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Underrated and unappreciated excellent sequel in the horror genre - I love it!
ivo-cobra823 October 2016
This is underrated, unappreciated excellent sequel in the horror genre from the 80's, that almost no one talks about it. It is directed by Tommy Lee Wallace who also directed Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) and It (1990). It is definitely one of my favorite sequels and I love it so damn much. What I mean with no one talks about it: This movie like disappeared I heard about the first movie and watch it on TV, but I never saw the sequel in Slovenia on TV I don't know why this was banned and was never released in my country. Anyway I am a huge fan of the first movie Fright Night (1985), which is my favorite vampire horror movie of all time. While this one is a low budget unappreciated a step down sequel from the first movie. I love horror movies from the 80's and the vampire movies beside Fright Night Part I and II I only love The Lost Boys (1987) that come out 2 years later after the first Fright Night come out. I love Part 2 and this movie is damn good to watch at least better than remake tough I love remake too. I wish I could get this movie on Blu-ray or DVD but it is impossible to get it, so I am keeping the downloaded film on my computer.

Fright Night Part 2 isn't good as the original film was or that great like was the first movie, but it has elements that movie works. William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall did return from the first movie and that was good enough to watch this movie. Roddy McDowall is as always terrific and excellent in his role as Peter Vincent. William Ragsdale as Charley Brewster is good but his character is really messed up. Traci Lind is a hot sexy beautiful babe in this movie, I was happy that she was Charley's love interest. I know the actress from 21 Jump Street (1987) Season 1 Episode 3 and Class of 1999 (1990). I am happy she was in this movie, she was excellent and I love her character Alex she was fantastic! I miss the actress so damn much! William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall were both excellent I love them so much. Tommy Lee Wallace did an excellent job writing and the directing this movie I love it so much. It is also one of my favorite vampire movies you even have a werewolf in here and a vampire who etas bugs and one vampire who roller skates.

Plot: Charley Brewster and Peter Vincent must face more vampires which are out for revenge.

Welcome to FRIGHT NIGHT PART II. Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall, "The Great Vampire Killer," and Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) are back in the long-awaited sequel to the box office smash hit Fright Night. And so are the bloodthirsty creatures of the night.

This is a revenge film about Julie Carmen as Regine Dandridge, Jerry's sister who want's revenge on Charley for killing her brother. Julie was outstanding, terrific and scary as the leader vampire. Brian Thompson as Bozworth as Regine's chauffeur and a vampire who only eat bugs and he know all their names is interesting, terrific and scary in his role. Russell Clark as a Vampire on a roller skates is excellent, but I still don't know was he a guy or a girl?. Jon Gries as Louie a werewolf was awesome, he was the only werewolf in the whole film, who can transformers in to werewolf anytime he wants. John Gries also did play a vampire in Bram Stoker's Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola, you'll remember when Dracula turns into a hairy wolf beast and has sex with the red head. I think he was supposed to be a Vampire modeled after this creature seeing as they mentioned stuff from the original Dracula book in this movie.

I love the horror in this movie: Peter Vincent try's to kill Regina on movie set, but he get's arrested and thrown in to mental institution that is awesome. Alex try's to rescue him and in mental institution a patient Josh Richman as Fritzy helps them, to escape from the hospital I love this scene to death.

Peter and Alex prepare to rescue Charley from Regina and they took all the weapons against the vampires - bad ass scene!

The elevator scene where Regina burns from the sun light is fantastic epic scene while Peter is reflection a mirror on her and Charley holds her. That is my favorite another bad ass scene, pretty much the death scenes are awesome.

I love the rescue mission on this movie. it is awesome how gorgeous Alex and Peter are rescuing Charley.

R.I.P. - Roddy McDowall (1928 - 1998), Russell Clark (1949 - 2002) and Merritt Butrick (1959 - 1989). May all of you rest in peace your not forgotten.

Fright Night Part 2 is a 1988 American horror comedy film directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and starring William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall, Traci Lind, and Julie Carmen. It is the first and only sequel to Fright Night (1985), with Ragsdale and McDowall reprising their roles. Composer Brad Fiedel also returned with another distinct synthesizer score.

I am giving an 9/10 -- a good score it has problems with the Charley character not believing in vampires, pacing, the humor in this movie and the scrip it could have been better. It is still a scary movie and I would definitely love to have DVD or Blu-ray.
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A Sequel That Works
Gislef22 December 1998
There are so few sequels that do work, and have something a bit more to say from the original. Fright Night 2 is one of those. It has more to say on the idea of the supernatural in real-life (Charlie's inability to deal with the events of the original movie, Vincent's trying to avoid the whole thing), and gives us a decent follow-up to the original with Dandridge's sister on a revenge kick. There are more nods to Stoker and the original vampire mythology (the reference to wild roses, for instance), and the new vampire's sidekickers are equally as weird as Jonathan Stark's Billy Cole in the original. See it if you can: it doesn't seem to be a movie that shows up very often.
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Totally worths the bite! Great sequel that doesn't tries to imitate the original.
insomniac_rod23 December 2004
McDowall, Ragsdale and company join again for more vampire fun. Thanks Mr. Tom Holland for creating these movies.

