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They're not grannies, they're not rabid, and this isn't a Troma film.
BA_Harrison18 January 2008
Just because this film bears a typically Troma-like title, and features the Troma logo on the packaging, don't make the mistake of thinking it is a Troma production—because it isn't.

It is, in fact, a low-budget Belgian film that was simply picked up for distribution by the studio, and, as far as I am concerned, it is much more enjoyable than the majority of Lloyd Kaufman's own B-movie output.

In this delightfully silly and very gory romp, a group of greedy relatives gather together at the mansion of their two elderly aunts, in order to attend their birthday celebrations (and hopefully worm their way into their aunts' wills). However, when the old women open a surprise birthday present (sent by the black sheep of the family—a practitioner of the black arts), they become possessed, transform into vicious, drooling, bloodthirsty monsters, and proceed to tear their party guests limb from limb.

If you're a fan of visceral OTT slapstick horror—particularly Sam Raimi's Evil Dead trilogy (which this film is obviously heavily influenced by) or the early work of Peter Jackson (whose similarly daft Bad Taste came out the same year)—then Rabid Grannies should be right up your alley. Director Emmanuel Kervyn spends the first thirty minutes introducing us to his raft of absurdly unlikeable characters (none of whom really deserve to survive 'til the end credits), and the next sixty dismembering them in as many inventive and silly ways as possible. It might not be Oscar winning material, but it's a whole heap of fun!

Considering the limited budget, the juicy effects on display are pretty damn good, and the film sure doesn't hold back with the nastiness: one man has his limbs hacked off, before being impaled (between the legs) on a pike; a fat guy gets stuck trying to escape, and has his ass eaten; and even a little girl gets reduced to spare parts by the demonic old dears!

7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.
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nils-3316 December 2003
Apparently Belgium produces something other than chocolate; crap movies. This little gem was picked up by Troma, and it's easy to see why. Every character is nasty, and the makers have enough bad taste (and, dare I say it, guts?) to not only have a child killed, but dismembered. You don't see that in a lot of american movies. The make-up and gore effects are actually pretty good, compared to a lot of other Troma films.

The first half hour sure is slow, but the unpleasant characters and the unbelievably bad acting keep it entertaining. Unsurprisingly, most of the 'actors' never made any other films before or after this one. And rightly so, because they give some of the worst performances I have ever seen on screen. Nodding and grimassing at every line and dubbed in very unnatural british accents, they are more amateurish than a school play. Like the two gravediggers in Plan 9.

When things do get going, it's just your basic 'everyone gets picked off one by one in various imaginative ways' kind of plot. A lot of cut off limbs, Evil Dead-style slapstick violence and even more horrendous acting keep it enjoyable throughout. If you like that kind of thing, that is.
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The Best Belgian Film Ever!
Crap_Connoisseur21 March 2006
Rabid Grannies is a fantastic comedy/horror film from Belgium, which has been (poorly) dubbed into English and distributed by Troma. Not only does this film possess one of the best titles in cinematic history, it also boasts innovative direction, great gore effects and some wonderfully tasteless humour.

The film is based on a simple, yet very effective premise. Two old ladies invite various family members to their large estate in order to celebrate their birthday. As the family gathers for dinner, a package arrives from a disowned cousin, which the two old grannies quickly unwrap. Inside the package is a box containing an evil spirit, which takes possession of the women and turns them into blood hungry demons. From this point on, the grannies gleefully decapitate, dismember and torture their guests with a high degree of wit and originality.

Despite the obvious budgetary constraints, the gore is well done and original. Highlights include one of the grannies literally biting her rotund nephew's butt off and the scene in which the grannies lure their granddaughter to her death. All of the violence has a strong undercurrent of black humour, which thankfully is never constrained by the bounds of good taste. Examples include the fate of the cowardly priest and the throwing around of severed body parts. I highly recommend the unrated European version of the film as the Troma edition, at least in Australia, is missing a significant amount of carnage.

