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MPAA Rated R for pervasive strong violence and some language

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Non-stop shooting, quite bloody and at times, graphic.
  • The first shootout is intense. Ah Jong/Jeffrey shoots everyone that is armed in the pub and he assassinates the person Jeffrey got payed for. He shoots the rest of the bodyguards. While Jeffrey protects the singer, he accidently blinded her because he was protecting her and Jeffrey got shot in the back twice. Some blood on her face.
  • Jeffrey beats two guys up for trying to rob the singer who is blind from the first shootout.
  • An undercover cop Lee kills 3 bad guys in a row for killing a cop. He chases the bad guy and they get on a bus. Lee kills the bad guy and didn't realize that the hostage had a heart condition.
  • Ah Jong/Jeffrey is in disguise and assassiates Tony Wang (Goverment). The cops found out who did it and they chase him to a beach. Jeffrey knows that someone was trying to kill him by taking his sunglasses off and the reflection made him dive. Jeffrey shoots the bad guys on the beach and there are a lot of explosions. This includes slow motion blood spurt from all variety of fire arms and the shooting of civilians including a child.
  • Jeffrey takes the shot child to the car and rushes her to a hospital while the cops chase him. Once he sees the little girl survive the shot he escapes the hospital and the cops lost him.
  • Jeffrey finds out that his best friend Sidney attempted to kill him because of a gangster boss wanted Jeff dead. Jeff hits Sidney with a pistol and he shoots all the bad guys. Jeff pushes his chair back and he shoots someone who was about to kill him. He goes in to the hallway and finishes the bad guys off. This bit looks like something out of Virtua Cop or out of an arcade game. He attempts to kill Sidney but doesn't. Jeff leaves one last bullet for every death or shootout he is in. He takes the bullet out of his gun to prove to Sidney that he was going to kill him but doesn't.
  • Jeff and Lee put guns to each other and lies to Jenny because they don't want to upset her. This leaves another chase. Jeff escapes again.
  • Jeff sees his friend Sidney getting pushed by the boss and Jeffrey kills most of the bad guys in the car and this leaves another car chase. Jeff shoots someone in the arm 3 times and he shoots someone in the head. Jeff drives around the car park and misses a bad guy. At first it looks like someone's arm is on the floor but it was car pieces. He kills the bad guys and leaves the car park.
  • Sidney runs away from the cops and he beats a few up. They surround him and take him to a room. Sidney acts drunk.
  • Lee's best friend Randy gets shot in the neck and he chases and kills the people that shot him while driving. All of them were driving and Randy can't see well after he finishes the bad guys off. Randy dies in a hospital. This may upset some people.
  • Lee finds Jeff and Jenny shot a gun thinking she killed someone and she gets really upset. Jeff was about to shoot a bad guy but Lee was mistaken and shot Jeff in the arm and they shoot more bad guys. Jeff grabs hold of someone and holds them on the table while putting a knife in his back. Explosions happen as well as people getting shot. They escape the bad guys.
  • There is one torture/beating scene that also contains slow motion blood spurting. Sidney was being beaten up but he won the fight by killing bad guys and tricking the mob boss that Sidney has got one bullet left. He hasn't got the bullet inside the gun but he hits the boss and escapes. The bad guys/gangsters follow him to the church and Sidney is sorry. This scene is intense.
  • Sidney arrives at the church with the money. He gives the money to Jeffrey but Sidney got shot. Sidney asked Jeffrey to give him a hero's death and Jeff shoots Sidney. Jeffrey and Lee have a massive shootout with tonnes of gangsters and the deaths are bloody. Jeff and Lee shoots gangsters off scaffholders. Jeff and Lee get shot a lot but they kill the bad guys by shooting them a lot. One of the gang leaders send the gangsters in the church but the gangsters die. A priest protects Jenny from the gunfight. Jeff and Lee walk outside of the church and they cause explosions and more deaths. The priest walks out of the church with Jenny another way but the mob boss kills the priest and holds Jenny hostage. Jeff and Lee shoots one of the bosses and Lee grabs a boss but the mob boss shoots him in the head. Lee and Jeffrey drop their guns and Jeff shoots the mob boss. The mob boss and Jeff shoot each other until they are both wounded. Jeff becomes blind and tries to find Jenny but he lays still. No one knows whether Jeff died or he needed to rest. Lee kills the mob boss while the cops are surrounding him. Lee is surrounded by cops although he is a cop. This scene is really sad.


  • Some language like bastard and ass (in Cantonese)
  • 4 F words are used in the english version

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters smoke and drink throughout, although the drinking is never to excess.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A violent beating from a villain. Ah Jong shoots a mook in the arm, and kills another with a knife. But aside from that, the violence is generally over-the-top.
  • The ending may be upsetting to some viewers.

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