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Not as bad as you think
Jsimpson528 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of people will tell you that this film is not that good. I didn't think that this film was that bad. I mean most 80's martial arts films, were not meant to be Oscar winners, it's your standard B movie of the 80's.

Basically when Sean was a young kid, he dad was killed, and he learned the ways of the Ninja from Izumo. Sean then becomes a karate champion and goes to a world championship karate tournament at a paradise type island.

The film itself has all of the typical things of a B grade martial arts movie from the 80's. Mediocre acting, cheesy one lines, but some good fight scenes.

I don't know why a lot of people think that Michele Chan it's not that good looking, I don't think she's unattractive, but that's my opinion.

If you like campy acting and cheesy one liners, then you will like this film.
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Different star, same old action!
GOWBTW1 September 2005
This sequel is slightly different from the other two movies. The star in this movie is David Bradley. What happened to Michael Dudikoff? Well that's not the problem there. The only person I know is Steve James; Curtis "Powerhouse" Jackson. Everyone including the young fighter who has some fire in him. I liked it when he deflects the ninja's action with an oar, and decks him with a crescent kick. Jackson grabs one of the ninjas and drops him on his knee and delivers an elbow strike to the chest. Kind of like a power-breaking feat. Sean(Bradley) was drugged at one point, and the lady ninja, teaches him mind of matter, which he uses at the end. The bad parts are which the ninja and the young guy was killed, the kid tried to catch the arrows, a little too late. The bright spots is when Jackson had the dual-bladed sword and slices one ninja, and orders him to "DIE!" on Jackson command. It was Steve James last AN movie, at least he'll be remembered as Curtis "Powerhouse" Jackson. RIP Steve James, you're the man!
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Lots of karate combats , fighting and plenty of suspense and thrills .
ma-cortes12 December 2021
New installment in which the American Ninja encounters ample reasons and opportunity to use his deadly skills . Lots of action , thrills , shoot-outs and non-sense fighting and plenty of silly intrigue . Jackson (the late Steve James who early died of pancreatic cancer) is back, and now he has a new partner, a karate champion , the tough Joe (or Sean Davidson) , 'The American Ninja' (David Bradley) , as they travel to a far island to compete in a martial arts tournament, there the two-fisted duo must face a deadly terrorist known as "The Cobra", who has infected Sean with a virus , while manufacturing mass-produced an army of violent Ninjas by means of genetic engineering . Some people are disappearing and they must investigate their location. The prime suspect is a villain , drugs dealer , The Cobra (Marjoe Gortner) and mastermind Gen. Andreas (Yehuda Efroni) boasting his badness with hammy panache . Sean and Jackson have no choice but to fight the nasty ruler who has imposed a dictatorship at a country supported by the Cobra and his bands of ninjas . But Sean is kidnapped and Jackson goes into action, as he must save his friend from experimentation , while the Cobra threatening with his horrifying biological weapon. The super-Nijas dressed in black, hooded, a blade on the back and using Shinkaisen, a metallized star they throw . Now his most deadly enemy ... is time. Evil with no cure. A warrior with no fear.

