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A fun anthology film if you lower your standards a bit
WritnGuy-228 July 2000
I saw this on The Movie Channel yesterday, and I really liked it. The stories weren't great, but they were all entertaining, and I liked how the frame story was more than people sitting around telling stories, and despite the fact that the climax of the frame story was a little extreme (though, quite creepy with that skeleton!) it's still a good horror movie.

The film comes together with Allison (Jillian McWhirter) and Cheryl (Pamela Segall) starting college, and their first day of a class on the psychology of fear. After their professor (Ramy Zeda) goes too far with one lesson (scaring a macho frat guy to the point of wetting himself), he is forced to tone his class down, but opts for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of what he's teaching to come to his house the next night for a private lesson. A handful of students show up, including Allison and Cheryl, yet Allison has a bad feeling about it all (well, we haven't heard that one before!) and almost seems to be a bit psychic about it. (Believe me, it gets old quick.) Yet, that night, as a few students take turns telling stories to scare each other, the angry frat guy decides to get his revenge, and closes in on the party, as each story is told.

There are three stories told:

1: "The Old Dark House"- This one was really clever. It starts off and gets going with what seems like every cliche in hand. A couple takes the scenic route home, pass an old mansion where murders were committed, get a flat tire, and decide to go up to the house to call a tow-truck. We've seen all that before. But then, towards the end, the story takes a really creative twist that ties it all together perfectly, and actually proves to be a genuine surprise and thrill.

2: "A Night on the Town"- This one was a little thin, and could have used a few twists, yet it didn't surprise you like it should have, which would have helped the flimsy plot. Four girls looking for some fun (one of which, Amy, I knew I recognized, and finally realized was the teenage girl in "Mr. Belvedere"!) and end up in the warehouse district of town with little gas. They stop at a gas station, and meet the gas station attendant from hell and his dobermans, which all proceed to terrorize the girls in a sometimes tense, sometimes cheesy chase through the wrong part of town. This one was not as good as the others, but still entertaining.

3: "All Night Messenger"-This one was pretty good, though a little typical. A woman, Alex, who works for a telephone messenger service (I didn't get it, maybe this is pre-answering machine employment) comes home early from a ski trip with a broken ankle (hmm, will she have to run at some point?) and takes the late shift that night. She begins getting calls from a creepy caller for one woman, and when the woman comes home and calls for her messages, Alex tries to warn her before it's too late. Of course, the caller eventually catches on, and makes his move, and you can sort of see where it all goes from there. Though, this one was pretty good, and the ending was creepy.

The frame story eventually wraps up in this very bizarre climax that makes little sense at times, but it's still creepy. And to wrap all that up, the movie does the only thing that might make some sense, but will surely make you groan with annoyance.

Overall, I liked this. The main and end title music was creepy, and the whole atmosphere of the movie was that 80s horror movie feel that just sort of makes everything entertaining, and tolerably cheesy. The acting is all fairly typical. Jillian McWhirter sort of got on my nerves with all her damn premonitions, and she always looked really creepy, almost drugged. Ramy Zeda was a bit over the top, but creepy. I thought Pamela Segall was likeable, though, except, what was going on with her and the ending? (You'll know what I mean if or when you see this, and if you have, tell me what was going on.) All the other actors were forgettable, and basically playing the roles expected of them in a movie like this.

I recommend watching this if you get a chance. It moves quickly, and is really entertaining.
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The thing that makes this anthology movie stand apart is how the stories are done.
Aaron137528 July 2009
Not the best horror anthology in the world it is interesting in one aspect...using a class in fear be the set up for the stories. Basically, a professor with a very unorthodox way of teaching has to invite those willing to a special story telling event at his house or something. Been awhile since I saw this one, so I am not all that clear about the details. They mainly have to go to his house thanks to a very shaky first day of class where the professor proceeds to show everyone how nuts he is. Well they go and exchange stories, the first one being about a couple stranded near an old house that looks typical, but has the best ending of the three stories presented. The next story has these girls getting stranded in the wrong part of town and being terrorized by a guy and his Doberman. Granted, nothing really special about it overall, but it did make for the most tense story of the three and my favorite. The final one for the most part is highly forgettable to say the least. I only remember a woman who has some sort of answering service and there was no being stranded involved here, though the female did have a bum ankle. Then the movie wraps up in a somewhat interesting and somewhat absurd fashion. Not the best, but it is entertaining enough to pass the time quite nicely.
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Creepy Horror Anthology.
insomniac_rod25 August 2005
"After Midnight" offers interesting tales that remind me of another 80's slasher flicks such as "April Fool's Day" (the first tale), and "Girls Night Out" (the second tale).

