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"This Chud's for you."
Backlash0073 September 2002
Having nothing to do with the original, C.H.U.D II is a sequel in name only. Take everything you remember about the original C.H.U.D...and throw it out the window. This is more like a zombie spoof. I mean, our hero is the guy from Head of the Class and Bud the Chud gets his own theme song. So it goes without saying that this is not quite a classic. It's also incredibly ridiculous and stupid. Despite all of this, I like it. It's an enjoyable 80's horror/comedy because it's very similar to, although not nearly as good as, Night of the Creeps (which is a GREAT horror/comedy). Understand me, I'm not saying Chud II is a good movie (I've seen far better, and far worse), I'm just saying that it's definitely entertaining and delivers quite a few laughs. If you're in to camp, get chudified.

Note for genre buffs: Robert Englund walks across the screen in a minor cameo.
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80's cheese...but good.
moulinrye1 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Okay so this film is not the best movie in the world, but it's not the worst either.

C.H.U.D. II is a fun 80's movie. I picked it up since I love Zombie movies, and I wanted to see Brian Robbins(Head Of the Class)in the film. Most people seem to hate it...but I look at it as a B movie, and nothing more. If you like the 80's and can look past the script then go ahead and rent it.(If you can find it)

But the best part, which is the funniest comes when *SPOILER ALERT* Katie puts on her bathing suit at the High school. I don't know if it was me but it was the oddest looking one I ever have seen. Plus with the front so low I wonder how she was able to wear it in gym class?
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Comic Moments...
Coxer999 March 1999
A mix of horror and comedy make this sequel to the original one that stands superior to the original. While a poorly acted, written and directed film, as is the first one, the filmmakers decided to have a little fun with this and it shows. Graham plays Bud and has many snappy one-liners. A favorite: As Bud and his army make their move on the world, Bud points to a large group of people, looks over and howls..."Buffet!" Not a great film, but it does offer some simple laughs.
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A Cult Classic!
moviefiend-112 October 2004
awww man, i can't believe i found this film again.

i remember back when i was around 10, this film was on TV over in the UK i never saw it all but i always remember the final swimming pool scene, it kinda scared me at the time and i always remembered the CHUD name. So imagine my surprise when recently i searched through amazon and came across CHUD II on DVD for a measly £3, i couldn't resist. What i didn't know was that the film i was getting was the one i'd seen all them years ago, i thought it was sequel to what i had seen.

This is a great film, it ain't gonna appeal to everyone but if anyone loved cheesy 80's movie horror film this is a must-see, it's actually more of a comedy than a horror, but there's zombies in it so i guess it's a horror.

The star of the film is Bud, the main CHUD zombie you get caught on his quest to find the love of his life, Katie. He munches on a lot of people along the way and finally confronts her in the final scenes, which is actually quite sad and almost brought a tear to my eye (no s**t).

If anyone's up for a good laugh and loves zombies get this film, it's great entertainment and funny as hell, all the people on here who voted this a '1' need to lighten and start to enjoy life, cause this was some funny s**t.

The only gripe i have is the movie's lack of gore, if they'd totally bloodied this up and made it a bit more hardcore this would be amazing.

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Bud the chud13 May 2002
This Film is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. It has a great cast, with Robert Vaughn putting in a career best with the character Masters. He plays a slightly crazy, Frankenstein type role, believing the c.h.u.d.s to be fantastic, and trying to carry on with his military operation. This performance is only matched by Gerrit Graham who plays the lead zombie Bud. His zombie walk is excellent, and has many cool lines to say "Eat them up, Eat them up, YUM, YUM, YUM!" This film is a bit of a "Day of the Dead" rip off, either having cleaver zombies called `Bud' or "Bub". However as it is going to emulate a film as good as Day of the Dead, at least it does it well, with lots of comedy moments. Check out Cameos by comedian Rich Hall, Bianca Jagger and Freddy's Robert England. Also the lead student played by Brian Robbins, has gone on to be a direct Varsity Blues and other films. This is a must see for all Zombie fans, and everyone else should just watch it for Masters' witty snide remarks. 10/10
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Not as bad as everyone says
duce12214 July 1999
Okay, so this wasn't "Night of the Living Dead." It was not a great film, but nowhere near as horrendous as everyone says. Gerrit Graham made me giggle a few times as Bud the CHUD. While Brian Robbins, Bill Calvert, and Tricia Leigh Fisher aren't Oscar-winners, Robert Vaughn did a great job with an otherwise horrible script. I watched this on TV at 3 am and it kept me awake. Rent it if you have nothing better to do.

