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Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy

Bart joins a group of woke sixth-grade girls when his friends turn on him for laughing at an all-female reboot of Itchy and Scratchy.

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E My Sports

Homer discovers a passion for coaching Bart in video game competitions; Lisa's plan to bring Homer back to reality creates chaos.

Season 15

2 Nov. 2003
Treehouse of Horror XIV
First, Homer kills the Grim Reaper and takes his place in Reaper Madness. Then, Professor Frink's father is revived, only to kill people and steal their organs in Frinkenstein. Finally, Bart and Milhouse get a stop watch that can stop time in Stop the World, I Want To Goof Off.
9 Nov. 2003
My Mother the Carjacker
Homer's mother returns to Springfield, and the city pardons her from the charges against her. Mr Burns is furious about this and makes a plan to get Mona Simpson in prison.
16 Nov. 2003
The President Wore Pearls
Lisa feuds with Principal Skinner after being elected school president.
23 Nov. 2003
The Regina Monologues
Prime minister Tony Blair welcomes the Simpsons to England where they run into author J.K. Rowling and actor Ian McKellen.
30 Nov. 2003
The Fat and the Furriest
At the dump Homer is videotaped while being attacked by a bear. The town regards him a coward, so Homer decides to strike back at the bear.
7 Dec. 2003
Today, I Am a Clown
Krusty decides to do what he never did when he was thirteen years old - have a Bar Mitzvah.
14 Dec. 2003
'Tis the Fifteenth Season
After spending all his money on an expensive gift for himself, and the family thinking he should be less of an egoist, Homer decides to change his ways.
4 Jan. 2004
Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays
A concert for babies ends in a riot, so the childless adults of Springfield gather to make the town less child-friendly.
11 Jan. 2004
I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot
Homer pretends to be a robot and competes in Robot Wars to win Bart's affection; Lisa has cat trouble.
25 Jan. 2004
Diatribe of a Mad Housewife
Marge is inspired to write a novel, but the storyline of the book (a fat, mean husband, and a handsome, sweet neighbor) makes Homer jealous.
8 Feb. 2004
Margical History Tour
Marge tells Lisa, Bart and Millhouse three history stories because the library doesn't have any.
15 Feb. 2004
Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Milhouse moves to Capital City, and therefore Lisa and Bart become best friends.
22 Feb. 2004
Smart & Smarter
When Maggie is revealed to have an IQ of 167, Lisa is no longer the genius of the family, causing a rivalry between the sisters.
14 Mar. 2004
The Ziff Who Came to Dinner
Artie Ziff is discovered hiding out in the Simpsons' attic.
21 Mar. 2004
Co-Dependent's Day
Marge takes up heavy drinking to spend more time with Homer. Bart and Lisa confront a famous movie director about the drop in quality his films have taken.
28 Mar. 2004
The Wandering Juvie
After playing a prank on the whole town, Bart is sentenced to six months of juvenile detention. There he meets Gina, who forces Bart to escape with her.
18 Apr. 2004
My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Mrs. Krabapel falls for Comic Book Guy and they plan a Star Trek like wedding. Principal Skinner plans to prevent it.
25 Apr. 2004
Catch 'Em If You Can
Homer and Marge try to have a vacation without the kids but Bart and Lisa follow them everywhere they go.
2 May 2004
Simple Simpson
Homer becomes a costumed vigilante who uses pies for weapons after witnessing Lisa get humiliated at a competition at the state fair.
9 May 2004
The Way We Weren't
Marge and Homer find out that they actually kissed each other at age 10 without knowing they were each other's first kisses, and tell the story about this.
16 May 2004
Bart-Mangled Banner
An accidental photo showing Bart mooning the American flag makes the Simpsons the most hated family in town.
23 May 2004
Fraudcast News
After Mr. Burns is erroneously reported as dead, he buys all of he media outlets in order to prevent them from writing scathing articles about him.

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