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Did I dream this one? No.
lost-in-limbo26 September 2008
That was totally screwed-up!? What this junky cheaply made b-grade production covers ranges from the premise looking into subconscious dreams, paranormal activity and Extra-Terrestrial involvement. Oh man everything (done in a very uncertain tone) but the kitchen sink in chucked into this one! The concept is original and strange, but it never truly comes together leaving the continuity being a complete jumble of unrealized ideas and far-fetched twists. It's illogically questionable, but maybe it's supposed to be so due to the bewilderingly tricksy context and one of those twisted endings. Love or hate it. But I found it rather effective.

How to give an outline of the story without revealing too much. Tough one. But here goes. A couple of grad students along with their professor head to an abandoned cabin to record and study some paranormal/otherworldly disturbances that plague the area. Not too long the indescribable occurrences begin to take its toll on the group.

It's silly, wild and campy (just look at those gooey, rubbery make-up FX and colourful optical special effects). Even then a dread-like atmosphere smothers proceedings and the growing paranoia is exceptionally pitched, as it's so hard to tell what's real or just hallucinations due to the genuine nature. As each others fears are conjured up. Trying to unsettle and overcome their senses. Amongst the sequences are some gruesomely icky deaths and titillatingly erotic inclusions.

Writer/director Bruce R. Cook erratically puts it together with some professional tinge and inserts few unusual imagery and experimental lighting composition, but at times it did drag. All talk (mainly uncanny babbling), little headway up until the last half-hour. The elastic script has some witty pitch black humour abound, but also random scientific theories. The off-kilter score is vibrantly rich and served up is a credible theme song of the same title.

There's a curious cast on hand. Straight performances between quirky ones. Jack Starret is deliciously malevolent and glassy (like out of some sort of mad scientist) as the professor with a hidden agenda. The beautifully magnetic leads Alisha Das and Elizabeth Kaitan are soundly good. Robert Tessier is enjoyable, but it's a testosterone imposing Brain Thompson ("the highway is mine!") that's a complete blast.

A fascinatingly nightmarish head trip in to the weird, which doesn't pull out any stops.
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Truly unique
blindganger25 May 2003
One of the most under rated campy films of the 80's. This film obviously influenced many episodes of X Files. Especially considering Carter cast two lead actors from the movie in the X Files.

The video is grainy and washed out. The laser disc is a tiny bit better (but still full frame). If a nice transfer comes out on dvd I am sure it will age with grace. One of the best paranoia films of all time. You really don't know what's going to happen one minute to the next.

Give it a try!
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General praise for an unexpectedly fine movie
Patguy16 October 1998
A strange and unnerving film, Nightwish moves among horror movie conventions the way The Player moves among genres. Never quite comprehensible, the movie follows its own associative logic while pretending to become, at various times, an alien invasion film, a mad scientist film, a ghost story, a beast-from--beyond-perhaps-it's-Satan-himself movie, and uncountable others. The acting is quirkily good, the writing witty, and the off-balance nature of the scenes allow the film to move between eeriness, gross-out horror, humor and an even odder element of eroticism--the latter supplied mostly by the lovely Alisha Das, whose character at times seems to treat the proceedings like an especially elaborate session of unnatural foreplay.
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One of the Most Original Movies
CMRKeyboadist13 January 2006
When you think of a bizarre movie usually titles like "Videodrome" or "Lost Highway" will pop up in your head. This movie goes right up there as a weird one. This movie is so bizarre that you can watch it over and over and still not fully understand what's happening.

A group of college students and their professor head out to an old abandoned mansion in an area that has been haunted for years. Also, there is talk of alien lifeforms. There reason for going to the house is to invoke whatever supernatural lifeforms they can. This all becomes someones worst nightmare very quickly.

I really loved this movie and find myself watching it over and over again. I also really wanted to give this movie a 10 out of 10 but the acting is just atrocious at times except for Brian Thompson as Dean and Robert Tessier. The special effects in this movie are well done also mixing up gore and just bizarre imagery. This movie literally feels like a nightmare. People tend to complain about the continuity of the movie but the director wanted to have continuity problems because the movie is suppose to play off like a dream.