The sequel to one of the most important vampire movies of the past 20 years delivers expectations by entertaining and making the audience laugh. The charm of the original is present but just in half. We still enjoy the Roddy McDowall - William Ragsdale duo now in better shape. Although the Jerry Dandridge character is not present, it's present through all the movie because he's mentioned and remembered.

Four years have passed since the frightening events that led to the death of 10,000 year old vampire Jerry Dandridge. Charlie Brewster has a hot new girlfriend, Alex and now he attends college and isn't a geek anymore. Things seem to be perfect for him. Through therapy, Charlie tries to forget what happened and tells to himself that everything came out from his mind. Nothing really existed to him. Peter Vincent still hosts "Fright Night" and his life is also good.

Harmony abruptly breaks when Charlie believes in vampires again. He still has vampire related nightmares, his mind plays tricks on him and one of a sudden, the events of the original "Fright Night" happen again. Regine Dandridge (yes, Jerry's sister) finds Charlie and Peter Vincent and swears to take revenge for her brother's death. This time the vampires are more and will do everything possible to torture Charlie for eternity and kill Peter Vincent. Once again the Brewster-Vincent duo teams against the blood sucking gang in a fierce battle that will make you want more of Fright Night!

I truly LOVE the original "Fright Night" and to me, none sequel or vampire flick will match it's coolness. "Fright Night part II" is the vampire movie that I was looking for. The movie is filled with horror, action, cool f/x, great acting, sensuality, gore, black humor, and a good soundtrack. What else could you ask for in a horror movie from the 80's?! Part II does the things correctly and almost tops the original.

ACTING. Roddy McDowall and William Ragsdale are my favorite duo in horror movies. Both actors are at their best in this sequel. Seems that both enjoyed acting together and fighting vampires. McDowall gives a strong performance based on his maturity and fine humor. He's the man! No one like him can challenge vampires. Ragsdale improves his performance from the original and gives a great performance. Julie Carmen (Regine) could fill the great Chris Sarandon's shoes in the role of the lead vampire. Her performance totally hypnotized me and I enjoyed it. Vampires were never this seductive and hot. I praise her for wearing tight and short outfits. She's super hot and gives a great performance. She was mean she it was necessary, she was sensual every time. Carmen is a hot women and my favorite vampire female character. Tracy Lin (Alex) gives another strong and believable performance as Charlie's (lucky bastard) radiant new girlfriend. She was very cute and hot. She knew how to display a strong woman that looked very tender. I love this woman. Is it me or she looks a lot like Anna Chmulsky (from "My Girl" fame)? What a beautiful woman. Yum. The other supporting cast members are very good. Brian Thompson (Bozworth deserves special mention. The other vampire gang members were perfect! Cool designs. The tranvestie roller skater vampire is insane! A creepy character. The werewolf worked perfectly as the Evil Ed of the movie. Still we miss a lot Evil Ed. I enjoyed Ernie Sabella's performance as Dr. Harrison. He was insane! Also, the patient in the mental asylum that helps Peter Vincent to escape is groovy. I truly enjoyed his performance a la Jay and Silent Bob. A great cast that worked perfectly for a horror comedy.

DIRECTION. Tommy Lee Wallace did a wonderful job. He sets a creepy atmosphere getting hand from action and comedy. There are some impressive camera angels that make the movie look classy. For example the scene where Peter Vincent uses the broken mirror against Regine in the final battle looks great! A difficult scene that went perfect. "Fright Night II" looks impressive for being a horror movie. Obviously the budget here is huge.

F/X, CINEMATOGRAPHY, SOUNDTRACK. The f/x improved the original's. Visually stunning effects again. I loved the tranvestie vampire's death and the maggots coming out from Bozworth's stomach. Candy for the eye! Thanks. The cinematography is great. Part II is visually stunning also. Metal Pop tunes, vampiresque melodies, organs, and rock make a great soundtrack. Not as good as the original's but still works.

FRIGHT NIGHT PART II has many things to bite: -Regine telling Charlie and Peter "welcome to Fright Night!". A scene that sent chills to my bones! A new classic moment for me. -Regine threatening Peter Vincent and then tells him that Charlie's punishment will be worse. -Bozworth's explicit death. -The scene where a looney helps Peter escape from the mental asylum. A hell of a funny scene! -The final battle between Charlie, Peter and Regine. I loved the way Peter used the broken mirror. The scene is very memorable because it's the last time that the team win a battle against vampires. Everybody misses Roddy McDowall a lot... -Dr. Harris's death. -The scene where the skate roller tranvestie vamp. comes at high speed against Charlie. A truly creepy moment with the 80's craziness. The clothing, the hair, the music, the scary looks. I love it.