This is plenty of action , adventures , fights , suspense in a comic book style . It's a gripping story of one man's revenge , as Sean Davison carries out a merciless vendetta against the villain who killed his father , including graphic violent scenes . The film displays a Norris' style but Chuck does it much better . This violent art-martial film is the third entry about our heroes , the brave Sean Davison : David Bradley along with his proficient sidekick , Jackson : Steve James who undertake a difficult mission at a island where takes place the Karate world Championship . At the beginning this movie was not originally intended to be part of the American Ninja series ; however , producers Avi Lerner , John Stodel and Harry Alan Towers changing their mind , this explains why star David Bradley plays Joe, a different role than the Sean Davidson character Michael Dudikoff played in American Ninja 1 and American Ninja 2 . Stars two expert fighters : David Bradley and Steve James , as they'll wipe out a passel of violent Ninjas , as the invincible pair running afoul while facing off evil criminals . David Bradley who is beefy as ever plays a two-fisted karate man utilizing efficiently his deadly skills . The movie is well co-starred by Steve James(1952-1993), a corpulent fighter , who's as sympathetic and charismatic as ever, he usually acted partner to tough stars, Michael Dudikoff (three times), Chuck Norris and David Carradine . Boring , embarrassing and pedestrian screnplay by actor/writer Gary Conway based on character created by Avi Kleinberger and Gideon Amir. Atmospheric musical score composed by synthesizer is musicalized by George S Clinton . The soundtrack for the movie is mainly just a sample from composer George S. Clinton's former score for Avenging Force (1986) by Sam Firstemberg . The film was lousily professionally directed by Cedric Sundstrom , he's a low-grade expert about art-martial and Ninjas sub-genre and in Delta Force rip-offs . ¨American Ninja¨ has various entries starred by Michael Dudikoff substituted by David Bradley and Steve James and mostly directed by Firstemberg and Cedric Sundstrom .

The series is formed by the following ones : the first two "American Ninja" series entries produced in middling/low budget by Yoran Globus and Menahem Golan, Cannon Productions , ¨American Ninja I¨ (1985) by Sam Firstemberg with Michael Dudikoff , Steve James . ¨American Ninja¨2 (1987) by Sam Firstemberg with Dudikoff , James , Larry Poindexter , Gary Conway , Jeff Celentano . ¨American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt¨(1989) , but Michael Dudikoff turned down the lead role in this film for various reasons , among them being the fact that he didn't want to get burned out on martial-arts movies with Steve James , David Bradley , as David Bradley's character was originally offered to Kurt McKinney, who turned it down for fear of being typecast as a martial-arts actor. Michael Dudikoff returned for the fourth "American Ninja" : ¨American Ninja: Annihilation¨ by Cedric Sundstrom with David Bradley, James Booth , Ken Gampu. And ¨American Ninja V¨ by Bob Bralbel with David Bradley , Pat Morita , this film was not originally intended to be part of the American Ninja series. As Cannon Pictures made it under the title American Dragons but the title was changed to American Ninja V before release. This explains why star David Bradley plays Joe, a different character than the Sean Davidson character he played in American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt, and American Ninja 4: The Annihilation .
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"American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt" - Ye-ah! (as Lil' Jon would say)
sethn17211 April 2006
Pow! Who's the hot, cool cucumber who works out daily, practices his shooting techniques and martial arts daily, and always puts the baddies where they belong? Why, the American Ninja, of course! And there are five movies starring the "Hero of America!" "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt" is one of them!

This is one movie that you, the action movie fan, must spend Friday nights watching! This will keep you on the edge of your chair or sofa so much, you'll land on the floor and hurt your...well, you know...

If only there were a million of those "American Ninjas..."

...think of how better this place can be! A true, blue, red-blooded American movie like this gets the ten star treatment! Have fun watching this movie!
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not quite as good as the two previous movies
disdressed128 April 2010
i didn't mind this movie all that much,although i don't think it measures up to the previous two in the series.Michael Dudikoff may not be the greatest actor,but in my opinion,he's much better than David Bradley,who plays the American Ninja in this i also like Dudikoff's character more.the plot in this one is almost a carbon copy of the second one,save for the beginning sequence,which sets up the rest of the movie.Steve James appears in this one as well,and has some good lines.he's probably the best actor of the bunch.the fighting sequences are lacklustre to me and not that well executed compared to the previous movie.still,the movie is entertaining enough.for me,American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt is a 6/10
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manitobaman8123 August 2014
You could say that the film is built on a firm base, but it's also one big pile of self-obsession. Jackson is back, and now he has a new partner, karate champion Sean, as they must face a deadly terrorist known as "The Cobra", who has infected Sean with a virus. Sean and Jackson have no choice but to fight the Cobra and his bands of ninjas. If you end up watching this, you will probably be like me in saying that it starts off great then gradually begins to suck. It holds the attention but demands complete suspension of logic. I could've cared less what happened to these characters because there was no depth to them and I didn't feel attached to them at all. Ninja fans will like it. We've seen these clichéd characters a million times.
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Less military & better fight scenes. A proper martial arts film!
BrickNash10 June 2014
American Ninja 3 is almost universally hated by fans of the first two films, probably because Michael Dudikoff does not reprise his role as Joe Armstrong and 'new blood' was cast instead. Perhaps it failed because it dared to carry the American Ninja name instead of trying to be a stand alone film. Then again maybe people only watched it because of the name!

