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Unbelievable, yet headache inducing...
ElijahCSkuggs9 October 2003
Great puppetry and a whacked out plot make this New Zealand effort on par with some of the best cult films today. There are animals of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities(?); some are into money, others are into dancing, and then there are others who are into porn, coke, and feces. This film is rude, gross, demented, and hilarious. The end is really cool, and when Peter Jackson made this, he must've been on something. The voices and the lighting were probably the main producers of the major headache I received while watching this phenomenon of a movie. I mean, ordinary people just don't make this, and then wrap up one of the best trilogies off all time! This guy is a genius, pure and simple. I really hope Jackson goes back to his gory film making roots. Overall: *** out of ****
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Imagine "The Muppet Show" On Crack!!!
EVOL66625 October 2005
MEET THE FEEBLES is one of the most outrageously insane films I've ever seen, and I mean that in the BEST possible way...Another home-run from Peter Jackson (BRAINDEAD, BAD TASTE, and most recently LORD OF THE RINGS). FEEBLES is a gleefully perverse film where all the actors are Muppet-like puppets or people in full costume.

The very basic story is that the FEEBLES is a variety show similar to the Muppets and that they are getting prepared for their first live telecast, when everything goes horribly wrong. So much happens in this film that I can't even begin to explain the story any more than that. Characters include (but are not limited to) a heroin-addicted frog, an over-sexed rabbit, a hippo with low self-esteem (and a short fuse...), a cow and insect porn film-making duo, a sleazy fly tabloid reporter...and a lovable and friendly porcupine.

MEET THE FEEBLES is a gleefully twisted comedy that is often shocking and strangely endearing at the same time. Many will be offended so this film IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. But if you are a sick bastard like me and have a twisted sense of humor, this film is absolute genius!!! Very Highly Recommended 9.5/10
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An X-rated Muppets movie!
preppy-36 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Basically Peter Jackson made a parody of "The Muppets Show". It's about a bunch of animal puppets (or people in animal costumes) putting on a show where everything goes wrong. Half of the puppets are strung out on drugs; some are doing porno videos in the basement; the rabbit is basically getting it on with everybody (and gets a potentially fatal disease); a walrus is going at it with a cat (this is shown) and a psychotic hippo gets hold of a machine gun....

As you can see this is NOT for the kiddies. What it is is an all out, no holds barred assault on good taste. Jackson and his crew show puppets vomiting, having sex, being graphically killed or sexually assaulted. If you have a weak stomach this is NOT for you. However if you have a REAL sick sense of humor and can take VERY graphic material (like me) you'll have a ball! I was actually laughing myself silly during this. The movie keeps topping itself with the humor getting more sick and graphic until the final massacre sequence at the end. Hard to believe this guy went on to do "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

NOT FOR EVERYBODY but damn I had so much FUN watching it!!!!
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Wonderfully perverse
Tom Holly25 April 2004
This movie is crazy!. It's a puppet flick full of drugs, sex, guns and porn. As an early Peter "Lord of the Rings" Jackson flick it also features a bit of gore. The puppets don't just die, they get mushed.

I really liked it however I imagine some people would be repelled by it. Jackson himself said in his Oscars speech that it was 'wisely overlooked' by the Academy. He's the first to admit that this type of movie simply aint going to be to everyones taste!

However if your open minded and looking for something a little 'out there' then I would check it out.

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The Movie that Broke Me
george_sano31 August 2008
I made the mistake of watching this film back in 1997, when I was the tender age of seven years old. Back then, this was the most cruel, disgusting thing I had ever seen and it sent me into shock.

Now, at the ripe old age of eighteen, I can proudly say, this is the movie that made me the twisted monkey I am today.

The film itself was done by the same guy who directed the infamously long "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, Peter Jackson. You wouldn't guess it by the budget, but that doesn't remove any enjoyment. The film reeks of genius, taking something very fun and family friendly (The Muppets, and any other puppet-based kids show) and adding some not-so-family-safe elements (drugs, sex, killing, STDs, blackmail, date-rape, porn, swearing, toilet humour, homosexuality, eating disorders, emotional instability, smoking, suicide and excessive amounts of blood).

