I've carefully watched the cartoon once again with my 2 year-old daughter (who loves it, though does not completely understand some things yet) and: the only allusion to the poachers' nationality was their dog's name - Jack. No direct references, no flag, no accent. All of us are just victims of the cold war, actually :)

What else...

  • savagestar180 said "this movie is even greater then those Disney movies. For it contains almost no violence", while in the Soviet Union it was the first cartoon where blood was shown

  • One of the Russian animators who created this cartoon, A. Dorogov, now works for «Walt Disney» and participated in, for example, Lilo & Stitch
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Icemanc0719 June 2003
I remember seeing this as a kid and it made me kind of sad when I saw the rating chewed down to only 3 stars. This is just a kids movie, and a good one at that. I weeped at some parts, Scamper is a cute movie that the kids will enjoy. 10/10
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Cute show
hopeislife5012 July 2003
I used to watch Scamper when I was little and it was one of my favorite tapes. It has sweet characters and a nice story for children to enjoy. It's very entertaining and fun! Rent it for your kids if you have the chance!
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They walk with a waddle, are shaped like a bottle. They really look absurd!
EmoIndyKid22 August 2003
"Scamper the Penguin" Greatest movie ever made...It has everything: Suspense, comedy, drama, horror, not to mention a GREAT soundtrack! (from the well known group, Bullets, of course!) It starts off excellently, making you think, "Hey, I didn't know this was a documentary! I want my money back!" But then as it gets further in the movie, your eyes are glued to the screen! Personally, my exact thoughts were, "Oh no! The seagulls are gonna steal all the eggs! Save 'em Gilbert...I know you can do it!" The movie has some real good morals too. One example of this is when Gilbert takes the other penguin couple's egg, he gives it back. Another example is when the adult penguins say that humans are horrible creatures, but they turn out to be nice and helpful. Never judge a book by it's cover! All in all "Scamper the Penguin" is a great movie with little...if any...flaws. I give it a 10 out of 10, as any self respecting movie-lover should too!
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Kids who watch this grow up to be INCREDIBLEY successful!
kiss_me_angel200328 January 2005
Just look at me! Hehehehe, My mom raised her four children on this show! Jackie lives in Birmingham as an office assistant, Jamie's in Florida (Happy as a clam), Marco lives in Kentucky with his girlfriend and her two kids (they're getting' hitched in July), and I ditched America for the islands! And ta think we all came from Boston! We ALL watched this movie. It taught us everything we'd ever need to know about life: Love, bad situations, friendship, and how to escape being sent to a zoo by angry Russians! Where would the world be without Scamper and Snowflake?!

For it's time and genre, I think they did an awesome job, in all. The songs are so cute!

I love it, love it, love it!

My heart was racing when they eggs were getting stolen, too.
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A lot of good childhood memories.
tcarl0326 April 2004
I must have watched this movie half a million times as a kid. I went through various stages of loving and hating it. At one point we started hiding the video because, whenever our younger brother caught a glimpse of the case, he would want to watch it (sometimes multiple times in the same day). But I think I eventually ended up loving it. I haven't seen it for about 8 years, and right about now, it would really hit the spot. Older people are likely to find it too childish, fortunately, kids never think that. Scamper is a great kid's movie. And seriously, how can you go wrong with talking penguins?
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Cute with a capital C!
TheLittleSongbird7 January 2010
When I was a little girl I adored this film, I thought it was ever so cute. It was also then when I had a love for penguins, growing up on Pingu and the Don Bluth film Pebble and the Penguin helped that. Now I am 17, and I still think Scamper the Penguin is a very cute movie for kids. It may start off slowly, but you are hooked later on. The animation is not that bad, as long as you're not expecting Disney standard animation you'll be fine. The Antarctic backgrounds are nice to look at, and the colours are not too dull. The music is also lovely, the theme tune was one I used to sing all the time around the house. The story is sweet, same with the characters especially Scamper and Snowflake both are so cute and Louie is very funny. Scamper the Penguin also teaches some great morals such as humans are actually good and giving back things that don't belong to you. These are morals that adults can teach their children. The seagull attacks kind of scared me when I was little, but now I am alright with them. There are parts when you laugh and others when you cry. All in all, a cute kids movie that ticks all the right boxes. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Love it!
savagestar18022 January 2005
This movie is one of the best! my children have grown up watching it.... and even as an adult i find time with a few friends to watch it with......... although it is wonderful it become quite a comedy when you imagine the characters as acting like people you know... we now call one of my friends Snowflake because of this oh so wonderful movie. I think personally that this movie is even greater then those Disney movies. For it contains almost no violence nor any sexual references. The best part is if you look hard enough at the movie you can pick out some pretty humorous parts. Not so much what they say, just the way the cartoon itself has been drawn. But i can't imagine going at least two weeks without watching this movie once.
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a rather flabby children's movie that had wonderful potential, but was given poor treatment, especially in the dubbing process
TheUnknown837-130 August 2010
I once saw "The Adventures of the Small Penguin Lolo" (or "The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin" as it is titled here in the United States) a long time ago. I was in grade school and we were watching it in a very dark room as an end-of-the-year activity. Years passed before I finally tracked the movie down again and revisited the experience of watching it. Between that time and now, I had almost completely forgotten about the film.