Take my word, "Fright Night Part II" is a great horror comedy movie. Not as great as the original but still delivers and overpasses expectations. This is one of the best sequels ever to a horror movie. The Fright Night movies will always work. Time seems to make no harm to them.

8.0/10 Fun, gory, entertaining, well directed and acted. Part II is a sequel to bite!
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'that was NOT group hypnosis!'
Nightman857 August 2006
Follow up to the 1985 horror hit isn't quite as good as the original, but is an amusing enough sequel.

Charley Brewster is now in college, when Dandridge's sister rolls into town with her entourage.

Fright Night Part 2 benefits from a well written story that has some of the spirit of the original film and plenty nicely gruesome special FX. Sure, it's not as charismatically done as the first movie, but it's a sequel with big shoes to fill! Director Tommy Lee Wallace does pretty well with giving the movie some style and solid action. The sequel also has a share of dark humor. Brad Fiedel's beautiful rock score is used once again and Deborah Holland does a great cover on the song 'Come to Me'.

Roddy McDowall and William Ragsdale both make welcomed returns as their original characters and come off as the best of the cast. Julie Carmen does make a fairly decent vamp villain though, while Jon Gries, Brian Thompson, and Russell Clark make for some good freak geeks.

Again, it's not the original, but as sequels go it certainly isn't bad either!

*** out of ****
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Fright Night, Part II (1988)
BoyKing4 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I totally loved this movie! I'm a huge fan of horror films in general, and I love vampires especially, and I must say that the film Fright Night, Part II is excellent and exceptional in my opinion. I've read enough of the user comments, and while everyone is entitled their own opinion, I think that Fright Night, Part II has been unfairly underrated. With its slick and stylish production, polished script, strong cast,(even the supporting actors are brilliant) haunting and atmospheric film score, Fright Night, Part II is quite a classy production. Screen Legend Roddy McDowall reprises his role as the eccentric, old-fashioned movie-star/horror-show host Peter Vincent. Mr. McDowall was a truly gifted actor, (he passed away on October 3, 1998) and his presence has been greatly missed. His legacy is legions of loyal fans (myself included) and an impressive body of work spanning 60 years. As I've indicated before, I loved everything about this film. I was especially taken with actress Julie Carmen. Her performance as the regal, extraordinarily beautiful Vampire Queen is one for the cinematic ages. She was everything that a vampire should be: beautiful, powerful, classy, seductive, elegant, and deadly with loads of style and charisma. Miss Carmen inhabited this role to the point where one can see in her eyes, the eternal melancholy and loneliness, that is the vampire's destiny. She dominated every scene in which she appeared, and it was truly a wonderful thing to experience. (Fright Night, Part II was shown in theaters in limited release in the spring of 1989.) I am a fan of hers for life! Miss Carmen, I salute you! I love music, and the soundtrack for this film is outstanding, kudos to Brad Fiedel for his astonishing, atmospheric, work. I especially loved the final song that is played over the end credits: "Come to Me" as performed by singer Deborah Holland. Ms. Holland has an angelic voice, and her's is a hauntingly beautiful, expressive rendition of the material as she sings the vampire's pain and longing accompanied by harps and violins. This song is written and produced by the talented Mr. Fiedel and appears on Fright Night's soundtrack in an instrumental version. I loved this film, and my only regret is that there isn't a Fright Night, Part III. Rating: 10/10 stars! Grade: A+

Tommy Lee Wallace Presents: "Fright Night, Part II" (1988) Starring: Roddy McDowall, William Ragsdale, Traci Lin, Brian Thompson, Jonathan Gries, and Julie Carmen as Regine. Rated R for violent/disturbing images, partial nudity and brief sensuality.
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Second bite in the right direction! "Welcome to Fright Night for the last time"
Insomniac_moviefan20 November 2002
"FRIGHT NIGHT II" is a great sequel to one of the best Vampire movies ever. The original "FRIGHT NIGHT" has to be the best Vampire movie of the 80's, and that helped the late 80's release of part II succeed.

Charlie Brewster is back ,this time he's not a geek anymore and he has a new and hot girlfriend, but he denies the existence of vampires. That's his main problem because vampires couldn't me more alive this time around! Everything is going alright in Charlie's life until he meets Regine. Regine is the kind of woman that every man would like to have in their home: she's hot, sensual, and she knows how to be sexy. Now, there's a little problem with her: She's a vampire, and she wants to take revenge for her brother's death. Unknown to Charlie, Regine is Jerry Dandridge's sister and now he has to pay for Jerry's death. The same thread goes for Mr. Peter Vincent "The Vampire Killer" who helped Charlie in the previous film.