But how does it add up? Well, quite honestly I think this movie is one of the best pieces of satire ever created. Having seen a fair few puppet shows, it never crossed my mind about what Kermit would be like as a drug addicted ex-Vietnam veteran, or if the rest of the crew went bad. And Peter Jackson brings out the depravity greatly, with most of the movie being filmed in a cramped back-stage area that is covered in filth.

I would recommend this to anybody who has a very wicked sense of humour, since this has quite possibly destroyed more than a few childhoods. It definitely ruined mine, and I certainly would say adults only. Only show it to your children if you're sick in the head, or if you hate them.
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Jim Henson stumbles into a bar, then into the X-rated shops and grind-house theaters, then goes to make a'd be this
MisterWhiplash30 November 2006
Sure, Meet the Feebles may not be director Peter Jackson (yes, Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings and King Kong) at his finest hour of directorial standing, but as a fan of a certain kind of really deranged and off-kilter cult movie, a lot of this made my night. It's an ultra-perverse, ultra-absurd, and sometimes really ultra-stupid take on a variety show where puppets are preparing for the night's performance, only everything that could go wrong- or more precisely anything that could be unexpected to go wrong- does every which way to Sunday. It's actually the kind of movie when I was watching, for the most part early on, I almost couldn't really laugh. I just had a look on my face like 'what am I watching?' And, 'how can something like this actually exist?' It's not even so much a question of how well or how not well Jackson and his low-budget team pull it off, but how someone can take the time and energy to think this all up and put it all on paper.

Let me try to sort through some of the varied story lines- there is Robert, a newcomer to the Feebles gang (and gang I mean in literal and figurative terms), who wants to impress a certain poodle-dog type of girl who really has him going to lengths to impress her. But meanwhile, a really nasty rodent- also a porno director as well as the boss's assistant- decides to use her in his next porno flick by drugging her. This rodent also has to deal with some other low-lifes in the group, like a junkie lizard who has one big story to tell Robert at one point about his crazy, violent trip to Vietnam (including a 'why not' homage to Deer Hunter). There's also a rabbit who may or may not be dying from an STD of some sort (I think it was an STD anyway), and has a pestering fly (always in the most uncomfortably close of close-ups) trying to get the scoop on his condition. There's even the overly-annoying stage manager who can't wait to put on his God-awful dance number of his own. But the main center of attention and star of the Feebles shows is Heidi, a hippo who loves to binge on junk food, and is also suspecting a femme-feline of stealing away her previous man- the boss. When she finds out what's really up, it leads to the unbelievable climax.

And so on. I still keep thinking about my reactions to certain scenes, and the kind of sensibility about this whole project. Maybe in part its really lampooning something maybe more common in New Zealand, like with whatever kinds of variety shows or kid shows they have there. But it's also without a doubt that Jackson's also seen his share of Muppets, as the basic concept follows off from the Muppet Show. What's amazing about the film, and at times a little frustrating, is how a real mind-set of gonzo film-making is apparent. It doesn't seem original in parts, like it's taking things from other movies- or maybe other movies and shows that have come after this seem quite similar- but it really is in the bizarre, crude nature of everything. The climax probably holds the biggest laughs and surprises, even in its tight context of everything going to hell in a hand-basket. As its a world entire devoid of humans, all of its logic is based around how outrageous these puppets can be in their own whacked-out environment. With the exception of the naive, method-trained Robert, and maybe his love interest, every character in the picture is severely flawed in one way or another, or just really put to abstract lengths so mind-boggling they work only in conjunction with Jackson's unnerving, low-budget style. It has the same jarring, diabolically juvenile and in-your-face comedy of some of the South Park guys stuff (Team America and Cannibal sort of come to mind), but without necessarily the sharp edge of satire.

