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MPAA Rated PG-13 for action violence and drug content

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman wear's a tight bathing suit at one point.
  • A woman dances on a platform in a bar wearing a thong and bikini top.
  • A woman stands topless to distract a man and the side of her breasts and nipple are clearly visible, and her breast and nipple are briefly visible for a second as a piece of clothing is thrown to her.
  • As Bond rappels down the front of a building, his hand "just happens" to land on the breast of the decorative nude female statue/carving
  • In the opening credits, the sillhouettes of nude women dance. We can see parts of their butts and breasts sometimes.
  • A man and a woman are sleeping together; she is topless but covered with a sheet and he is in his underwear. He is carried away to be killed, we see cleavage on her breasts and her bare back.
  • A woman gets out of bed nude, covering her front with a bedsheet (her bare back is visible and her butt is somewhat visible for a split second).
  • There's mostly implied sex on a boat between Bond and a woman.
  • A man and woman kiss in a swimming pool.
  • A man gets out of bed shirtless with a woman watching (non-sexual).

Violence & Gore

  • Bond throws maggots in a man's face, punches him, and flips him into a bed of maggots.
  • A brief shootout occurs inside a warehouse with sea creatures on a dock, and Bond pulls a man into an electric eel tank, where he's electrocuted and killed.
  • Bond elbows a man and kicks another man, and jumps over a balcony and runs as men fire guns at him.
  • There's a long bar fight in which Bond and a woman take on several men while other patrons fight as well. The fight begins when the woman discharges a shotgun, and Bond punches and kicks several men, and is hit himself.
  • Bond fights two masked attackers but is beaten up and knocked out.
  • Bond detonates an explosive placed outside a window, and it blows in the wall.
  • Bond elbows and hits a man at a table and knocks him out.
  • Bond headbutts a man and punches him, and lights the room they're in on fire.
  • A man holds Bond while another man punches him in the stomach.
  • A man's corpse is seen hanging up on a boat. Blood is visible around his neck.
  • Bond struggles with two divers underwater, and he elbows one and kicks another, and then stabs one in the chest with a knife.
  • Bond knocks a man out of a plane, and hits another man several times, throwing him out too.
  • Bond fights a man inside a truck briefly, and he hits him, sprays a fire extinguisher in his face, and throws him out.
  • A woman is shot in the back on a dock and falls into the boat Bond is commandeering. He shoots at the man, and another man fires at the boat, but Bond shoots him, killing him, and the man's corpse falls into the water. The woman is unhurt, as she was wearing kevlar.
  • Bond throws a suitcase full of money at another man. The other man falls into a shark tank and he gets eaten offscreen. We see blood on the money which fell out of the suitcase
  • Far more brutal and bloody than any of the other Bonds. Definitely the least kid-friendly Bond movie and is best left for teens or very mature tweens.
  • A man's head explodes after being thrown into a decompression chamber. The scene involves a sadistic man slowly increasing the pressure of the chamber. The victim can be heard screaming in pain and begging for it to stop as his head expands and blows up. Followed by the sight of blood and gore splattering onto a window. The scene is lengthy, sustained, and very brutal.
  • A man sprays an Uzi on an unarmed man. He then proceeds to stomp on corpse's arm to take the briefcase it is holding.
  • A woman is whipped for commiting adultery, while her lover is killed offscreen. It is implied he has his heart cut out. We only hear him yelling while we see the man using the whip; we do not see it hitting her. We later see her husband's bloody body from a distance.
  • A man whacks another man in the face with the butt of his rifle in a van; there is bloody mark on his cheek as he slumps in the driver's seat.
  • A man is lowered into a pool with a shark. The shark attacks him and bites his leg off. Blood is briefly visible.
  • Bond finds a woman laying dead on her bed (although the injury is not clear) and a man in a body bag with some scratches and dried blood.
  • Bond shoots a harpoon at a man, very little blood is shown at impact.
  • A tank shoots at an abandoned house multiple times, killing two people; we see some blood trickle over their faces. One of the men is cursed by debris and is badly injured; a fair amount of blood is seen on him. He kills himself with a cyanide capsule and is shot twice.
  • A woman jumps out and shoots two army men dead, followed by an army officer shooting her brutally with three bloody holes in her chest.
  • While dangling above a cocaine grinder, Bond pulls a man down. The man tries to hold on to Bond while screaming, and while his legs are being minced, we can see some blood and gore, although most of it is covered by smoke. He is eventually dragged down, followed by further squealing, ending with a red cloud.
  • A man impaled by a forklift crashes through a wall. It is dark and hard to see, but the wound is still visible. There is blood shown around the impaled area.
  • A shootout erupts on an airstrip, leading to a brief chase. Several men fire guns at Bond, and he shoots their Jeep, which crashes, but the men escape.


  • 13 uses of "hell".
  • 4 uses of "arse/ass".
  • 4 uses of "shit".
  • 3 uses of "bastard".
  • 2 uses of "damn".
  • 2 uses of "goddamn."
  • Sanchez says "son of a bitch" in Spanish. It might not be translated in English on few English subtitles.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Bond and a woman drink in a casino.
  • Bond is injected with a drug and falls unconscious.
  • A man kills himself with a cyanide capsule.
  • A DEA agent smokes a cigar as he interrogates a man.
  • A scene takes place in a bar where people are drinking and smoking.
  • A nervous woman smokes, stating that she hasn't had a cigarette in years.
  • Bond lights and smokes a cigarette while talking to another man. A third man enters who is smoking a cigar.
  • Drugs are seen throughout the whole movie due to the plot (never actually being used, however, they are frequently discussed).
  • Tanker trucks at the climax are filled with cocaine, disguised as petroleum, and shipped into different countires worldwide.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The gun battle and standoff inside the dock warehouse is intense.
  • The bar fight is mildly intense.
  • This is probably the most intense Bond movie to date, characters die or almost die in graphic detail.
  • In the scene where sanchez kills krest, the reason why it's so dark is not so much the manner but more the buildup. As Sanchez increases the presssure very slowly, krest starts shouting for help whilst holding his ears. A henchman then gives Sanchez an axe and he chops the pipe leading to the chamber. We see a shot of Krest screaming out in pain and then there is a brief cutback to Sanchez with no guilt whatsoever. We then see Krest's head swell up and pop and blood splatters on the window.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There's a long truck chase in the end, and a truck crashes another truck, a fuel tank plows into a truck and explodes, and a car is crushed. A man is also shot point blank, lots of gunfire is exchanged, and two men fight on a truck.
  • Sanchez, drenched in petrol, is lit on fire by Bond, causing the tanker trucks to blow up.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The prominent appearance of a cigarette brand (used in the film as an explosive, rather than actually smoked) resulted in the filmmakers being required to include the US Surgeon General's Warning on Smoking during the closing credits.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The long truck chase at the end is actually pretty intense. Several people die, there are several explosions, and an intense fight inside a truck, and another atop one.
  • Leiter's torture is intense.
  • Bond sets a petrol soaked Sanchez alight with a lighter and runs, resulting Sanchez screaming in extreme agony as he is engulfed in flames followed by being blown up in a large explosion from the crashed tanker.

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