In any case, American Ninja 3 is my favourite of the series, mainly because it drops the military fetish of the previous films in favour of pure martial arts action. The acting is neither above nor below the first two films and shouldn't be a factor in this genre anyway. Where American Ninja 3 excels is the action. The fight scenes are so much better choreographed than the clumsy action of the first two films. David Bradley is obviously a real martial artist and this casting makes a tremendous difference to the choreography. Gone are the simple throws and tight camera work tailored to mask Dudikoff's lack of martial skill and now we have lots of fast wide angle fights with flashy kicks and some meaty sound effects. The 80's style and fashions of the film only help to make me smile and of course the fantastic Steve James (the real star of the show) makes a welcome return.

I guess it's all down to taste. I was brought up on Eastern Martial arts films with fine choreography from an early ages so when the American market started their attempts in the 80's the fights just weren't up to scratch for me and the first two films were a disappointment in that area as well as being more A-Team than Ninja.

American Ninja 3 addresses these points and gets the focus of the film (the fights) right and that's all anyone can ask for in this genre, because if you are looking for moving acting or tremendous plots you are looking in the wrong genre.

Not a patch on Hong Kong films but s solid martial arts film in it's own right!
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American Ninja 3-Blood Hunt
retta-8818 April 2006
I don't think any action movies they make are Oscar material. But,for the insomniac in all of us thank god they do make them. If you did watch the movie BLOOD HUNT, retribution was not on the agenda.!!!! Sean saving his master Izumo was the plot of the movie. It just so happens that he became the guinea pig and that the murderer of his father happened to be one of the bad guys. The movie sidekick Dex was utterly the worst even smegal would have been better. More of David's martial arts would have been better I do agree. And considering he was a martial artist who became an actor instead of an actor trying to martial arts like Michael Dudikoff..Hey don't get me wrong I like Micheal too. My favorite movie of his was AVENGING FORCE with our fav sidekick Jackson.
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Blood Hunt
Scarecrow-8830 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
David Bradley slides into the role once occupied by Dudikoff as Sean who, as a boy, saw his father shot by The Cobra's(Marjoe Gortner)henchman Andreas(Yehuda Efroni). The Cobra needed the money at the karate tournament to fund his ongoing germ warfare experiments for sale to terrorists, and ten years later has the disease ready. He needs a strong lab animal and David Bradley is that very animal. They use Sean's master(Chan Lee, played by Michele B Chan, impersonating him)to persuade him into considering drawing near East Bay Labs where the Cobra is waiting with bated breath for him. Steve James returns as Curtis Jackson, out of the Army, and attending the same karate tournament as Sean..except he's in the sword competition. But, when danger threatens Sean, Curtis is only willing to help out a friend(how they are friends is never elaborated upon). Dexter(Evan J Klisser, the supposed comic support/lackey)joins up with them to find out what The Cobra and East Bay Labs are up to. Though, soon Sean will find himself in the clutches of The Cobra and the deadly virus within his system. He'll not only need his friends to help rescue him, but the antidote as well. Chan Lee will see the error of her ways(she thought The Cobra was behind solving the world's disease with cures)and assist the team in trying to stop the mad man.

