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Kurt Fuller: Hardemeyer



  • Peter Venkman : [as the Mayor walks in] 

    [Raising his voice over the rest of the 'Busters] 

    Peter Venkman : Lenny. Big man.

    The Mayor : The Ghostbusters.

    Winston : Mr. Mayor?

    [Holds out his hand, wanting to shake his hand] 

    The Mayor : What is this? A slumber party?

    Ray : Well, that's why we wanted to see you.

    The Mayor : Listen, *I* don't want to hear anything about it. You got 2 minutes. Make it good.

    Ray : [Getting started]  Well, first of all Mr. Mayor, it's a great pleasure to see you again, and you'll be happy to know that 50% of us voted for you in the last election.

    The Mayor : I appreciate that.

    Peter Venkman : I'm sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.

    Ray : Mr. Mayor, we're here tonight because a psychomagnatheric slimeflow of immense proprtions is building up beneath the city.

    The Mayor : Psycho-what?

    Egon : Psychomagnatheric.

    Peter Venkman : Big word, big word.

    Egon : Negative human emotions that are forming into a vicious ectoplasm with *explosive* supernormal potential.

    The Mayor : Can somebody speak english here?

    Winston : Uh yeah. Your honor, what we're trying to say is all of the bad feelings. You know hate, anger and the vibes of the city are turning into this *sludge*. I didn't believe in it either. But, we just went for a swim in it and end up almost killing each other.

    Hardemeyer : [to the Mayor] 


    Hardemeyer : This is insane! Do we *really* have to listen to this?

    Peter Venkman : [to Hardemeyer]  Can't you stop your lips from flapping for 2 little minutes?

    [to the Mayor] 

    Peter Venkman : Lenny, have you been out on the street lately, do you know weird it is out there? We've taken our own headcount, there seems to be 3 *million* completely miserable assholes living in the Tri-State area.

    Hardemeyer : [In disbelief]  Please?

    Peter Venkman : I beg your prdon, 3 million and *one*.

    Hardemeyer : Hey.

    Ray : And what *fuggy brain* here doesn't realize, that if we don't do something fast this whole place is gonna blow like a frog on a hot plate.

    Hardemeyer : [In disbelief]  Yeah right.

    The Mayor : What do you want me to do, go on television and tell 3 million people they have to be *nice* to each other?

    [Begins to walk off] 

    The Mayor : Being miserable and treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker's god-given right. Your 2 minutes are up, good night gentlemen.

  • Peter Venkman : Have you been outside lately? Do you know how weird it is out there? We've taken our own head count. There seem to be six million completely miserable assholes living in the tri-state area.

    Hardemeyer : Oh, please!

    Peter Venkman : Excuse me, six million and one.

  • The Mayor : What the hell is going on? It's pandemonium out there!

    Hardemeyer : Yes, I know. We're working on it!

    The Mayor : Great. While you're working on it, I'm going down as the mayor who let New York get sucked down into the tenth level of hell! All right, we got no choice. Call the Ghostbusters.

    Hardemeyer : Wait! Now I'm sure there's another way.

    The Mayor : Jack, I spent an hour last night in my bedroom talking to Fiorello LaGuardia and he's been dead for 40 years. Now where are the Ghostbusters?

    Hardemeyer : Uh, they're not available.

    The Mayor : What do you mean they're not available?

    Hardemeyer : Well, I had them committed to the psychiatric ward at Parkview Hospital.

    The Mayor : You what?

    Hardemeyer : They were threatening to go to the press! I was protecting your interests!

    The Mayor : Oh yeah?

    Hardemeyer : Uh-huh!

    The Mayor : Well, you can stop protecting my interests. You have exactly three minutes to clear out. You're fired!

    Hardemeyer : But the election! You're making a big mistake, Mr. Mayor!

    The Mayor : Harry! Remove this man from the building and get me the Ghostbusters!

  • Hardemeyer : Look, just put these guys away fast and make sure they go away for a long, long time, okay?

    Prosecutor : I don't think it's gonna be hard with this list of charges.

    Hardemeyer : Good. Very good.

    [to Peter and the Ghostbusters] 

    Hardemeyer : Violating a judicial restraining order, willful destruction of public property, fraud, malicious mischief...


    Hardemeyer : See you in a couple of years at you first parole hearing.

    Peter Venkman : [chuckles]  They'll never take us alive.

    Judge Wexler : [bangs gavel]  All right, all right. Let's get on with it.

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