And at the end of it all, with all the laughs I had and shocked 'huh' moments at what Jackson had done with all these weird characters (some of which are outright perverts, drug addicts, criminals, egoists, adulterers, and even father half elephant-half chicken offspring), I wasn't sure totally what the point of it all was. Maybe though there really isn't any; I have to think this is the kind of movie that a director makes with himself as the audience, and not really in a selfish manner either. It's not great art by any means, and doesn't pretend to be, which is part of the dark fun of it all: Meet the Feebles, with its singing and dancing miscreants (quite a catchy theme song by the way), and numerous scenes of more-than-suggestive sexual moments and gory bouts of extreme violence, is a case of kamikaze independent film-making, where homage spreads out into the concept and becomes something very strange but, in its own world, sort of wonderful too. It might be far from my favorite of the director's, but it's got things in it that are really fantastic and uproarious. It's one of those fine guilty pleasures of the late 80s.
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"Bad Taste" was just the beginning...
DJ Inferno26 June 2001
I can understand all those people who gave bad reviews on "Meet the Feebles", because this film is far beyond political correctness and not suited for highly sensitive! Obviously shot with a higher budget director Peter Jackson made all the things possible he was not able to do in his predecessor "Bad Taste". The humor in this movie is insulting, gory and often repulsive, so Muppets-inventor Jim Henson would turn in his grave for this. Nevertheless "Meet the Feebles" is a real cult movie because of its unique character and his inimitable sense for dark humor. Many people hate this film, others love it. I belong to the last mentioned... Just don´t let your children watch this!!!
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What Would've Jim Henson Said?
Rindiana16 June 2009
Hollywood executives must have lobotomized Peter Jackson when he started the "Lord of the Rings" franchise, because his earlier New Zealand productions were so much better.

Just look at this sickly cracking showbiz satire, complete with an array of mostly disgusting Muppets from hell, acting as a walking compendium of the seven deadly sins (and some more). The sheer audaciousness of this nightmare folly is to be applauded, but the astounding fact remains that behind all the cold misanthropic viewpoints on display there's still a beating heart pumping warm blood into this creatures.

Certainly not to everyone's taste and riddled with too many drawn-out plot excesses, this one-of-a-kind pic still deserves a huge cult following.

7 out of 10 panty-sniffing anteaters
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Puppetry Gone Haywire
gierran4 August 2003
This is a really odd film for people who have always wanted to see the Muppets covered in doo doo or at least seriously injured by being hit by a bus. I like offensive, mean-spirited movies so this was right up my alley. Warning: do not show to children unless they are as warped as you are.
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Peter Jackson was always a genius
clarityclaire6 January 2003
Unlike most people, I saw this film long before The Fellowship Of The Ring. In fact I saw it way back in 1992 and was simultaneously appalled, amused and impressed by it. Maybe it is best described as "Bad Taste with puppets" or "The Muppet Movie in bad taste" but it is certainly a movie I would recomend to anyone of sufficient maturity (no children should EVER see this film).

Like Bad Taste before it this movie features disgusting humour, lots of blood, and impressive low budget special effects, and the puppets in it have to be seen to be believed. One of the best things about The Fellowship of the Ring (and I Love that movie as well) is that in the hype following it more people may see Meet The Feebles. Maybe Meet The Feebles and Bad Taste will be released on DVD in Australia now (I have them both on VHS).

I will say one thing tho, it is certainly a strange feeling to have been a Peter Jackson fan for 10 years before Lord Of The Rings was released and the whole world finally discovered him.
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Not just ordinary puppets
lori-110 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Let me just say that this film is one of the most bizzare shocking and funny films I've ever seen. Where else can you see puppets doing cocane, having sex and singing about sodomy. The story is about a cast of bizzare puppets who are about to get a chance to perform live. There's the drug addicted veitnam veteran frog , a rabbit with vd a hippo whose husband is cheating on him with a siamese cat , a rat who makes porn flicks with cows and cockroaches, and then theres robbert who's trying to break into show biz. It all comes down to a hippo going on a rampage with a machine gun. Sure this movie looks like a kids movie but trust me this film will have anything to shock you. So sit back and enjoy peter jackson before he was working with hobbits and elves. Trust me you'll never be the same.
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Great! I'm going to show this to my kids!
winstonsmith_8425 November 2003
Wow, what a fun-loving, brilliant, magical story for kids to enjoy, as well as adults. (hehe, OK, maybe not kids!) I liked this movie, since it took a typical kid show idea and morphed it into something straight outta hell. This difficult-at-times to watch movie will make the sick ones laugh, and I found myself laughing alot.

It takes place in this weird freaking world where everyone is a puppet, and the feebles run this muppet-type show. The concept is great. Basically, instead of happy, fun-loving puppets, we have puppets who still have that "crazy" aspect that puppets usually do have, but with evil (and good) human traits attached. What you get, mostly, is an odd "Hell" kind of world. (Kermit, you better have been good, or you'll end up here!)

