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Fox is Reportedly Developing a Simpsons Sequel and Films For Bob's Burgers and Family Guy

Fox has got some big animated projects in development that may end up carrying over into the Disney merger. According to The Wall Street Journal, there's a sequel in the works for The Simpsons Movie! On top of that, the studio is developing several other animated films which are also said to include Bob's Burgers and Family Guy.

Fans of The Simpsons have been wanting to see a sequel to the 2007 film for years and now it looks like it might actually happen on the verge of the show's 30th anniversary. A sequel has been mentioned a few time over the years. At one point the producers even took one of the storylines for the sequel and just ended up turning it into an episode.

That episode was called "The Man Who Came To Be Dinner" and it followed the Simpson family as they are kidnapped from a ride at
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It Sounds Like The Simpsons Movie 2 Is Finally Happening

If The Simpsons were a pet dog, it would’ve been a kindness to lead it behind the barn and humanely blow its brains all over the wall years ago. Perhaps it’s cliche to point out just how much the show has plummeted in quality over the last few decades, but comparing what they’re doing now to their 90s golden age is almost painful. That’s why I’m not exactly over the moon that it’s sounding like 21st Century Fox is going to greenlight The Simpsons Movie 2.

It’s a somewhat curious move, especially as The Walt Disney Company is about to purchase Fox and all its IP – which includes The Simpsons. The thinking behind this apparently stems from Fox and Dreamworks Animation’s deal expiring, and as Disney rival Comcast owns Dreamworks Animation, they need to work in-house to ensure they get a steady schedule of animated movies in cinemas.
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‘Disenchantment’ Review: Matt Groening’s Fantasy Series Is One Visually Clever Delight

‘Disenchantment’ Review: Matt Groening’s Fantasy Series Is One Visually Clever Delight
Disenchantment, Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s new animated fantasy parody for Netflix, uses the same art style that’s been the cartoonist’s trademark his entire career. Sweet, hapless Elfo (Nat Faxon) doesn’t look too far removed from Lisa and Maggie’s beloved Happy Little Elves; an obnoxious prince gets transformed into a swine form that could pass for Simpsons Movie scene-stealer Spider-Pig. But if the figures and architecture seem familiar — the castle of Dreamland, where rebellious princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) lives, is reminiscent of Futurama‘s Planet Express
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Teen Choice Awards 2018: Riverdale, Shadowhunters and More TV Winners

Teen Choice Awards 2018: Riverdale, Shadowhunters and More TV Winners
Another trip around the sun means another Teen Choice Awards, a ceremony in which Team TVLine is surprisingly invested despite being told we’re “too old to vote.”

Hosted by Nick Cannon and Lele Pons, Sunday’s main event once again celebrated pop culture’s best favorite acts in TV, movies, music and more — and once again, we only care about the TV part.

So scroll down for a list of nominees in all 25 (!) TV-related categories. As winners are announced throughout the ceremony, winners’ names and titles will be Bolded. When you’re done scrolling, drop a comment with your
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Fox developing The Simpsons, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers movies

In an article over at The Wall Street Journal discussing the impending 20th Century Fox takeover by The Walt Disney Company, it has been revealed that Fox is in development on a second Simpsons movie, as well as a live-action/animation hybrid Family Guy film and a Bob’s Burgers feature.

The Simpsons news isn’t entirely unexpected, as there have been several comments from the likes of Al Jean and James L. Brooks over the years suggesting that Fox was very keen on the idea of a follow up to 2007’s The Simpsons Movie. Similarly, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has teased a possible movie for over a decade now, stating back in 2005 that it would happen “soon”.

The WSJ article doesn’t give any indication how far along the development process any of these three projects are, but it does confirm that Disney intends on finishing and releasing
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Family Guy Movie in the Works with Live-Action Elements?

In a new report about the state of affairs at Fox with the latest Disney merger news, it reveals that Fox Animation has been developing a Family Guy movie that will contain live-action elements. This certainly sounds like something that series creator Seth MacFarlane would dare to pull off. In addition, it was also revealed that a Bob's Burger feature-length film is being developed as well along with The Simpsons Movie 2. However, these plans could be put into jeopardy with the Fox and Disney merger.

According to people close to the projects, the Family Guy movie will contain live-action elements, which sounds pretty interesting. It would be the first time on the big screen for the wildly popular series, and it's something that fans have asked about for years. The Simpsons Movie didn't come out until 2007, and it was teased for years, so the idea of a Family Guy movie
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Fox Launches ‘Fn Genius,’ An ‘HQ’-Style Mobile Trivia Game Tailored To Its Live Programming Push

Exclusive: Fox is rolling out an answer to the viral success of HQ Trivia. Its new mobile video game show, Fn Genius, is already live in Apple and Android app stores and has been pitched in sales meetings since May.

Fn Genius will officially enter the spotlight this weekend with major promotions Saturday night and Sunday during The Simpsons. It will premiere on Sunday’s the Teen Choice Awards on the Fox broadcast network, according to sources with knowledge of the launch plans.

