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Sex & Nudity

  • Contains mild to moderate sexual references throughout the course of the series. Some episodes deal with sex and sexuality as a central theme, and Homer and Marge are occasionally depicted in bed together, and may be depicted nude from the shoulders up. One of the stronger instances of visually depicted sexual behaviour occurs when Bart walks in on his parents making love (they are depicted naked, however, their private parts are strategically obscured by their limbs).
  • Also contains infrequent references to masturbation, extramarital affairs, promiscuity, prostitution and the like.
  • Rear nudity is depicted in some episodes, and stronger instances of nudity are strategically obscured. In one episode, Homer and Marge are stranded naked in a public place, and spend much of the final act of the episode trying to make it home without being spotted.
  • Some characters are depicted exposing themselves to others.

Violence & Gore

  • A little girl beats a mailman to the ground and slits his throat with an envelope when he's unconscious. Blood is seen jumping through his neck, but it is only shown for a breif second
  • Many episodes contain comic animated violence, including blood.
  • A show-within-a-show, titled "Itchy & Scratchy", itself a parody of Tom and Jerry, includes uncompromising scenes of violence, including blood, gore and viscera.
  • The annual Treehouse of Horror episodes (which are non-canonical) also contain such violence, but often involving more prominent characters of the series. These episodes generally contain instances of over-the-top bloody violence (including images of gore, viscera, decapitation and mutilation).
  • While violence on the show is cartoonish and intended to amuse, as opposed to horrify, younger children may be disturbed by such scenes.


  • Inappropriate words/dialogue/comments are/can be said several time throughout the series.
  • Contains infrequent use of mild coarse language throughout the course of the series, such as "bitch", "crap" and "pissed off". There is also occasional use of milder terms, such as "ass", "dick", "bastard","fag" and "slut". Instances of stronger coarse language are bleeped (often for humorous effect).
  • Words like "hell" or "damn" are frequent.
  • Also contains infrequent use of derogatory terms against minority groups in some episodes.
  • Some audio commentaries and/or deleted scenes in some of the complete season home video releases may contain uncensored use of the word "fuck", and milder terms such as "shit".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters are alcoholics, and some drink to the point of inebriation and/or act in a comically boorish manner much to the chagrin of those around them. One character, Barney, acts as the town drunk. The negative consequences of alcoholism are showcased for the purposes of humour, however, some characters have suffered alcohol poisoning throughout the course of the series. Instances of underage drunkenness are rare.
  • A number of characters, including teachers and members of authority, are smokers. Some episodes parody tobacco culture, and lampoon the promotion of tobacco use which was common throughout the early half of the 20th century. Instances of underage tobacco use are very rare.
  • References to illegal drugs are infrequent, and drug use is only present in very few episodes. One episode titled "Weekend at Burnsies" features the medicinal use of marijuana as a central theme, and "Treehouse of Horror XV" features the use of opium, including its usage by a minor. In another episode, two characters, both of whom are in positions of authority, smoke from a bong (the scene is quite graphic). Another episode depicts two children indulging in confection (however, they consume the confection in a manner that resembles drug use, such as cocaine and meth).
  • The series also contains occasional use (and misuse) of over-the-counter medication.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains some adult themes that may confuse or upset younger children. Some episodes may revolve around or allude to such themes as (though not limited to) death, bereavement, crime, suicide, fertility, estrangement, alcohol dependency and criminal activity. Themes are dealt with restraint.

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