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Funny man's gremlins
In_Name_And_Blood11 August 2005
I love this film. That might sound unusual here, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It's like a Porky's movie with drunken puppets, how can you possibly go wrong? Yes its lowbrow, yes its cheap and nasty, but that's exactly what I love about it. Plus its got Jason Scott Lee being obsessed with a stereo.

The Ghoulies series is a bit of a mixed bunch. The first is a camp possession movie, with a couple of token appearances by the little guys. I gotta say, it kinda sucked, even though there were a few inspired moments. Ghoulies II was a surprisingly good little monster movie... and it had a Shakespeare-quoting midget in it! Many good childhood memories of this one. The fourth and final movie was god-awful. I've never seen a movie that doesn't "star" Ben Affleck that's sucked that much. But in amongst this assortment of barely related titles is Ghoulies Go To College, a hilarious romp through frat life from the perspective of three intoxicated little creatures.

This certainly isn't a horror movie, I wouldn't even call it a horror/comedy. It's just a dumb little movie with a big heart, big tits and some of the best one-liners this side of Citizen Toxie. Go into it expecting juvenile humour and kooky hijinks (and maybe even shenanigans) and you just might have a new favourite on your hands. Or maybe thats just goofy glue ;)
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Sweet movie
Nullness15 August 2001
I don't know why I read someone saying this movie was worst than the first two in the series... those movies were pretty damn borring and stale, and not serios enough to be scarey, funny, or watchable. This movie is much better, combining the sort of rip-off silly hijinx of Gremlins that Ghoulies truly is with some of the better rip-off silly hijinx of Animal House. It's the best in the series, bar none, and pretty damn fun to watch.
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It was Funny and Scary
The Creeper26 December 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Anyone who has Seen Any of the Ghoulies Films Should Know how Cool the Ghoulies are. I Mean, The Ghoulies Rule! Throughout The Whole Entire Film, Those Pesky little Ghoulies Terrorize a College Campus using their Black Humor, Twisted Minds, and, of Course, The Toilets! Warning, If You Don't want to Read The Next Few Sentences Which contain Possible Spoilers, Skip ahead to Next User Comment. To Fill in The Plot A little bit more, I must tell you That in Ghoulies III There are Two Fraternities that are in a Vicious War to see who are the Greatest Jokers during Prank week. But, of Course, The Ghoulies end up in the War, and all Hell breaks loose. The whole film was a perfect Horror/Comedy and a Mighty fine Addition to the Ghoulies Series. 10 out of 10. Also Recommended Critters 2: The Main Course.
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Agreeably silly.
Scott LeBrun7 July 2012
In this sequel, the title creatures run amok at a college where the frats are very busy competing with each other to see who can pull the best pranks. Professor Ragnar (Kevin McCarthy) has had more than enough of them, but has discovered a means of dealing with them. Into his possession has come a comic book (with some pretty hilarious incantations) that allows him to control the Ghoulies, which have resurfaced. It's up to prank master Skip (Evan MacKenzie) to combat the professor, who progresses from infuriated to downright evil pretty quickly. Give writer Brent Olson and director John Carl Buechler credit: they don't really go for the horror here, as just about everything is played for laughs, including the Ghoulies. In fact, the Ghoulies - only three of them in number here (Rat, Cat, and Fish are their names) - definitely have a real Three Stooges thing going on. Hell, the damn things even *talk* now. And McCarthy, well, he's just wonderful. He doesn't act like this is beneath him, but just plays his demented role for all that it's worth. The supporting cast is pretty entertaining, and it's interesting to note the familiar faces popping up. Griffin O'Neal is kind of wasted as one of the frat dudes, but MacKenzie does have an amiable goofy charm going for him, John Johnston is appropriately odious as his nemesis Heilman (not exactly a subtle name), and Eva La Rue is very sexy and appealing as the leading lady. Stephen Lee of "Dolls" and "RoboCop 2" is amusing as the put upon campus security guard Barcus, Marcia Wallace is a member of the faculty, Jason Scott Lee is another frat dude, luscious Playboy Playmate Hope Marie Carlton is a hoot as a stuck up sorority babe, and a young Matthew Lillard, billed as Matthew Lynn, makes his film debut in a small role. Depending on ones' tastes, this film can come off as tiresome at times (it's pretty obnoxious throughout), but it does deliver some laughs and does have a certain manic energy, which can only be a good thing. Genre fans who appreciate horror comedies with an accent on the comedy may find this quite entertaining, others approach with caution. Six out of 10.
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Best Of The Ghoulies By Far
d-maxsted16 February 2011
Its not rocket science,its just plain fun. After two reasonably successful incarnations with Ghoulies 1 & 2 director John Carl Bueacher and lets not forget the legacy he already had to his credit as with his own special effects company Magical Media Industries he created some of the now famous most gut wrenching and over the top scenes for the horror genre ever seen on the big screen with Reanimator,From Beyond and Dolls a few to mention and all in collaboration with director Stuart Gordon and producer Brian Yuzna,took the Ghoulies in a different direction,the one of comedy and it worked. To manys surprise this third installment did extremely well at the box office making its production costs and pre advertising back plus making a healthy profit,hence the somewhat forgettable Ghoulies 4 which really had nothing what so ever to do with the now well known Ghoulies at all. Within Ghoulies Go To College comes the great "BEER RUN" scene which had audiences howling plus watch for many an actor who went on to become rather well known in their own right,Eva La Rue,Jason Scott Lee and needless to mention the amazing Kevin Macarthy who was never interested in making big budget epics,he was always just happy to be still working after so many years in the industry,sadly he passed away at the tender age of 96 but here in Ghoulies he was hitting 72. This is a great movie to watch as a late night snack or if your just looking to watch a real gem from the late 80s because they don't make them like this anymore.
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The Ghoulies Go To College!
TheDraytonSawyer21 June 2007
This sequel was a little bit different from the first two movies. I really liked it though. You've got the rat looking ghoulie, cat ghoulie, and the ghoulie that's green with sharp teeth. The ghoulies in this movie are still evil but in a funny way. John Carl Buechler directed this one (He did the makeup/creature effects for the Ghoulies in parts one and two) The Ghoulies talk in this one and have some funny voices. I love the part when they go on a pantie raid and drink beer. That part had me laughing. Then you've got the hilarious Kevin McCarthy as Professor Ragnar. He's 93 years old now and still acting in movies. Wow that guy is a legend! He's damn good actor too. Anyway this is a fun horror comedy. I highly recommend it if you enjoyed the first two Ghoulie movies. It's currently not out on DVD in America, but is available on VHS. You can always order it from another country though and watch it with a region free DVD player. That's what I did. Hopefully Ghoulies III will come out one day in the USA for everyone in the world to see.