Jordan L. Jones, who stars in the new Fox comedy Rel, will host the short-form show, which gives out cash prizes to players who download the app and play along in real time, as is the model of HQ. Sources say the initial episode is being treated as a pilot. Based on results from the initial airing, a determination will be made about the size of a series order,
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The Simpsons Movie 2 Reportedly in Development at Fox

There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the Disney and Fox deal, mostly having to do with the Marvel implications as well as how much more of a juggernaut Disney will become at the box office. A new report reveals that the long-awaited sequel to The Simpsons Movie is currently in development at Fox. This is definitely exciting news for fans who have been waiting for The Simpsons Movie 2 to hit theaters for over a decade. But, could the merger have a negative impact on the sequel seeing the light of day?

In addition to The Simpsons Movie 2, the latest report states that a Bob's Burger movie as well as a Family Guy movie are also in development at Fox. Upon the 10th anniversary of the world's introduction to Spider-Pig last year, The Simpsons Movie writer-producer Al Jean and director David Silverman admitted that a follow-up could happen, but
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Matt Groening to Appear on Late Night for First Time in a Decade

Matt Groening to Appear on Late Night for First Time in a Decade
Matt Groening is set to appear on late-night TV for the first time in more than a decade. 

The Simpsons creator will stop by NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday to promote his upcoming Netflix show, Disenchantment. Meyers' other guests will include Jessica Biel and Awkwafina. 

Groening previously appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien (a former Simpsons writer himself) in 1994 for the show and again in 2007 to promote The Simpsons Movie. His first late-night appearance was on Late Night With David Letterman in 1989 to promote the pilot for The Simpsons.

The press-shy Groening has granted a number of interviews ...
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TV Review: ‘Disenchantment’ on Netflix

  • Variety
Matt Groening’s new series, “Disenchantment,” seeks to do for fantasy what “The Simpsons” did for family sitcoms — generate laughs by pushing a genre to its limits. As Groening’s biggest hit vamped off of TV’s traditional families by depicting a father who wasn’t just clueless but a boor, so does “Disenchantment” feature a princess who’s not just a sprightly rebel, as in other fantasy stories, but outright devious, fueled by booze and encouraged by a demon. The show’s use of fairy-tale convention generates the best laughs, but the serialized storyline and the baggy running time (the pilot is 35 minutes) keep it from soaring.

These complaints are new for Groening; “The Simpsons” is rarely slack and reboots at the end of each episode. “Disenchantment” has lots of story to get through, centered on Bean (Abbi Jacobson of “Broad City”), a princess in the kingdom of Dreamland
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‘Disenchantment’ Early Buzz: Matt Groening’s Fantasy Send-Up Lacks Magic But Has Potential

‘Disenchantment’ Early Buzz: Matt Groening’s Fantasy Send-Up Lacks Magic But Has Potential
After diving into suburban family life and the distant future with The Simpsons and Futurama, animation icon Matt Groening is bringing his trademark humor into the distant past with his fantasy comedy series Disenchantment on Netflix. But does Groening, whose shows have lost their bite in later seasons, even for longtime fans, have what it […]

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Review: In Disenchantment, Matt Groening Brings His Animation Comedy Gold to Netflix

This could have been the easiest review we have ever written and it would have gone like this,   "If you like Matt Groening's The Simpsons, or the even better Futurama, you will appreciate his latest project Disenchantment"    It could be as easy as that. But that would be cheating.    So let us talk about what Disenchantment does expectantly well.    To start, Bean is a princess in Dreamland though you would not know it by her hard drinking, party yearning lifestyle. Frequently in trouble and the ire of her father the King she often finds herself in trouble for trying to live a normal life. At the start of the show Bean is about to be married to a prince from another...

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Cancelled or Renewed? Status of Fox TV Shows

Below, you'll find a list of Fox's recent/current/upcoming primetime TV shows and their current status. To see a series' ratings (if any), click the links in the middle column.

The shows include Beat Shazam, Bob's Burgers, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Cool Kids, Cosmos, Empire, The Exorcist, Family Guy, The Four: Battle for Stardom, Ghosted, The Gifted, Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Gotham, Hell's Kitchen, Hypnotize Me, La to Vegas, The Last Man on Earth, Last Man Standing, Lethal Weapon, Love Connection, Lucifer, The Masked Singer, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, Mental Samurai, New Girl, Orville, The Passage, Phenoms, Proven Innocent, Rel, The Resident, The Simpsons, So You Think You Can Dance, Spin the Wheel, Star, The X-Files, ...
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Disenchantment first-look review – Game of Thrones send-up has a few Groening pains

Projects by the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama take time to find their feet, so this Netflix series may well become essential – despite its patchy start

The big thing to remember about Matt Groening projects is that they always take time to warm up. Futurama began life as a dystopian sci-fi about the prominent use of streetside suicide booths, but eventually became lovely enough to accommodate the sweetly heartfelt episode The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings. The Simpsons will for ever be the show of Do It For Her, despite originally being a deliberately iconoclastic satire about an alcoholic child-strangler.