Charlie and Mr. Vincent team up again for a second and last time in a deadly battle against vampires... Unlike in the original "FRIGHT NIGHT", this time they are ready and they have no fear for vampires.

FRIGHT NIGHT II is a great vampire/horror movie. In some moments, you can feel the spirit of the original FRIGHT NIGHT, and that makes this movie better. A rolling skater vampire, a vampire that eats insects, and some Evil Ed style weirdo are present to irritate Charlie and Mr. Vincent before they face the sexy (but deadly) Regine Dandridge in the last FRIGHT NIGHT battle.

The ending is great, I won't give away it but you have to check it out carefully. Peter Vincent's last scene is stuff for legend, and he's still the best Vampire Killer in a movie. Check out this movie with high expectations, it won't disappoint you.
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Definitely polished for a vampire movie...
stuffpuppet11 May 2003
We are all being made aware lately that the sequel just might be better yet.The directors efforts were outstanding,and the dance scenes superb. This was quality for all,when normally,vampire movies only appeal to a percentage of us..I salute fright night 2 ..
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Pretty good sequel; worth a viewing.
willywants4 August 2004
Three years after killing the vampire in the original, Charlie has started to believe it was all his imagination and starts to forget that vampires truly exist - until four strangers lead by Regina, a noted actress, arrives at Peter Vincent's house and starts to have an unhealthy interest in Charlie, Peter and Charlie's new girlfriend Alex. It becomes clear that Regina is Jerry's (the vampire in the original film) sister and she is determined to get revenge on the friends and plans to turn Charlie into a vampire - so that he can face his punishment for all eternity. Though not as good as the original, I still enjoyed this film. The cast of the first returns and the script is still sprinkled with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor, but it's not as fun as the first was. it was just missing that special "Umph". The strongest aspect of this film is the various special effects incarnations, which look great. These range from a man's face turning translucent and melting to stop-motion bat-like monsters. The special effects in this film look much better than in the first and are delivered in moderation (The ending notwithstanding) so they are effectively used and not their just to dazzle us. Fairly gory at times, and the effects-packed finale is certainly fun to watch. Julie Carmen is also really good as the vampiress. Pretty enjoyable sequel, rent it but don't buy it before you see it.
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A lot of FUN !!!!!
cshep19 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Charlie Brewster is undergoing psychoanalysis in order to overcome his fears that his previous encounters with Vampires were all illusions.Beware of Psychiatrists who play with TRAINS in their office ? and things get stranger from there.

While Fright Night II didn't receive as much acclaim as the original, the Cast is EXCELLENT and the Script is Good.

Roddy McDowall and William Ragsdale are a Terrific duo, confronting a Vampire on Roller Skates, a Goofy WereWolf, a Bug Eating Goon, and Weirdos at every turn.

They have a unique chemistry, and it is not wasted.

Defeating the forces of darkness is not an easy task , since the world only comprehends the superficial, and not supernatural....

Regine Dandridge(Julie Carmen) has her sights set on the Vampire Killers,and moves into the same building as Peter Vincent with her entourage of ghouls !

She is the vampiric sister of the LATE 1000 year old Jerry Dandridge(Chris Sarandon),Vampire Extrodinaire . Her revenge is to replace Peter Vincent on "Fright Night", send him to the Looney Bin, and get into Charlie's head,and destroy his life by turning him into one of the undead .

Traci Lin is delightful as the angelic Alex,the new college girlfriend of Charlie, whose beliefs are founded in book-smart logic...

Julie Carmen is delectable as the sultry Regine, who uses the cover of a Performance Artist, to mask her agenda on the somewhat uncoordinated Vampire Killers....

Louie(John Gries), Bozworth(Brian Thompson),Dr. Harrison(Ernie Sabella),Richie(Merritt Butrick) give it their all and it really adds to the fun.

Peter and Charlie discover the Vampires , and the battle is on...will Regine defeat Charlie with her cunning charm, will Peter be strong enough to overcome the forces of Evil ?

Watch and find out !!!

A MUST see for Halloween viewing on a double bill with the original Fright Night...Kudos to Tommy Lee Wallace and crew... More of a Romantic SuperNatural Thriller, Roddy McDowall is GREAT as usual !!!

I originally gave this film an 8, but the status has gone to a 9 for it's GOOD-NATURED FUN !!!

The ending track "Come To Me",performed by Deborah Holland is Haunting and Underrated !!!
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The first was hard to top, but this ones still enjoyable
spacemonkey_fg3 March 2005
Title: Fright Night II (1988)

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

Stars: Roddy McDowel, William Ragsdale, Julie Carmen, Traci Lin


Fright Night II the sequel to the smash 1985 film, is a good follow up to an already good film. Fright Night was excellent in paying homage to old vampire films, had charming and likable characters, and greeeat special make up fx. Its sequel is no less of a film.

