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The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby

Maggie gets depressed when Marge forbids her from playing with her new baby crush due to his annoying mother; Mr. Burns tasks Homer with swindling Cletus out of his helium fortune.

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Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion

Marge starts a business selling healing crystals and other New Age products to the naive mothers of Springfield when Homer's work cuts children's health-care benefits, leading Marge to use the crystals as a cheaper ...

Season 22

26 Sep. 2010
Elementary School Musical
While Homer and Bart accompany Krusty to Oslo so he can receive the Nobel Peace Prize, Marge enrolls Lisa for a week in performing arts camp.
3 Oct. 2010
Loan-a Lisa
Lisa uses the $50 she receives from Grandpa to give Nelson a microloan to jump-start his bicycle business, but soon comes to regret the decision.
10 Oct. 2010
Lisa takes over as manager of Bart's baseball team and uses statistical analysis to build a winner, but she takes all of the fun out of it and causes Bart to quit the team.
7 Nov. 2010
Treehouse of Horror XXI
A Satanic board game causes other popular board games to come to life, Homer and Marge rescue a possible killer and let him on their boat, and a parody of "Twilight" where Lisa falls for a young vampire.
14 Nov. 2010
Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life
When Lisa discovers that Marge was also a model student, she tries to find out where everything changed so that she doesn't repeat her mistakes. Meanwhile, a series of chance accidents cause Bart to replace Nelson as school bully.
21 Nov. 2010
The Fool Monty
After Mr. Burns finds out that he is dying, he has an accident and loses his memory, and all the townspeople use the situation to get their revenge on him.
28 Nov. 2010
How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?
Bart adopts a carrier pigeon, but Santa's Little Helper eats it.
5 Dec. 2010
The Fight Before Christmas
Marge gets depressed when the rest of the family does not get into the holiday spirit, and she writes a letter, hoping to get some help; Mr. Burns and Moe's new friend delay the Simpsons as they attempt to travel to Hawaii for the holiday.
12 Dec. 2010
Donnie Fatso
Homer goes to prison after attempting to get out of a series of fines with a bribe, but agrees to a reduced sentence by informing on Fat Tony for the FBI.
9 Jan. 2011
Moms I'd Like to Forget
Bart sets out to uncover the origins of a sword-shaped scar on his hand; Marge reconnects with three friends she fell out with years ago.
16 Jan. 2011
Flaming Moe
Moe tries to keep his 'straightness' a secret when he opens a gay bar; Skinner falls for a new teacher.
23 Jan. 2011
Homer the Father
Homer picks up parenting advice from an 80s sitcom; Bart becomes involved in trading nuclear secrets.
13 Feb. 2011
The Blue and the Gray
Moe employs Homer as his wing man, only to find Homer has more luck with the ladies than he does; Marge finds her first gray hair.
20 Feb. 2011
Angry Dad: The Movie
Bart's "Angry Dad" character gets his own movie, but when the movie starts winning awards, Homer tries to hog all the credit.
6 Mar. 2011
The Scorpion's Tale
Lisa's school project leads to the discovery of a new drug that makes the elderly less cranky and more tolerable.
13 Mar. 2011
A Midsummer's Nice Dreams
After Tommy Chong walks away from the Cheech & Chong reunion tour, Homer goes on the road as his replacement. Meanwhile, Marge tries to help the cat lady with her hoarding problem.
27 Mar. 2011
Love Is a Many Strangled Thing
The tables are turned for Homer and Bart after a therapist cures Homer of his violent tendencies toward the boy.
10 Apr. 2011
The Great Simpsina
The family is greeted by folk singer Ewell Freestone when they visit a peach farm, but when Marge goes overboard with peach-inspired dishes, Lisa and Bart try to get rid of the unwanted fruit. Later, Lisa becomes a magician's apprentice to the legendary Great Raymondo who helps her develop her craft, but a schoolgirl crush clouds her judgment when she is coaxed into revealing the Great Raymondo's most famous magic trick to his phony archnemesis. But when the rival magician's act takes a risky turn, the Great Raymondo has one last trick up his sleeve and stages ...
1 May 2011
The Real Housewives of Fat Tony
Selma falls in love with and marries Fat Tony, and Lisa discovers that Bart has a skill for finding truffles.
8 May 2011
Homer Scissorhands
Homer opens his own salon after he discovers that he has skills as a hair stylist, and Lisa becomes suspicious after Millhouse gets a 5th grade girlfriend.
15 May 2011
500 Keys
While Homer takes the Duff Blimp for a joyride, Lisa discovers a secret room in the basement of Sprinfield Elementary School.
22 May 2011
The Ned-Liest Catch
When Krabbapple gets suspended and put into detention after hurting Bart, Bart tries to break her out, but it ends that Flanders is the one that saves her life. But soon, Ned figures out that Edna has also dated other men such as Homer, Skinner Comic Book Guy and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer.

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