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He's from Newark Too!!
annmason118 January 2001
I love this movie. Like other reviewers here, I agree it's hard to explain exactly why. But maybe that's the definition of a good film, one that is consistently coherent, that flows together so well one is left with an overall impression rather than remembered bits and pieces.

Part of the attractiveness of Disorganized Crime is the setting. To watch it is like taking in gulps of fresh air when you laugh. Which is often.

This is a balanced story. No one is good or bad, just assorted characters connected by cross purpose and disjointed competence. Each man does his job very well, and the hilarious thing is that it makes no difference at all. Some things are just not meant to be. No matter how hard the gang or deputies work together or alone, somebody ends up in a pit with a horse skeleton or losing his pants to save his flashlight.

Only excellent writing can save broad comedy from slapstick, and the writers certainly have succeeded here. This movie is a pleasure and an antidote for depression. I mean, if these guys can laugh...
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I don't know why this is one of my favorite movies, but it is.
Nomad-725 October 1998
The plot is tight. The acting is flawless. The directing, script, scenery, casting are all well done. I watch this movie frequently, though I don't know what it is about the whole thing that grabs me. See it and drop me a line if you can figure out why I like it so much.
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A Comic Caper
bkoganbing9 November 2007
Corbin Bernsen's sent letters to four criminal associates he's worked with in the past and it's a real intergenerational mix with Fred Gwynne, Lou Diamond Phillips, William Russ, and Ruben Blades. They're to meet him in this obscure Montana town and he doesn't explain why because he's then picked up by out of state police from New Jersey on a warrant.

Of the criminal group that's been gathered together, they all know Bernsen, but don't know each other. A lot of comedy involved is them feeling each other out. As the oldest Gwynne though denying it kind of takes charge with the others grumbling, but going along. Especially when they figure out what Bernsen had in mind.

As for Bernsen, he's got the good fortune to be picked up by a pair of bumblers in Ed O'Neill and Daniel Roebuck. He gets the drop on O'Neill and escapes.

After that it's the four criminals trying to finish what Bernsen started and Bernsen getting away the police. In the intricately plotted screenplay, it's fascinating how both story lines keep intertwining with each other. Hoyt Axton as the local sheriff watches in amazement at what unfolds in his town.

Disorganized Crime is a fabulously funny caper film by a bunch of players who seem mostly to have had a background in television or would soon. I can't say that anyone stood out in the cast they also seem to click so well together.

Ironically none of these people are comedians per se, but they all exhibit a light comic touch that good directing brought out.

Disorganized Crime is one very funny caper movie, the kind of film that well known pessimist Mr. Murphy would have written.
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Very entertaining caper comedy.
Scott LeBrun24 November 2012
The efforts of a talented ensemble make all the difference in this movie from screenwriter / director Jim Kouf (who'd written the 1987 hit "Stakeout", among other things). It brings together a motley collection of big city criminals for a bank job in a small Montana town. This job is the brainchild of career crook Frank Salazar (Corbin Bernsen) who is arrested almost right away by a pair of New Jersey detectives, George Denver (Ed O'Neill) and Bill Lonigan (Daniel Roebuck). So Franks' team is left to figure things out and pull off the job on their own - if they can manage not to kill each other, as the sparks fly between them. The team consists of Max Green (Fred Gwynne), Carlos Barrios (Ruben Blades), Ray Forgy (Lou Diamond Phillips), and Nick Bartkowski (William Russ), Nick turning out to be an enormous pain in the ass for the other three. Frank manages to escape from George and Bill, who both turn out to be pretty stupid, and goes on a lengthy trek to get back to the hideout, while Max, Carlos, and Ray have their work cut out for them trying to repair the damage that Nick does. The major appeal of the movie lies, as previously said, in seeing these actors at work, and they make for an agreeable bunch of unlikely comrades. Gwynne is especially effective as the old pro among the thieves, and O'Neill deserves some sort of good sport prize for doing as many scenes as he does while not wearing pants. However, Hoyt Axton is rather wasted as the local sheriff. As the story plays out, one can hardly keep from feeling somewhat bad for Frank, who truly gets a raw deal. Another benefit is seeing a variety of very urban types in a very rural setting. One can tell this was actually shot on real Montana locations, and the non-Hollywood setting is refreshing. David Newmans' score is flavourful, and the photography is first rate. The movie doesn't necessarily deliver lots of belly laughs, but should generate some appreciative smiles as it bases itself on placing various characters in untenable situations. There are some good lines here and there, and there's one great farcical sequence where George is trying to cross a river. The climactic scene of Max and Nick breaking into the bank vault is a fun one, and it's not hard to root for them at this point. Ending on a high note (if also a fairly childish one), "Disorganized Crime" holds up fairly well 23 years later and moves forward at a good clip. Eight out of 10.
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I_am_HVR20 January 2007
I saw this movie with my dad. I must have been pretty young, around 15. It was on Star Movies one afternoon.The movie started a bit vaguely, but you could tell those robbers were gathering up for a score. It really caught pace after the first half hour.

