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The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby

Cletus becomes an oil tycoon; Maggie reunites with baby Hudson.

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Highway to Well

Homer and Marge become weed dealers at competing businesses.

Season 2

11 Oct. 1990
Bart Gets an F
Mrs. Krabappel, fed up with Bart's lackadaisical approach to his studies, gives him an ultimatum: shape up or repeat the fourth grade.
18 Oct. 1990
Simpson and Delilah
Homer lies on a medical insurance form in order to obtain a miracle hair restoring drug.
25 Oct. 1990
Treehouse of Horror
The Simpsons move into a cursed house, then are abducted by aliens, before Homer is ensconced in a tale by Edgar Allen Poe.
1 Nov. 1990
Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
After the power plant experiences bad publicity and is threatened with closure, Mr. Burns decides to run for Governor in order to have power over the law.
8 Nov. 1990
Dancin' Homer
Homer's heckling of the Springfield Isotopes baseball team during one of their games inadvertently leads to his appointment as the new team mascot.
15 Nov. 1990
Dead Putting Society
In an attempt to show up Ned Flanders, Homer pits Bart against Ned's son, Todd, in a miniature golf competition.
22 Nov. 1990
Bart vs. Thanksgiving
On Thanksgiving, Bart runs away after fighting with Lisa.
6 Dec. 1990
Bart the Daredevil
After seeing a motorcycle daredevil at a monster truck show, Bart becomes a death-defying daredevil skateboarder.
20 Dec. 1990
Itchy and Scratchy and Marge
Marge becomes a crusader against cartoon violence after watching The Itchy and Scratchy Show.
10 Jan. 1991
Bart Gets Hit by a Car
While skateboarding down the street, Bart is hit by a car driven by Mr. Burns. Homer turns down Mr. Burns' token offer of $100, and instead hires ambulance-chaser Lionel Hutz to bring an outrageous lawsuit against the millionaire.
24 Jan. 1991
One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
After apparently consuming poison blowfish, Homer is told that he only has 24 hours to live.
31 Jan. 1991
The Way We Was
Homer and Marge tell the story of how they met and fell in love in high school.
7 Feb. 1991
Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
Homer gets a crooked cable guy to install free cable in the Simpson home, and as a result, Lisa faces an ethical crisis over her family's stealing.
14 Feb. 1991
Principal Charming
Homer tries to set Selma up with Principal Skinner, only for him to fall for Patty instead.
21 Feb. 1991
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
After Grampa is hospitalized, he reveals that Homer has a half-brother, and the family set out to find him.
7 Mar. 1991
Bart's Dog Gets an F
After an uncontrollable Santa's Little Helper destroys several important Simpson possessions, Homer announces that he will be thrown out of the house unless he completes obedience training.
28 Mar. 1991
Old Money
After Grampa's new girlfriend dies and leaves him $106,000 in her will, he tries to decide what to do with it.
11 Apr. 1991
Brush with Greatness
After becoming trapped in a water slide, Homer decides to go on a diet, while Marge enrolls in an art class and is soon commissioned to paint a portrait of Mr. Burns.
25 Apr. 1991
Lisa's Substitute
Lisa has a crush on her substitute teacher; Bart decides to run for class president.
2 May 1991
The War of the Simpsons
Homer must decide which is more important: completing counseling to save his marriage or skipping out to catch a legendary catfish. Meanwhile, at home, Bart and Lisa take advantage of Grampa's ignorance of the house rules.
9 May 1991
Three Men and a Comic Book
Bart, Milhouse and Martin each pitch in to buy an expensive comic book, which soon has a disastrous effect on their friendship.
11 Jul. 1991
Blood Feud
Bart saves Mr. Burns's life. But Homer becomes enraged when Mr. Burns doesn't return the favor by sending the Simpsons what he considers to be an appropriate "thank you" gift.

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