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Sex & Nudity

  • Some male animals show their private areas.
  • Kittens and puppies are seen being born (with actual birth views). Later in the movie, when they have matured, Milo and Otis meet a female cat and dog. They each find secluded places to go (a cave for the dogs, an abandoned house for the cats), and have offspring of their own (more birth footage ensues).

Violence & Gore

  • A crab seizes onto a cat's upper lip/nose. Cat appears to be in pain.
  • Whilst various animals interact with one another; sometimes interactions are "hunter-on-huntee". Perilous situations (a bear hunting down a cat). Humor is often used to diffuse tense situations - - lessens the tension for viewers.


  • The narrator, who sometimes "voices" what the animals are "saying", exclaims "God" several times over.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The animals are put through some intense rigors. Many times the their lives are actually in severe danger.
  • Seagulls give a cat no choice but to leap off of a very high cliff; cat falls into the sea. Survives unharmed.
  • A bear hunts down & tries to attack Milo the cat; this may be too intense for young &/or sensitive kids.
  • However, Milo & Otis do look visibly frightened & uncomfortable in some scenes, such as Milo floating down the river in a box.
  • Otis wrestles with a bear, who is seen mauling him almost to the point of death. Legend says the dog's head was slammed against the floor, knocking him out. This is unlikely, but the dog is seen being hurt & beaten by the bear.
  • Animal lovers & small children might be sensitive to the story line of the animal getting lost, & more so with all the peril & torture the actual animals were put through.

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