All the actors are great, especially Blades and Lou Diamond. I Guess it's the ensemble, they just play so well together. I can watch this film anytime.I think it is the relative stupidity of the plot and the characters trying to deal with a very weird score. The jokes are not corny but they are subtle and extreme at the same time that make them so hilarious.

A perfect comedy for a lazy afternoon.
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brunzer22 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this movie on cable about 5 years ago and I could not stop laughing. Everything about this movie seemed to click, the storyline, the characters, the setting. As far as film is concerned I wouldn't call this a great movie but for what it is supposed to be it is fantastic. It gets it's meaning across. The cast is maybe as good as any ever put together in a comedy movie. Corben Berbson, Fred Gwynne, Ruben Blades, and Ed O'Neil are hilarious. For this who haven't seen it, I will give you a brief synopsis: Four Criminals meet up in a small town in Montana after receiving a letter from their friend about a bank heist. However when their friend is arrested by two cops who chased him from New Jersey, they try to figure out whats going on and all hell breaks loose. The film is truly a great bank caper comedy and is sort of like a poor mans version of Oceans Eleven, only with four criminals who can't stand each other, and in Montana rather than Las Vegas. All in all if like to laugh I would strongly encourage you to see this movie.
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A real Sleeper - Very surprising
thachosenwun7865 June 2003
I was so surprised by this movie, I had to give it some praise. It starts off a little awkward, but it ended up being one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen!! I got it from Walmart for $5 and got more out of it than any $20 DVD. Corbin Bernsen and Ed Oneill give great comedic performances and Lou Diamond Phillips is just fun to watch in this highly entertaining caper. It's not pee in your pants funny, but it is thoroughly enjoyable and worth a look.
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Cable worthy star studded 80's comedy
chvylvr802 November 2003
I first saw this movie on cable as I'm sure most of you did. This movie isn't terribly funny but it is entertaining. The greatest advantage that this movie has is it's large and talented cast. Let's go over that cast for a minute.

Fred Gwynne, Corbin Bernsen, Ruben Blades, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Ed O' Neill all put in great performances and don't take their characters too seriously. Although none of these actors is particularly hot at the moment, all are accomplished actors. It's also too bad that Fred Gwynne has passed away. This kind of light hearted heist film can die a quick death if it takes itself too seriously. Fortunately the movie keeps it real and doesn't try to be too serious.

Bottom Line: I have this on VHS because I kept seeing it on TV and I finally broke down and bought it. Now if you like movies that you can watch, enjoy and then forget about, then this is the movie for you.
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One of the all time great caper-gone-wrong movies.
Nomad-724 August 1998
I don't know why I like this movie so well, but I never get tired of watching it.
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Disorganized Crime
Coxer9920 July 1999
O'Neill gets the most laughs in this minimal laugh caper about

a bunch of professional criminals who try to pull off a huge bank heist, but they don't have their boss Bernsen, a car and most importantly a plan.
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One of the best of the best
pfeifferr18 November 2009
I couldn't agree more with Nomad 7's and I A HVR's comments. A perfect laid back Sunday morning movie. The humor is subtle (exact opposite of "slapstick" as one misguided commenter noted).