My rating: 4 out of 10
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A really horrible movie, but I liked it anyway.
jeffthebarbarian15 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is downright awful; it stinks. However, despite that fact, I really like it. I caught CHUD 2 on the sci-fi channel when I was in high school. Wow, I thought to myself, this is a horrific movie...horrifically bad. It's also hysterically funny. I think you have to be in the right frame of mind to watch this movie. Think slapstick (or perhaps slapstick as this is a horror movie...haha, get it?) with gore. Anyway, you have to be in the mood to enjoy corn and camp because this movie is chock full of it. The special effects are cheesy (like supermac from Kraft...the cheesiest there is) as is the dialog and acting. The best part...when the lead zombie literally takes out his heart to offer it to a girl. It's one of the dumbest things I've ever seen on screen, but it's awesome. A literal translation for giving someone your heart. Don't miss the awful theme song (I want it as the ringer for my phone). This movie is so bad, but in a good way. Anyway, if you laughed at any of the jokes in this review (they were awful, I know), then you just might like the movie; they're both on about the same level.
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This is movie magic
Pip Hodgkinson7 February 2003
CHUD 2 stands alone as one of the finest peices of american cinema made in the late eighties starring Robert Vaughn featuringing Canabolistic Humaniod Underground Dwellers! Yeah, yeah some people may be able to find flaws in this beautiful teen comedy but I like to think of it as a diamond amongst all the ex rental coal you'll see whilst digging this little gem out (Troll2 for example!pah "their eating her and then their going to eat me!" no such poor dialouge in CHUD!) Then theres the twist! who would have guessed that the teen who we follow throughout and ressurected the CHUD in his bathtub would finish the film a CHUD himself? not I but image my delight! Will we ever see a CHUD three instead of making sequals to no hopers like Jurrasic Park they surely could put a bit of money toward CHUD3? It wouldn't cost much and the script wouldn't be hard to hammer out! I would be delighted to see CHUDs stomping on the big screen once more..but I can't believe this got to any big screen before sadly. If you haven't seen it, don't. Just trust me, it's great! And give it 10/10 lets pump the rating of this movie above the 1.3 mark people.
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It's not a sequel and it's not another C.H.U.D. movie. End of story.
Vomitron_G15 August 2010
Well... many years ago, in all my naivety, I rented this one expecting a serious, scary and foul sequel to the original "C.H.U.D.", one of my 80's favorites (not even a guilty pleasure, mind you). After approximately 20 minutes I turned this turkey off, insulted and rather angry. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with the original (other than a very vague reference to the cannibalistic tendencies of the alleged Chuddies portrayed in this movie).

Now - the year of writing is 2007 - more than a decade later, with the right mindset and under the influence of a certain person, I decided to give this film another shot. This time determined to watched it all the way through. And, yes, it's totally retarded, but... still some fun and worth a few laughs. It's a pretty dumb horror-comedy that tries to be something like "Night Of The Creeps" or "Return Of The Living Dead, part 2". But it fails completely in being as good. If you like mind-numbingly stoopie horror-spoofs, you still might have some fun with it. Even I did, I'll admit that much. And the climax in the swimming pool was even quite amusing. But I still hold a grudge against it for nearly traumatizing me more than a decade ago. And in the end, it's not much better than, let's say, the zombieësque equivalent of an 80's slasher-spoof like "Killer Party". Hence my rating.
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Good, not great, but definately not bad
ShelbyShocked7 March 2002
I saw this movie a few years ago and I got some good laughs out of it. It's not meant to be a horror George Romero movie or anything like that...It's a funny movie about funny zombies...I mean seriously, those of you who have seen this movie how could you not laugh at the whole "MEAT!" chasing poodle scene...
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Zombies + Tricia Leigh Fisher = I like it
I was fortunate enough to catch this oddity at 5:30 am whilst toiling away on a project for my Typography class. Yeah, yeah, yeah..so it's not exactly a mind blowing masterpiece, no cinematic tour-de-force.

But so what? Neither was the original C.H.U.D. Granted, C.H.U.D. isn't that bad of a film, but it's not that great either (with the exception of Daniel Stern and John Goodman, no matter how limited his screen time was)But C.H.U.D. is good for what it is.

