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4 Jan. 1995
Doctor of Horror
A Mad Doctor enlists the help of two security guards in a morgue in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the human soul.
11 Jan. 1995
Comes the Dawn
Colonel Parker and Sergeant Burrows, two ex-soldiers with a murky past, arrive in the Alaskan wilderness to do some illegal hunting. They get a local girl called Jeri Drumbeater, Parker's subordinate during Desert Storm, to be their scout. Unknown to the two army men, they are about to face consequences for their evil past actions in this dark, cold region.
18 Jan. 1995
99 & 44/100% Pure Horror
Luden Sandelton is the meek president of a company that manufactures bars of soap. When the advertising campaign for the latest line of soap is deemed a failure, Luden has no choice but to fire his artist wife Willa who designed the artwork for said campaign. However, the greedy and unfaithful Willa has her own deadly ideas about rectifying the situation.
25 Jan. 1995
You, Murderer
Plastic surgery makes a criminal look like Humphrey Bogart. Years later, he's a successful businessmen. His angry wife finds out about his past and threatens him. He asks his plastic surgeon friend to end her. Twist after twist ensues.

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