But what always ceases to amaze me is how often I find myself wanting to come back to this movie over and over. I originally copied this movie onto VHS about 12 years ago when it was premiered on one of those Pay Cable free weekend previews(HBO maybe?). Had never heard of it previously. Don't know why it wasn't marketed that well. ?? When DVD's were released en mass, it was one of the first movies I replaced. A great combination of cast and writing. Plus, the back drop of Montana wilderness doesn't hurt things either (beautiful).

It's probably not the type of comedy for everyone, but what is? If Adam Sandler type stuff is up your alley, this probably won't be your cup of tea. This movie needs your full attention. The humor is mostly in the dialog.

I believe my next viewing will probably be about my 12th. But I still know that when it gets to the scenes like the one where the hoods of the police cars start blowing off, I'm going to loose it (Ed O'Neill's face is PRICELESS!). Recommended 110%.
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Splendid Comic Bank Caper
theowinthrop9 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I like this film for several reasons. I have a soft spot for films about intricately plotted criminal plots like TOPKAPI. I also enjoy films (like TOPKAPI and BIG DEAL ON MADONNA STREET) that spoof the the genre. One of the best ones is DISORGANIZED CRIME.

Corbin Bernsen has met four cons over the years, and he decides they can all be useful in a bank robbery he is planning in a small Montana town. But he hasn't given any details on the crime to the fellows, nor do they really know each other at all. Shortly after he sends for them Bernsen is arrested by two New Jersey policemen (Ed O'Neill and Daniel Roebuck) whom he escaped from before and have a warrant to bring him back. While he is in their custody the four cons (Fred Gwynne, Lou Diamond Philips, Ruben Blades, and Will Russ) show up without a clue about why they are there except that Bernsen was planning something.

The first twenty minutes of the film deal with the four cons slowly getting used to each other, with Gwynne and Philips managing to push away their own suspicions to figure out they have to trust each other. At the same time we see Bernsen patiently waiting for the right moment to escape from O'Neill and Roebuck again - not too difficult as they are not the brightest bulbs who ever existed. The result are two sets of plots that will keep juxtaposing against each other throughout the film: the four cons trying to figure out what Bernsen's scheme was, and how to put it into operation, and Bernsen trying to maintain his own freedom from his pursuers and regain his cabin (and hopefully find his gang there for him to take command of). There is also a third, smaller, plot involving the growing annoyance and anger of local Sheriff Hoyt Axton against the idiots from New Jersey who keep getting into his hair.

There are many delightful moments in the film, such as Axton, egged on by O'Neil and Roebuck, into surrounding a house in the town that Bernsen is supposed to be hiding inside of, and yelling (through a megaphone, "Come out, we have you surrounded!!", only to have the scene switch to a huge, Montana plain that Bernsen is struggling and stumbling through miles from where the police think he is at that moment. There are moments of misadventures by our four cons, who fortunately put the oldest (Gwynne) into leadership position. This does not always guarantee anything. At one point their car won't start, and they have to thumb a ride by truck. Unfortunately it is a truck carrying manure.