And the same goes for C.H.U.D. 2. It stars Robert Vaughn, that kid from Head of the Class (otherwise known as Brian Robbins), Tricia Leigh Fisher, Larry Linville, Bianca Jagger, Norman Fell, June Lockhart, Robert Englund in cameos and the hilarious Gerrit Graham as a zombie?! Well hot damn, sounds like a fun little time waster to me!

As our story goes, in a nutshell, the C.H.U.D. experiments have nearly been perfected--except that the mutated test subject (enter Bud) still craves human flesh (or in this sequel, brains). So the experiment is scrapped, and Bud is to be terminated. But he escapes, is frozen, and is then transported to the Winterhaven Disease Control center for safe keeping. If he's ever needed, an electrical jolt to the brain will do the trick to wake him.

Enter the high school kids: Kevin, Katie (Fisher), and Steve (Robbins). Due to science project malfunctions, Kevin & Steve must stay after school in the loading dock of the school, preparing things for tomorrow's science class. Incidentally, the next class project involves a corpse, which Steve loses. In typical '80s fashion, he decides (much to Kevin's chagrin) to steal a replacement corpse.

Take a guess as to the whereabouts of where & who this replacement is. Har har. Now take a guess as to what happens next. Yes, dear Bud awakens and hijinks and "chudification" ensue. Along the way, he falls in love with Katie (re-animated corpse or not, I would do the same), and forms an alliance of C.H.U.D.s (including June Lockhart and Norman Fell!) Where the government falls short, the kids come in and they must stop this epidemic of C.H.U.D.s before they can wreak ("I think it's Latin.") havoc upon the entire nation!

And yes, the best part is when Katie wears her bathing suit. And my reaction was not one of amusement over the look of it, or how lowcut it was. Oh, and Bud reacts in a way that many emo boys would cringe with painful identification at.

This is an amusing film, filled with stumbling, comical actors slapped with gray paint, explosions, various one liners ("This CHUD's for you!"), references to other films (loved the shades of Day of the Dead and the Charlie Brown reference, as well as the close up on the marquee showing John Huston's The Dead), and general absurdity.

Bud even has his own theme song, which never ceases to repeat over and over in my head (and is almost as entertaining as the theme to Terrorvision), along with songs by Wall of Voodoo.

All in all, C.H.U.D. 2 is harmless, enjoyable fluff. Just take it for what it is--a mind numbing horror comedy.
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This movie is hysterical!
hippiegal9 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
May contain spoilers

There's a weird feeling while watching this movie. It plays and feels like a spoof of bad 80's horror flicks(a.k.a. students bodies). Yet it's the real deal. CHUD 2 is the sort of movie you have to see just to believe with your own eyes how bad it is. Three teenagers kidnap a corpse from a disease center. He comes back to life(kinda), gets some stylish digs and starts munching on people. Once you become a CHUD you sport Halloween make up and develop bad teeth. I've never seen the fist CHUD movie so I can't make a statement on how valid that is compared to the first. Of course it's Halloween night so take a wild guess what happens from there. I don't know who's more entertaining to watch Gerrit Graham, Robert Vaughn or the poodle. Gerrit Graham is a delight to watch. Bud is a living cartoon character. He's a zombie monster, but he's likable and entertaining. It helps that Gerrit Graham looks like a real cartoon character who has come to life. ( or is it afterlife?)Robert Vaughn eats up so much scenery in this movie he probably should have gone on a diet after it was done filming. The General character spurts some of the most mind numbing dialogue I can think of. It's worst watching for the over the top acting. Yes even for Robert Vaughn it's over the top acting. Then we have the poodle. How could anybody not laugh at a movie with a ZOMBIE POODLE!The campfest meter goes off the scale. If some one's looking for a bad movie to poke fun of or need a good laugh. Then I highly recommend this movie. It's a good example why low budget teen horror flicks vanished for a while. As a horror movie -5 As a camp comedy 10
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Rip on me, but I still love this movie!
blackkatdemon28 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The first time I seen this movie I was a kid that snuck out of bed while the parents where sleeping. That's how I was introduced to a lot of horror movies watching Up All Night. I remember it but never the name. It took many years to find out the name of the movie. The ending is what I remember mostly. I found it on Ebay on a 8 horror movie DVD set and bought it. This movie as soon as I started watching it, everything came back.

CHUD 2: Bud the chud is a sequel of CHUD 1, it is a corny, campy, funny, & considered a horror movie. For many who don't know the name Bud Oliver he is the main chud in CHUD 2. I don't know if he was a private that signed up for a army experiment or what. If he was just a dead guy they brought back, or whatever. From what I have read the chud's in the 1st movie they were mutants living in the sewer. In this version the chud's are more zombie like or even ghouls. I mean a lot of people have really hated this movie, & I'm sorry I like it. This movie is not like the first one, and should be seen as not a sequel at all.