Somewhere in my demented mind I have a great desire to show this messed up movie to a kid, and see how they react. But I won't, not yet... hehehehe! >:)

Great concept. Difficult to watch. Messed up movie. Great for druggies. Not exactly for the kids...
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Fun, Fantastic, Frightening
arewehavingfunyet2 January 2006
Right off the bat, I'd like to point out that I HATED the Lord of the Rings movies.

Having said that, let's talk about "Meet The Feebles". Don't expect to see any of that mastery film-making that won Peter Jackson X amount of Oscars in recent years. This is a full-blown assault on your morals and values. The scenes hold absolutely nothing back as you're bombarded with obscene images of funny-looking animals doing things they should not be.

I think the overall feel of this film is great. The characters are extremely well-developed, and the voice work is excellent. The story is told very well, and by the end of the film, you feel like you know these creatures personally.

You can see from this piece, in comparison to, say, Jackson's rendition of "King Kong", that he has radically changed his style of films. I would highly recommend this film to anyone with a strong stomach. Again, this is NOT for Lord Of The Rings fans, and is also certainly not for children.

I think the only problem is that, in some places, this film drags it's feet. It stretches a little bit and some scenes are not necessary. Also, the picture and audio quality on the DVD leave much to be desired, however I still highly recommend buying it.
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Kermit Crucified
tedg13 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

`The Muppet Movie' was an important film and is one my must watch list. That's because it is remarkable in its self-reference. It is about the making of itself with many clever observations along the way. It is possibly the most intelligent thing you can show your kids that they will believe is made for them.

This film is equally intelligent. It references the first by making a show and takes us behind the scenes `Rosencrantz and Guildenstern' -like. And it has lots and lots of camp references to genres, all genres as far as I can tell.

Sure, it is full of ridiculous sex and violence, just as the genres it spoofs. This, `Heavenly Creatures' and `Forgotten Silver' are worth watching. All else from him is portion controlled restaurant food.

"Death to Smoochy" could have stood some of this fearlessness.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.
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Even better than the real thing.
tonidizer28 April 2003
Peter Jackson never seases to amaze me. You give him any tools, and he'll make a great movie with them. Independent of the fact, whether this is a cheap camera and 'actors' who have no idea about acting [example: Bad Taste] or high budget and top technology [example: Lord of the Rings]. Meet the Feebles is another example: he made a masterpiece breaking all the barriers that one would think exist in a musical with puppets.

Meet the Feebles seems to be the next step of Peter's development as a writer and director, with Bad Taste and Braindead being previous steps. The issues that are dealt with in Meet the Feebles, the kind and amount of gore in it, even though there are no actors and nothing looks real, make it an even more shocking production than the previous ones. And yet again you will notice Peter's amazing ability to build up action with a perfect culmination at the end of the movie.