Rabid Grannies (literally translated "the cannibalistic grandmas") is an unusual and highly amusing horror film, which is destined to become a cult favourite. I think it is time for Emmanuel Kervyn to hurry up and make another picture. Rabid Grannies 2 would be a nice place to start.
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Rabid Grannies is great fun
LoneWolfAndCub23 February 2007
There is great fun to be had here. Please, do not watch this film and expect ANYTHING redeeming because you will not find one single thing. This is Troma, expect bad acting, plenty of gore, random sex and nudity and an insanely ridiculous and nonsensical plot.

Two Aunts (yeah, I know it is called Rabid Grannies.....) are holding are birthday party and they invite the family to their huge mansion. All the family arrive (a lesbian couple, a gun maniac, a horny cousin, a family and another couple) for dinner to be held at night. When dinner is finished and present time comes the two aunts open a package that was delivered by an old lady earlier that night. It is from the black sheep of the family, a satanist. The present turns the two aunts into big, ugly demon creatures who proceed to eat everyone they see (including a poor little girl).

After half an hour of stupid dialogue, awful dubbing (and acting for that matter) and random stupidity the gore kicks in. There isn't a whole lot of it but there's a good amount and it's usually extremely funny and gruesome. Most of the movie is pure comedy though, with such scenes as one of the grannies wearing a suit of armour (dunno why), a fat man getting his arse eaten and a little boy saying, "That's smashing!" while watching a guest being eaten.

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Sometimes dull but fun
stevenfallonnyc25 April 2006
I'm not big into "gore" films (Italian zombie movies excepted) but "Rabid Grannies" can definitely be fun at times. There is nothing redeeming of value about this film whatsoever - it is made just for an excuse to film some disgusting scenes, but with a fun plot, nothing more, nothing less.

I have the uncut version so I was lucky enough to see the film in all its glory. Two aunts (not "grannies," but I guess the title "Rabid Aunts" doesn't sound too catchy) invite all their relatives over to celebrate their birthday, relatives who all want the aunt's riches upon their soon-to-be deaths. One guy, the satanist of the family, can't make it, but he sends a mysterious box instead, which causes the aunties to turn into demons, hunting down the others throughout the mansion.

There are some really funny scenes here, like when the relatives realize their aunts have turned into demons at the dinner table (you think that 30-foot arm with the demon hand and claws gave a clue?). The "grannies" do nothing but crack jokes from here on in (one even wears a suit of armor for a while) as they hunt their prey.

The film does get dull here and there, but there are some scenes that are full of great tension, such as the "car" scene, and my favorite, when the grannies corner the priest with a shotgun. They give him a choice - either suffer alive through the unimaginable tortures they describe what they will do to him, or take the shotgun and kill himself, avoiding all the torture but going to Hell in the process because he's a priest. Which does he choose? It's an amazing scene, the best in the whole flick!

"Rabid Grannies" is a halfway decent gore flick. It can't touch "Demons" or "Demons 2" as far as "demons hunting people in an enclosed building" but it's not bad. Again, I usually don't go for this stuff, but this one, besides the dull parts, was done with just the right amount of gore, humor and fun. Gather the family!
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"Holy Water only works in the movies ya little horses arse!"
alanmora12 January 2007
"They Love their grandchildren...well done!" This is the tag-line for the bizarre foreign horror flick "Rabid Grannies". This film is distributed by Troma films and despite the negative reviews it has received, I found it to be a lot of fun! Yes the acting is bad...the effects aren't terrible for a B movie but they aren't great either but that's not the point here. There are several horribly offensive scenes such as the one where the child is murdered or the one where the overweight gentleman literally has his ass eaten out. The murder of the priest is also religiously offensive but if you're a religious person, I doubt you'd be watching a film titled "Rabid Grannies". This film is just plain fun to watch...it has just the right amount of blood, guts, gore, murder, madness, mayhem with a little lesbianism and demonology thrown in for good measure!
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The most inaccurately titled movie since 'The Greatest Story Ever Told'.
ninjas-r-cool15 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there existed a mystical land known as The Early 90's, where there was no such thing as the internet thus no way of finding out if such-and-such movie was any good before watching it for oneself. So a young gorehound like me would rent movies based solely on the coolness of the title and cover. It's a habit that's stuck with me quite a bit. Show me a DVD where the front cover has a pic of a badass looking demon munching on a severed arm, entitled 'Severed Arm Eating Demon Badasses', and you'd better believe I will watch the unholy sh!t out of that sucker without hesitation. Of course, sometimes they turn out to be rubbish but them's the risks. Last night's gamble was 'Rabid Grannies', a movie I've wanted to see for a while because it's called 'Rabid Grannies' and has 2 rabid grannies on the cover.

