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How Peter Jackson's Low-Budget Cult Comedy 'Meet the Feebles' Inspired 'The Happytime Murders'

How Peter Jackson's Low-Budget Cult Comedy 'Meet the Feebles' Inspired 'The Happytime Murders'
When the first trailer landed in May for The Happytime Murders, STXfilms’ liquor, drugs, sex and violence-soaked puppet crime comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, one British newspaper declared it to be the “first-ever R-rated Muppets film."

Not quite.

As was quickly pointed out by Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement, that title had already been claimed.

“Ahem… No, that would be Meet the Feebles, Peter Jackson, Nz, 1989,” he tweeted, referring to only the second feature by his Oscar-winning fellow New Zealander, made back when he was a 20-something filmmaker spending his weekends putting together comedy horror splatter movies ...
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Nsfw Happytime Murders Trailer Gets Dirty and Depraved with Puppets

Nsfw Happytime Murders Trailer Gets Dirty and Depraved with Puppets
All of the sesame is definitely gone in this brand-new very street red band trailer for Melissa McCarthy's The Happytime Murders. The movie hits theaters at the end of this month and it's looking to be pretty unique, like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but with puppets, drugs, violence, and over-the-top sexual references instead of animation and traces of family decency. The Happytime Murders is proud of its Nsfw status, wearing it like a giant badge of honor. Though, we do admit, Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles did get here first.

The Happytime Murders stars Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, and Elizabeth Banks. The filthy comedy, directed by Brian Henson, recently saw itself in some legal trouble after the studio behind Sesame Street attempted to sue Stx Entertainment for referencing the popular kids show in its marketing campaign. However, Sesame Street lost that legal battle and The Happytime Murders
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From ‘Happytime Murders’ to ‘Team America': 12 Times Puppets Behaved Badly on Film, TV and the Stage (Photos)

  • The Wrap
From ‘Happytime Murders’ to ‘Team America': 12 Times Puppets Behaved Badly on Film, TV and the Stage (Photos)
From ‘Happytime Murders’ to ‘Team America': 12 Times Puppets Behaved Badly on Film , TV and the Stage (Photos)

The upcoming Melissa McCarthy film “The Happytime Murders” made headlines last month due to its legal skirmish with Sesame Workshop over its raunchy trailer. But the film is far from the first time that puppets have danced over the boundary of good taste. Read on for more examples of puppets behaving badly.

The Happytime Murders.” After the trailer for this Brian Henson-directed crime comedy was released, Sesame Workshop — the people behind “Sesame Street” — filed suit, contending that the trailer, which bore the tagline “No Sesame. All Street” and features, among other things, “ejaculating puppets,” tarnishes the Sesame brand. The suit quickly came to a climax, with a judge siding with Stx.

Team America: World Police”: When the puppets in this 2004 Trey Parker/Matt Stone offering weren’t busy bungling their way to preserving America’s freedom,
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Who Goes There Podcast: Ep 151 – Meet the Feebles

Last episode some listeners were a little disturbed by all of the talk about vomit. This week we’re making vomit fun again, with puppets! Before Peter Jackson was making movies about giant apes and wandering hobbits, he made Meet the Feebles; a movie full of sex, vomit, shit eating, Vietnam flashbacks, and heroin abuse. Oh yeah, […]

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Crowdfund This: Frank & Zed, Puppet Horror For The Masses

Jesse Blanchard's puppet horror film Frank & Zed, as far as anyone knows, will be the first feature length full classic puppet style film in nearly thirty years. That is, puppets and only puppets dominate the landscape in the film he has been working on for the past four years.    1 - Is this really the first puppet film in 30 years?: As far as we know, this is the first feature-length film (60+ mins) to be made using classic glove-style puppetry since Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles. The few puppet feature films that have been made have either had human actors (i.e. The Muppets) or were made with marionettes (Team America) or other forms of puppetry. (Source, wikipedia) Frank & Zed Faq  ...

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Looking back at the early films of Peter Jackson

Mark Allison Sep 29, 2017

He conquered the world with The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. But what about the first few films from Peter Jackson?

At the 2004 Academy Awards, The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King swept the board with 11 statuettes, equalling the records previously set by Ben-Hur and Titanic. When collecting the award for Best Picture, director Peter Jackson made a passing reference to the two films with which he had started his career in the late 1980s - Bad Taste and Meet The Feebles - commenting that they had been “wisely overlooked by the Academy at the time”.