I give Ghoulies III a 9/10
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Plenty of fun to kill an hour
stealth_rock8 April 2007
For those of you who gave this movie anything less than 10/10, you are judging this movie far too harshly!!! I enjoyed this more than Critters and Gremlins, it was an hour of fun and features possibly the most ridiculous ending to a movie that I couldn't stop laughing at! Prank week was hilarious, and the ghoulies themselves were absolutely hilarious. Oh, and it also has Matthew Lillard and Jason Scott Lee in it, with the voice of Mrs Krabbaple from the Simpsons Marsha Wallace! If you have ever wanted to see a movie to laugh at when you are really down on life, this is the medicine I would prescribe. It shows us how silly life is that a movie like this can actually feature Hollywood stars!!!
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Gut-busting comedy but not much of a horror film
GL8413 August 2013
After reading from a sacred comic book that contains a spell to conjure a swarm of devilish creatures, a college professor sends them out to ruin the live of a student involved in a despised prank-war ritual with other students who must stop their childish rampage.

This here turned out to be quite an enjoyably goofy and silly monster movie that has more than enough assets to make it interesting. The comedy here is outlandish, as the stipulation of this taking place during prank week means that the pratfalls, gags and goofs that occur are all pretty funny in their own right, and when added by with a gaggle of one-liner-spouting creatures that react with the slapstick grace of a silent-film star, the results are nothing short of hilarious. While it works on the comedic level, as a horror film this is quite lacking. One of the biggest problems is the complete lack of fear instilled by the creatures because they are so goofy and cheesy-looking that their scenes don't evoke anything remotely associated with terror or shock, and when combined with the admittedly goofy and ludicrous back-story for their conjuration, and it all spells funny more than screams. That said, there's some more good stuff here in the finale being quite action- packed as it manages to bestow a feeling of real tension because the villain is still treated as though he's serious and the manners in which they go about dealing with it are quite fun overall, and when mixed with real-life special effects and props manages to make for a rather enjoyable effort.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Nudity, Violence, comedic sex scenes and alcohol use.
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The Ghoulies are going to college
Rautus12 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be the funniest Ghoulies film I've seen, the Ghoulies may talk now but what they say is funny. The things they do is great and really makes the film good to watch. The other actors are good and some come out with some humorous things, the campus security guard was laugh with his vehicle.