People inside a house narrate these tales while a prowler lurks outside the place.

Anyways, the first story is pretty interesting and has a chilling climax. I didn't see that coming!. In the style of "April Fool's Day" but in this case something went wrong. The second tale is less interesting but has more action involving flesh eating dogs chasing the girls. It is thrilling and has a decent conclusion. The third one is absolutely thrilling and nerve tensing involving a psychopath.

I watched it on TNT a few years ago so my advice would be , look for this popular Anthology. You might be suprirsed to see how many people ask for the movie's title on the Horror board. It has generated a somewhat cult status.
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Great horror stories told by a hunk of a storyteller!
brencher2 May 2000
This is a great horror movie! For those people who don't favor gore so much but are more interested in hearing scary stories on a rainy night, you'll love it. If you like this movie, be sure to check out Rod Serling's "Night Gallery". Last but, not least, you get to check out that hunk, Ramy Zada.
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A Guilty Pleasure (*A few spoilers*)
saturdaze30 June 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, it's cliched (a couple stopping at a "haunted house", girls on the run, a crank caller) but still, it works. And I think it tried to be creative and original when it could. For instance, the Haunted House story ended with a nice twist which I honestly didn't see coming. And I liked how all the stories are sort of tied together near the end when the Allison character is running through the various scenes from the stories (she runs through the Haunted House which was part of the first story, she runs through the gasoline-barrel Warehouse of the second story, and she runs through the Flickering Hallway of the third story). I had never seen a horror movie do that before, and it was refreshing in its own way and added tension and a sense of uneasiness.

The movie also made some valid points about Fear--how there's a correlation between fear and knowing that a scary situation CAN occur; the more possible and plausible a situation is, the more you're likely to be afraid of it. And each of the stories presented works because they're all plausible and possible.

Of all the stories, my personal favorite is the 4 Girls in jeopardy. Granted, it's probably the least original and ingenious of all the stories, but it worked especially well for me because of my own fear of dogs. I also liked this story the best for a more shallow reason: all 4 of the girls are very easy on the eyes. ESPECIALLY the one playing Jennifer. And I agree with the comment below that the actress playing Kelly is a dead-ringer for Renee Zellweger. I even thought she WAS Renee in an early role. But the actress is Penelope Sudrow--no relation at all to Zellweger. Plus, I liked how all 4 of the girls prove to be resourceful when the chips are down; usually in horror movies, girls are helpless, passive victims; but these girls--especially Lisa and Kelly--emerge as heroes (or rather, heroines), coming up with a brave and clever way to thwart the dogs' Master and then the dogs themselves.

I guess I also have a soft spot for this movie because I first saw it back in '91 on a lonely, boring summer night and it rescued me with 90 minutes of genuine entertainment and even a handful of genuine scares. Sometimes that's all you need.
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Probably won't cause a sleepless night!
Greensleeves9 September 2002
Although the stories in this Horror anthology are weak, the film manages to engage the mind throughout. The framing device used is that of a professor teaching the psychology of fear who humiliates a student during a lesson. Because of this, the wilder excesses of the teachers lessons can only be taught out of class at his home. Students relate scary tales during one such session most of which are interesting but have seriously flawed logic. Marg Helgenberger excels as the telephone service operator taking calls from a crazed stalker. The best story is the first in which a practical joke seriously misfires. The ending is surreal but is based on a hackneyed idea. The original music by Marc Donohue is excellent, especially that over the opening credits.
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Fun but not very good
Polaris_DiB29 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
In the vein of stuff like Creepshow and the like comes a movie about a strange college professor (Ramy Zada), who attempts to provide to his students the most intimate understanding of fear by scaring them as much as he can.

So they go to his house and tell typical urban legends complete with women in distress, creepy phone calls, empty gas stations, and yes, a flat tire in front of a scary mansion. Well, it started all right.