Watching it again for the first time in more than ten years, I can clearly see why. The plain truth about "Scamper the Penguin" is that it is a flabby children's feature. One with good intentions and some very nice moments, but ultimately rather forgettable. That is why I have very few memories of seeing it. Whereas truly good children's' features left an impact on me, this one was dead in the water. So as a child, it had little meaning to me. As an adult, it has even less.

"Scamper the Penguin" was originally a Russian-Japanese co-production. I can say very little about the original language version of the film, for I've only seen some clips of it. Like many other foreign films, especially animated ones, the movie was heavily re-altered for its English-language release. Beyond the process of dubbing, the American distributors committed other creative criminal acts such as cutting out noteworthy footage and completely replacing the musical score. The few clips I've seen of the original version clearly show that it is a more sincere and wholesome movie. Since I've had the worst of luck at tracking the whole thing down, this review relates to the English-language version, which I view as flabby and boring with some potential, but poor treatment.

I must confess, the first part of the movie worked for me. In the beginning, the movie is more or less an animated version of a documentary about penguins. The penguins are anthropomorphic, of course, (they talk and such) but it was really about a day in the life of a penguin, from its parents' struggle to survive, to hatching, and adapting to life in the south pole. So all of these scenes of Scamper the little penguin learning from his elder penguins and occasionally evading a hungry seagull or leopard seal worked for me, because there was something really sincere and appropriate about it.

However, once the fantasy elements came aboard, and the penguins became too humanlike, then I started having problems. And unfortunately this story consumes the second half of the movie and really waters it down. The back half of the movie, though enthusiastic, I'm afraid is really just as dull as a beige room.

Or the animation. One thing the original version certainly does not have is good-quality drawing. Early on in the picture, the narrator describes Antarctica as "a land of great beauty" and that nowhere else is "the scenery more beautiful." That's not the impression this movie gives. The drawing style is very flat and two-dimensional; the landscape is a poorly-decorated wall and the sea is as motionless as an oakwood table. We see little white specks painted on the ocean surface, meant to suggest sunlight rippling with the waves, but it's static, because there are no waves. The drawing of the penguins is also far too cartoony and the killer whale in particular is a very bad animation with dopey-looking eyes and over-sized teeth that contradict its intended menace. The leopard seals are even more poorly-drawn and there is no real menace coming from them, only gags. The new song done by Bullets says that Scamper is the cutest penguin of all. Well, he's not an ugly penguin, but the way his creators sketched him out really didn't give me that impression.

But perhaps most irksome is the horrendous dubbing done by the American distributors. Not only is the voice acting flat and deprived of emotion, but it's sloppy too. I can forgive the way the dialogue does not match the movement of the characters' mouths (I enjoy the Japanese Godzilla movies, after all) but I cannot do the same for the way we hear dialogue when nobody's mouth (or beak) is in motion and how it is so adamantly clear that they wrote this in desperation of making it fit along. So at times, it seems like they're trying too hard, and other times like they aren't giving nearly enough effort. The dubbing is truly terrible.

In addition, the new music score and songs are just unmemorable. Not terrible, but forgettable. Like the whole movie.

The few seconds' worth of footage that I have seen of the original version of "Scamper" indicate there is a better movie to be found. The story would still be the same and I would still have my gripes about the second half of the movie, but there would be more intelligent dialogue, a better music score, and a more wholesome product. In its English language version, "The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin" is a mediocre and forgettable production with flabby animation and atrocious dialogue. It works at first, when it assumes a documentary style, and then loses its way very badly, as Scamper does in the movie. Unlike him, however, the movie does not have the wits or the motivation to find its way back.
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Sweet Lord!
Aviva-316 September 2000
In the words of a highly shrewd and experienced colleague of mine: "This movie is either stupid, or so incredibly deep I can't even fathom it."

So says the guru ...

Scamper the Penguin is laughable; the sound effects are inane. I believe, more than once, the sound of someone knocking on a door was used for various purposes. If you are fond of creating Mystery Science Theater 3000 -esque witticisms whilst watching a movie, this very well could be your next project. Oh, how it will satisfy you.

The eternal question: Was the German scientist guy really homosexual? Why do the penguins keep on changing colors?

Oh God! Mom, they're showing the same scene again!
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I loved this as a child
hiphoppin_ballerina29 January 2008
Well I understand this film is somewhat stupid and cheesy (considering I just watched it again for the first time in 16 years) but I remember it being a huge childhood favorite. I loved it so much as a kid (3 or 4 years old) that the memory of this film stuck with me as an adult and I swear I searched hi and low for this movie but couldn't remember the name. I finally found it laying at the top of a wal-mart $5 bin. So anyways, it obviously did something for me as a kid cause as soon as I watched it again, it gave me the same warm feeling. Scamper is too cute!!! I recommend this film to any parent to have their child watch. Although with the intense animation skills we have now, it will probably seem a little old school.
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