Anyway, a great movie and highly recommend to anyone looking for something different (really different). 9/10 stars
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JimSthers16 December 2001
This movie is awesome, it has likable characters, is well acted, the cast (especially the 2 girls ) is atractive, there is nudity, gore and enough plot and special effects to keep you more than interesting. this movie is about a group of college students and their professor investigating alien phenomena in an abandoned and huge mansion where they are terrorized by ghosts and their own professor, and aliens.
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Enjoyable if somewhat flawed supernatural thriller
kannibalcorpsegrinder18 July 2014
Journeying to a house in the countryside, a group of parapsychology students and their professor find the area's past as a home for demonic entities has been unleashed and causing them to wonder if what they see is really there.

This here is a rather enjoyable and somewhat entertaining effort that has some rather impressive moments but still has some minor flaws present. Among the good parts is the fact that the film clearly has a lot of ideas present about what it really wants to be, and that manifests itself in a really chaotic framework here with all sorts of creepy things going on. From the drive out into the hillside with a decrepit, run-down house that really should not be visited by anyone, the creepy procedures that must be followed before the séance scenes, all sorts of rather freaky scenes being utilized before getting into the twist involving the real reason they're there and the ensuing reactions they have because of this, which really drives this one all over the place but really remains quite level-headed about itself. There's never any real sense about this being too confusing or obscure in what it does to really hinder it all that much during these scenes by keeping the story lines going rather well, never really putting itself in place to become too confusing since the streamlined second-half keep their actions on target with how the rest of the movie has been going along, and this in turn forces the stories into pretty entertaining versions. By doing these different stories, it also brings about the enjoyable manners of forcing them into the story, so there's all sorts of rather creepy hallucinations and different settings about this being utilized for maximum effect, including the scenes down in the underground tunnels and the whole final half being a fine action-packed race to keep things on track as this heads into a rather inventive twist that really sells this quite well. However, there's still a few problems with this one in the fact that, despite how well it handles things, the film never really can settle on what it really wants to be because it has so many different elements wrapped inside it. Being a film about a creepy old house that was used to summon satanic demons first, then it turns into a demented captor forcing his students to do what he pleases and then finally an alien pod story that gets shoehorned into the film in an attempt to showcase a few nasty special effects scenes and then tries to make all these story lines make sense and it does so only through the finale's twist so this can get a little confusing with all the different elements in here. As well, the film does take a while to get going with there being quite a lot of useless time leading up to the house visit and forcing this to take a long time really getting going. Otherwise, this one wasn't all that bad.

Rated R: Language and Graphic Violence.
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Beefcake Dean for President!
Coventry28 September 2019
Stupid as it may sound, I still think the best sequence of "Nightwish" plays rather early at the beginning, when this excessively muscled but dim-witted idiot named Dean deliberately drives over a cute little bunny rabbit with his ramshackle van. The other passengers are shocked and upset, but Dean just laughs hysterically and speaks the immortal words: "The fields is his, the highways is mine". Dean, played by Brian Thompson who previously demonstrated his acting talents in the Stallone vehicle "Cobra", isn't even one of the lead characters in "Nightwish", but he most definitely steals the show! There's more random footage of him sitting at the wheel of his beloved van and laughing out loud for no particular reason, or him toying around with the mentally disabled caretaker Wendall. "Nightwish" is a pretty ambitious and convoluted scientific/supernatural thriller, with decent performances and solid peaks of tension, but the only thing I'm most likely to remember is a beefcake in his minivan. It's sad, really...

For the record, "Nightwish" truly is a more than adequate late 80s genre effort, and I can certainly understand why the film has a fair share of loyal admirers. In terms of atmosphere, structure and script aspirations, it's somewhat comparable to David Cronenberg or perhaps some of John Carpenter's more complex movies (like "Prince of Darkness" or "In the Mouth of Madness"). There is a good amount of genuinely uncomfortable moments, explicit gore and overall absorbing weirdness. Jack Starrett is excellent as the obsessive university professor who lures four of his students to a remote mansion with a dubious past, and subsequently manipulates them to dream their own deaths as realistically as possible. The students are confronted with sadist monsters and ghostly hallucinations, but it's their own damn fault for volunteering to partake in extracurricular activities!