The thing that works for this movie is Bud's facial expression's. Bud's facial expressions are what tells you happy, sad, relaxed, confused, and even mad. Bud speaks very little, but has good comic timing. I don't know if it is for every bite Bud gets a little smarter or more talkative. Plus he has these wicked looking teeth. They look like Christopher Walkens teeth in Sleepy Hollow. I still liked the ending of the movie, sort of feel kind of bad for the guy at the end. Plus it's the only movie I have ever seen where the guy offer's up his heart to a girl.

There's a scene in the movie that still cracks me up and it is where Bud is watching a woman doing exercises. Kind of following along with her, then she goes out to feed her cat. He's standing in front of her, as she looks up she goes "What big feet you have, then big thumbs, & starts talking to him". I mean it's funny cause he's standing there listening to her go off asking questions. Gesturing/thinking about it then he smile's, and another chud is made.

This movie lives up to the 80's series of horror comedy's out there. It's well worth a watch, maybe a laugh or 2. It has the same song repeating through out the movie, kind of annoying. The movie has little bits of humor throughout the movie. True, to the 80's is the fashion, now of days we worry about all that hairspray. I think they even make a little reference to Frankenstein w/Bud wearing a black coat with short sleeves. The writing's not the best, then again maybe that is what makes it fun to watch. The poodle is cute even takes out a few people, and drags a post man down the road. There's of course a Halloween Dance that all the chuds decide to crash. Bud does has the final word in the movie with "Good-Bye!"

Anyway still love this movie, laugh at some of the lines, goofs, but that's what makes it one of my favorites to watch.
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Why did I watch such a bad movie?
Christopher Nash28 July 1999
This was the worst movie I have ever seen. I have never walked out on a movie and I never plan to. I watched this movie right to the end and I swear that my T.V. was almost going to shatter into tiny pieces. C.H.U.D. 2 is not even close to the original movie. The government is producing CHUD's for war. CHUD's eat or nibble on any living creature and then that creature becomes a CHUD. It's sort of like a disease. CHUD's are soo stupid as well. If a rocket scientist get chewed on by a CHUD, it becomes a CHUD with no brain. CHUD's have no brain and that is also why this movie is so stupid. The two main characters are two big sterotypes of people. One's a slacker and overacts his part and the other is a nerd and is way overdone. In the movie these two main character's brake into a secret government facility and steal a body with no one knowing about it. This is a secret facility yet two boys steal a large frozen body and walk out the front door with it. Did anyone see them? I guess not. So stupid. Save your energy, money, time and effort and just smash your T.V. and VCR ahead of time so you won't have to watch this stupid movie.
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Let us "chew the fat..." or in this case, "Bud the Chud" about this awesome film!
Seth Nelson2 July 2006
Very late one night, I found this very different and very interesting horror film playing on the television: "C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud." The minute it came on my screen...My! It had completely blown me out of my seat and into the dark, broody, and awesome world of action, suspense, drama, and most importantly, horror! I liked how scary it was, even late at night! Everything from start to finish just made me melt, or better yet, molt! I especially liked the theme song - it fits the high spirit off such a great horror flick!

Now, you may not be a big time fan of this movie when you see this for the very first time, but for me, it was different! "C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud" also sounds like one of those evil, broody films about a scary doll that comes to life (Chucky)!!! (Well, maybe just the title.) Okay, I am giving this a 10 and that's final!

Don't let Bud the Chud bite when you go to bed tonite!!!!!
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Not even "so bad it's good"!
pleiades1015 August 2000
I heard the warnings... I was told to stay away at all costs... I didn't believe them. Now I have this horrible excuse for a movie in my memory forever!


There was great potential for a follow up to the original and excellent "C.H.U.D." However, to change the direction from a serious horror story with ecological warnings to a goofy slapstick comedy was about the worst thing that could be done.

The CHUDs in the movie look like rejects from a living dead film, and the acting... well, the less said the better.