The three stories are overarched by the story of the students in the professor's house, one that has its own sort of horror conceits coming in towards the end. In typical 80s b-movie bonanza, it's just a dream. So honestly, if you're looking for something--I don't know--compelling? you won't find it here. This is just something to have around for, like, television fright night specials or Halloween ghoulies for preteens.

Which is too bad, because the beginning of this movie points out something very important, something that I wish horror film makers would realize to a stronger degree and utilize correctly: fear is a profound psychological effect, and in a way, it's important to feel strong levels of fear to understand yourself more, how you function and who you are. Too bad horror movies then just throw all that stuff away for cheap skeleton effects, bugs, and cat-out-of-the-bag gags.

Oh well.

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mullett of doom
spooky_trix14 March 2003
Yeah, the other reviews basically sum up the details on this one. However, nobody picked up on the awesomely 80's aspects of this movie.

Number one: the wraparound story: the killer has a mullett!!!! horrors! Number two: the haunted house story, shoulder pads!!!! ahhhhhh Number three: the lost girls: mini skirts, spandex dresses, teased bangs, sweaters, and yes, bangles. Terrors upon terrors! Number four: okay there wasn't anything particuarly awful about the late night caller one, well the main character's hair was pretty bad.

So all in all, After Midnight is cheesey, cliched, and not very scary, but it is lots of fun, and it was made in a decade of horrid fashion trends!
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A really fun and entertaining late 80's horror anthology blast
Woodyanders3 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Anthology fright flicks experienced a brief, but welcome resurgence in the mid 80's up until the early 90's, as evidenced by the lovably chintzy "Creepshow 2," the genuinely disturbing "The Offspring," the wonderfully offbeat horror-Western favorite "Grim Prairie Tales," the enthusiastically gruesome indie effort "Campfire Tales," and this well-done sleeper.

A creepy college professor (a very intense Ramy Zada) and several of his students (which include "Pumpkinhead" victim Kerry Remsen, who meets a similar ill fate here) tell each other a trio of urban legend-style terror tales throughout the course of your standard dark and stormy evening. First and most ironic vignette, "The Old Dark House" - Young married couple Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen in the "Superman" movies) and Nadine ("Critters") Van Der Velde are forced to spend a night in a spooky, rundown old mansion after their car breaks down. Second and most unintentionally sidesplitting story, "A Night on the Town" - A quartet of screaming, vacuous, wholly deserving bimbettes ("American Ninja" 's Judi Aronson among 'em) are terrorized by a demented homeless lunatic (outrageously overplayed to the sneering fruitbag hilt by the late, great Luis Contreras, who portrayed nasty Hispanic villains in such action items as "Stand Alone," "Extreme Prejudice," "Walking the Edge," and "Dollman") and his pack of vicious wild dogs. Third and best yarn, "All Night Operator" - This taut, gripping little corker features a bang-up performance by the ever-lovely and personable Marg Helgenberger as Alex, a sexy, resourceful receptionist who receives menacing phone calls from and, naturally, eventually gets stalked by some homicidal madman (a finely flipped-out freako turn by Alan Rosenberg).

Writers/directors Jim and Ken Wheat, who previously made the excellent, underrated Hitchcockian suspense thriller pip "Lies" and penned such goodies as the solid slasher picture "Silent Scream" and the fantastic sci-fi/horror knockout "Pitch Black," do a typically up to snuff job with this extremely fun, sometimes thrilling and always entertaining omnibus affair: the brisk, steady pace never falters for a minute, the acting is uniformly good, a suitably eerie atmosphere pervades throughout, each anecdote leads to a reasonably frightening conclusion (the climax to the first tale is especially effective), and the wacky, nightmarish final may be pretty silly, but it still works in a goofily over-the-top hokey carnival funhouse sort of way. Sure, it's no trend-setting, genre-bending innovative masterpiece, but "After Midnight" nonetheless doesn't deserve its current obscure status and certainly makes for a nice, perfectly pleasing late night with the lights out and the shades drawn horror movie viewing experience.
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From Dusk Till Yawn
In the pantheon of iconic horror anthologies, you have your "Creepshow," your "Tales From" both "Crypt" and "Darkside," and even a "Twilight Zone The Movie."