Tommy Lee Wallace did a great job doing this film. His no stranger to horror films, hes got such hits as Stephen Kings IT and Halloween III under his directorial belt, hes worked along side Jhon Carpenter on films like The Fog and Holloween so hes got the experience and the know how to make a decent horror movie and he shows he knows what we want to see. But we get lots more then just a vampire flick, we also get a zombie and a werewolf too.

The story picks up where the first movie left off. Charlie is in college and is going to the shrink to try and make his horrible vampire filled past behind. His shrink actually convinces him that it was all mass hysteria, it never really happened. Peter Vincent is still doing his "Fright Night" TV show...only its ratings ain't so hot. In comes Regine, a mysterious performance artist who's trying to take the show away from Peter...and also seems to have an alternate agenda on her schedule.

The story is basically a revenge story. Some of Jerry Dandridges pals decide they want to exact revenge on who ever killed him and therein lies our movie. Peter, Alex and Charlie get chased around by bloodthirsty vamps hungry for revenge.

Seeing Peter and Charlie together again is so cool, they just make such an interesting pair, one a crazy cooky old fashioned movie star who believes in vampires, the other a young college student trying to leave his past behind. Once again Peter and Charlie are played with great vulnerability, they are not superheroes like maybe Blade or George Clooney, these are real people who are scared and afraid, in some really fucked up circumstances.

The only really big difference in the characters on this one is Charlie, who seems a lot more mature and doesn't act so much like a nerdy teenager. Another change is the absence of Amy, but we quickly forget Amys childish behavior once we get a look at Alex (played by Traci Lin) Charlies new girlfriend. I don't think a great many people miss Amy and her crying and whining. Alex is a welcome and improved replacement for her.

The special fx, are much like in the first one really good, and wont disappoint, though they are definitely toned down a bit. Where the first one was a make up fx tour de force this one brings the fx down a notch focusing more on character development and story. But just a bit mind you, we get some cool looking vampires and werewolves in this one, and they die in really innovative and interesting ways. Check out the scene int he bowling alley for some good gory fun.

Then there's the comedy, much like the first one, the horror and comedy and mixed in a very subtle way. And its good because it is not over the top. For example we get a seen where the werewolf played by Jon Gries (who also played a werewolf on The Monster Squad), is trying to sneak a peek on some college girls room as they are changing their clothes. Also we get to see the vampires having some fun at the bowling alley in their own grisly way.

The whole film builds up to a very interesting climax, showing us that true love does conquer all (even becoming a vampire) and once again showcasing some really cool vampire and werewolf deaths.

My only setback is that I would have liked for Regine to show more of her vampire look. She looks really evil as a vampire but we only get a small glimpse of her in that state which sucked. Why the hell couldn't we see more of her? If I had been Tommy Lee Wallace I would have used those excellent make up fx just a tad more, at least in the finale. But like I said before, the film tones down on the special fx. This is only a minor set back on an other wise good film.

An excellent sequel to an excellent film, its good enough for Fright Night fans not to be disappointed, and for every one else who just loves a good vampire film. Of course the first one was a hard movie to top, but trust me Fright Night II is fangtastic good time!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Ps. This flick has just been released by Artisan on a very crappy DVD with no extras, and its also fullscreen (YUCK!) but who cares, at least for those who are fans like me, you'll get to have this way cool flick on your DVD collection, finally!
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Vampire film Par Excellence!
DAAR-214 February 1999
I cannot stress how wonderful this movie is. Everything, the ensemble, the effects, the cinematography, everything. It basically follows the original's story: Charley(William Ragsdale) is now in college, with a new girlfriend Alex,(Traci Lin)and he is trying to get over his vampire attack a few years ago, and telling himself it isn't real. But one night after visiting his old friend Peter Vincent(the late and great Roddy McDowall), he sees a sultry, beautiful women walking down the hall, and can't help but notice her. He soons find out that this is Regine Danderidge(Julie Carmen), sister of the slain vampire Jerry Danderidge, and she is out for revenge. The battle then insues, and the classic fight between good and evil grabs you and won't let you go. Stand outs of the film are Julie Carmen's exotic performance as Regine(especially the dance, and the tv show), and Traci Lin and Roddy McDowall's feeding off each other's acting. The point is, see this movie! It's probably the best vampire film you'll ever see.
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A sequel that matches it's original.
Brian-2728 June 2001
Fright Night Part II is one sequel that bites back and equals it's original in popularity. The plot is once again centered on vampires with key characters back only this time you have a new crew of vampires starting off with Regine Dandridge. Regine Dandridge (Julie Carmen) is back for revenge after learning that Peter Vincent and Charlie Brewster claimed responsible for the death of her brother Jerry. For a female that Regine has a great and sexy bite! This time Charlie Brewster (William Ragsdale) finds himself away at college with his new girlfriend played by Traci Lind only to have the vampire problems return, never fear enter the fearless vampire killer Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) and the fun begins again. This sequel has all the fun and suspense moments filled with drama and humor just like the original Fright Night only this sequel just has a better look to it. Fright Night II is a film not to be missed by any horror buff.
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Good just like the...
kita11726 November 2003
First Fright Night. Take my word for it. I love the idea of the characters that were similar to vampires, but were not totally vampires. I really loved the idea of the vampire on skates. I give this one an 8.5 out of 10 stars. Since this one was good, they should make another sequal.
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Disappointing and unnecessary
dave13-115 April 2012
Years have passed since the events of Fright Night, but vampires have long memories and one of them shows up in town to take revenge on Charlie. The resulting mayhem and frights fall far short of the white knuckle ride of the first film. Indeed, the slow pace and lack of suspense and atmosphere are major shortcomings for any horror film and doubly disappointing here, since the original had pace and atmosphere by the carload. There is a lush and sensual quality to the new vampire's scenes (if not bite - no pun intended), so the film is not without visual interest, but don't be looking for the sudden shocks and twists of the first movie. They ain't here. Frankly, My Best Friend is a Vampire was a better movie, which isn't saying much.
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Very Good
butler31531 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the first film, as I am a very big fan of vampires. The first film was something I liked, because it was a good mixture of horror and comedy.