Despite Jackson’s dismissal of his own early work, these films represent more than a curious historical footnote; they are the first steps from one of the most important blockbuster film-makers of the last two decades. When viewed from the lofty gaze of hindsight, they are not only
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Puppet Horror ‘The Happytime Murders’ Finally Happening

Puppet Horror ‘The Happytime Murders’ Finally Happening
hoping to give Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles a run for its money, Maya Rudolph is joining her Bridesmaids co-star Melissa McCarthy (Ghostbusters) in STXfilms’ The Happytime Murders, Deadline reports. Brian Henson will direct the comedy in conjunction with Jim Henson Company’s Henson Alternative banner. The “R”-rated comedy was supposed to be done and in […]
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Crowdfund This: We R Animals, Because You Need An R-Rated Puppet Film

Here is something very cool coming out of Sweden, an R-Rated puppet film called We R Animals. The production has just launched a Kickstarter campaign and we are sure that once you see their pitch video and proof of concept trailer that you will want to contribute.    Filmmaker Thobias Hoffmén has drawn inspiration from some of his favorite films, Gremlins, Meet the Feebles and Labyrinth, and wants to make this passion project that he has had on the back burner since 2010. Now, he has teamed up with David Sandberg from Kung Fury and Academy Award nominated producer Mathias Fjellström, and is hell bent on giving everyone the R-Rated puppet film we always knew we wanted.    Have a look at the hilarious pitch...

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Beauty vs Beast: The Princesses of Borovnia

Jason from Mnpp here -- with most holidays I think it would suck to share a birthday - who wants their birthday on Thanksgiving? Or even worse, Christmas? Everyone else getting presents on your day? What a nightmare. But Halloween is the exception - I would love my birthday to be on Halloween. Costume parties every year! A cake shaped like Frankenstein's head! Or even better - a cake shaped like the Bride of Frankenstein's head! (Because more cake.) 

And you wanna know who I bet has the best Halloween Birthday Parties? Peter Jackson, that's who. I bet he dresses up like the Std-riddled rabbit from Meet the Feebles or like the Mouth of Sauron every year. Damn you, Peter Jackson

Oh well - we'll go ahead and wish him a happy day today with this week's edition of "Beauty vs Beast" anyway, and since we're going to be
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11 Films We’re Excited to See at Fantastic Fest 2016

  • DailyDead
This week, I’ll be heading out to Austin, Texas, for my first-ever Fantastic Fest, and I could not be more thrilled. Every single year, the festival introduces audience members to some of the most insane and boundary-pushing genre fare from all over the world, and I’m excited to get my first real taste of it starting this Thursday.

And while the entire Fantastic Fest slate looks incredible (seriously, I wish I could have three clones with me in Austin just so I could see everything), I’ve put together a look at the 11 films I’m ridiculously excited to see. One note: there are several films playing at Fantastic Fest that I have already seen at previous fests, including The Eyes of My Mother, The Greasy Strangler, and Phantasm: Remastered, so it didn’t feel fair to include them here.

The Dwarves Must Be Crazy (World Premiere,
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Cool Poster Art For Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners

Artist Dave Perillo is the creator of this piece of poster art for Peter Jackson and Michael J. Fox’s The Frighteners. It was made for a special screening at The Hollywood Theater in Pittsburgh that took place on March 24th. The poster comes in a 18″ X 24″ regular and variant edition which features a Glow in the Dark ink Layer, which is always cool!

The Frighteners is such a fun and insane movie. It the film that led me to watch Peter Jackson’s previous films such as Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Dead Alive, and Heavenly Creatures. Needless to say I was instantly a fan. A few years after The Frighteners, Jackson went on to make The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which are some of the great films ever made in my opinion.

If you want to order a print for yourself it’ll only cost you $25 here.
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The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies Extended Cut Again Displays The Uselessness Of The MPAA

Peter Jackson knows a thing or two about making R-rated movies. Before he became the man responsible for bringing Middle-earth to the big screen, he was the guy who brought us titles like Bad Taste, Meet The Feebles and Dead Alive - three of the most over-the-top films that you.ll ever watch. His newest R-rated film . his first since 1996.s The Frighteners . is the Extended Edition of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, but rather than being a return to old, more adult-oriented fare for Jackson, the special cut is in reality just another example of the uselessness of the MPAA and their ratings system. I had the opportunity to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition during the special Fathom Events screening that was held nationwide last night, and while I can honestly say that I enjoyed the experience, it also left
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20 Best Sound On Sight Podcast Episodes

A while back, when we released the 400th episode of the Sound On Sight podcast, a few close friends and longtime listeners requested we compile a list of our favorite shows we recorded over the years. Now that the podcast has officially come to an end, I decided to finally set aside some time in my schedule and give them what they want. Initially, I set out to pick ten, but after 500 recordings and 8 long years, it was simply too hard to choose so few, so I opted for 20 instead. In selecting these episodes, I tried to show the wide range of genres we covered over the years, including Spaghetti Westerns, Italian Horror, Southern Gothic, underground cult, family friendly, foreign language and even Hollywood classics. We’ve been blessed with several guest hosts and interviews with many filmmakers including genre legends George A. Romero and John Landis, to name a few.
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The top 25 underappreciated films of 1989

From a crazy early Nic Cage role to a lesser-known film starring Robert De Niro, here's our pick of 25 underappreciated films from 1989...

Ah, 1989. The year the Berlin Wall came down and Yugoslavia won the Eurovision Song Contest. It was also a big year for film, with Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade topping the box office and Batman dominating the summer with its inescapable marketing blitz.

Outside the top 10 highest-grossing list, which included Back To The Future II, Dead Poets Society and Honey I Shrunk The Kids, 1989 also included a plethora of less commonly-appreciated films. Some were big in their native countries but only received a limited release in the Us and UK. Others were poorly received but have since been reassessed as cult items.