It starts out with a whole bunch of extended family travelling to their 2 rich old aunties' mansion for their birthday. Quite a varied list of characters they are too - a family of four, a fat slob and his trophy wife, a virgin, an arms dealer, a suave Don Juan, 2 lesbians, a priest... If this lot all walked into a bar, it'd be one hell of a complicated joke. The character introductions are quite lengthy but an early glimpse of boob kept my spirits up, plus I figured hey, large cast = large bodycount, right? So a package arrives from the black sheep of the family who became an outcast when he got involved with a satanic cult. The package is opened, a weird fog comes out and the grannies get infected by some kind of curse.

Now's when things should get good, but I couldn't help but be a little disappointed. For starters, the grannies don't become rabid, they transform into wisecracking demons. 'Wisecracking Demons' is a quality title in its own right, and I would definitely watch that film, but I kinda had my hopes up to see some rabid grannies. I thought there'd be tons of flesh-eating going on too, but there's very little. There's some decent and amusing kills (including a great scene where the demons offer the priest a sadistic ultimatum), but it's fairly light on the gore. One scene in particular was obviously trimmed.

I found out afterwards that the DVD has much of the gore cut out because that's how the filmmaker preferred it. A director who thinks a gorefest is improved by having LESS gore?!? Me and this guy would not get along.

Consider my 5/10 a temporary score, until I eventually see it uncut.
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milescorn7 December 2001
Ok I saw this film in 1990, that was over ten years ago. To this day I have a real problem even trying to watch this film. It is a little wierd but where eles can you see a movie about two old ladies that drink some wine then start eating the family. The most disturbing scean is where the little girl walks up the steps where the old woman sits in a rocking chair trying to get her to sit in her lap. That is gruesome. The film is ok and I give it a 6. But if gore is your thing watch Bad Taste, it came out the same year.
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Rabid Grannies (1989): Uncut Version
Was-it-All-a-Dream2 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ah... what a wonderful and wacky world, Troma. Its' own veritable Disney-Land of the perverse, strange, wild, offensive, tasteless, unique, and often brilliant. Where few other films have dared to go. What many filmmakers only dream or fantasize doing... Troma is one of the world's leading, and only still truly, independent sources of films. Their reputation made with the shockingly cheap and shockingly bad; 1976's Blood Sucking Freaks, 1984's The Toxic Avenger, and 1997's Tromeo & Juliet - among others. One could say they sought to bring the same attitude of much of the films considered "video nasties" in the U.K. to America, putting some of the most grotesque and shocking things ever seen onto movie screens. They acquired a cult following, and with the success of Avenger and its' sequels, 1985's Class of Nuke 'Em High, and 1990's Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD, began distributing somewhat more respectable films from clearly more ambitious directors. Including 1983's Monster in the Closet (the greatest horror parody I've ever seen), 1990's daring and smart Def by Temptation, and this little Belgian import, Rabid Grannies.