Not very good, with lots of plot problems and stupid behavior by the bad guys who go out of their way to be taken down by Sean and Curtis. The ninjas are merely wimps in costumes(even Dex is able to beat the crap out of them). The fight choreography is not very good as ninjas pop out for certain beat-downs. The good guys seem to rarely suffer the effects of blows to the face, but the ninjas drop pretty quickly. It's fun seeing James kicking ass, but even that can not save a dire, lame plot. The sequence towards the end where Sean tries to battle the virus within him through meditation is a howler. Even worse is Marjoe as Cobra who seems to have peed in his pants at the end as he tries to fight Bradley. The film ultimately is about watching Bradley and company mowing down men dressed up because real ninja would have finished them off rather quickly. Still, Bradley at least has a physical presence and seems to do most of his own martial arts work which helps at least add a hint of realism to his part, but watching these ninjas come out of the woodwork only to be thrown around and their limbs snapped with ease doesn't help the film any.
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Lackluster entry in the series
Woodyanders17 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
American army soldiers Sean Davidson (woodenly played by Dave Bradley) and Curtis Jackson (the late, great Steve James, who's as likable and charismatic as ever) journey to a remote island to compete in a martial arts tournament. However, the duo run afoul of evil criminal mastermind The Cobra (essayed with hammy panache by Marjoe Gortner) and his terrifying biological weapon. Director Cedric Sundstrom, working from a pedestrian script by Gary Conway, allows the routine story to plod along at a sluggish pace and stages the infrequent fights in a bland and unexciting manner. Moreover, the insipid Bradley makes for a poor substitute for the much more appealing Michael Dudikoff while Evan J. Klisser seriously grates on the nerves as irritating comic relief doofus Dexter. Worst of all, this picture lacks the crazy energy and sense of campy fun of the previous movies; instead this flick is a strangely listless run-of-the-mill chocksocky outing. Cruddy ending credits theme song, too. Pretty blah and forgettable.
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It Was of Like Karate Kid Meets Ninjas
alucard_castlevania8613 June 2011
When I found out that Dudikoff was not going to feature in this sequel, my heart sank immediately but still, I decided to give this one a chance. Sadly, it didn't live up the expectations that I had hoped for

First off, I thought that the character Sean Davidson written for newly American Ninja star David Bradley here was kind of out of place. Hands down to David for an impressive performance here but I felt that he was portrayed more of like of the grown up version of Daniel from karate kid and has no Ninja background within him whatsoever which for me seemed out of place

Apart from that, I felt that the script for film was quickly rewritten after Dudikoff's exit. Rumors had it that he and the director (and probably Steve James) had some kind of argument backstage which led to Michael's departure from the franchise. James did a decent job in trying to make the film entertaining but in the end the film failed to impress me due to the fact that the title itself didn't really connect to the film

I think that if the crew took time in developing Bradley's character better (by giving him a more convincing ninja background), then it would have made the film better than what was given here
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Unsatisfying sequel
Wizard-816 May 2004
I don't know exactly why Michael Dudikoff didn't return for part 3, but apparently some conflict did emerge between him and Cannon, seeing how his agent (when contacted by a Hollywood gossip column) refused to get into it and simply said, "He's appearing in no more ninja movies!" (Oddly, Dudikoff did return for part 4.) Upon examining the finished product (and remembering the details from the previous movies), it seems that part 3 *was* originally written for Dudikoff's return. Sure, the movie showcases Bradley's character, but as you are watching the movie, you can mentally do some minor rewrites in your mind and see Dudikoff in the role. The fact that there are a number of scenes that do absolutely nothing to advance the plot, as well as a third-wheel character who proves to be absolutely unnecessary, just further the suspicion that the movie was hastily reconstructed upon Dudikoff's exit.