The script is ambitious but makes very little sense in the end, and even though the very last shot is surprisingly clever, the film continuously drags towards a predictable and clichéd finale. The two lead actresses, Elizabeth Keitan and Alisha Das, are stunningly beautiful and show a modest (but nevertheless welcome) bit of nudity.
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edgy horror movie. Interesting ending.
estroh20 October 2004
This is a unique one. I really enjoyed the twisted ending even though most

other reviewers did not. Alisha Das is the highlight of this movie, along with the two villains. I'm surprised no one mentioned the awesome bondage scene

where all the students, including Alisha, are handcuffed for a long time. One of the best scenes of its type. There are a lot of twists and turns and , yes, it is a low budget flick, but even after seeing this movie a number of times I'm not exactly sure what the director had in mind EXACTLY as to what happened in the end. I've seen much worse. Give it a try.
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Unparalleled supernatual horror.
tvcarsd30 July 2018
"Began to control you, and the moment you gave up, your fear took over and you were no more use to yourself or to me. All of you must learn to accept the idea of death. That moment when the grim reaper's cold mouth presses against yours. You must welcome death out of curiosity." - The professor (Jack Starrett).

There are some really great lines in this nicely aging horror flick. The green theme is in my opinion the give away as to what is really happening. I thought everyone in the cast was well fitted to their roles and did a convincing job. I loved the musical score and the unexpectedly good special fx for a B grader of its time.

I have watched this movie a good number of times as it as earned its place in my top 20 horrors of all time and I am an aging horror buff. There isn't one thing in this movie I would change. Its perfect the way it is, especially the ending. Its a rare movie that carries a great story arc then ends so well as this one does. You just don't want it to end which is probably the irony of it all.

It does for some reason remind me of a recent movie called Extraterrestrial (2014) by The Vicious Brothers. I can't exactly put my finger on why or how it does, it just does. One can only wish for more ghoulish movies like this. Beautiful, Awesome, Excellent!
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A treat from the other side
tvcarsd3 November 2012
A captivating tale of what lies in the shadows of our minds and how our thoughts and fears stop us from experiencing what our will wants to show us. Hows that? The movie script is very experimental. It doesn't play around with proved concepts but rather plays to your imagination for food of thought.

What I thought about the movie was that it re-invented creepiness beautifully. The weirdness and sense of isolation that is carried thru the entire movie really worked for me and was essential to enjoy the movie all the way to the end.

I loved the bizarre characters, scientific craziness and rustic places that the movie takes you to and meet. All in all, you just will not get a movie like this today which to me makes it a gem. Now all IMDb need to do is put the correct media/cover on this. Ho hum.
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Boring and confusing mess
The_Void4 May 2009
Nightwish is an obscure eighties horror effort; and I'm not surprised it never hit the mainstream; there's a hell of a lot of ideas in this film, and really that's the problem; it just bites off far more than it can chew and tries to do too much - the result is just a big gory mess. The plot would appear to take some influence from A Nightmare on Elm Street at first glance; but with all the additional nonsense that gets added in, by the end of it I wasn't really sure exactly where writer-director Bruce R. Cook got his inspiration from. Anyway, the plot focuses on a group of people researching dreams. They go to an old mansion where, allegedly, there have been some paranormal goings-on. It's not long after arriving at the house that the group finds that there are indeed some evil forces at work and pretty soon members of the group are being possessed, while others are hallucinating and nobody is really sure what is reality and what is just their imagination. I wasn't sure either because it's all so confusing!