Grannies is a darkly absurd and ingeniously subversive splatter film about two kindly old aunts and their horrible family of shameless, opportunistic ne'er-do-wells involved in all sorts of underhanded doings. When the aunts host a dual Birthday party, the cousins swarm in from all around to put on an act of smirking, fingers-crossed behind-their-back sincerity, each hoping to con the wealthy women into leaving them a chunk of their vast estate and fortune. Meanwhile, the aunts' house staff know all about the double timing and dirty tricks but keep their mouths shut because the women are so close to senility, they probably wouldn't believe them. And so begins the decadent dinner party, where the cousins stab each other in the back and try to raise doubt in another's reputation with the aunts, hoping to make themselves look better by comparison. Until the aunts receive a mysterious surprise gift with a letter from a disinherited cousin who decides not to attend the Birthday party, wishing them all the best. However, when the old ladies open it, they become possessed by evil spirits and mutate into cannibalistic, demonic zombies, hungry for human flesh. And they're not above feasting on their deviously immoral loved ones.

What makes Grannies so brilliant is how well thought-out and smart it is. Yes, the cousins are all despicable, loathsome things. But, when the gore starts to fly, and the death scenes become increasingly mean-spirited and frighteningly intense (the film's one legitimate flaw), you start to see the humanity in them. Even the worst of people have their human side, all evil has an understandable motivation. By that virtue, the sweet old aunt characters are not entirely clean themselves. They are judgmental - especially to the lesbian cousin and her girlfriend, patronizing to their loyal butler Radu (a smarter version of Manuel from Fawlty Towers), and religiously elitist. But they're also kind and charitable (as we see, they help out a homeless beggar in the street), you have to feel bad for them. A little. And finally, when the aunts become possessed, they are suddenly filled with a sense of perception they were missing before. They now see right through all the smiling, lying faces of their nasty relatives, and are not exactly forgiving of all their bad deeds and deception.

Most important to mention is a scene where the demons confront one of their cousins, a priest who hates kids. The first hands him a machine gun and suggests (in a more overt fashion than, but still in the mood of, Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None) that he kill himself to spare him the agony of being viciously ripped apart. The second tells him not to trust the first because, if the priest kills himself, he will go to hell; suggesting- is an eternity of suffering in the afterlife worth sparing him a few minutes of agony in his current life? They continue bouncing pros and cons off each other, playing a game with him, basically betting over what his choice will be. It's a razor-sharp and clever scene that highlights the film's devilish intelligence and witty subversiveness. Of course, it also goes a little too far as times. Never moreso than when a certain cousin on the plump side has his leg carved open and slowly stabbed, licked, chewed, and devoured by the putrid, alien-like demons. Maybe leaving a little to our imaginations is a good thing.

The film deftly marries elements from 1982's Creepshow, 1987's Dolls, 1985's Demons, and 1981's The Evil Dead, including- the greedy family salivating over an old relative's fortune, being trapped in huge old creepy castle-like mansion, demonic possession from the essence of a somewhat ancient object, and of course, the sadistic murderous zombies with sharp teeth and claw-like fingers. Rabid Grannies would also go on to inspire other rabid grannies in Peter Jackson's 1992 cult classic, Dead Alive (aka- Braindead), and Luca (Ghoulies) Bercovici's grimy little 1995 cheapie, The Granny, whose gore was not nearly as savaged as Rabid Grannies'. Grannies has had an unfortunate DVD history in the eyes of gorehounds. Troma has never cut the film back to its' original uncensored European version. So the film's plentiful, impressive gore effects can only be seen in a montage on Troma's DVD in the special features section- which is also missing at least one key gore sequence.
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A Lesser Gore Comedy
truemythmedia15 June 2019
This isn't a great movie. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone.There are some funny moments, and I wouldn't say I wasted my time (I laughed a few times and I got to write this review, so that's always fun), but overall there are infinitely better gore-comedies out there. If you want to see something like this, only done with a little more professionalism (and a lot more gore), try "Dead Alive" or "Bad Taste". Those movies are funnier, plus, if you watch "Bad Taste", you'll get to see director Peter Jackson as a zombie.
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Avoid the Troma version!
Leofwine_draca4 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
RABID GRANNIES is a very low budget gross-out comedy from Belgium, unless you happen to watch the American version put out by Troma, in which case it's merely a comedy as all of the gore has been excised, weirdly, from their version. The story is set in one of those old dark houses where a couple of grannies receive a cursed present and transform into demons which then proceed to slaughter the assembled relatives. As a film it feels a little like Peter Jackson's BRAINDEAD albeit not as good, but without the rubbery gore effects this is merely incoherent nonsense, and completely pointless to watch.
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Better than I expected.
OrangieTooDope9 May 2017
I should have researched this movie on here before I watched it.Knowing it was French would have helped a lot.I spent too much time trying to figure out if the audio was dubbed and where it was filmed.Once I figured out it was dubbed, I understood why every character had a different accent.Most of the people sound like Americans trying to fake a British accent while a few sound almost French.The most confusing thing was that they were driving on the right side of the road.Do they do that in France?I assumed all of Europe would drive on the left side.Anyway, this was an above average Troma movie even though the plot doesn't make any sense.The premise is that a bunch of relatives of two rich old ladies have to go have dinner with them for reasons that are never made clear.The old ladies turn into demons and everyone just hides instead of trying to leave.This is a must see if you like or want to like Troma.
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A Very Funny Troma Release
crow_god_sama29 June 2003
I'm sure it's not meant to be funny but it's so ... cheesy that one can't help but to laugh from start to finish. There were some "duh" moments involved but even they were laughable. I highly recommend this Troma release to anybody who loves independent movies. Go TROMA!
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Enjoyable Foreign horror film.
Two kind rich old ladies are about to have a birthday party, unfortunately their black sheep nephew has sent them a deadly present that has turned the sweet elderly sisters into nasty and nutty demons that begin to tear apart the guests one by one until some remain as the surviving guests must find a way to stop them.