Whether or not the movie was rewritten or not, the end results are pretty poor. Once again, Steve James proves the better actor (and martial artist), though this time around he barely gets a chance to show both of those talents. Bradley proves to be even more underwhelming than Dudikoff, if you can imagine that. The low budget is starting to become pretty evident, and the whole enterprise is poorly directed. Not just with the fight scenes being remarkably unexciting, but even simple scenes of dialogue are at times done with incredible incompetence. The story itself is pretty garbled at times - that is, when it *bothers* to try telling a story. But what do you expect from notorious schlock producer Harry Alan Towers? It's hard to believe, but he has you fondly remembering the days of Golan and Globus!
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A new lead was not what this series needed
sveknu13 May 2005
OK. "American Ninja 3 - Blood Hunt". Starring David Bradley as the lead. I don't know why Dudikoff quit, but I wish that it hadn't happened. Not that I dislike David Bradley, but Dudikoff is just a better actor, without doubt. On the contrary, Bradley is better in the fighting scenes, which (as always) makes up an important part in the movie. The problem is that Michael Dudikoff and Steve James had a special chemistry between themselves that now is gone. But it was a relief finding out that James was in this movie. Without him, it had been much worse. "American Ninja 3" has much of the same as in the two first movies, but with lower quality.
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Amost satisfying Ninja-enriched B-Movie treat!
Weirdling_Wolf29 March 2021
'American Ninja 3 : Blood Hunt' (1989) - Cedric Sundstrom.

As though to give skull crushing credence to the age-old adage of 'third time lucky', director Cedric Sundstrom's feisty third installment in the cult ninja opus is a demonstrative, trampoline-sized leap above the flaccid sequel, this time groovily giving powerhouse Curtis Jackson (Steve James) far more of a prominent Ninja-nuking role as Jackson. The Bon Jovi-haired newbie David Bradley and sword-master Curtis meet at a martial arts competition and subsequently decide to investigate the altogether elusive, diabolically shady machinations of 'The Cobra' (Marjoe Gortner) who contrived the Karate games merely as an invidious rouse to evilly expand his own comic book-tastic, super-virus making villainy.

Having a new director on board the good ship Ninjutsu appears to have galvanized the previously flagging fist-flinging franchise since there's considerably more zip to the narrative as Curtis, Sean and the delectable 'Ninjette Baby' (Michele Chan) courageously, if not somewhat foolhardily take on the evil pharmacist and the deeply corrupted General Andreas, erstwhile despotic ruler of the island who so callously murdered Sean's martial artist father during a bungled heist at a karate tournament many years before.

American Ninja 3 : Blood Hunt' is positively tumescent with all the right 1980s action movie ingredients: righteously delivered revenge, frequently exciting knockdown martial arts mastery, a super ninja hero, the immortally cool Steve James and the mesmerizing Ninjette Baby! And the sugary cherry topping this tantalizing martial arts trifle is the singularly sweet, brain-wormingly boss theme by George S. Clinton, all in all this is a most satisfying Ninja-enriched B-Movie treat!
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They should stop here
Maziun21 July 2013
David Bradley replaces Michael Dudikoff as the main star . Cedric Sundsrom replaces Sam Firstenberg as the director. Those are the only really important changes here . The plot here borrows heavily from part 1 and part 2 . Once again our hero is a mysterious young American trained by Japanese master of martial arts . And once again he has to stop bad guy from taking over the world . Once again (for the last time in series)Steve James will help him.

Bradley is awful actor . Dudikoff had some sort of charisma and mysterious aura around him . I liked him . Bradley has nothing . No acting skills or charisma. I didn't like him and many fans of the original also. Well , at least Dudikoff appeared in forth movie of the series , even if it was a fruitless effort to reanimate the franchise.

The fighting scenes are weak and the whole movie feels tired . Maybe because they changed director too ? Anyway there is nothing here worth watching . It's trash , but not in enjoyable way as the part 1 . Part 2 was already forced nonstop action flick . Here we have boredom.

I give it 1/10 .It's better than "American ninja 5" (considered to be one of the worst movies ever) and it has Steve James in it.
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bronsonskull7210 July 2003
David Bradley takes over for Michael Dudikoff as Sean Davidson a martial artist who must take on bionic ninjas who are developing a chemical virus to sell to terrorists in this incompetent sequel. Michael Dudikoff is a poor actor, but when compared to David Bradley he almost seems like the next Laurence Olivier, Steve James returns but ultimately this sequel is far too awful to dig up any entertainment value in this garbage.
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A New American Ninja
ebiros218 October 2012
I agree that they should have made this movie with Michael Dudikoff as the American Ninja. Not that David Bradly was bad, but it killed the momentum that was going for the series. It's like bringing in another actor in place of Chuck Norris in the Missing in Action series.