First of all, I've got to give this film some credit for the atmosphere; 'the old house' is a popular location because it brings with it a certain malevolence; and the director really capitalises on that well. Unfortunately, he doesn't match this with his plot and special effects. The special effects are a rather mixed bunch; some of it quite gory and realistic, while at other times the effects are ridiculous and look like something you'd find on a Saturday morning kids show. Once we actually get to the house, the plot rather just goes out of the window and instead we focus on the basic premise; which just involves the characters hallucinating and stuff. I really can't say any of this stuff is interesting and the only really well done sequence that occurs during the main bulk of the movie is a part that sees some of the main characters tortured. I started to care less and less about the film the further it went on and was so bored by the end that I really didn't care about the awful conclusion. Overall, Nightwish could have been decent; but due to poor handling it isn't.
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WisdomsHammer13 November 2018
It starts with hot girl having a nightmare in a sensory deprivation tank, then goes on a road trip with three stereotypical characters (including Brian Thompson's mouth breathing one) to a farm/cabin in the woods, and ends with members of the group voluntarily letting themselves get tied up and slaughtered in a cellar. Why? The cheesy ending explains all. Or does it?

The overall story was what did me in. I wasn't invested in any of these characters and the ending was so predictable and lackluster that I groaned.

Most of the production wasn't bad, but the CGI was cartoonish. I honestly didn't mind. But don't play the drinking game where you take a shot every time you see the boom mike or you'll kill yourself. It's hilariously in frame way too often.

This one was a little difficult to rate for me, because I kind of liked parts of it, and absolutely hated others. There are a lot of 10 star reviews here and that is WAY too high for this thing! Most people would rate this higher than I did, and might even enjoy it, but I think would tend to agree that it's mediocre fare and not something they'd be anxious to watch again.
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The box is more entertaining than the video
one4now422 October 2003
When I picked the unrated version of this stupid piece of sci-fi junk up in a video store, I thought I'd really like it a lot. The box made it look like one of those movies where anything can happen (due to a plot rooted in the dream-vs.-reality subgenre), which the freaky pictures seemed evidence of. It was the unrated version, so I thought I'd give it a look. Expecting an imaginative and scary film, I got what turned out to be the opposite. Even the original ideas it could have done so much with don't seem original when the movie is boring dreck. It quickly sinks into another boring plot about aliens impersonating people, with only one truly creepy moment out of the entire film ("Do I look dead to you?"). As far as the rest of it goes, the only other redeeming point (and the biggest enigma of the film) is that, regardless of whether you're enjoying it or not (which I wasn't), it oddly manages to maintain a feel of heavy dread (with no real pay-off, of course). Furthermore, why was this unrated? I have seen so many R-rated films of times recent and old that have much nastier stuff in them than this film has. (Not that I think a movie has to be gory to be good, but it would have at least livened up this crappy movie.) I would have to recommend this more to sci-fi fans than horror fans, but even the many sci-fi fans I've known would probably hate this stupid movie.
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This was boring...
paul_haakonsen20 October 2019
Granted, I had little to no expectations of being in for anything grand here when I sat down to watch "Nightwish" here late in 2019. Actually, I hadn't even heard about the movie before now.

The only reasons why I did sit down to watch it was because I hadn't seen it before, and also because Brian Thompson was in it. Yeah, yeah, well I am not a fan of his, but this is Brian Thompson after all - say what you like.

The 1989 movie "Nightwish" from writer and director Bruce R. Cook wasn't anything extraordinary. Actually it was quite the opposite, because it was bland and downright boring. I managed to endure an hour of the ordeal before I gave up. By then I had simply lost all interest in the movie and the pointless storyline and the random happenings of events that made little sense.

And to top it off, then Brian Thompson wasn't really in the movie all that much. Perhaps if he was, then I would have endured the last 30 minutes that I will never be returning to watch, simply because I have no interest in the movie's script or storyline whatsoever.

This is a boring movie, and I don't even think that back in 1989 that this movie was anything grand. I mean, just look at a movie such as "Poltergeist" which predates this movie and is light years ahead in terms of entertainment value and special effects.