...and then you have "After Midnight," which in no way belongs to the same league as the aforementioned genre standards.

Really, "After Midnight" is the sort of thing you'd let slide to the bottom of your Netflix queue until one bored Friday or Saturday night. Within the first 20 minutes or so, your instincts prove to be true as this 3-part anthology has little to offer that its predecessors haven't already done in much bigger and bolder fashion. That's not to say that this film is completely worthless or without merit. There are some over-the-top, silly moments that -- whether intentionally or not -- will elicit a chuckle from anyone in the right mindset. It also boasts a pretty solid cast of "Hey, I know that guy!" and "Oh, that's the voice of Bobby Hill!" It's just so unfortunate that most of the 90 minutes spent on this film are devoid of any legitimate scares or creativity. Much like a drunken midnight snack, it comes and goes and leaves little to remember in its wake.

The first story, "The Old Dark House," focuses on a couple who find themselves stranded and seeking shelter in, well, an old dark house. Not much happens in this story until its hilariously stupid yet unforgettable conclusion. Nothing worth losing your head over, though. Next up, "A Night on the Town" finds a group of girls who just wanna have fun but instead have an unfortunate run-in with a crazy hobo and his three vicious dogs. The meatier of the three stories, this one doesn't do much to capitalize on its tense set-up. Its setting is creepy and all, but there's little else of interest here, though genres fans will enjoy spotting Penelope Sudrow of "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors" and Judie Aronson of "Friday the 13th Pt. IV: The Final Chapter" in the pack. Finally, "All Night Messenger," a would- be tense game of cat and mouse between a phone operator (Marg Helgenberger) and some creep making threatening phone calls. This one almost hits the spot, but is undermined by sharing the identity of the stalker with the audience too early and too often. It also ends right when it starts getting good.

The three stories are surrounded by a wrap-around that, bad as it might be, feels a little more fleshed out than the rest. A nutty professor (Ramy Zada) teaches his students about the meaning of fear (or something). Even though their teacher reveals himself to be a bit suspect early on, the students seem fit to follow him home regardless. This of course culminates in a truly bizarre finale that begs a rewind.

Overall, "After Midnight" isn't a movie that can be recommended for anyone other than those who grew up in video store aisles and/or those who remember staying up way too late to watch horribly butchered slasher films on cable TV. It's terribly slow, at times dull, and if you watch it (ahem) after midnight, there's a good chance you'll fall asleep halfway through. Having said that, it's not without its charms, and while there isn't one single segment that sticks the landing, there are a few moments of inspired lunacy that make it worth sitting through at least once. Even still, there's nothing here that is worth losing sleep over.
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A slightly better than average horror anthology.
michaelb8429 July 2013
Horror anthologies are largely a mixed bag. For every spectacular Tales From the Darkside or Creepshow there is a horrible (and often British) movie like Tales That Witness Madness to drag the genre down.

The first story is a mediocre haunted house tale that didn't really impress me.

The second was about four girls who end up in a bad neighborhood and terrorized by a gas station attendant and three killer dogs. I liked this story and felt that the characters were generally interesting and intelligent, bad choices aside.

The final story is about a telephone operator who is terrorized by a psychopathic stalker. This one was pretty good as well.

The wraparound story is interesting and generally more involved than most other anthologies. It is arguably better than the stories themselves, aside from the ending which I won't spoil.
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The acting is scarier than the film itself
soranno20 October 2002
This film being an excruciating exercise in testing one's amounts of viewing paitence. This 1989 MGM release is one of the few major studio releases in the horror anthology genre and one of the weakest too. Several past and future TV stars (including Marg Helgenberger from "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation") shine some light on some otherwise dark and dull proceedings. Helgenberger is the only bright spot here.
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may be boring...
Insomniac_moviefan11 June 2002
...but it has it's moments.

The good things about the first story : -the creepy setting, and the feeling of not knowing what's going to happen, and the shocking ending.

The good things about the second story : -Amy is hot!, kinda good acting, a scene where a girl is bitten to death by dogs, and... that's about it. I could swear that Kelly was a young and virgin Reneè Zellweger. It was just my imagination.

