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Sheffield Doc/Fest reveals 2018 programme

Sheffield Doc/Fest reveals 2018 programme
Over 200 projects announced, including 37 world and 70 UK premieres.

UK documentary festival Sheffield Doc/Fest has unveiled the programme for its 25th edition, which runs from June 7-12 this summer.

Amongst the titles are a screening of McQueen, Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui’s film about the late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen composed of archival footage and personal testimonials.

Last month Sean McAllister’s A Northern Soul was announced as the opening night film.

Scroll down for the full list of films in competition

The 2018 official competition jury includes documentarian Mark Cousins, director Sophie Fiennes and artists Liv Wynter and Samson Kambalu.
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Sean Young Wants To Play This Superhero in Tim Burton’s Batman Sequel

Ever since bursting out onto the scene in Stripes, taking a hit in Ridley Scott’s commercial flop Blade Runner, and making a fantastic rebound in No Way Out, people have wondered where Sean Young will be going next. But is Young on the same page as the rest of us? She’s no doubt quite talented but it’s been nearly four years since her last big hit (Cousins doesn’t count) and she seems to be looking in all the wrong places. Hence an uncomfortable situation where she reportedly scaled a wall at Warner Bros. to confront Tim Burton for not meeting with her with regard to the role of Catwoman in Burton’s Untitled Batman Sequel. You’ll recall the Burton’s 1989 take on Batman made an astounding $400M worldwide in 1989 so it’s natural that Young wants a role in the upcoming sequel (though that certainly
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Sean Young Talks 'Blade Runner,' Career Bumps

Sean Young Talks 'Blade Runner,' Career Bumps
In the early '80s, Sean Young's big-screen career rise was meteoric, jumping from a bit role opposite Bill Murray in the army comedy Stripes to starring with Harrison Ford in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner -- and then raising pulses with a steamy back-seat sex scene with Kevin Costner in a limo in No Way Out. But after a career lull in the '90s and various off-screen antics that turned her into a tabloid target, Young is back on the big screen and ready to show that she's here to stay in the haunting backwoods supernatural drama Jug Face.

Exclusive Trailer: Scary Thrills in 'Jug Face'

The story of a pregnant teen (Lauren Ashley Carter) looking to escape her small town because she fears she'll be sacrificed to a mysterious pit that kills in exchange for keeping the community safe, Jug Face casts Young as Loriss, the girl's
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Sean Young/Governors Ball Arrest: Wants Academy Apology

Governors Ball 2012 The Governors Ball, the official post-Academy Awards party, was held at the Hollywood & Highland Center on February 26, 2012. Oscar winners and losers, presenters and performers showed up at the ball for drinks, food, and some groovy lighting and ambiance, as can be attested above. But the big news at the 2012 Governors Ball wasn't the mauve illumination, or Meryl Streep's third Oscar, or Christopher Plummer's first, or Jean Dujardin's one-for-the-books Best Actor victory, or even Angelina Jolie's bare right leg — but that Sean Young was arrested just outside the Ball. (Photo: Darren Decker / ©A.M.P.A.S.) "I was just standing by the little line [outside the Ball]," Young told People magazine. "I wasn't bothering anybody." She explained she was taking pictures with the likes of Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Sandra Bullock (right, with Young) to post them on her Facebook page when a security guard told her to leave.
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Sean Young Photo: Governors Awards 2011

Sean Young Actress Sean Young attends the 2011 Governors Awards in the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, on Saturday, November 12. [Photo: Matt Petit / ©A.M.P.A.S.] James Earl Jones was a long-distance Honorary Oscar honoree, as he's co-starring with Vanessa Redgrave in Driving Miss Daisy on the London stage; veteran makeup artist Dick Smith (Ghost Story, The Fan, The Hunger), however, was present at the ceremony to receive his Honorary Oscar. TV talk show personality Oprah Winfrey, a 1985 Best Supporting Actress nominee for Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple, was the recipient of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Among Young's credits are James Ivory's Jane Austen in Manhattan, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, David Lynch's Dune, Oliver Stone's Wall Street, Roger Donaldson's Now Way Out, and Joel Schumacher's Cousins. Also, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Boost, Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, Motel Blue, and Poor White Trash. Her leading men included Harrison Ford,
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Toronto 2011. Real to Reel + Mavericks Previews