The movie actually has few good things going for it. The story, the actors (asides from the above mentioned fail), and the overall quality was on par or better than the first two installment of the American Ninja series.

This is a seriously well crafted movie considering the budget restriction they've made it under. It's probably under 1M USD in today's money to make this movie (maybe that's why Michael Dudikoff is not in this movie).

This was a pretty good series that they could have grown as it progressed, but I believe the producers saw it to be too risky to put more production effort into it.

The two female action stars were good. If all the actor's talents were put to use in the story, this movie could have been a real blast.
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Not even for diehard fans of the series
DunnDeeDaGreat13 March 2003
American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt isn't half bad it just was as good as the previous two. David Bradley is an ok fighter but Mike Dudkoff is much better and the late great Steve James is back as Jackson and always he's a smooth pimp. The film does have some fight scenes but that's it.
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No Dudikoff? No Thank You!
utgard141 January 2014
The American Ninja series has a limited appeal to begin with. But I think it's safe to say most fans of the movies like them because of the special brand of weird charisma Michael Dudikoff brought to the table. You take Dudikoff and his "blue steel" gaze away and you're left with this: a generic martial arts action movie. Even the inclusion of Dudikoff's sidekick Steve James is no help. David Bradley is Dudikoff's replacement and he's just awful. You have to be bad when you're in a movie with Marjoe Gortner and he outclasses you. The whole thing is lifeless and unenjoyable. That there were two more American Ninja sequels after this boggles the mind.
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The death of a series...
fmarkland3222 May 2006
This time we are introduced to a new hero, who was trained as a ninja when his father was killed by an armed robber. Through learning the ways of the ninja he uses it to make the inside cover of karate and compete in championships. However the tournament is a cover for "The cobra" to find the strongest man to use his virus on. Suffice to say our new hero ninja is the man. David Bradley took over for Michael Dudikoff for reasons unknown, however American Ninja 3 is a lifeless bore which features a hero so blank that it's almost quite humorous. If it wasn't so boring. Bradley really registers utterly zero rapport with the audience and it's really only Steve James and the campy antics of televangelist turned actor Marjoe Gortner. Also a big let down was that Dudikoff actually fought a ninja master but here Bradley's one on one is with Marjoe Gortner. Talk about a cheat. The action sequences are badly staged and it's fairly easy to see why people noticed Dudikoff's absence.

* out of 4-(Bad)
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BandSAboutMovies4 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The third American Ninja may not be everyone's favorite, but I feel there are still some wonderful moments in it starting with the origin of new hero Sean Davidson (David Bradley) - Michael Dudikoff, the Joe Armstrong American Ninja we all known and love, was burnt out on martial arts and didn't want to make a movie aroun South African apartheid - who as a child watched General Andreas (Cannon utility fielder Yehuda Effroni) kill his father and ended up being raised by Izumo (Calvin Jung) as a ninja.

His first mission brings him to the island of Triana and Kumite, err, another martial arts tournament, but this one has Sergeant Curtis Jackson (Steve James, baby!) and wacky Dexter (Evan J. Klisser) as the heroes and the minions of the Cobra (it takes a genius, no, it takes Cannon to put Marjoe Gortner in a kung fu movie), including his ninjette Chan Lee (Michele B. Chan), who has the power of a Maskatron action figure and can change out her face.

Taking a page from another leader named after a snake, The Cobra's plan is very G. I. Joe. Whoever wins the tournament has to be the toughest person alive, so to prove to General Andreas that his new poison works, they will be injected with it. And die, one assumes.