In fact, the only cool thing about C.H.U.D. II is the video's cover art. Pick it up at your video store, and imagine that if that eerie scene had really been in a CHUD sequel. We don't get that with CHUD 2. Not even close.
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D.U.D. II - Dud the Chump
Where to begin with this flop of a dud. Lets start with the pathetically weak acting coupled with the paper thin plot. Now, neither of us have seen the first D.U.D. movie, and after viewing this nightmare of modern cinema, we have no desire to ever talk, listen or think about anything associated with the D.U.D sequel. There were several problems that plagued this film. First and foremost is the inconsistent behavior of the Chuds. Were these creatures supposed to be scary. After several scenes with Chud chantings (meat, eat, buffet, rah rah rah), a choreographed Thriller dance took place unexpectedly. This is hardly scary. The scary part was the music that accompanied the Chuds every time they searched for their prey. What was this noise pollution that the producers of this movie subjected us to. Basically, it was lyrical brilliance (dada dada da Bud the Chud). Now the whole point of the movie was that the Chuds supposedly ate people, yet nobody ever got eaten. They just were transformed into Chuddy Duddies and once again a recycled plot (Night of Living Dead) rears its ugly chuddy head. Another fatal flaw and unnecessary plot twist was Dud the Chump falling in love with Katie. It caused him to turn into a pathetic whiney wimp in which he says "Hi" in a very feminine voice and continues his sappy behavior by ripping out his heart. Another just flat out stupid scene was the Chud trying to pick up his head as it rolled around the woods. And what was with this research center? It was as accessible as a public phone booth. I guess anyone who needs a diseased dead body can pop in late at night and take one. And the computers at this place looked like Lite-Brites. We really don't feel like wasting anymore time reviewing this movie so we'll be brief about the mistakes - fake fish at the mall, fake stuffed poodle, one bullet causes a car to explode, the speed of the gurny as it exits the school changes abruptly, and plot holes dealing with main characters chudimizing without any explanation. Without revealing the ending we can honestly say it stunk to high heavens. It just made no sense, you have to see it to know what we're talking about. We both had to watch this movie in installments because we kept falling asleep from boredom. Afterwards we took the $0.79 five-day rental out of the VCR and it chuddimized right before our eyes.
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A Fun Flick That Will Be Remembered in the Anals (no, not annals) of History!
Mr_Censored1 July 2010
If you happen to come across "C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud" and are expecting a logical sequel to the 1984 cult-classic, you will only walk away disappointed. If, however, you are in the mood for a nice, healthy portion of late-80's cheese, then this zombie-spoof just may be the ticket!

After two bumbling teenage buddies (Brian Robbins and Bill Calvert) misplace a cadaver intended for their high school science class, they find a replacement in Bud (Gerrit Graham). Bud is a C.H.U.D. (which, if you recall the first film, stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) and seeing as how he is the last of his kind, the government sees fit to stuff him away in a minimum security facility in a podunk little town. The two pry the titular Chud from the facility with minimal effort, and after killing the family dog and clogging the toilet, Bud strolls through town, turning anyone and everyone he comes across into a like-minded zombie, on the prowl for a little fun and a little flesh.

This film is ridiculous, that's for sure. Whether it's the goofball dialog, the "Thriller" inspired dance number or the theme song that accompanies Bud, there is hardly a moment where it looks like anyone took what they were doing seriously when making this film. It has a real fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants spirit that maybe made its producers and distributors nervous, but nevertheless, translates to a gloriously goofy good time. Vibrant performances are in abundance, with everyone from seasoned actor Robert Vaughn, who viciously chews up the scenery, to the beautiful Tricia Leigh Fisher, the supportive girlfriend who finds herself the object of Bud's affection. Go into this one with expectations of a care-free good-time and you'll likely find "C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud" to be a blast.
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CHUD II:Bud the Chud
Scarecrow-8826 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Two high schoolers, rubber-faced Steve(Brian Robbins)&nerdy Kevin(Bill Calvert)accidentally release their professor's cadaver into the highway on a gurney. They retrieve what they believe is a corpse in a Disease Control Center not knowing that the body is of a frozen CHUD is cryogenic stasis, put there by the mad Colonel Masters(Robert Vaughn, having a field day as the crazed military man with plenty of humorous quips at his disposal).