  • MUBI
There are a couple of reasons for revisiting the Toronto International Film Festival's lineup for its documentary program, Real to Reel. One of them is Aj Schnack's interview with Thom Powers, Tiff's Documentary and Mavericks Programmer, posted just hours after the Mavericks lineup was announced on Tuesday. Discussing the highlights of both programs, they touch on another reason: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory is making all sorts of headlines. Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's third film chronicling the odyssey of Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr, aka the West Memphis Three, through the labyrinth of the Us legal system, follows Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (1996) and Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2000). All three films deal with what Powers calls in his Programmer's Note "an 18-year-old murder case that has become an iconic example of a legal witch hunt." In 1993, when all three men were still teens,
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Tilda Swinton, Mark Cousins and Lynda Myles depart the Edinburgh film festival

Trio vaunted as creative spearhead of festival have ended their involvement amid fears that the event has lost its way

Tilda Swinton, Mark Cousins and Lynda Myles, who were at the forefront of the relaunch of the Edinburgh film festival, appear to have ended their involvement in this year's event.

Big plans to change the shape and organisation of the festival were outlined in December, with actor Swinton and former directors Cousins and Myles announced as the "dreamy outsiders" who were to transform it following the departure of artistic director Hannah McGill.

Festival organisers were thought to have decided against carrying on with one person at the helm, instead relying on the trio to take charge of the artistic and creative vision. Awards ceremonies and big premieres would make way for guest curators and surprising one-off events in what Cousins described as "probably the most radical shakeup the film festival
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Oscar Nominee Trivia File: Jeff Bridges

Oscar Nominee Trivia File: Jeff Bridges
Actor Jeff Bridges has enjoyed an impressive big-screen career playing a broad range of characters from the President of the United States to an alien, and yet he is often called one of the most underrated actors of his time. For his acclaimed role as Rooster Cogburn in "True Grit," Bridges is nominated for an Oscar for the sixth time -- he won Best Actor last year for "Crazy Heart."

Get to know one of America's favorite stars!
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Isabella Rossellini leads cast of Edinburgh film festival curators

New-look festival to have creative input from film and music talent including Gus van Sant, Jim Jarmusch and the Streets

It may have no official artistic director to oversee affairs this year, but the 2011 Edinburgh international film festival will not want for creative input. Organisers yesterday announced a glittering lineup of guest curators who will help shape the new-look event in June.

The actor and director Isabella Rossellini will join film-makers Gus van Sant and Jim Jarmusch in the hotseat, with support from pop star turned composer Clint Mansell and rapper Mike Skinner, formerly of the Streets. Writers Alan Warner and Greil Marcus will also be on hand, as will Thailand's Apichatpong Weerasethakul, director of the Cannes favourite Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives.

James Mullighan, the festival's producer, told the Glasgow Herald: "These are some of the people. Each will suggest a tone, series of films, dawn walk or theme.
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Soskas Perform a Public Service and Announce Their American Mary

It's time for the big reveal, my friends. As promised, embedded below is Jen and Sylvia Soska's new PSA for the Massive Blood Drive. And embedded within this video is the actress they've chosen to star in American Mary, their sure-to-be-shocking follow-up to last year's absolutely-was-shocking Dead Hooker in a Trunk.

After a grueling search that took them from the hills of Hollywood to the canyons of Manhattan, the Twisted Twins finally found their Mary in their very own backyard. I'm excited to announce that talented Canadian actress Katharine Isabelle is the woman who will bring American Mary to life.

