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Season 18

10 Sep. 2006
The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer
When Fat Tony has to take a time-out due to a whacking attempt, Homer and Bart take over the business.
17 Sep. 2006
Jazzy & The Pussycats
Lisa becomes depressed when Bart becomes a better jazz musician than her. So she decides to set up an animal shelter in the Simpsons' attic.
24 Sep. 2006
Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em
Marge begins her own carpentry business, but Homer becomes the face of the business because nobody will take a female carpenter seriously. And Bart uses Principal Skinner's peanut allergy to his advantage.
5 Nov. 2006
Treehouse of Horror XVII
A meteorite turns Homer into a rampaging blob with a voracious appetite; Bart brings a Golem to life; an alien invasion hoax turns real.
12 Nov. 2006
G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)
Homer is duped into signing up for the Army, and his hijinks after basic training ultimately results in a military occupation of Springfield.
19 Nov. 2006
Moe'N'a Lisa
Lisa helps Moe become a distinguished poet, but she turns on him when he takes all the credit for his newfound greatness.
26 Nov. 2006
Ice Cream of Margie: With the Light Blue Hair
Homer becomes an ice cream man after being fired from the plant, and Marge uses his leftover Popsicle sticks to create folk art figures.
10 Dec. 2006
The Haw-Hawed Couple
Bart and Nelson become best friends, but Bart surprisingly discovers that the fringe benefits aren't worth Nelson's neediness.
17 Dec. 2006
Kill Gil, Vol. 1 & 2
The Simpsons let Gil stay with them during Christmas. However, he stays for 11 months because Marge can't tell him "no."
7 Jan. 2007
The Wife Aquatic
Homer returns Marge to Barnacle Bay, where she spent her beloved summer vacations. But when they get there, they discover that it is no longer a tourist spot.
28 Jan. 2007
Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times
While Homer tries to get revenge on a driver who cut him off, his family warns him of the folly of revenge by telling stories based on "The Count of Monte Cristo," "Revenge of the Nerds," and "Batman."
11 Feb. 2007
Little Big Girl
When Bart performs a heroic act, Springfield grants him 1 wish. Barts asks for a driver's license, and he drives to a nearby town. There, he meets a teen (Natalie Portman) who thinks he is 16, and the two begin dating.
18 Feb. 2007
Springfield Up
A parody of the "Up Series" of British documentaries, in which a filmmaker follows Homer and his friends from grade school into their 40s.
4 Mar. 2007
Yokel Chords
In this parody of The Sound of Music (1965), Lisa becomes a tutor for Cletus' seven children, until Krusty tries to exploit them as entertainers. Meanwhile, Bart becomes emotionally attached to his school-appointed psychiatrist.
11 Mar. 2007
Rome-old and Juli-eh
Selma and Grampa fall in love and end up getting married, a marriage both Homer and Patty are against.
25 Mar. 2007
Homer becomes a successful Paparazzi, but Springfield's celebrities decide to get their revenge on him.
22 Apr. 2007
Marge Gamer
Marge decides to find out what there Internet has to offer and soon gets hooked on an online role-playing game; Homer referees Lisa's soccer game.
29 Apr. 2007
The Boys of Bummer
Bart becomes the most hated person in Springfield after he is the goat in a championship baseball game, and Homer new job as a mattress salesman ruins his and Marge's sex life.
6 May 2007
Crook and Ladder
Homer, Moe, Apu and Principal Skinner become volunteer firefighters. But just because they're not getting paid doesn't mean that they can't find a way to receive compensation.
13 May 2007
Stop or My Dog Will Shoot
Homer unwittingly drags the family into a cornfield maze after attempting to leave a boring Harvest fest that Marge brought them to. When everyone except Homer escapes, Santa's Little Helper rescues him and becomes the town hero. So the Simpsons enroll him in Police Dog Academy where he's teamed with Lou.
20 May 2007
24 Minutes
Bart and Lisa join forces to stop the school bullies from setting off a stink bomb at the school bake sale.
20 May 2007
You Kent Always Say What You Want
After Kent Brockman is fired as a news anchor, he and Lisa use the Internet to expose the Fox News Conspiracy.

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