The third, and fourth stories are O.K. but I won't comment on them because I had to watch the first two that were quite boring, and anyone who watches this film should be bored for 1 hour before the "good" stuff begins.
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Decent but unspectacular Anthology
GL848 May 2015
Perturbed by the teacher in their psychology class, eventually he's forced to change his curriculum, and when he offers a special after- hours seminar that contains his original plans, students join at his house to indulge in telling scary stories to experience fear.

The Good Stor(ies): The Old Dark House-On their anniversary, a couple go for a midnight drive and get stranded on an abandoned road containing a house with a mysterious past. Eager for help, they ignore the warnings and go over, but when no one answers, they attempt to break in and get separated, forcing him to accept a deadly secret about the house's history. This here is a rather enjoyable entry, with a lot going for it. The atmosphere of the house, with the abandoned, sheet-covered furniture and shrubbery-lined walkways outside, give off a perfect Gothic atmospheric feel, combined with the back-story told to create a rather creepy setting. The mystery, with the bloodied necklace and off-screen call, works nicely with the key set-up scene, the collection of skulls covered in spiders and bugs as well as the flashlight-through-the- keyhole sequence, and then the final resolution is quite nice as it's a neat twist. If there was a flaw, it's not the fastest-moving story, but it's still enjoyable.

A Night on the Town-Trying to find a club, a group of friends drive around the city, and when they're low on gas, stop off at a gas station. When they meet the proprietor and his vicious dogs, they find themselves in an escalating series of encounters that makes them wish they hadn't stumbled upon. This is a slightly uneven effort, hampered really by the fact that there isn't a real effort to develop this one early on and simply making it run on the situation. They're lost in a strange part of town, the man they run into is somewhat slimy and perverted, but it never really does anything really interesting with those areas. Once it shifts into action, though, it's a lot more interesting and exciting from the different ambush attacks of the dogs through the town, to the deranged owner's extreme attempts to break into the car while it's on the run, this one is a lot of fun with its action set-ups and is an extremely better entry in the second half. Throw in an explosive finale, and it's a really redeeming effort.

Allison's Story-Arriving at their professor's house, the students proceed to tell their stories but one of them becomes concerned something is wrong. As the night continues, she begins to think those feelings are getting even stronger, and they eventually find the real reason why the events have been happening all night long. As the wrap- around, the main parts before the ending are just minor set-up pieces where the real fun is in the finale, which is a lot of fun. After the main stories, the ambush in the basement, complete with the flowing circle and eventual fire-filled room and slaughter, makes for a good time, and the interweaving with the stories told allows for a nightmarish feel in the manner done. It just takes a while to get there since that is the movie's logical end.

The Bad Stor(ies): All Night Operator-Returning to her apartment, a phone-line operator wants to forget about the ski accident that injured her and goes to work at a phone-call answering service. After getting several harassing phone calls from a deranged lunatic, she starts to realize that the caller is a little more unhinged than he let on, and thinking he's coming after her, she tries to defend herself. This here is the lone weak-link among the stories, simply through the exploits of two factors built into the main plot. This here has a one-note story that never really gives it a chance to go anywhere without a twist that is extremely illogical and unneeded, so it lumbers on mainly hitting all the expected notes until it's expected climax, driving out much of the suspense out of the premise. The other factor is the trapped-in-one- location nature, never allowing for there to be any suspense built up over the killer gradually coming closer to here, which combines with the first factor to lower it heavily. The finale chase through the building, with some clever hiding tactics and a couple suspenseful moments with her injury, is rather good, but it's too little too late.