The conclusion with the gang successfully carrying out the robbery, including disabling all the police cars at the critical time (Philips specialty is cars) is also a gem of timing, suspense, and comic results. The film is very entertaining, and certainly worth watching.
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A highly enjoyable parody of the typical bank robbery plot
Why do I like DISORGANIZED CRIME so much? Why do I chuckle or laugh out loud any time I think of a dozen or more scenes from this movie? It's kind of hard to explain, but I'll give it a try. First of all, it's very funny indeed - in contrast to what lots of "official" reviews want you to believe. But then again, that depends entirely on your sense of humour, so there is no sense in arguing about that. Often the humour is in the dialogue, and often it is situational comedy. There is for instance this very hilarious scene in which the 4 gang members have been given a lift in the back of a truck. When the farmer drops them, they just stand there by the road, covered all over with cow s*** or whatever. They are totally unnerved; then, realizing the humour of the scene, they one by one start laughing about themselves, and Ruben Blades (as Carlos), looking (and certainly smelling) terrible, nonchalantly takes out some mouth spray to at least do something about his breath (simply describing the scene here makes me chuckle again!). Which leads to the second point: the acting. Fred Gwynne, Lou Diamond Phillips, William Russ, Ruben Blades and Corbin Bernsen (okay, the latter overdoes it a bit at times) all fit and play their parts beautifully - in fact, you get the feeling they must have been enjoying themselves too when shooting the film. Thirdly, there is the plot . Jim Kouf, the director and screenwriter, is very laid-back; he takes his time to let the plot unfold and have the individual characters establish themselves. More often than not, there is no real action, and yet you enjoy these 4 very different people - who attempt to rob a bank although their boss (Bernsen) does not seem to turn up - grumble about each other and even-tually, grudgingly, like each other. The movie is a fantastic parody of the typical bank robbery plot - totally impossible with all its twists and coincidences, yet utterly convincing in its love for ironic details. Incidentally, the title of the film is one of the best I have ever come across, because it per-fectly summarizes the plot in a very ironic way. Therefore, take my advice: watch this film, but if you don't chuckle, grin or smile during the first 10 minutes, forget it - it's not your type of film. PS. The only negative thing about this movie is that there seems to be no way to get hold of the screenplay - if you happen to know how, do tell me.
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Very good comedy with great moments
Tom Willett (yonhope)27 February 2015
Real solid dependable actors who establish goofy characters on both sides of the law. Lou Diamond Phillips is wonderful and he looks great in this action/crime, believable, incompetent crooks trying to outwit the witless good guys. Mud and worse gets splashed on clothes as getaways fail and old plans need to be improvised and reworked to more imperfection. I am glad so many people like the craziness in this movie. This has a quality that passes my test of what makes a good film. Do I want to watch it again and recommend it to others? The answer is "Yes." This would go good for movie night for anyone teen age and older.
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Disorganised Crime
Phil Hubbs27 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Quite the ensemble cast in this late 80's romp. A real list of dated 80's stars, the kind of list you just don't see anymore. Corbin Bernsen, Ruben Blades, Fred Gwynne, Ed O'Neill, Lou Diamond Phillips, Daniel Roebuck and Hoyt Axton. A silly crime/heist caper comedy that is pleasing and well presented in the stunning Montana wilderness.

I liked the plot because its not just a simple throwaway idea. A small team of crooks (Gwynne, Phillips, Blades and Russ) are hired by Bernsen to meet in a cabin in the middle of nowhere to plan a bank robbery. En route to the cabin Bernsen gets nabbed by the cops (O' Neill and Roebuck) but eventually escapes into the wilds of Montana. In the meantime the four crooks carry on with the plan to rob the bank without Bernsen. What follows is a genuinely amusing little comedy where the fours crooks manage to carry out their complicated impossible looking robbery whilst all the while Bernsen is struggling to find his back to civilisation. At the same time the bumbling cop duo are desperately trying to track Bernsen down and are mistaking everything the four crooks are doing as Bernsen's actions. This eventually leads to a nice little twist at the end for the poor beleaguered Bernsen.

So the plot is fun and funny, nothing outrageously funny but it makes you smile. But its the cast that make this movie work, you'd think it might be a case of too many cooks but no it actually works well. The four crooks are a genuinely amusing odd bunch both visually and personality wise. The leader of this surprisingly skilled little team is Fred Gywnne in all of his towering glory. His huge square frame and big block-like head really allows him to perform some great physical comedy with facial expressions which we all know and loved from his Munster days. Gwynne plays it straight here as the stern sensible stoic aging leader dressed smartly in a suit and fedora, that classic attire really suits him(no pun intended) giving him both a dashing and dangerous look.