I am rating "Nightwish" three out of ten stars, solely because there is a good production value to the movie, and it wasn't a full-blown low budget movie, they did manage some good things after all. However, hardly a movie that is worth the time or effort to sit down and watch actually, as there are far better movies readily available.
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Not Bad
gavin694225 October 2012
A professor (Jack Starrett) and four graduate students journey to a crumbling mansion to investigate paranormal activity and must battle ghosts, aliens and satanic entities.

While there is no star in the cast, no famous writer or director or producer, it is worth noting that the special effects are from KNB, probably the best guys in the business. Somebody knew somebody to get those guys on board with this project.

I do like in the opening that the students try to dream of things that terrify them -- such as cannibalism -- and are attempting to project their own death. This plays off the old idea that you cannot die in your dream without dying in real life. Is it true? Maybe, maybe not. But it makes a good background to build off of.

Bonus: When one student screams, "The doctor is an alien!"
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"I Know What You're Thinking, But, Do I Look Dead?!"...
azathothpwiggins18 February 2020
A group of paranormal investigators venture into an abandoned house in an area w/ the perfect history for their needs. After setting up their equipment, the otherworldly madness begins... sort of. Cheap and absurd, NIGHTWISH saves all of it's real "surprises" for the big finish. The first hour or so is pretty bland, w/ little in the way of action or suspense. In the end, it's mostly nonsensical malarkey, held together by a heavy, gooey layer of cheeeze. Still, the last few minutes are suitably icky / entertaining, and it's always fun to witness the musclebound Robert Tessier lumbering around! Also, Brian Thompson is hilarious as the eternally-disgruntled, Dean!...
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Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream.
Hey_Sweden16 February 2020
"Nightwish" is an interesting mishmash of a movie. Part supernatural horror, part sci-fi / horror, and part backwoods horror, all assembled into a muddled but interesting whole. Written & directed by Bruce R. Cook, it's nothing if not amusing, and this viewer thinks that it does succeed in creating atmosphere and a sense of weirdness. It's highly likely that Cook intended to smooth over any gaps / flaws in his narrative with that standard "it's all supposed to take on the tones of a nightmare" approach. All in all, it's a respectable, fun, but not great attempt to play in the sandbox created by Wes Craven a few years previous.

The parapsychology students of a reckless professor (actor / film director Jack Starrett, whom you'll know as Gabby in "Blazing Saddles" and the vicious Deputy Galt in "First Blood") head for the California wilderness. There they intend to explore / exploit the spook house value of a residence with a history. As the story plays out, the character of Kim (Alisha Das, "Firepower") thinks that she has everything figured out. But will she, or ANYBODY, survive to tell the tale?

Aided by a shuddery score by Mark Ryder & Phil Davies, as well as the guaranteed-to-gross-you-out gore effects by the KNB guys, "Nightwish" is pretty entertaining for the 80s horror-loving crowd. The cast - Elizabeth Kaitan ("Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2"), Clayton Rohner ("I, Madman"), Artur Cybulski ("The Hunt for Red October"), Brian Thompson ("Cobra"), Robert Tessier ("The Longest Yard"), Tom Dugan ("Hellraiser: Bloodline") - is entertaining to watch, although Starrett's ill health is apparent. He would die a year after filming, but before the movie saw a release.

Cook begins right away with unreality, with his Dutch angles adding to the dreamlike quality of the opening sequence. He takes us on a pretty strange trip; while the movie isn't altogether successful, it at least stands out in a decade full of slashers.

Seven out of 10.
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I liked it
lemagicienbergier27 January 2018
This movie has some undefinable atmosphere which I liked a lot. I know it is maybe B movie, or even lower, but performances were good. Especially of Jack Starrets´ in whom I saw genuine university professor of mine :). The scene when he comes after Stanley punishes students was great, his face expression was priceless :D truly proffesorish, i would say he taught in school :)
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Original, Bizarre, Worth the Time
CraigMRosenthal18 July 2011
Where can you start with Nightwish? For a 96 minute long film it packs in a lot of elements from numerous scifi/horror titles. It will at one point seem like a haunted house flick and then switch to an alien flick and then switch to a mad scientist flick. The film never really finds its identity and the continuity is all over the place. But the point is is that it all works.