From comedies to thrillers, here's our pick of 25 underappreciated films from the end of the 80s...

25. An Innocent Man

Disney, through its Touchstone banner, had high hopes for this thriller,
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Peter Jackson on the End of His Middle Earth Odyssey

Peter Jackson on the End of His Middle Earth Odyssey
The Dec. 17 debut of “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” marks both an end and a beginning for Peter Jackson.

It represents the culmination of his 16-year, six-film J.R.R. Tolkien marathon — an outsized success in duration, execution, visual-effects wizardry and overall popularity. No director in history has maintained tighter control over the creative direction of a global film franchise, which so far has amassed close to $5 billion in ticket sales alone.

But after bringing his Middle-earth spectacles to the masses, the world’s most famous Kiwi is ready to downsize and return to his low-budget roots: The 53-year-old director-producer-screenwriter is working on adapting several true stories about his native country, with his longtime partner Fran Walsh, that he says will be similar in tone and scope to his 1994 murder tale, “Heavenly Creatures.”

“We really feel a bigger urge now to not continue with another Hollywood blockbuster for a while,
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Walk of Fame Honoree Peter Jackson Leaped From Micros to Major Hits

Walk of Fame Honoree Peter Jackson Leaped From Micros to Major Hits
Peter Jackson’s unexpected journey to the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Dec. 8 began with an exercise in “Bad Taste.”

That’s the title of Jackson’s ultra-low budget 1987 directorial debut, but unless you’re a hardcore fan, you’ve probably never seen the bizarre sci-fi gross-out comedy about aliens looking to turn humans into low-calorie delicacies for an intergalactic fast food chain.

In addition to directing, Jackson served as writer, producer, cinematographer, co-editor and the head of makeup and special effects. On top of all that, he cast himself in two leading roles: nasty alien Robert (who has a beard) and human extraterrestrial-buster Derek (sans facial hair). In one memorable sequence, Robert pushes Derek off a cliff. (He survives, but cracks his skull and tries to prevent his brain from leaking out for the rest of the film.)

Jackson made the film on weekends over a four-year period, while
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Toronto After Dark 2014 – Movie Review: ABCs of Death 2

At the heart of the ABCs of Death series is something I absolutely cherish about horror cinema; the ability to take a short story and convey an idea that terrifies (or if we’re lucky grosses out). It strips out the bullshit ie all those love plots and pieces of character development that are wholly unnecessary to a good horror story. Horror shorts, anthology films and portmanteaus truly are my favorite way to watch horror fiction. From Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to Stephen King’s Night Shift. From Dead of Night to Creepshow. Bite size stories to tell around a campfire or underneath the covers or to read on the beach, that’s the way to consume horror in small portions.

ABCs of Death was comprised of 26 filmmakers creating horror fiction based on a letter of the alphabet and the sequel follows suit. No wrap story just right on into the sequence,
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The movie directors who could use a good boss

They're talented, individual, but could, possibly, do with a bit of editorial guidance. Could these directors use a boss, we wonder?

Odd List

In truth, we're a bit frightened about this one. Several times in pub/coffee shop/cider drinking in the park conversations, we've chatted about film directors who perhaps have got too powerful, that they seem to be able to get their own way without having someone to call bullshit on them - be it a good boss, or a very good friend that they trust and listen to.

This can be a very good thing. After all, we want film directors to be free to tell their stories. We don't want studio suits calling the shots. And some directors use their independence wondefully well, without losing what bought it to them in the first place (so, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, Robert Zemeckis and such like).

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‘Easter Casket’ Review

Stars: Jason Crowe, Josh Eal, Erin R. Ryan, Steve Rimpici, Dustin Mills, Allison Fitzgerald, Janet Jay, Roni Jonah, Brandon Salkil, Minnie Grey, Eugene Flynn, Dave Parker | Written and Directed by Dustin Wayde Mills

Dustin Wayde Mills is an indie filmmaker out of Ohio, who specializes in low (some would say micro) budget horror, a number of which involve puppets(!), released directly to his wing] fanbase via self-distributed DVD, Blu-ray and VOD channels. Having found some success with the films released under his Dustin Mills Production banner, Mills has expanded his repertoire with his new production shingle Crumpleshack Films which aims to produce rough(er) exploitation flicks. And with the release of the first Crumpleshack Films production, Her Name Is Torment, we’re taking a look at some of the highlights of Mills’ oeuvre, beginning with his killer bunny flick Easter Casket.

All hell breaks loose when Peter Cottontail aka The Easter
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Sordid Cinema Podcast #70: Peter Jackson’s early career

Before he turned all respectable – New Zealand’s enfant terrible Peter Jackson made his mark on the cult-movie world with three cheerfully gory movies. This week, we review his ultra low-budget directorial debut, Bad Taste – the hilarious gross-out take on The Muppet Show, Meet the Feebles – and the greatest gore-fest ever put on celluloid, Dead Alive.


The Remnants – “Bad Taste

Drake “Started from the Bottom”

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