He is joined by a very rugged manly looking Bernsen who has this golden sunkist visage throughout, he really does look too good. Thing is he doesn't have many lines in the movie, he almost plays a silent comedic role with lots of slapstick tomfoolery...its a good angle actually, quite unique. Lou Diamond Phillips plays the young carjacker and mechanic, Ruben Blades has more of a stereotypical role admittedly as the Latino gangster type but damn if he doesn't do it well with those vibrant tones of his. The less known William Russ can't be overlooked here either with a solid performance as the nervous jittery safecracker who's always at odds with Blades. Some great bickering between them.

On the other hand we also get some great performances from Ed 'Al Bundy' O'Neill and Daniel Roebuck as the bumbling but persistent cops on Bernsen's trail. Not only do we get a slapstick tour de force from Bernsen we also get a showcase in slapstick from these two. I can't deny that O'Neill does tend to give us all the regular facial/physical expressions and emotions we've seen in his long running TV sitcom. Its all very familiar and does kinda make you feel you're watching Al Bundy the movie, you can see his limited range really. But I also can't deny I love his routine and it always makes me smile. Roebuck is a good foil and sidekick to O'Neill's desperation and frustration but he does feel like a poor man's John Candy...sorry but I had to say it.

Honesty this really is such a feel good comedy betwix action movie...more comedy, its like 'Planes Trains and Automobiles' for some criminals sorta. The locations are stunning as I've already said, some shots really showing the expansive mountainous panorama's whilst actually making you feel the chill of raw nature. The plot is fun with tense moments...especially whilst they rob the bank and take out the cop cars, it does feel like they've genuinely put a lot of effort in and you want them to succeed. I always find it funny with these capers how they just happen to have all this expensive looking heist gear which they then proceed to dump after the heist.

All the characters are very likable, you wanna see the bad guys ride off into the sunset but at the same time you don't wanna see the cop duo get into trouble. Its so heartwarming and charming in the end with Gwynne grinning through his teeth whilst chomping on a fat cigar just like George Peppard. Don't get why they go back for Bernsen though, that kinda overrides the clever little twist at the end but hey ho. A totally overlooked and under appreciated comedy methinks, a great selection of character actors with some good solid old fashioned wholesome entertainment for all.

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Really worth Watching!
walter2-407-5973905 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is a truly clever film, rich in both physical comedy and great dialog. The plot is very well done, and every actor brings something great to the story. I especially liked Reuben Blades, and the ongoing "bad sign" comments throughout the movie, his character is just incredible.

A lot of movies really do not work well as comedy because the premise is just cruel or stupid, every moment in this film is truly witty, and I think you are going to find it very hard not to laugh out loud at a few scenes. There are so many opportunities to work the characters together in different combinations, there's always a good moment to be had. I really do not understand the relatively low rating of this film, it certainly deserves better, and you are going to enjoy it if you can find this older film somewhere to watch. it is certainly not easy to find now.
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Steady paced crime comedy
cimbalok20 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Often when I pick up a 1980s comedy VHS at the Salvation Army for $2, the first 10 minutes are great and it's all downhill and boring from there. Not this one. It was a pleasant surprise to watch this film twice and I expect to be watching it again and again.

It concerns four criminals, each with his own specialty: explosives, cars, guns and safe-cracking; stuck in a Montana cow-town waiting for their leader who has summoned them to do a job. The four don't know or trust each other, so the movie keeps you guessing as to whether one or more of them will pull a double cross on the others. Their leader, unbeknownst to them, has been arrested, which is why he didn't meet them as promised.

The leader, Frank Salazar, has been pursued by, and has escaped from, two moronic detectives whose bumbling, skewed priorities and lust for glory precipitate a lot of laughs. A shout-out also belongs to Fred Gwynne, who plays the explosives guy. He obviously has a heart condition and is seen intermittently popping pills and smoking cigarette after cigarette! As this film unfolds you get to know and actually like the characters, even though they are criminals and if you ever caught one in your back yard you'd kick his *$$. The movie has intelligent dialogue and two concrete assets that had me sold enough to decide I could watch it over and over: no tacked-on romance to ruin the pace and no real violence! For a movie with as many guns as this one, nobody gets shot or seriously hurt, except on account of their own idiocy. 9 out of 10.
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All around great film
Brad Perkins (Riggs17)14 January 2007
Action. Comedy. Suspense. This movie has it all.

