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Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass

Time stands still for Homer when he flies through his windshield after crashing his car and as his life flashes before his eyes, a magical friend helps him uncover the truth about his marriage.

Season 8

27 Oct. 1996
Treehouse of Horror VII
Bart's Siamese twin swells in the attic; Lisa's science experiment creates a miniature universe of advanced civilization; aliens possess Clinton and Dole.
3 Nov. 1996
You Only Move Twice
After moving to another town for a new job, Homer must decide whether or not to stay when the family have a hard time with the transfer.
10 Nov. 1996
The Homer They Fall
Homer becomes a boxer after Moe discovers his amazing ability to take a punch.
17 Nov. 1996
Burns, Baby Burns
The Simpsons try to reunite Mr. Burns with Larry, his slovenly long-lost son.
24 Nov. 1996
Bart After Dark
Marge leads a crusade against a local burlesque house after she discovers Bart working there.
1 Dec. 1996
A Milhouse Divided
Homer questions the state of his marriage after Luann Van Houten demands a divorce from Kirk.
15 Dec. 1996
Lisa's Date with Density
Lisa develops a crush on Nelson, and tries to reform him; Homer gets an autodialer and decides to make easy money with a telemarketing scam.
29 Dec. 1996
Hurricane Neddy
After a hurricane destroys Ned Flanders' house, he suffers a nervous breakdown and is forced to confront repressed problems from his childhood.
5 Jan. 1997
El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer
After eating insanity peppers at a chili cook-off, Homer has a hallucination of a talking coyote urging him to find his soulmate.
12 Jan. 1997
The Springfield Files
Special Agents Mulder and Scully arrive in Springfield after Homer claims to have seen an alien.
19 Jan. 1997
The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
Marge enters the pretzel vending business, but when she fails, Homer recruits some help from the mob.
2 Feb. 1997
Mountain of Madness
Homer and Mr. Burns get trapped in a snowed-in cabin during a company retreat.
7 Feb. 1997
Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious
Marge is stressed from motherhood and hires a British nanny to help out around the house, who struggles to teach Bart and Lisa how to behave.
7 Feb. 1997
The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
Homer is cast as Poochie, a new "Itchy and Scratchy" character designed to reverse declining ratings; a hip college student moves in with the Simpsons.
16 Feb. 1997
Homer's Phobia
After Marge befriends John, a gay store owner, Homer worries that his presence will have a negative effect on Bart's sexuality.
23 Feb. 1997
Brother from Another Series
Bart suspects a paroled Sideshow Bob is up to his old tricks when he is hired by his brother Cecil to assist in the construction of a dam.
2 Mar. 1997
My Sister, My Sitter
Bart is outraged when Lisa becomes his babysitter.
16 Mar. 1997
Homer vs. the 18th Amendment
After alcohol is banned in Springfield, Homer adopts the moniker of the "Beer Baron" to bootleg liquor, prompting an investigation from an uptight Treasury agent.
6 Apr. 1997
Grade School Confidential
Bart discovers Principal Skinner and Mrs Krabappel kissing, and it's not long before the whole town knows of their secret affair.
13 Apr. 1997
The Canine Mutiny
When the items Bart purchased with a fake credit card are repossessed, he claims that Santa's Little Helper is the dog he bought instead of his new pet, Laddie.
20 Apr. 1997
The Old Man and the Lisa
Burns loses his fortune and recruits Lisa to help him get it back.
27 Apr. 1997
In Marge We Trust
Marge becomes a church counselor; Homer discovers his face on a Japanese detergent logo.
4 May 1997
Homer's Enemy
Homer's laziness begets the ire of his industrious but arrogant new co-worker Frank Grimes; Bart buys a run-down factory for a dollar.
11 May 1997
The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase
Troy McClure presents three spinoffs: "Chief Wiggins, P.I.," "The Love-Matic Grandpa," and "The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour."
18 May 1997
The Secret War of Lisa Simpson
Bart is sent to a military school to be disciplined; Lisa, seeking a challenge, enrolls with him, but faces discrimination as the school's only girl cadet.

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