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Bring it out on DVD!
majo_marz25 July 2006
As a child growing up in Japan, I used to look forward to the night when True Blue came on. Even though it was one of the few TV series that were shown in that country, I loved it. It showed a side of law enforcement that was different than the other TV shows of that time. Like NYPD Blue and Law & Order. It had a more upbeat way of presenting the story and mixed the action and humor wonderfully. It really is a shame that the network didn't give a chance to run longer. In this day and age where police drama is so popular I think that if the network releases this on DVD it would be a hit because it is different than all the rest.
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This could have been the ADAM-12 of the 90's.
RONY-326 May 2000
It's too bad that the network did not give this show a chance. Over the years I have heard critics state that most police shows, in between DRAGNET and HILL STREET BLUES, were not realistic. If you ask me TRUE BLUE has both qualities that are sought for in a cop show. It had action and showed how stressful the job is on the men and women of the department. It even had a touch of humor too.
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Episode of True Blue FOUND ONLINE
cond9269 July 2008
Found an Episode of True Blue. Which is being hosted by Google Videos

It's the Premiere of the TV Series (Episode title: Life with the Lady) Episode Summary (as it was given on the episode itself):

"A City Bus gets hijacked, A neighborhood shopkeeper will become a hostage. Bert dog will get the chance to sniff out a sniveling sniper and a desperate man will put the team to the ultimate test"

This was the one episode I remember as a kid. After seeing that, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

This in my opinion is WAY BETTER THAN "Third Watch". Don't get me wrong, Third Watch was good... but True Blue is better!
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Great show, from what I recall
Jeremy Shorter13 August 2011
I was only 13 when this show came on, and I was absolutely fascinated by it ... mostly the robot. I didn't care about the characters otherwise. I just wanted to see that cold metallic creature run around and do stuff. I think it inspired me somehow. (??) Anyway, I have a vague recollection of the show, especially the first or second episode, so I can't really say the show itself was good, but I can say when I was watching it, it grabbed my attention, if for no other reason than a really cool bot. I wish I could find the eps and download them or buy them on DVD. Sadly, I don't think there's enough interest in it to get the copyright owners to do anything with it. Oh, well. Maybe my memories would be better than the actual show anyway.
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