Strange and mildly bloody Belgian-French-Dutch horror comedy romp that was distributed by Troma Pictures has black comedy and some gore even though some of the gore was heavily cut out to avoid an "X" rating here in America. Slow at times but worth the effort and the movie is totally in the tradition of Peter Jackson, the movie isn't really the greatest Troma movie there is cause that honor goes to "The Toxic Avenger" but it's still a good and fun horror comedy.

Watch this movie on DVD and you'll see the missing gore scenes in the deleted scenes section.

Also recommended: "The Toxic Avenger", "House By The Cemetery", "Burial Ground: The Night of Terror", "Demons", "Cannibal Apocalypse", " Luther The Geek", "Street Trash", " Men Behind The Sun", "Re-Animator", "Dead Alive ( a.k.a. Braindead)", "Bad Taste", "A Nightmare on Elm Street Series"," City of the Living Dead ( a.k.a. Gates of Hell)", " The New York Ripper", " Texas Chainsaw Massacre part 2", " From Dusk Till Dawn", "An American Werewolf in London", " Day of the Dead", " The Children", " Terror Firmer", " Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4", " The Hills Have Eyes ( 1978 and 2006)", "Evil Dead II", "Blood Diner", " Intruder", " The Prowler", "Maniac ( 1980)", " C.H.U.D.", "Cemetery Man", "Tetsuo The Iron Man", " Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky", "Scream", " Hellraiser", "Hellbound: Hellraiser II", " Evil Dead", "Hostel", "Dawn of the Dead ( 2004)", "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend", " Land of the Dead", " Let sleeping Corpses Lie", " Night of the Demons", " Bloody Birthday", "Sleepaway Camp", "Battle Royale", "Mother's Day", "Ichi The Killer", "Tromeo and Juliet", " Nightmare City ( a.k.a. City of the Walking Dead)", " Serial Mom", "High Tension", " Meet The Feebles", " House of the Dead", "Wolf Creek", "Cannibal Ferox", " Demons 2", "Friday The 13th series", "Freddy Vs. Jason", " Return of the Living Dead Trilogy", "Cannibal Holocaust", "Jungle Holocaust", "Redneck Zombies", "Bride of Re-Animator", "Beyond Re-Animator", "Sin City", " The Grudge (Japanese and American)", " The Ring (Japanese and American)", "Hell of the Living Dead ( a.k.a. Night of the zombies, Zombie creeping Flesh)", "Cannibal! the Musical", "Night of the Living Dead ( 1968 and 1990)", " The Exorcist", and " 28 Days Later".
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Unfunny and uninteresting.
metalrage6663 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
OK this will be quick and to the point.