The second movie is a good sequel, and the special effects were very good, although a little over the top. They use a very good cast for both films, as they make the vampires very sexual, and at the same time scary. E.G. In the first movie, they make girls very attracted to Chris S. yet he is strangely spooky. In Fright Night II the cast of vampires are very seductive, and with the vampire on roller-skates that says nothing, he is very mysterious which makes him all the more seductive.
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Almost As Good As The First One (Possible Spoilers!)
domino100326 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
"Fright Night, Part II," is almost as good as the first film.

Almost. (I'll explain why later.)

A few years has passed since the first movie and Charlie (William Ragsdale) is attending college. He is also attending therapy. The reason? It seems that, in Charlie's mind, the events in the first movie did not exist the way he thought it did. He believes that Jerry Dandridge (The vampire in the first one)was a serial killer and cult leader. He has also been out of touch with Peter Vincent (Funny as ever Roddy McDowall), who is also convinced that what happened was part of his imagination. Charlie is also having the same kind of girl trouble with his new girl, Alex (Traci Lin)as he did in the first film.

His life takes a change when Regine (Beautiful Julie Carmen)and her entourage come into the picture. She is a "performance artist" and is in town to do some performances. Charlie doesn't know, but Regine has an agenda: to turn Charlie into a vampire. It seems that Dandridge was her BROTHER! And she wants Charlie as a vampire so she could torture him for all time.

At this point, the tables have turned from the first movie: now it is Peter who can't convince anyone about the vampires in town. Alex notices something is wrong and it's up to her and Peter to save Charlie from becoming damned.

The film is funny and a bit creepy. The entourage, consisting of a roller-skating vampire, a surfer-dude vampire, and a servant that catches insects, describes their scientific names, and then devours them!

Now, here is why it is almost perfect:

What happened to Amy and Charlie's mom from the first film? No mention of them at all!

When did Charlie start seeing the shrink? I don't understand what would trigger Charlie to see a shrink! He was the one hellbent on telling EVERYONE (Including the police)about the vampires and dragged Peter and Co. into the mix. What had happened to change all that?

Dandridge had a sister? For a moment, I thought about "Dracula's Daughter" and "Son Of Dracula." Where on Earth did she come from? What took her so long (A few years)to find Charlie?

These are the things that have bugged me ever since I saw this years ago. It would have been cool if a lot of unanswered questions would have been resolved.

And that is why this is almost perfect.
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This movie would have been terrible except...
Vlad71930 October 2001
I must say that while this movie is pretty funny in some parts and rather erie in others, it still falls short. The one thing that makes this movie almost magical is the fact that Julie Carmen is in it, and she put in a superb performance. This is one of those movies where I like the bad guy(girl) so much that I find my self actually pulling for him(her). Julie Carmen used her 50,000-volt looks is all the right ways, and at all the right times.
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A deserving sequel to a fun horror/comedy.
Elswet25 January 2004
I was hesitant to even see this one. No more Amanda Beasley as Alex...but most of all, no Evil Ed...a fact which severely restrained my willingness to see this. I had developed a liking for that character, and actually thought as highly of the first installment as I did, because of him.

However, this is a good and well-executed premise; a solid story; and ultimately, a deserving sequel.

The effects were excellent, even without considering the horribly low budget this movie was allowed. I thought the transformations were wonderfully done, as well as the beautiful makeup effects. Just really very good work, which we enjoyed immensely.

Peter Vincent, Fearless Vampire Hunter, even has some innovative new tricks up his sleeve.