Rated R: Violence and Language.
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Entertaining & Fun, Only one story is a misfire
loomis78-815-98903424 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Three part anthology film has a wraparound story dealing with a class of College students taking a course in fear. The somewhat crazy professor (Zada) invites any member of the class to join him at his house for a special session dealing with real fear. A handful show up and begin to tell the tales. The first story, 'The Old Dark House' concerns a couple that becomes stranded when their car breaks down. The only place around is an old mansion with a notorious history for murder. Kevin (McClure) is sure he doesn't want to go in, but is talked into it by his girlfriend Joan (Nadine Van Der Velde). Some spooky atmosphere and a great twist ending highlight this twisted tale. The middle tale; 'A Night on the Town' is about some preppy girls who run out of gas in the wrong part of town and are terrorized by a psycho derelict and his attack dogs. The third story; 'All Night Operator' centers around Alex (Helgenberger) a woman working for an all-night answering service. Working a graveyard shift alone, Alex is slowly terrorized by a caller who claims to have murdered one of their clients. The killer soon targets Alex next and the stalk and slash begins with a chilling ending. The wraparound ends with a twist as well with the frightened students and the crazy professor and is quite fun too. Writers/Directors Jim and ken Wheat serve up a fun anthology movie that is relatively bloodless. It instead goes for suspense, chills and clever storytelling and other than the weak middle story achieves it. Despite the PG-13 rating, this film ends up being entertaining and fun with the first and third stories having great twist endings that will leave a smile on your face.
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After Midnight
Scarecrow-8817 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Unspectacular anthology where students swap "spooky" stories at the home of their weird Psychology professor. Another student, seeking revenge for being embarrassed in class, plots to get even with the professor.

Psychology professor Edward Derek(Ramy Zada, whose freaky eyes propel his performance) has a notorious class where he challenges his students in regards to their worst fears. He uses a self-assured jock as an example, with a gun to his head causing him to urinate in his pants. Derek must cease to teach his class in the methods he planned thanks to the jock's snitching to his superiors, so he invites anyone to join him in a real lesson in the "psychology of fear". Student Allison(Jillian McWhirter, as unremarkable in performance as the film she stars)is really shaken by Derek's class, their meeting at his home, and what the future holds for all concerned.

The stories include a husband and wife's intrusion within an "old dark house" in search of a phone because their car has a flat(..the house is notorious for murders), four teenage girls terrorized by a hoodlum and his ferocious, blood-thirsty mutts, & a telephone operator's dangerous situation with a psychotic stalker who doesn't like being lied to.

The finale will remind many of Dead of Night in regards to the central character's ominous feelings of potential peril and how the stories soon intertwine for her. Good to see Marg Helgenberger as the crippled telephone operator attempting to flee on crutches within an apartment complex from her ex-husband Alex Rosenberg. The entire cast besides her did little to impress me(..not that what I feel matters anyhow)and the stories are a little lackluster. Despite violence in each tale, Jim and Ken Wheat's After Midnight is far from graphic. Good production values, though. Luis Contreras, as yet another foul Latino hood, out to kill the teenage girls, is memorable even though he checks out much too soon.

I must say that I got a good giggle out of the result of the first tale where the husband responds towards who he percieves to be a crazed killer with a sword he finds not knowing that it was an elaborate ruse, a victim's head coming clean off in the process!
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Horror class movie without the horror and without the class
encyes17 November 2006
They say that a student is only as good as their teacher. If this is true, then we the viewer as student have failed miserably. This hilariously dated 1980's film on a college class facing fear straight-on is interwoven with poor 'horror stories' and is mediocre at best. Overacting, clichéd scenes, and 80's fashion fail this film. If you lived the 80's then this may be a fun albeit painful remembrance for you. If not, then you'll cringe not at the horror stories but of the hair and clothes of the actors. There's plenty of other anthology movies out there that far surpass this film. A nude scene here or there might have moved the film to the head of the class, but there is none of that, and without it - and more importantly real writing - this movie flunks for the term.
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It's good but not such a big deal!!!!!
Warning: Spoilers
Well...I liked this movie as a matter of fact, it was cool in its time and now a days its dated but its still spooky in some bits. Lets talk about the stories: The First one is about a couple who gets their car stalled in the road, in the middle of nowhere and they have to go and ask for the phone in an old house, did anyone say "cliche", now, everybody knows that its better to stay in the car, get something to use as a weapon in case of someone really attacking you and breaking the windows of the car and try to stay calm,sleep and wait till the next day when you can walk or wait for help, in this story they do the complete opposite and go to the house, Big mistake, but later you find out it was destined for them to go there and something horrible to happen. The second story talks about a problem that usually happens, women love to ask for directions, man doesn't, in this film 4 girls ask for directions in a place they don't know and to a guy so damn dirty that i wouldn't even give a dime to....of course they get in trouble..and big trouble...This story reminds me of that Emilio Estevez film about some guys getting lost on the its creepy. The third one is a Twilight Zone must cause it has all the mood to a half hour show..about a girl that works at a call center and she gets harassed and someone starts to stalk her. The movie is O.K but its very surreal at th ending and then they show why it happened that way. ::::::::::::::SPOILER:::::::::::::::::: Its all about a LOOP HOLE IN can see it in Back to the future.
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Revenge of the 80's: Low rent "teen" horror films.
Joseph P. Ulibas14 October 2003
After Midnight (1989) is a bad 80's horror flick. It's one of those total cop-out movie. I hate these type of movies. Ramy Zada reminds me of Bruce Campbell's evil doppleganger for Evil Dead 3. I can't stand this picture. Lame movie based on even lamer "urban legends". Nothing to recommend about this flick. The movie's not even a "good" bad movie. It's just Bad, with no redeeming qualities, the film makers tried too hard to make a movie that's "scary". But in the end, all you wind with is a terrible film that has no meaning or substance.