The film has to do with parapsychologists that are researching how to die in your dreams. They head out to an old abandoned mansion that is said to be haunted to continue their research only to find out there is a lot more going on then just a haunting.

The movie kind of plays out like a nightmare. Nothing is ever how it actually seems and there are many moments that just seem too dreamlike to be considered plausible for logic. Acting though is a mixed bag. You have a hilarious character of Dean played by Brian Thompson that is noteworthy along with Jack Starret and Robert Tessier but the dialog itself is probably to blame for any of bad performances. Some characters will blurt out some really inane dialog.

Special effects are hokey but they still work. When you see the alien worm like creature it doesn't actually look that bad. And one characters demise at the end of the film is particularly disgusting.

And for those that look for it there is a fair bit of nudity in the film from a very good looking blond! And the film does touch on some eroticism in the second half.

It is worth the watch but I don't think there is any American dvds of the movie so you will probably have to search out the VHS.
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the highway is mine
chelano22 September 2011
I enjoyed the whole concept of this movie and by the end you start to see what it is about. But it is very confusing throughout. At parts it doesn't even make sense. With better writing, this movie could of been great. The cast was pretty bad. Clayton Rohner seemed to be the only one who knew how to act. Robert Tessier's character made no sense. He was suppose to be all messed up and kind of dumb. But he just talked normal and it did not fit his character. Now Brian Thompson was in this film and his character was pretty funny just for the fact that the acting was so bad. It wasn't so much how he acted, but what the writers wanted him to say. The film has some gore and some interesting parts, but with the way the movie was shot, it just didn't work enough to make it good.
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Worst movie ever
mrcool112220 December 2002
I have seen many a horror flick in my time, all of them absurdly bad, but none reach the depths that this piece of trash lowers itself to. This movie made me angrier and angrier as I watched it as I tried to wrap my head around exactly what this movie was about. Now, after I've seen it, I understand - sort of - what was going on and why, but the movie itself is just too confusing to be enjoyable when you're watching it. Yes, there are the customary scenes of gratuitious violence, one-liners that show the mind-blowing insightfulness of its characters ("The highway belongs to me...ME!"), and enough nudity to sufficiently distract us from the "plot", but still you'll leave this movie feeling alone and taken advantage of, like a puppy who isn't wanted anymore and is left in a box by the side of the road. Blech.
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night of oddity
lee_eisenberg5 October 2011
You gotta give "Nightwish" credit for originality. It depicts some college students who go to a cabin for an experiment, and get more than they bargained for. It does have the sorts of thing that one can expect in this sort of movie, but the scene with the tunnels was the really cool part. The professor looked kind of like Christoph Waltz.

I guess that, once you get beyond the whole horror plot, the movie deals with the human subconscious (along with conspiracy theories about aliens). "Nightwish" is mostly your typical horror flick, but does contain some original stuff. It's definitely fun to watch.

So remember what Wendell and Stanley said.
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Waste of time
mmooney41822 January 2020
I blame myself really not seeing that ending coming a mile away. Unfortunately that ending is what ruins the entire movie and wasted my time. It did maintain an air of suspense and dread with some OK effects for the time. Brian Thompson is cool in it if not a bit of a caricature of the male tough guy. He went on to be a part of the X-files TV series and played Shao Kahn in the movie version of MKII. The two lead ladies aren't the typical final girls or damsels in distress. They both are proactive in their attempts to escape the ongoing situation that takes up most of the run time. The two male students are kind of wimps. I recognize the one from Just One of the Guys and the other seemed familiar but couldn't place him at the time. Their professor or doctor or whatever takes the primary antagonist spot along with two Igor like henchmen. One is a slow witted gate keeper the other a brute who is a patient of the doctor. I rated this movie so poorly due to the telegraphed ending and the trope attached to it. Otherwise I'd have given it a 5 or 6 so it might be worth checking out. I'm finding a lot of these obscure 80s horror movies on the various streaming services. Some are better than others...
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