While I'm sure you all remember Isabelle from the 2000 film Ginger Snaps, you probably don't realize that she's more than a scream queen. In the years since that classic slice of Canadian horror was released, Isabelle has established a solid career as a well-rounded, hard-working character actress. But this
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Looking back at Joel Schumacher’s Blood Creek

In the final part of Carley’s Joel Schumacher retrospective, she looks at his most recent film, the period horror Blood Creek. But is it a return to form after the disastrous The Number 23...?

"Those who came before rule the blood. And when you rule the blood, death is no longer the end." - Richard Wirth

The Recap

After the disaster that was The Number 23, director Joel Schumacher's next film would again be another huge step away from anything else in his back catalogue and he went about making a proper honest to goodness horror movie.

At the start of World War II, a German family, the Wollners, who are based in rural Maryland, agree to take in Professor Richard Wirth (Michael Fassbender), a Nazi scientist who is described to the family as a visiting scholar. Desperate for money, they agree to host him, unaware that the
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Looking Back at Joel Schumacher’s The Number 23

Following his middling take on The Phantom Of The Opera, Joel Schumacher turned to the suspense thriller genre with The Number 23. Carley looks back in anger...

"Twenty-fucking-three." - Suicide Blonde

The Recap

After staking a claim in the world of musical films, Schumacher's next movie would see him dipping his toes into the widely popular suspense thriller with a twist genre. Unfortunately for Schumacher, what he would produce can only be described as one of the most awful examples of the genre I have seen to date.

Walter Sparrow (Jim Carrey) is an animal enforcement officer who is celebrating his birthday with wife Agatha (Virginia Madsen) and son Robin (Logan Lerman). He receives a call about a stray dog that has been caught in the basement of a restaurant. When he arrives to catch it, he is temporarily blinded by the dog's tag, which allows the dog to bite him and run away.
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Revisiting Joel Schumacher’s The Phantom Of The Opera

Was bringing Lloyd Webber’s musical The Phantom Of The Opera to the big screen a good career move for director Joel Schumacher? Er...

"Can you even dare to look or bear to think of me?" - The Phantom

The Recap

After failing to impress audiences with his biopic of the life of Irish journalist, Veronica Guerin, Joel Schumacher decided to go back to what he knew best, which is beautiful, over the top cinema. And what better subject to take on than The Phantom Of The Opera, one of the most famous and over the top musicals of all time?

The movie begins in Paris in 1919, where the old Paris Opera House is selling off final items in an auction. An old man, Raoul (Patrick Wilson) awaits an old music box with a monkey on top to come up for sale. After he buys the item, his attention is caught by a huge chandelier,
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Revisiting Joel Schumacher’s Veronica Guerin

Versatile director Joel Schumacher followed up his thriller Phone Booth with the gritty biopic Veronica Guerin. But was it a creative stretch too far?

"You'd do the same. If you saw those kids on the street, you would do the same."- Veronica

The Recap

Riding high on the wave of success of Phone Booth, Joel Schumacher's next film would see him taking on the tricky biopic genre. While not the obvious choice for such a project, he steamed ahead regardless, enlisting the help of über producer Jerry Bruckheimer (known mostly for action films). The finished piece probably wasn't what either of them were expecting.

Veronica Guerin (Cate Blanchett) was a crime reporter for the Irish Sunday Independent. Aware of how badly the illegal drugs trade in Dublin was effecting the lives of everyday people, especially the city's youth, she decided to investigate the problem further and expose those responsible.
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Revisiting Joel Schumacher’s Phone Booth

After the misfire of Bad Company, director Joel Schumacher went back to basics with the real-time thriller, Phone Booth...

"Stu, if you hang up, I will kill you." - The Caller

The Recap

After the horror show that was Bad Company, Joel Schumacher again had to try to find a way of surviving a flop, and much like the fallout after Batman & Robin, he decided to take a turn in a different direction, making his next movie on a small budget and an even smaller cast.

New York City publicist Stu Shepherd (Colin Farrell) thinks he has it all and knows it all. About to embark on an affair with an actress called Pam (Katie Holmes), he calls her from a phone booth to keep his contact untraceable by his wife Kelly (Radha Mitchell).