Since it's prank week at the college, students from two Frats do pranks all over the campus to get the Prank crown but a Teacher is fed up of the Prank week so when he finds a comic called Ghoulish Tales off a Student who found it in the toilet's wall he decides to read from the comic in his office and summons the Ghoulies.

The Ghoulies then go around causing trouble around the campus arguing with each other and punching each other in the progress.

Ghoulies III is a great low budget movie that is definitely worth a watch.
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great nudity and humor
agnehls12 March 2000
this movie is the greatest out of the series how can everyone think its trash it had lots of nudity violence and crude humor what else could you ask for in a movie the first 2 sucked balls and number 4 didnt even show the ghoulies except for scenes from number 1. stay away from numbers 1 and 2 but get number 3 oh and if you see number four get a bucket ready and a six pack hey but why waste beer just get the bucket youll definately need it
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Stupidly funny
Cobra-101 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I love these kind of movies.

This is definitely the best of the 4 "Ghoulies" movies, by a wide margin. The other ones just aren't nearly entertaining enough, although they are stupid.

Just to give an example of the type of humor here, there's one scene where the professor (Kevin McCarthy) says something like "If you do not quit these moronic pranks, the axe will fall", then cuts to a scene where they're chopping up a pizza with an axe at a frat party and drinking tons of beer. Great!

Another scene that comes to mind is where the Ghoulies break into the kitchen of the frat house, open the refrigerator, stare at the awe of the 2000 cans of beer, and proceed to topple the stack and get buried. Of course they "drink" their way out of the pile.
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Prank week?
ae61531 January 2001
When you really think about it, this is the perfect movie.

3 Ghoulies who constantly act up, make fun of each other, and kill idiots in humorous ways -- all in a college setting! What more could you ask for?

