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Sex & Nudity

  • In some scenes three men appear in only their long johns.
  • A male baby is shown nude in a few scenes. Nothing at all sexual.
  • A woman is getting ready to give her baby a bath and presumably take a bath herself. In the process she takes off her shirt revealing her bra. They are interrupted before anything further.
  • There is an entire scene (a few minutes long) where a woman is clothed only with a towel (after showering).
  • A man watches as a woman seductively holds a large ball near her crotch, where she tells him to "baby-sit" her (implying sexual arousion) , he walks over to her and sits next to her where she puts her leg across his leg and they begin kissing and making out (off-screen).
  • A man and a woman kiss.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains supernatural comic violence throughout.
  • There is one scene which contains bloody violence. Two men see severed heads hanging on sticks or wires (blood shown) but is very brief.


  • Contains infrequent mild language, including "Hell", "Crap", one use of both "shit" and "asshole", one use of the word "Bastard".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A couple is drinking wine at a restaurant.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Appearance of Some of The Ghosts such as the Three Severed Head Ghosts in the Sewer Could be Fighting for Some Viewers Spectrally for Younger Viewers.
  • A Man getting Zapped in the Eyes could be Shocking and a Surprise for Audiences that aren't prepare for it.
  • Some supernatural scenes, whilst brief and infrequent, may scare young viewers.
  • The bathtub scene with the slime coming out of the the bathtub faucet, then forming a big hand attempting to grab the baby and the mother may be disturbing for children and sensitive people.
  • The appearance, voice, and presence of the antagonist, Vigo, may frighten young audiences, especially at the end when he momentarily possesses Ray's body, looking quite grotesque and disturbing ..
  • The scene underneath the sewers, and on the abandoned underground railroad track may frighten young viewers.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • When Dana returns from her Interrupted Date with Peter and returns back to his apartment, she catches both of her Babysitters on the Couch Making Out with both of their Clothen in disarray when they both get up off the Couch. Presumably in the early stages of having sex.
  • At one point in the movie Peter asks if the Statue Of Liberty Is Naked Under Her Toga

Violence & Gore

  • A Scene where two of the Ghostbusters get into a Brief Fight
  • The Imagery that comes Up in ones Mind During the Explanation of the Main Antagonist Vego's Back Story and how he Died Previously, could be considered too Gruesome for some Viewers.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • At one point The Statue Of Liberty with the Ghostbusters in it Steps on a Police Cars, it is unclear if any police are in the car at the time
  • At one point in the movie the character Dana is forced onto a Ledge in the attempt to rescue her Baby (Oscar) just before the baby gets taken by the ghostly form of one the Protagonists
  • The Scene where a Man Uses his own Eyes as Flash Lights to Help him find his way In a Black Out after being Gifted with Super Natural Powers, could be Frightening and a little Creepy for some Viewers.
  • Dou to the Load and Violent Noses in the Entire Court Room Ghost Busting Scene it could be Scary and or Frightening to some Viewers.
  • After when the main Antagonist Vego Gets Defeated for the First time and before he retreats back into his Super Natural Painting He Drops Dana's Baby, fortunately one of the Ghostbusters manages to catch him, but for Mothers and Mothers to be that still could be scary.
  • The Entire Plot of Abducting a Baby and Possessing it could be a Frightening Thought for some Viewers an Parents and Parents to be.
  • At The Beginning of the Movie The Character Dana Chases after a Run Away Carriage into the middle of the streets and almost gets hit by an on coming Bus with her Baby in it. All the while Creating Chaos along the way.

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