They accidentally thaw this CHUD(Gerrit Graham playing the zombie to the hilt, nicknamed Bud by Masters)with electrical current and he roams confusingly free until Steve and Kevin lock him in the basement. Soon, however, Bud breaks from his cage with a city of innocents at his disposal. CHUDs are cannibals who enjoy a chomp on human flesh and blood..just enough to keep them satisfied. Their bites are very much like the plague..anyone bitten becomes infected with "CHUDism". So Masters and company must find Steve and Kevin so they can secure Bud before a dangerous outbreak of zombies occurs. Too late. Soon many are infected, along with Steve's pet poodle who carries off the mail man in a ridiculous scene! Steve and Kevin will have to find a way to catch Bud riding along with pal Katie(Tricia Leigh Fisher)in her automobile. It seems Bud has reason and can communicate..he even falls for Katie when he finds a picture of her in Steve's room(he actually gives his heart to her..literally!). It will all come to a head at the Halloween High School Dance where Masters' right hand suit Graves(Larry Cedar)tries to hold off the CHUDS as Steve, Kevin & Katie plan to trap the zombies. Their shady goal is to trap the CHUDs in the high school pool, tossing all the cryogenic tanks available in the military van they confiscated from the now-gone-loco Masters who hit the high road when the going was getting rough. Kevin believes that he can use an electrical hose pulled from the wall to electrocute the CHUDs to kingdom come.

Silly horror comedy is pretty awful, but clearly smiling at you from the set with a wide wink. No one, especially Vaughn and Robbins, take this film seriously at all mugging with glee at the audience..hopefully for your, especially their, amusement.
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oh, these 80's horror movies
actionmoviestar28 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
"C.H.U.D II- Bud the Chud" is your standard horror movie. It isn't anything special. This film holds the great honor of being an 80's horror film. Yes, I said it: 80's horror film. Within that you know it's gonna be utterly cheesy. The plot was dumb, the acting was nothing spectacular and the zombies didn't look like zombies. They literally looked like people on crack. The way they kill the zombies are kind of silly. This movie wasn't actually bad though. This movie and several other movies like it proves, in my opinion, that the 80's was the only decade out there that had the most cheesiest horror movies ever made. SPOILER-Pay very close attention because you'll see a very brief cameo by Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund.
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The biggest mistake anyone can make is to watch this rubbish…
Coventry13 July 2012
I would like to make an addition to this movie's tagline. It currently just states: "Their first mistake was stealing a corpse... Their second mistake was waking him up." Can we please add: "The third and biggest mistake anyone can ever make is to watch this giant pile of stinking movie rubbish!" I'm a big fan of the original "C.H.U.D" and consider it to be a modest and sadly overlooked cult gem of 80's horror. The sequel, however, I only consider to be a hugely irrelevant, imbecilic and redundant piece of crap. And it's not because I'm taking it too seriously or because I don't have a sense of humor… It's because the script of this supposedly light-headed and tongue-in-cheek horror comedy sequel is the complete opposite of funny. Part two has absolutely nothing in common with the cool original, which dealt with mutated creatures prowling the sewers of Soho, and should never have been associated with it. There's only one C.H.U.D left alive and the sleazy military colonel Masters orders to freeze the body, hoping that one day he can generate a race of indestructible zombie soldiers based on its capacities. Two dim-witted high school students snitch the body from a research lab and, moreover, accidentally bring it back to life at their house. The creature, moronically nicknamed Bud, wanders off into town where he infects a big number of unsuspecting civilians. I honestly don't want to waste too much time on reviewing "C.H.U.D II"… The humor is infantile, the characters are insufferable and the complete absence of blood is unforgivable. Lead star Brian Robbins truly irritated the hell out of me, what with his bizarre looking mouth and stupid grimaces, and even veteran actor Robert Vaughn couldn't bring a positive touch. In all honesty I even have to admit that I didn't manage to finish my viewing, and that really doesn't happen to me all that often. Totally ridiculous and retarded movie.
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This movie pinpoints exactly where Robert Vaughn went wrong...
Aussie Stud27 February 2001
After viewing this garbage on video, I have to admit that you can't get much worse than this.

This movie really had nothing to do with its predecessor. It basically shares the same title and introduces a C.H.U.D. by the name of "Bud" who is a government experiment gone wrong unleashed upon an unsuspecting town in the U.S. This movie is 'supposedly' comedy, but comes off more as a 'patience-tester'.

For the sub-plots involving the "C.H.U.D.ified" dog, the Halloween party and the swimming pool - this is material that may have easily been lifted from a script intended for a typical crass episode of "Roseanne".

For June Lockhart and Normal Fell to appear in this film for what may have been a total of five minutes on-screen time - all I can say is, "What the Hell?". Was "Lost In Space" and "Three's Company" not enough???

And as for Robert Vaughan. All I could have asked him to do was to have looked at the camera, pointed and said, "Tell them you mean *BUSINESS*!"

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