This was a total surprise. A delightful and complete surprise.

It rates an 8.2/10 on the "B" scale.

That's about a 6.7/10 on the "A" scale, from...

the Fiend :.
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Fright Night: Part 2 (7/10)
skybrick73625 November 2015
With Roddy McDowall and William Ragsdale returning as the co-stars, Fright Night: Part 2 became pretty much a direct follow-up to the original. There didn't seem to be a whole lot of difference between the styles of filmmaking with both films either, creating a feeling of a continuous fluid story. Traci Lind and Julie Carmen were stunning as their parts taking the stage as gorgeous female leads. The film lost a bit of flavor and comedy but still managed to get a couple chuckles. Search out this movie if you're into 1980's cheese, classic horror vampires or even the original film, perhaps missing out or passing on the chance to watch it for a long time like myself. There's nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking about Part 2, but the Fright Night flick is a fun, under the radar sequel that happened to pan out successfully in the eyes of many fans.
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Unusually competent, Gothic follow-up to the first film
drownnnsoda5 September 2014
"Fright Night Part II" has Charley Brewster attending college and seemingly cured via psychotherapy of the trauma from his encounters with Jerry Dandridge— he now believes his thoughts of vampires to be nothing more than delusions. That is, until he runs into a gang of vamps led by the seductive Regine, who are living in the same apartment building as horror TV host/vampire hunter Peter Vincent.

With the original "Fright Night" being such a solid piece of '80s excess-meets-vampire classicism, one would think a sequel would be a tough feat to pull off, but director Tommy Lee Wallace ("Halloween III", "It") does a fine job at crafting this film. While the script directly follows the events of the first film (and there are multiple nods to the original throughout), "Fright Night Part II" has a totally different feel to it; where the first film was rooted in the "terror comes to a small town" kind of plot structure, "Part II" is a bit more expansive, and the grandiose historical apartment building lends it a notably Gothic feel.

With a well-established backstory provided by the first film, "Part II" pulls no punches and makes no bones about itself, giving fans exactly what they're expecting, and in a good way. The special effects here are on par with those of the first film, and perhaps even gorier at times. The bulk of the film takes place on a college campus (UCLA, to be exact) and in a huge Gothic apartment building, so the settings here give room for lots of fun to be had. Like with the first film, a solid cast really supplements the proceedings: a grown-up William Ragsdale reprises his role of Charley and is just as memorable here, while Roddy McDowall is as quirky and lovable as ever, and is truly the film's guiding light. Traci Lind is great as Ragsdale's likable girlfriend, while Julie Carmen's villainess Regine is equal parts seductive and destructive.

Overall, "Fright Night Part II" is one of the stronger sequels in the horror genre, despite having a remarkably small audience compared to its predecessor. It respectfully treads the line in making nods to the first film without ever becoming a carbon copy of it. Atmospherically and tonally, it's remarkably different, with the first film's two central characters anchoring the proceedings. Just as much fun, spills, and thrills here as the first film, and in some ways I appreciate it even more than the first. Highlights: the chase scene in the library, and the finale at the apartment building. 8/10.
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Back in blood
p-stepien13 January 2013
Three years after defeating Jerry Dandridge, Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) manages to convince himself that the events of that time were mere figments of mass delusion. Now a hapless student head over heels with Alex (Traci Lind) he is slowly returning to normalcy. Naturally he still remains friends with the diminishing horror star Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall), but tries not to entertain the notion that vampires could truly exist. However, when Regine (Julie Carmen) and three awkward individuals move into the same building as Vincent, it seems like its history repeating.

Naturally devoid of the originality of the first part, "Fright Night Part 2" redoes several aspects of the plot, sometimes in ways which are replicated in ways too close to comfort. Keeping the humorous quality, Tommy Lee Wallace manages to add a sense of atmosphere, while Julie Carmen instills rapturous sensuality to her vampire. Lacking Evil Ed and Jerry Dandridge a bit too much of character lays on the shoulders of Peter Vincent, aptly British vampire killer with a side order of nut-case. Julie Carmen's allure does add some spice, but unfortunately mostly through sexual enticement, not intriguing character concept. Nonetheless the story is significantly more compact and coherent, thus I actually found myself enjoying it just a tad more than the first instalment, even if it is admittedly less memorable overall. The special effects do improve, but the intangible quality of magnetic charm has fleetingly escaped.
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Definitely a worthy sequel...
paul_haakonsen28 August 2011
I just sat through "Fright Night" and "Fright Night 2" tonight, catching up on the good old horror movies from my teenage years. And both these movies were as good as I remembered them to be.

"Fright Night 2" pretty much picks up where part 1 left us, except that 3 years have passed and Charley is in therapy to overcome the events that occurred in part 1. Things are brightening up, that is until shady people move into Peter Vincent's apartment building. Sounds familiar? Yeah, pretty much the same outlay as in the first movie, but it still works. Why? Well because there is more depth to this movie, more character build, darker setting, plus they added a werewolf to the movie.

