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The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby

Maggie gets depressed when Marge forbids her from playing with her new baby crush due to his annoying mother; Mr. Burns tasks Homer with swindling Cletus out of his helium fortune.

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Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion

Marge starts a business selling healing crystals and other New Age products to the naive mothers of Springfield when Homer's work cuts children's health-care benefits.

Season 17

11 Sep. 2005
The Bonfire of the Manatees
When Marge leaves Homer because he allowed an adult movie being shot in their house, she seeks self fulfillment in protecting manatees.
18 Sep. 2005
The Girl Who Slept Too Little
A new cemetery right outside the window of Lisa's room makes Lisa suffer from many sleepless nights.
25 Sep. 2005
Milhouse of Sand and Fog
Maggie contracts the chicken pox and Homer gets the great idea to charge parents to get their own children sick by throwing a pox party, but his plan backfires.
6 Nov. 2005
Treehouse of Horror XVI
An android son replaces Bart; Homer and friends are the quarry in Mr. Burns' hunting tournament; a witch turns townsfolk into their Halloween costumes.
13 Nov. 2005
Marge's Son Poisoning
Marge and Bart start spending more time together, and make a tradition of cycling to a tea house in a small village outside Springfield.
20 Nov. 2005
See Homer Run
When a recall election puts Mayor Quimby's job up for grabs, Homer seizes the opportunity to win office and gain his daughter's love.
27 Nov. 2005
The Last of the Red Hat Mamas
Milhouse tutors Lisa in Italian, and Marge joins the Cheery Red Tomatoes, a group that plans to rob Mr. Burns of one million dollars worth of Fabergé eggs.
11 Dec. 2005
The Italian Bob
The Simpsons become lost in Italy, finding their way to a small town that Sideshow Bob has become the mayor of.
18 Dec. 2005
Simpsons Christmas Stories
Homer tells the tale of the first Christmas ever, while Grandpa pursues his decade-old feud with Santa.
8 Jan. 2006
Homer's Paternity Coot
When a frozen mailman from the 60's is found in a Springfield glacier, doubts arise about whether Abe really is Homer's father.
29 Jan. 2006
We're on the Road to D'ohwhere
When Homer is on his way to Vegas to meet up with his friends, he has to make a detour to take Bart to an education camp. Meanwhile, Marge has discovered a surprising source of income.
26 Feb. 2006
My Fair Laddy
Bart and Lisa bets whether Lisa can turn Groundskeeper Willie into a proper gentleman.
12 Mar. 2006
The Seemingly Never-Ending Story
In this story within a story within a story within a story, a cave-exploring expedition, an angry sheep and a lovestruck Moe become inextricably entwined.
19 Mar. 2006
Bart Has Two Mommies
Marge starts babysitting the Flanders boys, leading Homer to spend more time with Bart and Lisa. Bart gets kidnapped by a lonely movie chimpanzee.
26 Mar. 2006
Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife
As part of a new Fox show, the Simpsons participate in a wife-swap.
2 Apr. 2006
Million Dollar Abie
After blowing Springfield's chances for an NFL franchise, Grandpa goes to an assisted-suicide center, then becomes a bullfighter.
9 Apr. 2006
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore
Homer gets sent to India when the power plant is relocated there. Selma and Patty kidnap Richard Dean Anderson after he spurns their MacGyver fan club.
23 Apr. 2006
The Wettest Stories Ever Told
While waiting for the dinner at the Frying Dutchman, the family starts telling three stories about ships: "Journey on the Mayflower", "Mutiny on the Bounty", and "The Neptune Adventure".
30 Apr. 2006
Girls Just Want to Have Sums
Springfield Elementary is divided into two separate schools (one for boys, one for girls) following Principal Skinner's demotion. Concerned that the boys are receiving a higher standard of education, Lisa disguises herself as a boy.
7 May 2006
Regarding Margie
After hitting her head on a stool Marge suffers from amnesia. Slowly but surely memories are starting to come back, except memories about Homer.
14 May 2006
The Monkey Suit
After seeing a museum exhibit on evolution, in which creation is labeled a myth, an outraged Ned Flanders teams with Reverend Lovejoy to blackmail Principal Skinner into requiring creationism to be taught in classrooms, eventually at the expense of any mention of evolution. Lisa becomes outraged herself, and forms a student organization to teach evolution, leading to a creationism vs. evolution trail, a la Inherit the Wind.
21 May 2006
Homer and Marge Turn a Couple Play
Marge and Homer try their luck at celebrity marriage counselling.

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