If you are a fan of Peter Jackson and haven't seen this one - do it immediately. You won't regret it.
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"How Dare You Insult Me...You Cheap Pussy!"
alanmora15 January 2007
This is one of the most hysterically over-the-top and insane movies I have ever seen. It's the dysfunctional version of Jim Henson's Muppets created by the same man who brought us "Lord of the Rings" and "King Kong", the inimitable Peter Jackson. "Meet the Feebles" goes just about as far as any film can possibly go with it's gross-out humor and effects but the fun thing about this movie is that it is all done with live-action Muppet like characters. It's an obvious rip-off of the Muppets with several twists. Instead of a Pig named Miss Piggie there is an obese over-eating Hippo named Heidi, instead of a Frog named Kermit there is a shy Hedge Hog named "Wobert" with a speech impediment and a cast of various other zany characters. The twist here is that all of the characters have some sort of mental deficiency...there's a bed-hopping bunny, a heroin-addicted alligator, a sleazy porn-producing rat and a philandering elephant. The entire show is run by a sodomizing fox and owned by a lecherous, drug dealing walrus. Yes it's all here in this one, graphically depicted and it is an absolute riot!
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An Adult Muppets on crack!
NateManD4 August 2005
OK. so I usually never use drug terms to describe a movie, but how else can you describe the Feebles. Long before Pete Jackson became well known for doing the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. He made some hilarious gross out horror comedies like "Bad Taste". His second feature "Meet the Feebles" is a raunchy crude film with all puppets. The fabulous Feebles variety hour is facing problems. The star Heidi Hippo (almost resembling Miss Piggie) is at a low point of her career and goes on an eating binge. Her lover and manager Bletch the Walrus is cheating on her with the trampy Samantha the pussy... cat that is. We also have Larry the Rabbit, a sexually active swinger who discovers he might have aids. Other deranged characters include a fly tabloid journalist, A drug addicted frog who's a knife thrower and the sweet and innocent porcupine Roger. (he longs to win the love of Lucille the poodle) Who can forget a film with a rat who's a porn director or a homosexual fox who sings a song called "Sodomy". "Meet the Feebles" is hilarious, disgusting vulgar fun. It's sick and twisted with Puppet Sex, Drugs, Violence and Great Music too. I met the Feebles and had a great time. Maybe you should check out the Fabulous Feebles and their deranged variety show. It would make for a great double feature with "Team America: World Police".
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It's not a movie, it's a phenomenon which needs to be spread!!!
tavarien14 June 2003
Growing up in the late 70's/ early 80's I fondly remember those wonderful creations of Jim Henson. It's was a disturbing, intriguing and most of all extremely amusing to see a very adult parody of them as a grown man whose taste have grown to include the disturbing and intriguing as well as the amusing. To see Peter Jackson once again take on society, morality and also cultural icons from the childhood of almost anyone born in the last 35 years in the "West". This movie looks at such topics as homosexual puppets, drug deals gone bad, the tabloid press(the way most celebrities see it, I'm pretty sure, is just how he captures it) a sleazy producer who literally chews up some of his performers and spits them out. It may offend but if you value the strange and the fantasy that cinema can create please endeavor to see this film.
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Peter Jackson's twisted takedown of "The Muppet Show"
Jason Berkley24 April 2002
A friend of mine has something he calls the "Shakes the Clown Test.". Once he or his wife gets to know a person fairly well, the two of them invite that person over to their house for a viewing of "Shakes the Clown." If their guest is repulsed or just pleasantly amused, they don't hold out much hope for a long friendship, but if their guest thinks it's hilarious, they know they've got a keeper.

I feel the same way about "Meet the Feebles." It's a little film that relatively few people have seen, and it can send people out of a room with disgust at what they're watching, but I think it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It's as if someone had nightmares as a child after watching "The Muppet Show" and devised this as a form of artistic revenge. There's a knife-throwing character who's plagued by flashbacks to 'Nam. A Roger-Rabbit look-alike dying of a gruesome STD, always accompanied by an evil fly. There are muppet porn stars, drug lords, domestic abusers, and murderers. Every feel-good assumption we have about watching animated animal characters from years of children's television shows and visits to DisneyWorld is systematically blown up and thrown in the dumpster. "Meet the Feebles" is sick. It's trashy. It's perverted. And it's absolutely brilliant.
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One of Peter Jackson's best!
eric-14428 March 1999
This is one hilarious sick movie that looks at puppets in a whole new way. This has everything from a chicken and an elephant involved in a paternity suit, a rabbit with STD, a drug addicted lizard, and a walrus cheating on his hippo girlfriend with a siamese cat. Well, watch out for Heidi!!! Excellent movie that will have you laughing so hard you won't know what hit you. If you have not seen this then see it!! Hopefully this will get the credit it highly deserves. Highly recommended!!!
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Alternately hilarious and frustrating
Wizard-83 February 1999
First of all, if you have never seen a Peter Jackson movie before, do NOT start with this one.

"Meet The Feebles" is a movie that, whether you like or hate it, you won't forget it. How could you, when it deals with drugs, sex, vomit, AIDS, Vietnam, and bloody massacres? And when all of the above is done by MUPPETS? (Actually not official Muppets, but it's clear that some of the characters - especially the female hippo - got inspiration from some of the actual Muppets.)

It's a sick movie, but actually it's also very funny. Peter Jackson is obviously one of the masters of cinematic sick humor. Though "Meet The Feebles" in now way compares to "Dead-Alive", it's still worth checking out for any Jackson fans.

