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Sex & Nudity

  • A rat tries to rape a poodle
  • Despite the cast being all puppets, the sexual actions are detailed very realistically.
  • There is some sexual dialogue.
  • A hippo wears clothes that reveal cleavage.
  • Three rabbits have sex with strobe light in background, hard to make out what's happening. A puppet drools what looks like semen from his mouth. A giant fly also watches.
  • A rat character is a porn director.
  • A naked cow kills a cockroach by sitting on it.
  • An elephant has sex with a cow, hard to make out.
  • A walrus has sex with a hippo, no sex organs seen.
  • A cat gives a blowjob to a walrus, the cat clings on to the walrus' much bigger lower body. No sex organs seen.
  • A fox sings about sodomy and phallic pillars are seen blowing smoke out in the background.

Violence & Gore

  • Note: Once again, the characters are all puppets.
  • Tribble-like creatures defecate/vomit on each other.
  • Tribble-like creatures are crushed by a barrel and a rat is shown eating the guts.
  • Amphibians are tortured by chipmunks in a Vietnam war flashback; they are forced to play Russian Roulette.
  • Some drug dealing goes wrong and two puppets are intoxicated as a punishment.
  • Some characters are stabbed with knives.
  • A walrus vomits on a golf course after swallowing another puppet.
  • A giant fly eats shit. The two villains pull the wings off of the fly and they flush him down the toilet.
  • A Indian puppet's head gets stuck up his anus, and then near the end of the film, he pulls it out, his head covered in what is possibly fecal matter, but then a bed of nails falls on top of him with bloody results.
  • There is an extended machine gun massacre scene towards the end where multiple puppets are brutally gunned down with extremely gory results. This sequence is surprisingly very disturbing.
  • The knife-throwing act goes wrong, which results in the thrower's knife flying up in the air before landing through his head, killing him. Blood spurts from his head.


  • No F words, but there is very frequent sexual dialogue.
  • "Bitch" and "shit" are said occasionally.
  • In one scene, a drug-addicted toad mentions all of the names for drugs that he can remember taking.
  • Many characters call each other names on occasions.
  • One of the villains is known to have a potty mouth and he constantly ridicules the main characters.
  • One of the villains calls a gay character a "faggot".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Note: Once again, the characters are all puppets.
  • A puppet is raped and drugged.
  • Puppets snort cocaine.
  • Drug trades are referenced.
  • Drinking is shown in a bar scene; this is within a flashback scene.
  • A toad puppet (also an addict) is very frequently seen injecting heroin.
  • In one scene, a drug-addicted toad mentions all of the names for drugs that he can remember taking.
  • One or two characters smoke cigars in some scenes.
  • Several characters take and deal illegal drugs.
  • In one scene set at the docks, the villains fight an enormous whale to collect their drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • All comical and fake, but some may be disturbed by the puppet violence or the gross sex acts. The fly eating excrement in the toilet may frighten some.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The male rabbit constantly vomits after having a threesome and it is frequently implied that he has AIDS. It is merely bunny pox.

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