The Plot goes that 4 would be professional thieves are invited to take part in a heist in a small town in Montana. every type of crime movie archetype character is here. Frank, the master mind. Carlos, the weapons expert. Max, the explosives expert. Nick, the safe cracker and Ray, the car man. Unfortunately for Frank, he is apprehended by 2 bumbling detectives ( portrayed very well by Ed O'Niel and Daniel Roebuck ) that have been chasing him from New Jersey write after he sends out the letters to the other 4.

Our 4 characters meet up at the train station and from the beginning none of them like or trust one another. Added to the mix is the fact that Frank is gone and they are not sure why they have called together.

Now Frank is being taken back to New Jersey by the 2 detectives but soon escapes on foot and tries to make his way back to the guys who are having all sorts of problems of their own.

Truly a great film loaded with laughs and great acting. Just an overall good movie for anyone looking for a laugh or something a little different
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Great fun
abwoma2 September 2003
Just caught the last half of this and was completely charmed, I've already decided to buy it for keeps. Terrific cast, a lot of fun, and wonderful acting. Just the looks between the bumblers, from time to time, made me laugh. This movie is terrific, one of those I know I'm going to watch at least once a year. (I also liked Stakeout, for much the same reasons.) Why hadn't I heard of this movie before?? And why are some movies so much better done than others??
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Great movie!! Give it a shot.
dormerjam26 September 2002
One of my favorites! Funny caper movie with a great cast. Fred Gwynne, Ed O'Neill, William Russ and especially Ruben Blades really shine in this light-hearted crime comedy. I've lent out my copy to all my friends and almost everybody really likes it. Definitely worth a shot.
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Irony as Comedy
ADFunches15 September 2002
I found this film by mistake many years ago & wondered then (still do) why it didn't get the acclaim it should have. Well written, beautiful acting, one ironic twist after another, and THERE IS PLAUSIBILITY in what the nefarious characters are attempting. I would not recommend this film for people with short attention spans; it requires sufficient intelligence to comprehend that there maybe a kernel of truth in this story.
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Funny as hell
The Best Angela2 April 2001
Ah, a movie that never gets old, even after seeing thousands as times, I still laugh my ass off at it. If you haven't seen it, you should. It is great!
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Totally hysterical
jbolto8 August 2000
I've seen this movie many times, and hope to see it many more. It's a great movie, and the laughs are non-stop. You've really got to feel sorry for Salazar (Corbin Bernsen). I give this movie 8 out of 10 (on a good day).
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"Classic" bumbling bank robbery - absolutely hilarious!
cjroe24 September 1999
I "crave" to see this classic at least six times per year! The interpersonal relationships between each of the characters make this seemingly simple plot turn into a non-stop series of hilarious events! For me, this one rates right up there with the old classic "Cold Turkey"! Thank goodness for pure classic comedy - a true sign of writing, directing and acting genius!
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I cringed.
Steve b5 February 2007
This movie was so bad I was actually depressed when it was over.

Despite the fact that the movie was made in the late 80's when movies were at their worst, that was no excuse for this travesty. The acting was terrible, the jokes were far worse than cliché, the slapstick was awful. I wish I hadn't seen it.

Now I shall have nightmares about poor film making. No wonder Lou Diamond Phillip's career never took off properly. And wow, who can resist seeing a film with Corben Bernson in it, you know you're in for a rare treat if he's starring.

It was like the director told the actors to do their worst acting job possible, then yelled action. That was the director's input into this film. Director? You're fired!

If I were torturing someone, say a prisoner of war, I would make them watch this movie once. I say only once because to make them watch it twice is something I wouldn't put my worst enemy through.
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