Still, I had some complaints about the movie:

(1) The movie didn't have a high enough budget, making some sequences look TOO cheesy

(2) An obnoxious music score

(3) A musical score that doesn't know when to shut up

(4) Too many characters

(5) No characters get enough time to actually make them "main" characters

It's possible that even if you are a Jackson fan, you might be disappointed with the movie. I admit the five problems I've listed above almost got to the point where I wouldn't recommend the movie. But in the end, I was glad to have seen it. If you prepare yourself for this movie having some major problems, and you are not expecting a masterpiece like Jackson's "Dead-Alive", then by all means see "Meet The Feebles". Though as I said before, you have to be used to this director's kind of humor first.
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hilarious, grotesque, trademark Jackson!
Jonny_Numb22 September 2003
As is usually the case with Peter Jackson's films, "Meet the Feebles" is over-ambitious and excessive (the running time should have been trimmed down), but also highly entertaining. Indeed, it possesses a certain warm-heartedness amid a lot of grotesque imagery, as cute-looking Muppets do some very nasty things (bunny porn, anyone?). The characters themselves are well-developed and the action approaches levels of trademark Jackson absurdity. "Meet the Feebles" is better than "Bad Taste", but lacks the fluid balance of "Dead Alive"; still, it's one of the most ferociously tasteless (and hilarious) movies around, and makes "South Park" look tame by comparison.

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Fritz the Cat meets The Muppets...
poe4261 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There've been some show-stopping songs in the long (and sometimes sullied) history of the Movies: Who can forget Judy Garland singing "Over the Rainbow" in THE WIZARD OF OZ, or Gene Kelly singing "Singing in the Rain" in SINGING IN THE RAIN, or "Memories" from CATS or Rufus Wainwright's stirring rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Halleluja" in SHREK, to mention but a few? Add to that list "Sodomy" from MEET THE FEEBLES. Who can forget the line: "People think it odda me, that I enjoy sodomy..."? And who can forget the worm who looks like he crawled straight out of THE 7 FACES OF DR. LAO, or the heroin-addicted lizard who sounds exactly like Christopher Loyd (as "Reverend Jim") on the teleseries TAXI? If you're in the mood for some murderous muppet mayhem, check out MEET THE FEEBLES.
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Before things as "Wonder Showzen" there was "Meet the Feebles"
Rectangular_businessman3 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Peter Jackson's 1989 puppet extravaganza "Meet The Feebles" is a film which defies classification. Is it black comedy, or some kind of sick film created by sick men with 'bad taste'? I think I know what the film is going for watching it and I assure you, it works. It's unlike any movie I've ever seen before, but it does work. Let me alert you though, if your viewing history with Peter Jackson doesn't go past "Lord Of The Rings" and "King Kong" then you may want to think twice before watching Jackson's earlier films, because I'll say it loud it clear: "Meet The Feebles" may very well be the most repulsing movie I've ever seen. It may not be as gory as "Braindead", Jackson's own zombie gore-fest masterpiece, but it is more sickening. It's hard to describe it because it defies every convention ever created, but it is gross. However, if you can tolerate the gross and obscene and find humor in black comedies, then "Meet The Feebles" is sure to amaze you. The film follows a troupe of performing puppets called The Feebles who present a variety show of sorts. Throughout the film we experience a whole abundance of problems with the cast. I don't want to spoil anything about the movie because I feel it is the most effective if the viewer has no clue but they're getting into, but I recommend to go into the movie naively, making everything you see all the more shocking, and in effect, all the more hilarious. And yet again without spoiling, the film's final scene is a force to be reckoned with. It manages to be one of the most striking closing sequences in any movie, capping off the unique movie. Peter Jackson like few other filmmakers has a knack for creating films that are unique and original in their own respect every time. From the splatter fest of "Braindead" to the epic proportions of "Lord Of The Rings" to the haunting, sickening and hilarious tones of "Meet The Feebles", Jackson is the real deal in film making. But take this as your final warning folks, "Meet The Feebles" is not for the weak of stomach.
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Grotesque Puppetry Fun
TheExpatriate70013 February 2010
Meet the Feebles is a spoof of children's television puppet shows with a decidedly adult slant. Peter Jackson injects the child-like world of puppets with every vice and debauchery that can be thought of, ranging from SM sex to drugs to shooting sprees.

The basic concept of the film revolves around a new television show "The Feebles Variety Hour" and the struggle to mount a successful production. Jackson weaves numerous plot lines ranging from the sweet to the repulsive to achieve a decidedly grotesque brand of hilarity.

Most of the film falls more into the realm of the surreal than the laugh out loud funny. However, the last fifteen minutes or so compensate by being truly hilarious.
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