2 elderly aunts are having a birthday get- together with a bunch of family members who can't stand each other and can't wait for the 2 old birds to die so they can claim the inheritance.

One particular family member either wasn't invited or just couldn't be bothered coming but they decide to forward a gift anyway.

The gift is basically an empty and unremarkable wooden box; the kind you generally find in a souvenir store. While at the party and just after blowing out the candles, the box starts to emit a cloudy vapour, which no one notices, and somehow infects the 2 goblets of wine being used by the 2 aunts.

The aunts drink the tainted wine, (they don't turn rabid), they are in fact possessed and they set about killing the party goers in various ways.

It all takes a while to get going and when it does it's pretty much a "what the hell is going on" kind of thing. It's too stupid to be interesting and the English over dubbing gets annoying after a while. You'll be doing yourselves a favour if you give this a big miss.
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Those crazy Belgians and their demented movies!
Coventry26 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Referring to "Rabid Grannies" as it being a great movie would be a crime against all forms of good taste, but it's nevertheless a film that every horror-loving Belgian should be sincerely proud of! Our very own demented splatter flick, yay! And, all prejudices of myself being Belgian aside, one of the most entertaining splatter flicks of the entire 80's decade! If you manage to track down a fully uncut version (loads of copies suffer from severe censorship, despite the rights being owned by Troma Productions), you will be exposed to outrageous gore, absurd characters and over-the-top situations. Screw build up of tension and story lines that make sense! Acting performances, continuity or editing aren't important neither and we definitely don't care about decent dubbing jobs! All that matters here is insanity and GORE! The Remington family members all gather at their spinster aunts' mansion for a birthday celebration. They all hate each other, and the old bags even more, but there's quite an immense fortune to inherit soon, so they all behave friendly. The party really gets started when the aunts open a present coming from a banished nephew that turns them into mad carnivorous monsters! No matter where the invitees hide throughout the house, the hungry grannies will find them. The first 30 minutes are rather tame in the gore-department, but still amusing because of the hilariously inept acting and crazy character drawings. We have pretentious lesbians, a cowardly priest and a businessman dealing in weapons. Once the grannies are loose, the film turns into a non-stop splatter party with no limits or boundaries. We're treated to cheesy decapitations, pieces of brains flying around, disembowelment, hacked up torsos and ripped out eyeballs! In order to get rid of that last remaining bit of political correctness, this movie even features the sadistic dismemberment of an 8-year-old girl's legs. Now here's something you don't see every day! "Rabid Grannies" will most likely rank among the favorites of undemanding Troma-groupies, but it's even good enough to recommend it to fans of Peter Jackson's earlier work ("Bad Taste", "Meet the Feebles"). Bon Appetit!
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This was, uhm, different...
paul_haakonsen30 September 2012
Right, given the age of the movie, the title of the movie and the plot synopsis of the movie, you just know that you are in for one cheesy movie. And the movie is exactly just that, campy and cheesy.

Given the fact that the movie is from the late 1980's, then it wasn't particularly impressive, not even for that time of age. I remember there was far better horror movies around back then. And "Rabid Grannies" is listed as a comedy horror movie, but there is surprisingly little comedy in it, unless you count the horrible dubbing and questionable acting as comedy, or if the lack of coherent plot qualifies as comedy, I will just leave that up to the individual viewers to decide for themselves.

The story in "Rabid Grannies" is about a birthday party held at an old castle for aunts, when a mysterious stranger appears at the front gate with a strange present. The present contains a diabolical gift that turns the two elderly women into demonic creatures that are hungry for the flesh of their relatives, seeking to torment and kill them in the most gruesome of manners. Time is ticking for the family as the demonic duo wrecks havoc and destruction upon them, one at a time. Can they survive the ordeal and make it through the night alive?

