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Robert Eddison: Grail Knight



  • Grail Knight : But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.

  • Indiana Jones : [Selecting the plainest cup in the Grail Chamber]  ... THAT'S the cup of a carpenter.

    Grail Knight : You have chosen... wisely. But, beware: the Grail cannot pass beyond the Great Seal. That is the boundry, and the price, of immortality.

  • Walter Donovan : [Elsa selects the gaudiest cup in the Grail Chamber, for Donovan]  This is indeed the cup of the King of Kings.

    [He drinks from the "Grail", and proceeds to age rapidly] 

    Walter Donovan : What's happening to me?

    [Panicked, he grabs Elsa while transforming into a hideous aberration. Elsa screams in horror as Donovan becomes a skeletal monstrosity, which Indy wrenches away from her. Donovan is thrown backward and reduced to a cloud of dust, which drafts carry from the chamber] 

    Grail Knight : He chose... poorly.

  • Grail Knight : I knew you'd come. But my strength has left me.

    Indiana Jones : Who are you?

    Grail Knight : The last of three brothers who swore an oath to find the grail and to guard it.

    Indiana Jones : That was seven hundred years ago.

    Grail Knight : Long time to wait. You're strangely dressed for a knight.

    Indiana Jones : What exactly? A knight? What do you mean?

    Grail Knight : I was chosen because I was the bravest, the most worthy. The honor was mine until another came to challenge me to single combat...

    [offering his sword to Indiana Jones] 

    Grail Knight : I pass to you who'll vanquish me.

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