You wanna be scared? I mean really scared? Then don't watch this movie! You can see scarier stuff on the P.A.X. network. For real.

No recommendations.
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eilon elikam7 March 2005
and that particular year says more than you can think of. and the year is probably the only reason that i first started seeing that awful movie. the plot is about a group of students coming too their psychology teacher's house, who get his kicks in telling "scary" stories. every one of them on his turn telling his spooky stuff. and add to that crap, - while the whale thing is going, there's a stranger with an ex outside. oh well, that movie is a great example of just nothing interesting. the story's are all boring one after another, and the outline happening is lame too. so there some walking talking skeleton effect.. so do the 1958 "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" do, and it looks much cooler. one of the inner story's is on four girls looking for a place that they can get into, because of their young age, after failing in that, they are find themselves in the "bad part of town", well that just could be a real cool story, but that bad part of town, isn't really as you might expect, it's just a typical warehouse area. now that's a real shame.
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Very nice older horror movie!
utahman19711 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I just read a review of this movie and the guy says this movie is PG-13. Where the heck did you get that rating from? It says it is rated R, and no where else says PG-13 for this movie. Someone has lost his marbles. Need to go find them dude.

One of the best Anthology movies, but not the best. Most of the 80s anthologies are very good compared to the newer ones. This one pulls you in and really takes you into the horror at the end. I really enjoy these kind of horror movies.

Just not that many done in the 90s or 2000s. I wish there were though. I really like catching this on Comet television network. That I saw it quite a few times now. Creepy, but I do not get scared easily, and PG- 13 horror is a no scary movie at all for me.

Lack of everything a rated R horror movie should have from a PG-13 horror. So there is no way this one was PG-13. Guy that said that is nuts. Must of been on something to say that. Check it out.
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After Midnight: Average horror anthology
Platypuschow25 August 2017
With the 3 stories and the wrap around this horror anthology features a couple of familiar faces including CSI veteran Marg Helgenberger.

Including an elaborate prank gone wrong, crazy homeless man and his attack dogs, a celebrity stalker and a jocks vengeance.

None of the stories are great but are at least competently made.

The wrap around though interesting all falls apart in the last act which damages the film.

There are a lot of horror anthology's out there and though this one isn't bad it's shadowed by considerably better ones.

The Good:

The teacher was suitably hammy

Intense opening

The Bad:

Rather clichéd

Awful ending

Things I learnt from this movie:

This prank thing is really get out of hand

If attacked by rabid dogs it makes more sense to be on foot than safe in a car

Abandoned derelict buildings are logical places to seek a working phone
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Very Impressed with the Style and Execution!!
genowhirl18 August 2015
After watching this anthology, I had to rate it rather high. What launches this upwards is not the stories per se, although they are each very interesting and entertaining, but it's the way they were executed. Top-notch acting, editing, and sound. Not to mention the fact that they really do well to play on suspense. Last, but not least, all of the stories were cleverly crafted into events that could actually take place in real life and happen to anyone.

In the opening sequence of the film, the professor speaks of the psychology of fear and how fear arises when we feel a sense that something could actually happen to us. The three tales to follow play off of this concept well.