While in the phone booth, a pizza delivery guy attempts to give him a pizza. Stu dismisses him rudely.
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Looking back at Joel Schumacher’s Bad Company

After the critically praised Tigerland, Joel Schumacher returned with the action misfire Bad Company. Carley looks back with a shudder...

"You got the wrong guy. I don't even have a brother. That's just a picture of me in a suit. You could've got that off the internet. I saw a picture of Bill Gates with three titties on the net." - Jake

The Recap

After gaining back some credibility with the war-driven Tigerland, Joel Schumacher then decided it was time to return to the action genre, and surely you can't go wrong with a movie that had a huge comedy star and an Oscar winner as its leads?

After a mission to retrieve a suitcase with a deadly bomb inside goes horribly wrong, CIA agent Kevin Pope (Chris Rock) is killed. Not wanting to blow his cover and wanting to complete the mission, the CIA recruits Kevin's twin brother, Jake Hayes (also Chris Rock.
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Looking back at Joel Schumacher's Tigerland

Joel Schumacher followed up his oddball 1999 movie Flawless with an equally uncharacteristic disection of the Vietnam war. We take a look back at 2000's Tigerland

"‘Well, the fellas say that if you don't wanna go to Nam, you better pray to Jesus or talk to Roland Bozz." - Soldier

The Recap

After failing to light up the box office with the more indie feeling Flawless, Joel Schumacher's next movie would hark back to the days of his work on Falling Down more than anything he made during the latter part of the 90s, looking at the darker side of life and how it affects the people in it.

In 1971 it had become clear to the majority of the American public that the Vietnam War, for all intents and purposes, had been lost. This, however, did not stop the Us government from enlisting more of its young men and training them to fight.
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Looking back at Joel Schumacher’s Flawless

Joel Schumacher recruited Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman for his lower-key 1999 movie Flawless. We continue our look back at the man's career right there...

"Well life's a bitch, so I became one honey!" - Rusty

The Recap

As the 90s drew to a close, Joel Schumacher could look back to a mixed bag of success and failure. Having managed to hit the nail on the head with projects such as Falling Down and A Time To Kill, he also hit some huge bum notes in the shape of the Batman franchise.

Having gone back to a more dramatic style of filmmaking with 8Mm, he continued the trend with his last film of the decade, which looks at the unlikely relationship between a homophobic cop and a transsexual.

Walt ‘The Wall' Koontz (Robert De Niro) is a retired security guard who left his job being well liked and respected.
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Looking back at Joel Schumacher’s 8Mm

We continue our look back at the work of Joel Schumacher, with his Batman & Robin follow-up, 8Mm...

"He's a producer-slash-director-slash weirdo. He's like the Jim Jarmusch of S&M." - Max

The Recap

After the horror that was Batman & Robin, you couldn't blame Joel Schumacher from stepping away from that genre of filmmaking completely and going down a road of drama/thriller. After all, he had success with it in the past. Nothing could go too wrong, right?

Following the death of her husband, wealthy widow Mrs. Christian (Myra Carter) comes across an 8mm film in his safe, depicting the murder of a teenage girl by a man in amask. Unsure as to the origin of the tape or if it is, in fact, real, she instructs her lawyer, Daniel Longdale (Anthony Heald), to hire the services of private investigator, Tom Welles (Nicolas Cage), to find out the truth.

After searching through missing persons files,
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Revisiting Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin

Our look back at the work of Joel Schumacher arrives at easily his most infamous film. Carley braves the horrors of Batman & Robin...

"Ice to see you!"- Mr. Freeze

The Recap

By 1997, Joel Schumacher must have felt on the top of the world. With two hugely successful John Grisham adaptations under his belt and capping that off with successfully taking over the Batman franchise, he must have felt invincible as he started up work on the next Batman sequel.

Little did he know that this revisit would not only kill the franchise dead in the water for many years, but would lead to his reputation being left with a huge stain that, to this day, he has been unable to shake off.

Set directly after the events in Batman Forever, the audience is thrown directly back into the action with Batman (George Clooney) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) trying to
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