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Bart the Bad Guy

Bart uses spoilers for a superhero movie he saw to get what he wants, but two movie executives will stop at nothing to keep his knowledge secret.

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Professor Frink invents a cryptocurrency that makes him the richest man in Springfield, a title Mr. Burns has no intention of giving up.

Season 23

25 Sep. 2011
The Falcon and the D'Ohman
Homer tries to befriend the new security guard at the nuclear power plant, who for some unknown reason isn't interested and keeps having flashbacks to his violent past as a government agent.
2 Oct. 2011
Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts
Superintendant Chalmers gets fired after using unconventional methods to teach Bart and his friends about Teddy Roosevelt, so the boys take over Springfield Elementary until he gets his old job back.
30 Oct. 2011
Treehouse of Horror XXII
Homer takes a dangerous dive into an isolated canyon on Candy Peak, but when a crashing boulder traps his arm, he channels Aron Ralston to save himself. In "The Diving Bell and Butterball," the first of three hair-raising Halloween tales, a venomous spider bite leaves Homer paralyzed, but when Lisa discovers Homer's ability to communicate through natural gases, he is able to express his love for Marge. The killer spells continue in "Dial D for Diddly," when Ned Flanders, devout preacher by day, transforms into a cold-blooded vigilante by night. In the final terrifying...
6 Nov. 2011
Replaceable You
Homer is betrayed by his new assistant at work and winds up working for her, and Bart and Martin create a science project that brings joy to the seniors at the Springfield Retirement Castle.
13 Nov. 2011
The Food Wife
Homer is worried that he is no longer the cool parent after Marge, Bart, and Lisa become foodies.
20 Nov. 2011
The Book Job
Homer and Bart put together a team to author the next successful tween novel franchise and make a million dollars, but discover that they need Lisa's help to pull it off.
27 Nov. 2011
The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
Homer gets promoted to accounts manager at the nuclear power plant, but soon learns the job robs you of your soul. Meanwhile, Lisa introduces Bart to "Little Women."
4 Dec. 2011
The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
Krusty the Clown is stuck in a rut when the television network pulls his show from the air and his talent agency drops him as a client. But when the Simpsons introduce him to seasoned agent Annie, they are surprised to learn that Annie was Krusty's very first agent. Despite their rocky relationship, Annie is convinced to re-sign Krusty and craft his career comeback. But when Krusty's retro comedy show reboot is deemed a critical success, Krusty must decide to stay with his agent or side with the network executives.
11 Dec. 2011
Holidays of Future Passed
Thirty years in the future the Simpsons get together for Christmas. Bart and Lisa are struggling as parents to connect with their children.
8 Jan. 2012
Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson
Homer becomes the host of a popular political talk show, starts an "everyman" movement in Springfield, and ends up hand-picking Ted Nugent as the Republican nominee for president.
15 Jan. 2012
The D'oh-cial Network
Lisa creates an online social network that becomes a Springfield obsession, but later becomes a victim of user backlash.
29 Jan. 2012
Moe Goes from Rags to Riches
While Bart tries to regain Milhouse's friendship, Moe's bar cleaning rag tells his unlikely story of how he got to where he is today.
12 Feb. 2012
The Daughter Also Rises
Lisa falls for an adventurous, Hemingway-esque young boy, while Bart and Millhouse set out to bust all the myths that surround Springfield Elementary School.
19 Feb. 2012
At Long Last Leave
The town votes to kick the Simpsons out of Springfield, so they decide to move to the Outlands.
4 Mar. 2012
Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart
Bart becomes an urban vandal and decides to use Homer as his inspiration, while Apu hits hard times when a new trendy market takes all the Kwik-E-Mart customers.
11 Mar. 2012
How I Wet Your Mother
The family break into Homer's dreams Inception-style after he begins wetting the bed.
18 Mar. 2012
Them, Robot
Mr. Burns replaces all of the nuclear plant employees with robots--except for Homer, who stays along to supervise the robots and serve as a human scapegoat.
15 Apr. 2012
Beware My Cheating Bart
Jimbo's girlfriend cheats on Jimbo with Bart, and Homer uses his new treadmill to catch up on a TV series about plane crash victims stranded on an island.
29 Apr. 2012
A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again
Bart gets the family to take the cruise vacation of his dreams, and then launches a fiendish plot to ensure that it goes on forever.
6 May 2012
The Spy Who Learned Me
Homer uses his paid sick leave to improve his marriage, with the help of his imaginary friend, super-spy Stradivarius Cain. Meanwhile, Bart gets revenge on Nelson for stealing everyone's lunch money.
13 May 2012
Ned 'N' Edna's Blend
After Ned and Edna announce publicly that they were secretly married, the two clash over how to raise Rod and Todd.
20 May 2012
Lisa Goes Gaga
After a desperate attempt by Lisa to become more popular backfires, Lady Gaga shows up in Springfield to help her with her self-esteem.

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