Brief Synopses and Descriptions:

1. Frame - "Psychology of Fear" (Ramy Zada) - After a rather ballsy, overbearing, unethical, and possibly borderline insane classroom lesson on fear, Professor Edward Derek invites several of his students to his house to delve deeper into the psychology of fear. Throughout the night, the group regales each other with scary tales. At the same time, a mischievous student who was humiliated in front of class plans to enact his revenge upon the professor. This makes for one of the craziest and most unexpected finales around at the end of the film. Even if you hate the rest of the film, the final moment alone is worth sitting through to the end.

2. "The Old Dark House" (Marc McClure) - In this tale, a young couple are having dinner to celebrate the boyfriend's birthday. The girlfriend decides they should take the scenic route home. Along the way, their car breaks down outside of a large, old, dark house. When they decide to venture inside, they get separated and quite an interesting twist of fate awaits them at the end. This one plays heavily on suspense until it finally delivers a rather surprising turn of events.

3. "A Night on the Town" (Judie Aronson) - In this tale, 4 teenage girls are trying to get into adult clubs. Upon being rejected, they search for a new club to try and get into but end up landing in the wrong side of town. Lost and confused, they walk into a gas station where they are met with a rather scrappy looking man and his 3 Doberman which proceed to terrorize the girls. This one plays a lot on adrenaline and intensity. It's the most intense of the three tales and is a fun ride all the way to the end.

4. "All Night Operator" (Marg Helgenberger) - In this tale, a woman arrives to take the night shift at an all night telephone operating service. She begins to receive strange calls from a man who appears to be stalking a woman who also uses the same telephone operating service. As the night unfolds, he begins to stalk the phone operator as well. This tale is a bit of a suspenseful thriller as it puts you on edge. You get a good sense of the stalker creeping closer and closer until the final moment, and what a great final moment it is. There's a good energy in this one for sure.

Finally, the movie ends in one of the most ridiculously unexpected ways that makes virtually no sense in the best way possible. It's so over the top that you can't help but love it. That is, until it finally concludes and does make some actual sense haha.

Overall, the movie is incredibly entertaining and really increases its effectiveness by crafting the stories around realistic events and settings. Each story immerses you in a creepy, suspenseful, exciting reality, and because of this, it's easy for the tales to suck you into them. It's got that 80's feel too with the acting, lighting, sound effects, and music. A dark atmosphere pervades the entire anthology and really gives it that edge.
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Disappointingly inconsistent, I haven't been let down like this in a while…
callanvass16 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
(Allison's Story) It really is a shame that After Midnight could not follow up to such a promising beginning with the wraparound story. I found the opening to be riveting and downright chilling. The "Psychology" of fear class (Creepily played by Ramy Zada) was very inventive and managed to grip me by the balls. Let's just say it had a scene that involves a gun, and I did NOT expect it. This would NEVER happen in a movie today, I don't think, especially for what was revealed seconds after the stunt. I truly thought I was in for one of those underrated gems. Sadly, once the stories began, it went awry and I was thoroughly disappointed. I'll review the stories for you down below

The first story is called "The Old Dark House" and stars nobody in particular special. A couple gets stranded on a road that goes to nowhere because of a flat tire. They decide to enter the premises for help. Unfortunately for them…it turns out to be haunted. It's a rather dumb story, that tries to be more light hearted and amusing than anything else, but it wound up annoying me when all is said and done. It all turns out to be some dumb prank. The husband (unbeknownstly) is in store for a surprise party, but they take it too far, and the husband inadvertently decapitates his wife


The second story is called "A night on The Town" It involves four pretty young girls who unwisely run out of gas in the ghetto area. The story isn't actually that bad, and is probably my favorite out of all of them. It certainly doesn't hurt that you get to look at the drop dead gorgeous Judie Aronson either. It has some suspenseful dog chase sequences, and I dug how it was presented. I did feel the ending was a tad anti climatic though.


The Third story is called "All Night Operator" It starts the beautiful Marg Helgenberger from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She makes for a very effective lead, but the story is average at best. The caller is obnoxious. Just get over it already, and get laid! The constant calling got a bit redundant by the end, and once again. The payoff was very lame


Also, what the hell was with the ending of the film? That was some really convoluted stuff…

Final Thoughts: It wasn't terrible, just highly disappointing after such a great wraparound story. I was gonna bump this up to 5.0, but it doesn't quite deserve that. The stories are mostly mediocre, aside from "Night on The Town" and the ending is ludicrously silly. You can do much better with anthologies

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