The story in itself wasn't all that bad, but unfortunately it was executed by questionable actors and it wasn't particularly helped along by the horrible dubbing of English speaking voice actors - who all sounded constipated and were yelling most of the time instead of speaking.

There is a little bit of gore in the movie, that actually works out well enough, but it is hardly enough to make the movie interesting to watch. And the demonic creatures sort of look like parodies of wicked, evil creatures, so it is a little bit hard to take it all seriously.

Personally, I found "Rabid Grannies" to be somewhat of a struggle to actually get through, because my attention kept drifting away from the movie, as there was just too many scenes that were questionable, laughable or downright irrelevant for the actual movie.

If you enjoy movies from the late 1980's and haven't already seen it, and if you have absolutely nothing else to do, then perhaps watching this movie might be right for you. But otherwise, there is nothing worthwhile appealing to this movie. I have seen it now, and can honestly say that I will never see it again, nor do I consider my cinematic history of movie watching enriched in any way by having seen this particular movie.

The original title of the movie is "les mémés cannibales", which translates as "the cannibal grannies", so why they opted to title this movie "rabid grannies" is beyond my comprehension.

I am giving this movie a 3/10 rating because of the small amount of gore and mayhem that was in it and because of the original idea, which was the only two things that really appealed to me. The rest of the movie is not worth mentioning.
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Cool mish-mash of kills, chills and chuckles.
ElijahCSkuggs3 October 2009
Finally after watching Marauding Mothers, Diabolical Daddies, Wicked Sisters, Jonesin' Uncles and Perverted Twins, I arrived at Rabid Grannies. It didn't totally live up to the hype as being 10 times the movie Diabolical Daddies is but it was still pretty good.

Ya got the two grannies, who are actually aunties, who are filthy rich and throwing a birthday party for themselves, with the rest of their immediate family celebrating it with them. Well all seems to be going just divine until a weird lady with a gift shows up. The gift is actually from.....I forget the guy's relation....maybe cousin. Whatever. Well, this present holds a hideous surprise that turns this lil box-social into a full on bloodbath. Woohoo!

Rabid Grannies is a wacky friggin flick. It's got a really silly (too much sometimes) attitude and loads of fantastic make-up and gore effects that combine together to make a seriously memorable flick which should be mentioned more in hor/com discussion.

Most surprisingly about the flick, is it's creativity. There are some creepy scenes mixed with a sly almost cartoony humor that gels in a pretty unique way. There's one scene with the aunts (grannies) and a priest that is really just out there. One aunt is giving him the opportunity to off himself, while the other is telling him to fight for his life. It's really just a cool friggin scene that really had me smiling.

Even though the dialog is sometimes overly hammy, and the dubbing kinda crappy, it kinda makes the movie's ridiculous charm that much more noticeable. Which could be a good thing or bad thing, but for this guy's taste for crazy sh!t, it's a great thing. Would go nice as a double feature with Demon Knight.
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Gruesome black comedy
Triple711 December 1999
This is an ok movie which starts out slow and boring but moves it's way into a sick and twisted plot which is not entirely original but can still entertain many. Ok acting and ok filming but the special effects are pretty good. The movie is to dark though. If you are looking for a movie with some disturbing scenes then watch this one.
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Cult classic up there with Evil Dead
hutch61927 October 2005
The only reason I didn't give this movie higher marks was because of its ridiculously slow start and poor dubbing. It finally takes off once everyone FINALLY gets to the party. Excellent character development and superb special effects! I spent an hour or two, after finishing the movie, going through the awesome bonus features included on the DVD version like their Trivia Intelligence Test (TIT) where they flash you clips of boobies every time you answer a question correctly! If you get it wrong you get to see a gory clip! It's a win-win situation! I haven't seen any other movies made by Troma, but after seeing this one (as well as the clips included in the bonus material) I will more than likely rent/buy more of them. You should check this movie out.
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Not Scary, Funny!
jbennett858516 July 2005
This movie is really only good to watch and laugh at how ridiculous it is. So many ridiculous things that it will take a lifetime to count. The spfx are humorous, in one part where one of the grannies throws up an egg. The acting in this movie is also hilarious, as it seems no one can act. If I was in the movie, I probably would not put my all in acting. OK, now be scared because your grandma has become an demon/alien thing. The deaths of the people are the funniest! It is more slapstick than gruesome. They will have you laughing out of your seat. So if you are looking for a good horror movie, walk past this movie. But if you are looking for a movie to do a good MST3K to, then this is the movie for you.
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Zombie film director seeks script, foreigners to cast
bathsnake24 November 2004
This is a rare treasure, difficult to find but certainly worth tracking down. I was attracted to this movie by the front cover which appeared to depict zombies. Unfortunately no zombies featured in this film- only demons. We were hopeful that possibly the possession might transfer itself by wounding but this did not occur. Once again Koch's postulates have gone unproven.

