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Poorhouse Rock

Bart finally learns to admire Homer, but a visit from a magical singing janitor changes everything they thought they knew.

Season 13

6 Nov. 2001
Treehouse of Horror XII
A gypsy puts a curse on Homer; The Simpsons' new automated house malfunctions and tries to kill Homer; Bart and Lisa attend a school for wizards.
11 Nov. 2001
The Parent Rap
After Bart takes a joyride in a police car, a judge orders him to be tethered to Homer at all times.
18 Nov. 2001
Homer the Moe
Homer and his friends are forced to drink in the Simpsons' garage after Moe the Bartender renovates his shady bar into a hipster hangout.
2 Dec. 2001
A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love
Mr. Burns falls in love with a younger woman and recruits Homer to help him impress her.
9 Dec. 2001
The Blunder Years
A hypnotist uncovers a traumatic experience from Homer's childhood.
16 Dec. 2001
She of Little Faith
Homer and Bart get careless with a model rocket and accidentally do damage to Springfield's church, but when Mr. Burns offers to commercialize it to repair the destruction, Lisa leaves Christianity behind to become a Buddhist.
6 Jan. 2002
Brawl in the Family
A social services officer brings unity to the Simpson family, but their newfound happiness is threatened when the cocktail waitress Homer married in Vegas shows up at their door.
20 Jan. 2002
Sweets and Sour Marge
Marge rallies for a ban on sugar after Springfield is declared America's fattest city.
27 Jan. 2002
Jaws Wired Shut
Marge can't deal with the quiet after Homer has his jaws wired shut.
10 Feb. 2002
Half-Decent Proposal
Marge's high school sweetheart Artie Ziff returns and offers Homer a million dollars to spend a weekend with Marge.
17 Feb. 2002
The Bart Wants What It Wants
Bart breaks up with his new girlfriend Greta, but gets jealous when she begins dating Milhouse.
24 Feb. 2002
The Lastest Gun in the West
Bart meets a retired cowboy movie star and convinces him to make a comeback on The Krusty the Clown Show.
10 Mar. 2002
The Old Man and the Key
Abe gets his driver's license back to impress a new woman at the retirement home.
17 Mar. 2002
Tales from the Public Domain
Homer reads three stories from an overdue library book, imagining himself as Odysseus, Lisa as Joan of Arc and Bart as Hamlet.
31 Mar. 2002
Blame It on Lisa
Lisa sponsors an orphan in Brazil, and when he goes missing she convinces the family to go to Brazil to find him. While there, Homer is kidnapped.
7 Apr. 2002
Weekend at Burnsie's
After a traumatizing eye injury, Homer becomes a habitual user of medical marijuana.
21 Apr. 2002
Gump Roast
In this clip show, the citizens of Springfield honor Homer Simpsons with a Roast, but the festivities take a turn for the worst when aliens crash it.
28 Apr. 2002
I Am Furious Yellow
Bart's comic about Homer becomes a hit on-line, prompting Homer to attempt to control his anger.
5 May 2002
The Sweetest Apu
Apu's marriage is on the rocks after Manjula finds out he cheated on her.
12 May 2002
Little Girl in the Big Ten
Lisa pretends to be a college student when she befriends two college girls; Bart is forced to live in a plastic bubble after being bit by a mosquito.
19 May 2002
The Frying Game
Homer and Marge find themselves on death row after they are framed for murder.
22 May 2002
Papa's Got a Brand New Badge
Homer becomes chief of police after a scandal forces Wiggum out.

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