This film also features the drinking od 2001 beers, "Prank week? Prank week? Pancake???", and Matthew Lillard! Why is there not a DVD of this out yet? Rating: 100% recommended.
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This is the turning point for a Horror/Comedy movie
Rick (undead_machines888)15 December 2004
I watched this movie last night and I must say that it went into a comedy movie. There is just to much comedy in this movie that I laughed my ass off. The nudity in the film was all okay, but there is no blood I saw when somebody was killed (correct me if I'm wrong). 5 yr olds would find this movie funny. Ghoulies 3 didn't take this movie in a serious Horror movie direction. Parts 1 & 2 are okay but this movie sucked at times. I started getting annoyed how the ghoulies kept on with the comedy. This movie is great to watch if your drunk or if you want to laugh your ass off. I'd give this movie a **** out of ********** stars. ...... don't expect to be scared out of your pants unless you are week to horror movies.
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do the words 'poor man's Gremlins' mean anything to you?
kiwifruitrulz22 October 2002
I don't really know why but I watched this with quite a sense of anticipation. Unfortunatly it was misplaced. Firstly this is not horror, it doesn't scare and (unless it was even worse than I gave it credit for - which is possible) doesn't try to. It's a trashy comedy and the fact I smiled once means I gave it a 2 not a 1. This film ripps of Gremlins in a truly special way, I can't claim to have ever seen a film which devotes its self more. Very, Very bad - avoid.
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Foolies is more like it!
TTBExpress25 March 2002
I can't believe this was written by the co-writer of the origanal Ghoulies!First off,they care more about the nudity more than the story,horror,or even violence!And who's been giving the Ghoulies english lessons?They couldn't talk in one or two,so why now?The fact they couldn't talk gave them more of a cute side,even though they were killers!They only had about two death scenes that were so darn retarded!First,a guy getting flushed down the toilet,and a woman having her toung wrapped around her?And the end boss(Every Ghoulies has an end boss)is the worst I ever saw!Maybe if this guy got the other co-writer of one,or if this guy had the sense he had when he helped write one,this movie be good.Thank god he didn,t write one or two on his own,!
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i was in the movie
tymn11 August 2000
I was a "principle extra" in this silly film ... It's more entertaining than that guy from Cleveland says... Worth a look... Was fun making it...
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This old school lowbrow horror comedy movie flunks at college, big time! Its toilet humor was mostly crap. Final Grade: F.
ironhorse_iv2 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this dumb movie. It was a guilty pleasure of mine, as a kid, but after rewatching it. It doesn't really hold up. It's obvious that the aim for this movie was to be comedic than actually scary. However, this choice in direction, somewhat ruins the potential of what could had been, really frightening. After all, the restroom is supposedly to be, the most private and safe place in the house. Seeing some unknown creatures invade that sacred place while you're doing your business; makes going to the bathroom, a little bloodcurdling for everybody. Instead of capitalize on that, this movie goes for rehash familiarity with its 1978's 'Animal House' and 1984's 'Gremlins' type of humor. Directed by John Carl Buechler, even though this movie got released in 1991, it was shot in 1989. It's still really dated, even for the time. The humor is really corny with the cartoon like violence and somewhat too immature for general audiences. While, it's still somewhat watchable at parts, for anybody who love lowbrow crude jokes. It's not really that funny. Even 'The Three Stooges' shorts from the 1930s & 1940s were funnier than this movie. It's also jarring, how the deaths scenes went. I guess, in this universe, toilet plungers and human tongues kill more people than bombs. How is that possible!? Anyways, the third installment's plot has the little demons being summoned at a college campus by now, Professor Ragnar (Kevin McCarthy), who is obsessed with the occult. Driven by taking revenge, on elaborate pranksters, the Professor and the creatures start to wreak havoc on the partying frat boys, during 'Hell Week' with only pretty boy, Skip Carter (Evan MacKenzie) & Erin Riddle (Eva LaRue) being able to stop them. Without spoiling too much, the worst thing, about it, is how the story written by screenwriter, Brent Olson has nothing to do, with the first two 'Ghoulies' films. First off, it doesn't have, recurring character, Jonathan Graves (Peter Liapis) in this film. Wouldn't it make more sense that he goes to this college? Nor does it tells us, how the Ghoulies escape "Satan's Den', the amusement park funhouse from the second movie and end up on this school campus. This film opening is also confusing. If a student trap them in a comic book in the 1960s, how in the hell, did they get out, in the previous films!? Also, how the comic and Gothic toilet made it in behind the wall of the men's washroom? It contradict, everything that happens in the first two movies. Another thing that sucks about this film is how poorly constructed, these hand puppets are. It's no Jim Henson's creature features. Stan Winston was initially attached to do the effects, however he drop out. Sadly, they couldn't even get Charles Band, known for his 'Puppermaster' series. Instead, they got third rate animators and puppeteers. Because of that, you see a lot of mistakes with the monsters, throughout this film. A good example is the beer drinking scene, where you can clearly see the puppeteer's hand holding his arm up. It's really, really bad. It get worst, as this third installment to the popular mini monsters series, has them, talk and wear over size clothes. The over use of the dated 1990s slangs, bad film references, awful puns, and crude, somewhat offensive language makes the voice acting from the voice actors like Richard Kind & Bob Bergen, somewhat hard to listen to. Nevertheless, the acting in this film is also just as horrible. First off, Kevin McCarthy's career has really hit rock bottom since his golden days of 1956's 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. He's so over the top and annoying in this film. Because of that, I really couldn't stand any of the scenes with him. Evan MacKenzie & Eva LaRue were just as bad. While, these two did have great chemistry, with each other; their characters weren't that memorable. The minor supporting cast of Matthew Lillard, Kane Hodder, Maria Wallace and Jason Scott Lee is more notable than these two. Another person that seem to steal scenes in the film is Playboy Playmate Hope Marie Carlton as Veronica, stuck up sorority babe. However, it's not her acting that made her stand out; but the use of her sexuality. Her pointless strip tease and shower scene is one of the hottest moments in the film even if it's a homage to 1960's 'Psycho'. In the end, this scene is really, really juvenile. 7 year old, me, like it, but adult, me, not so much. Still, this movie is probably the best out of the four main 'Ghoulies' films. Overall: While, Ghoulies III may get a few chuckles; it still belongs in the toilet, because how corny, it is. After all, crap with some corn is still crap.
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Harriet Deltubbo30 August 2014
There's something for everyone here. I love this movie, which is hilarious! A college teacher brings the little creatures back to his campus, where they proceed to terrorize the faculty and students. I thought this film was fantastic in some ways and terrible in others. Some of the dialog is a bit lost on US audiences, but still some hilarious lines. From an artistic standpoint, there were some plot elements and character developments I didn't think were totally needed. They do however drive the story, which seemed to be their purpose, so I can accept them. This film is worthy of all the hopes you have. I hope to see this one again really soon, and for that reason I give it 7 out of 10.
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Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College
Toronto857 April 2011
Ghoulies III tries really hard to be funny, but for the most part is a lame attempt at a horror comedy. The series shifts from the carnival in Ghoulies II to a university during it's annual prank week. A strict professor unknowingly summons and resurrects the Ghoulies out of a toilet by reading (out loud) a comic book called "Ghoulish Tales". So instead of the satanic book of evil from the first two, it's a comic book that brings the creatures back to life. It's only appropriate that the Ghoulies this time around are more "comical". Instead of terrorizing and killing people, their main objective is to drink beer and stare at naked girls on campus. There are two main characters who are forgettable in the film after the first 30 minutes. It's up to them to send the ghoulish monsters back down the toilet where they belong!

