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20 Sep. 1989
The Kid
In this, the pilot episode, we are introduced to six Pony Express riders, their sage mentor and boss, Teaspoon, their station mother, Emma, and the local marshal, Sam, as well as the concept of the Pony Express itself. More specifically, The Kid earns his trusty horse, Katy, learns a little about the nature of good and evil, and becomes the first to discover Lou's secret.
21 Sep. 1989
When Hickok accidentally insults a professional gunfighter, Emma attempts to step between them. Apologies and promises are not enough, however, to keep Hickok from his destiny.
28 Sep. 1989
Home of the Brave
When the Kiowa begin to attack white settlements and civilians, Buck must decide between loyalty to his Kiowa brother and to the obligations and friendships he has found with the Pony Express. In the meantime, Lou, Hickok and Cody get into a fight with Tompkins and his men because of the shopkeeper's insults against Buck.
5 Oct. 1989
Speak No Evil
While on an Express run, Ike witnesses a terrible stagecoach massacre and finds himself unable to take the life of the gang's leader. The man is apprehended, however, and it is up to the Riders to ensure Ike's safe passage to the courthouse where he can testify.
12 Oct. 1989
Bad Blood
Lou ventures back to the orphanage where she grew up in order to see her younger brother and sister for the first time in five years. However her estranged father, a villainous gunrunner, has taken the children to his canyon fortress. Can Lou rescue her siblings and keep her secret from the other Riders?
26 Oct. 1989
Black Ulysses
When an escaped slave helps around Emma's farm and saves The Kid's horse, Katy, from a fire, the Riders must decide whether to obey the law - the Fugitive Slave Act - or act to save a man who has suffered a life of injustice and cruelty.
2 Nov. 1989
Ten-Cent Hero
After Jimmy insults a dime novel author named Marcus, he suffers the consequences of much unwanted notoriety as the exaggerated subject of Marcus's newest novel. Guns blazing, hired hitmen and toughs arrive in Sweetwater, determined to take down Wild Bill Hickok, the fastest gun in the West.
9 Nov. 1989
False Colors
The Kid's estranged brother Jed is up to no good. After bushwhacking an Army detachment and stealing their identities, Jed and his gang ingratiate themselves with the Riders while angling to receive a gold shipment intended for the US Government. When Sam becomes suspicious, The Kid must decide between family and justice.
16 Nov. 1989
A Good Day to Die
The Kid discovers a half-Hunkpapa warrior, Curly, at the sight of an apparent Sioux massacre and takes him into custody. Curly's smart mouth does nothing to ease tensions in Sweetwater, but The Kid and the Riders come to trust him. Were the Sioux really responsible for the massacre or is someone trying to set up the tribe?
30 Nov. 1989
End of Innocence
When Emma insists on traveling to Ft. Reunion to help deliver her friend's baby, Hickok accompanies her. They become virtual prisoners of an ambitious captain who schemes to incite an Indian war and make a name for himself on the frontier. Trapped, Emma and Jimmy must rely on each other for survival and comfort.
7 Dec. 1989
Blind Love
Hickok falls hard for a young woman named Sarah who, unbeknownst to him, is married. When her husband is shot dead, Jimmy is imprisoned and tried for murder. But what is it Sarah's deceptive nature and a lying cattle wrangler that feels all wrong? Sam and the Riders work together to solve the mystery before Jimmy hangs.
14 Dec. 1989
The Keepsake
A girl comes to Sweetwater to con Teaspoon into believing she's his daughter.
1 Jul. 1989
Episode dated 1 July 1989
This is the episode that introduces the first pony express riders and their histories. The beginning of a great series.

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