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There were three filmed endings to the movie. The first is the one that is in the normal release of the movie both domestic and international. The second, available as the 'alternate ending' on the DVD version, follows the path of the first one, but is slightly different and does not contain the sequence in which the ambulance crashes into the house or the part where Mark Rumsfield slide tackles Hans Klopek. It does have a few more scenes which include Hans being interrogated by the police, Dr. Werner Klopek giving a speech to the police on what is wrong with the suburbs, and Ruben telling Ray that he was going to enjoy having him over for their final dinner. The third (and most downbeat) ending, which has not been released in any form officially, is supposed to have Ray get killed in the ambulance by Werner, the Klopeks are pronounced innocent, and garbage bags are found bound and gagged in the Klopek's car trunk. The last ending follows the original ending contained in the script.
To receive a PG certificate UK cinema and video versions were cut by 26 secs to remove some of the images that Ray sees when he's watching the TV. Notably scenes from Race with the Devil (1975), The Exorcist (1973), and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)(the last two were banned in the UK at the time). The cuts were restored in 2004 and the certificate upgraded to a '12'.
A deleted scene has Ray cooking at the barbeque. It isn't the barbeque that he needs to fix though, it is a metal one that sits by his brick one.
A deleted scene has Ray, Ricky, Walter, and Bonnie all standing by a ladder which leads to someone's roof. By their clothes, it is the same day they break into Walter's house.
A deleted scene shows Ray telling Carol that someone thinks that "the Klopeks are evil incarnate." This sequence goes along with the part when they are watching Jeopardy.
A deleted scene has Ray and Art find something in the Klopek's back yard which appears to be some sort of a bomb.

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