So, the good news is that Groening’s new animated Netflix series, Disenchantment, may grow into itself before long. The bad news is that it isn’t there yet.

The pilot feels as if it has been stretched out for the sake of it – as a result, acres
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The Simpsons Will Continue To Run Even After The Disney/Fox Merger

The historic Fox/Disney merger will change the landscape of cinema and television in huge ways, but it seems that one long running staple of our screens won’t be impacted at all by the buyout.

The Simpsons has been on the air for nigh on 30 years now and there’s little chance that it won’t continue for many more. This comes from the very top, as Fox CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman recently revealed at the TV Critics Association press tour that The Simpsons is just too lucrative a show to cancel and they fully expect to continue the lives of Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa into the future.

“We have a couple years of episodes already in progress on The Simpsons. So down the line, what kind of decision is made I can’t really speak to. But for the foreseeable future, there’s so much
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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: Here’s Why Skylar Astin Will Play the ‘Reimagined’ Greg in the Final Season

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: Here’s Why Skylar Astin Will Play the ‘Reimagined’ Greg in the Final Season
On “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” the love story of Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Greg (Santino Fontana) never did follow any typical trajectory for romance, and the final season will put a new face on it again, literally. At the Television Critics Association press tour on Monday, co-creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna reveled that Greg will return, but he’ll be recast with Skylar Astin of “Pitch Perfect” fame.

Greg — the brainy, alcoholic bartender who had smoldering chemistry with Rebecca — left midway through Season 2 so he could pursue schooling and recovery away from Rebecca in Atlanta. When he left, it was clear that they still had feelings for each other, but they were problematic, as outlined in the song “Shitshow.” Greg’s return with a new face will highlight how one’s perception of another person can change to mirror Rebecca’s own changes.

Bloom said, “We wrote [Fontana] off the show because he voluntarily left.
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FX Russia Thriller ‘The Americans’ Takes TCA Trophies For Keri Russell, Best Drama And Program Of Year

  • Deadline
For a third consecutive year, FX reigned as top winner at Television Critics Association (TCA) Awards feting programming and performances in the 2017-2018 TV season.

Three of FX’s four awards went to Cold War thriller The Americans, including Program Of The Year, Best Drama, and a Drama Series Individual Achievement win for star Keri Russell. The Disney-bound network also snagged the Best Movie/Miniseries honor for The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, captured TCA’s first-ever award for Best Sketch/Variety Show.

Anthony Bourdain was honored posthumously for his popular CNN series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, named was best News And Information program. Bourdain died in June.

BBC’s freshman assassin drama Killing Eve was named Best New Program.

Rachel Brosnahan took the trophy for best Comedy Series Performance for her starring role in Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs.
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15 ‘Simpsons’ Episodes That Stirred the Apu Stereotype Conversation (Photos)

15 ‘Simpsons’ Episodes That Stirred the Apu Stereotype Conversation (Photos)
“I never heard anyone say I like Apu because he exposes the idiocy and bigotry of the average American and showed the struggle of the immigrant,” comedian Hari Kondabolu says in his documentary “The Problem With Apu.” And yet part of the reason Apu has remained a more central character to “The Simpsons” is that, over many seasons, the show has provided him with back stories and human flaws. Yet still, the discussion about Apu’s stereotypical roots, how he’s voiced by white actor Hank Azaria, and whether the character should remain on the show, still continues. Below, we’ve examined some of Apu’s most prominent moments on “The Simpsons” and how these have shaped the character and the controversy around him.

“The Telltale Head”

Apu’s first appearance came in the series’ eighth episode, in which Bart orders four Squishees for his friends, only to realize he
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‘The Cool Kids’: Senior Comedy A Changeup For Traditionally Younger-Skewing Network – TCA

  • Deadline
‘The Cool Kids’: Senior Comedy A Changeup For Traditionally Younger-Skewing Network – TCA
An older-skewing sitcom on Fox?

As one TCA journo pointed out today it’s not a programming choice the edgy network of The Simpsons and In Living Color is known for, and yet the network has not one comedy series aimed at older adults after Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing coming over from ABC, but two with the Charlie-Day senior citizen series The Cool Kids.

Written/created by Day and Paul Fruchbom, The Cool Kids revolves around three guy friends in a retirement community who are the top dogs until they’re blown out of the water by the newest member of the community, a female rebel whose ready to challenge their place – it’s high school with 70 somethings. Vicki Lawrence, Martin Mull, David Alan Grier and Leslie Jordan star. The series was inspired by Day’s time working in a nursing home.

“It’s something that younger Fox would never do,
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Fox Expects ‘The Simpsons’ Producers to Make the Right Call in the Apu Controversy [TCA 2018]

Fox Expects ‘The Simpsons’ Producers to Make the Right Call in the Apu Controversy [TCA 2018]
The Simpsons is about to enter its landmark 30th season, having already become the longest running scripted series in television history during its 29th. However, all the Simpsons milestones have been overshadowed by the controversy over its character Apu. During the Fox executive session for the Television Critics Association, Fox Television Chairman and CEO Dana […]

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