This movie has a long first act. Many characters are introduced, are shown to be mostly unpleasant, and a delicate psycho-drama is set in play. The first act is more than a little reminiscent of 'Festen' aka 'the celebration', and other foreign flicks the continentals see fit to put out these days. I consider nothing wrong with it, myself, and it made the second act altogether more enjoyable, as the ghastly folk get knocked off, one by one. It's worth noting that the foreigners knew a thing or two about casting here- rather than getting everyone very young they've gone for some actual actors. Wouldn't be surprised if a few of them knew their way around a stage.

Parts of this movie were genuinely scary, for some reason the demon swinging on the light fitting was especially disquieting. Other classic horror motifs were well used: the monster- behind-the-door and the trapped-in-a-small-space ones spring to mind.

However the true brilliance lay in a few precious scenes towards the end of the movie. One character delivers a genuinely weird monologue, before comically slipping on a human heart one of the demons mischievously tosses in his path. Another scene involves the demons teasing a nasty priest (Keanu Reeves acting incognito). The crowning glory of this picture was undoubtedly the moment when one of the demons turns up dressed in a suit of armour, for no reason other than to irritate a machine-gun toting guest.

Enough zombie movie motifs exist in this film for me to recommend it to hard-core zombists, euro-lovers, Monty-Python fans, and trash-horror film connoisseurs. With the right script this director could certainly redefine the Belgian Zombie movie scene.
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I couldn't resist
ericdetrick200224 June 2004
I couldn't resist picking up this one by just the name alone. Was it worth

it...ehhhhh, ive seen worse. If y ou dig British humor (although I don't think this was a British film), you probably will have a few laughs. A little gore, low budget effects, but not bad for the budget.

The grannies are pretty evil looking- ick! So, if you are having a b-movie

marathon this may be somethng to check out. It has some slow moments, but

also a few creepy ones too. There are better ones out there in the "people

turned crazed killer" genre, but Rabid Grannies take the prize for best name.
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buchass24 March 2004
One of the worst horror movies that i had the pleasure to see. Everything in this film is terrible, from the actors to the director. Even the special effects are horrible and "terrifying" :-D... The acting is "porno-like", and the cover doesn't match with the film itself... Well i have 3 words for this flick...

1- Ridiculous

2- Stupid

3- Incoherent

0 out of 10

If you like this film i recommend:

Amityville 4, Exorcist 3:legion, Tumulo Vivo, Return of the living dead 2 and The Blob...
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mathlepine21 September 2002
This movie is really bad!!! We just rent it yesterday and I was pretty disappointed. I thought by the title and the cover that it would be a little scaring and funny but...

Come on, the first 30 minutes are so boring!!!! The actors are the worst that I've ever seen play in a movie. The horror scenes are bad most of the time. I mean, it is a movie that will scare a 8 years old kid, but not adult. It is gore???? Maybe but a cheap gore. You can't relate to any character because of the bad acting and because they all seems odd. You wish that everyone die at the end. The horror scenes could have been great but it was poorly directed.

Did I laugh? Yes. I laugh about the stupidity of the character and because of some great quotes. But it did not help me to like it. I wished that it would end quickly.

My vote? 1/10
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