I cannot begin to tell you how annoying the human characters are in this film. If you've watched it, you'll understand. Their pranks are lame and pathetic, and the whole time you're hoping that a Ghoulie will get one if not all of them ASAP. The Ghoulies themselves can now talk of all things. Unable to speak in the first two, they have miraculously learnt the English language. Maybe they studied a bit at the university in between scenes, who knows? Ghoulies III basically says discard the first two movies and the rules that accompany them, and just go along with the idea that they love beer and will kill for a good time.

There are some OK moments. The first time a Ghoulie opens up a beer is laughable, and the parts where they were driving around some sort of golf cart was good for a giggle or two. But this movie is not a funny movie. The student characters bring it down with their annoying stereotypical behaviour. Ghoulies III is a major letdown after the well done Ghoulies II.

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After 2 good films the series finally loses it
aaronzombie26 April 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Ever since I was a kid I loved watching Ghoulies and Ghoulies II. Finally came the day when I picked up a copy of the latest installment Ghoulies III and I was ready for a night of fun, not knowing of the dissapointment I was in for. The series finally goes downhill.

!!!POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!! This time 3 of the original Ghoulies are resurrected because of an evil comic book(?)and terrorize the students and staff of a College during prank week. Plus, we now learn they can talk(Which was a bad idea by the way.)

O.k. effects, some likeable charecters, and a few enjoyable moments, but a horrible plot, slow for the most part, and some really bad acting. ** out of *****. Just skip this and see Ghoulies IV.
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Critters Create Carnage on Campus
Higher education has never been this low-brow! In the third entry of the unlikely "Ghoulies" franchise, the titular characters (or to be more accurate, slime puppets) head to college. It's "Troll" by way of "Animal House" in "Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College."

John Carl Buechler, the "Troll" director and special effects maestro whose name keen credit-viewers will recognize from many iconic '80s horror films, steps behind the camera once more for this obvious video store filler. What sets "Ghoulies III" apart from "Ghoulies" past is not only its off-the-wall sense of humor but also the fact that the Ghoulies actually speak in this film. Not only that, but those who were entranced by the original film's toilet-centric VHS art but disappointed by the film itself will be pleased to find this installment more than lives up to the promise of that truly hilarious yet frightening image. This one'll get you, in the end!

There's nothing intelligent or particularly inventive going on with this film. Just three foul-mouthed, Stooge-esque muppets from hell running amok. And when it's 1:00 in the morning and you just can't sleep, what else do you want? Well, how about a really good cast that probably deserves more but doesn't appear to be looking down on the material (or the paycheck)? Kevin McCarthy is more than game as the story's main villain, while the beautiful Eva LaRue gives you something pleasant to look at, in sharp contrast to our lead characters. Also on deck is Stephen Lee (from "Dolls") as the unfortunate head of security. Also, be on the lookout for a young Matthew Lillard in his first film role. "Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College" is stupid, but it's a special kind of stupid. Chances are, if you've stumbled across it, you need to see it for yourself. Don't flush this one just yet.
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