William Ragsdale (playing Charley) and Roddy McDowall (playing Peter) makes a great return in a sequel that actually lives up to the first movie and then delivers even more so. These two had great chemistry together on the screen and supplemented each other quite well.

What works so well for "Fright Night 2" is that they made it much darker and gloomier. The vampires are more seductive and cruel compared to the first one. Plus the overall setting of the movie was great as well. So it came together in a great unison.

Having revisited these two classical 80's vampire horror movies, it is with some fear that I am bolstering myself to getting to see the 2011 remake of part 1. Why tinker with something that was excellent back in the day, and still is excellent to this day? There is a lot of remakes coming out of Hollywood these years, and it is a shame. Truly, Hollywood can't be that low on new ideas and creativity?

Anyway, "Fright Night 2" delivers a good, wholesome evening of entertainment, and is a great follow-up to the first part. If you enjoyed part 1, then you definitely don't want to miss out on part 2.

Grab your stakes, ready your crucifixes, 'coz it's party time...
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"Peter, it's happening again".
lost-in-limbo23 April 2011
"Welcome to Fright night"… part 2. Yep it was probably inevitable that the Tom Holland's original 80s favourite would be followed up by a sequel and at that quite a fun, polished and mildly original one too. However it did take me a couple of viewings to actually warm up to it, as my first seeing I actually disliked it. The concept is kind of similar, but this time it ups the mayhem and tongue in cheek approach with a touch of clowning (the werewolf character). Some of the ideas that made the original work turn up here again, but with a slight spin to some patterned story arches. William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall would return as Charley Brewster and Peter Vincent. The two made a perfect combination and here they do so again. McDowall is a delight as the anxious, but resilient vampire killer TV host and Ragsdale is palatable as the gawky Charley.

Charley is now at college, has a new girlfriend and just finished his last appointment with his shrink after years of therapy to cope with the traumatic ordeal. Now convinced Dandrige was no vampire, but a serial killer acting as one. Life can get back to normal, well not quite so. A beautiful lady Regine arrives on the scene and moves into the same building as Peter Vincent. She catches Charley's eyes. He seems weary of her, as convinces himself that she's a vampire, which she does have something planned for him.

Comic horror with a script that does well enough gelling the bite of it shocks and the spirit of its humour. Director Tommy Lee Wallace ("Halloween III: Season of the Witch" & "It") keeps it enjoyable, etching out a steady tempo (some slow, padded scenes make its way in) and crafting out some enticingly memorizing visuals with stylish camera-work by Mark Irwin --- atmospheric set-pieces (especially during the misty night sequences on the campus grounds) and tension-laced passages (encounters in the Gothic-like apartment building). Nice use of a matte painting too. Special effects along with the make-up FX is neatly comprised with very competent results… although the transformations won't blow you away. Composer Brad Fiedel returns, constructing a jittery but playful music score that's seductively pulsating. The cast do a good job. Julie Carmen is sensually hypnotic as performance artist Regine… who might just be more than an act. Carmen's presence can really pull you in and director Wallace knows it with how he uses the camera around her. Traci Lin is charmingly sweet as Charley's girlfriend (but this story device is a little weak). The towering Brian Thompson appears as a bug chewing creep who likes to recite their scientific names before chomping down. Also there's amusing turns by Merritt Butrick and Ernie Sabella as Charley's shrink.

"Such a thing simply couldn't happen twice Charley".
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This manages to outdo the original.
bigpappa1--21 June 2000
Don't hate me, but I thought this sequel was an improvement over the original. Don't get me wrong, I liked the first, I even gave it an 8, but I thought this was better.

Story involves Charlie being slowly turned into a bloodsucker by the sister of the original vampire. The acting is very good, and this a very well produced horror film with many great shots. It is also very stylish. Plus, both of the female leads are very goooooood looking. Takes the same approach to its story as the first. My rating: 9 out of 10.
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Disappointing sequel
kannibalcorpsegrinder20 August 2012
When young Charley begins to suspect that his mysterious new neighbors are the clan left behind following their previous encounter, he and Peter reunite to take them out before they can exact their revenge.

A bit cheesier than Part 1, either a sign of the fact that this one really had no point in being made or just the nature of the genre at the time, but again, the clashing tone is really off-putting and makes little sense, as does the replication of what's going on like in the first part, and coupled with the fact that there's a lot more investigation here than in the first one, it's a lot slower and really drags itself out far more than necessary, especially with the lower amount of confrontations which are a sad sight, but there is enough attempts at suspense that there's some fun there, the brawls are quite good and the vampire make-up looks really good. A true middle-of-the-road affair.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence and Nudity
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