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Undercover Burns

Mr. Burns goes undercover at the power plant as an employee named Fred and befriends Homer and the gang, but a jealous Smithers plots to bring the old Burns back.

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The Way of the Dog

The Simpsons explore the tragic past of Santa's Little Helper when he bites Marge.

Season 7

17 Sep. 1995
Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two
Mr. Burns is laying in the hospital while the investigation into his shooterbegins, every citizen has motivation, but it's Simpson DNA that has been found.
24 Sep. 1995
Radioactive Man
Milhouse is cast as Radioactive Man's sidekick in a Hollywood production of the comic book.
1 Oct. 1995
Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly Doodily
Marge and Homer lose custody of the kids, who are sent to live at the Flanders' house.
8 Oct. 1995
Bart Sells His Soul
Bart casually sells his soul to Milhouse for five dollars but later regrets it. Moe converts his dank bar into a fun family restaurant.
15 Oct. 1995
Lisa the Vegetarian
A trip to a local petting zoo convinces Lisa to give up meat, despite excessive pressure to convince her not to do so.
29 Oct. 1995
Treehouse of Horror VI
A freak lightning storm causes giant advertising mascots to come to life; The children are terrorized by Groundskeeper Willie in their dreams; Homer finds himself trapped in another dimension.
5 Nov. 1995
King Size Homer
Homer intentionally gains more weight in order to qualify for disability and work from home, but soon realizes that being morbidly obese comes with its own problems.
19 Nov. 1995
Mother Simpson
After faking his own death, Homer is reunited with his mother, who harbors a deep secret.
26 Nov. 1995
Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
Sideshow Bob again escapes from prison and takes control of a TV screen at an air show, demanding all television stations immediately go off the air.
3 Dec. 1995
The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular!
Troy McClure hosts a retrospective of the first 137 episodes of The Simpsons (1989).
17 Dec. 1995
Marge Be Not Proud
Marge's relationship with Bart is strained when he is caught shoplifting before Christmas.
7 Jan. 1996
Team Homer
Homer starts a bowling team with Moe, Apu and Otto, but when Mr. Burns discovers the team was funded with his money, he insists on joining. Meanwhile, Springfield Elementary introduces uniforms.
14 Jan. 1996
Two Bad Neighbors
Former President George Bush and his wife, Barbara, move into the Simpsons' neighborhood and soon clash with Bart and Homer.
4 Feb. 1996
Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield
After buying a Chanel suit at a bargain price, Marge finds herself invited to a country club by a former schoolmate. Taken in by the opulence of the place, she is soon overcome by a desperation to fit in.
11 Feb. 1996
Bart the Fink
Krusty the Clown is left almost broke after Bart inadvertently rats him out to the IRS, forcing Krusty to take drastic action.
18 Feb. 1996
Lisa the Iconoclast
Lisa may figure out what to do when she discovers that Springfield's founding father was actually a murderous thief while researching for an essay.
25 Feb. 1996
Homer the Smithers
When Smithers is forced to take a vacation, he appoints Homer as his temporary replacement.
17 Mar. 1996
The Day the Violence Died
Bart and Lisa meet a homeless person who claims to have created Itchy, the mouse from their favorite cartoon series, "Itchy & Scratchy."
24 Mar. 1996
A Fish Called Selma
Washed-up movie star Troy McClure starts dating Selma in an attempt to silence bizarre rumors about his personal life and resuscitate his career.
31 Mar. 1996
Bart on the Road
Bart makes a fake driver's license and takes Milhouse, Martin and Nelson on a huge road trip; Lisa spends time with Homer at the power plant.
14 Apr. 1996
22 Short Films About Springfield
A series of vignettes highlights a day in the life of various Springfield residents.
28 Apr. 1996
Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in 'The Curse of the Flying Hellfish'
Another member of Grampa Simpson's WWII platoon dies, leaving only him and Mr. Burns. Years earlier, the men stole a number of priceless masterpieces from Nazi Germany, and now Mr. Burns aims to ensure he is the one to inherit them.
5 May 1996
Much Apu About Nothing
Anti-immigration fever sweeps Springfield, which threatens to lead to the deportation of Apu, until Homer decides to reject the mob mentality and help him become a legal citizen.
19 May 1996
Determined to prove he is still cool, Homer takes Bart and Lisa to the Hullabalooza music festival, where he finds he has a talent for being shot in the stomach, and joins the festival's freak show.
19 May 1996
Summer of 4'2"
After realizing how unpopular she is, a disillusioned Lisa sees the vacation to Ned Flanders' beach house as an opportunity to reinvent herself.

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