Produced by real life scandal Harry Alan Towers - he allegedly ran a Soviet vice ring in the United Nations with Peter Lawford and his girlfriend Mariella Novotny and left the country when arrested and moved to Europe; he followed that up by being less sleazy and working with Jess Franco - and directed by Cedric Sundstrom - who also made the fourth movie in this series - this may feel like a step down to some. Writer Gary Conway starred on TVs Burke's Law and Land of the Giants before writing movies, as well as being married to a Miss America.

In a 1994 interview in Masters of Kung Fu magazine, No Retreat, No Surrender star Kurt McKinney claimed that he was offered the lead role but didn't want to be away from his new wife for too long.
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Not the same without Dudikoff...
paul_haakonsen30 December 2015
This was my first, and most likely also the last, time to watch "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt". It just wasn't an "American Ninja" movie without Michael Dudikoff. This third movie was more of a mutation between "Karate Kid" and "American Ninja", but it just never took hold on either account.

Sean, a boy who was orphaned and taken in by a Japanese and trained to be a ninja, is participating in a martial arts competition. But when he sees his sensei kidnapped, the martial arts competition become of no interest, and Sean sets out to find his kidnapped sensei and fight all the ninjas in his way.

Right... Seriously? Couldn't they have come up with something just a bit more original? Why boil soup on a formula already exhausted? The acting in this third installment to the "American Ninja" series was up to par with the previous movies, adequate but not particularly memorable.

As with the previous movies, you know exactly how the movie will unfold, as they used the same recipe three times by now.

And to top the icing on the cake, "American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt" had an overly annoying piano score playing throughout a large part of the movie. I am sure it was intended to compliment the movie, but it just added a level of idiotic spoof to the atmosphere of the movie.

And it was especially entertaining to see Sean throw to arrows, yes throw, and killing two ninjas with them.

Despite lacking originality and the original "American Ninja" star then this third movie is adequate, albeit slightly less mediocre, in entertainment value.
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Now we got ninjettes.
Hey_Sweden28 September 2017
"Blood Hunt" is a terminally dopey third entry in The Cannon Groups' "American Ninja" series. Replacing Michael Dudikoff as the hero is a charisma-free David Bradley, cast as Sean, a young white man trained in the ways of the ninja. Along with series regular Steve James (boosted to star status with this entry), he must battle the minions of a nefarious scientist (the inimitable Marjoe Gortner) dubbed "The Cobra". The Cobra has devised a biological weapon (a virus) and needs a superhuman such as Sean in order to carry it.

Scripted by director Cedric Sundstrom, based on a story by Gary Conway (who played the bad guy in the previous sequel), "Blood Hunt" gets by basically because it's amusingly stupid. The action scenes are decent enough, but the script is truly insipid. And speaking of insipid, hero Bradley and annoying comedy relief performer Evan J. Klisser are the working definitions of that word. Perhaps the most ridiculous sequence has James, Bradley, and Klisser setting off to locate the bad guys' lair, with Bradley and Klisser appropriating some aircraft.

Helping to make up for the less appealing performances is the coolness factor of James, and the brightest moments in the movie definitely belong to him. (They don't all involve action scenes, either.) Gortner is a hoot as the evildoer, although we have no doubt that Bradley will wipe the floor with him when it comes time for the inevitable showdown. Michele B. Chan is cute as female ninja Chan Lee, and she looks good while kicking ass.

The absolute lowest point? Having to listen to that truly horrible theme song if one sits through the end credits.

Five out of 10.
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American Ninja goes Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Who said Highlander?!?
SaintNinja18 December 2018
Well, first of all, I had a big poster of AN 3 in 1990. I was a big fan of the franchise: part 1 and 2. I never think about the Art of Acting or Plot Science or Script Mastercrafting, when I watch action movies, especially western martial art movies. This current film shocked me with a teleportation scene (genetic mutant ninjas were bizzare as well). It was fresh and new back in the 80s. If you judge AN 3 as a separate out of conext product today, you can destroy it with your review, and you do. As a part of franchise it feels like an interesting lore expanding story. The Shadow of potential is better then full absence of potential. The misty and muddy waters of old B-action martial art movies are deep.
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