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My ultimate guilty pleasure
Kristine20 August 2002
Saved by the Bell, wither you want to admit it or not, you have seen this show if you were a child of the 90's. While it had extremely cheesy and bad acting and horrible writing, it was a fun show for the kids and the pre-teens. I remember always dying of laughter when I watched this show when I was a kid on Saturday mornings. Screech to me was like Marlon Brando in The Godfather, I thought the whole cast was brilliant. Now I still watch this show as a grown up, I really can't help it, it's like a car accident, you know you shouldn't look, but you can't help it. I know the writing was very bad and the situations are beyond unrealistic, but I think the reason I love this show still is because of it's innocence.

The show had a good influence on kids, it sounds crazy, but it did deal with a lot of issues that most kids have to deal with school. While I admit that they acted like Jesse was on heroine when she was simply taking caffeine pills, it still tried it's best to show you to be a true original. The story is simple, just 6 teenagers going through their daily lives in Bayside High School. They deal with the daily pressures: homework, tests, love, drugs, popularity, and friendship. Together they deal with these pressures along with the help of their loving principal, Mr. Belding.

Each character was lovable in their own way. Zack who was the smooth talker and ruled Bayside who could get any girl he wanted. Slater who was the high school jock and Zack's best friend. Screech, Zack's other best friend, who was the geek of the high school. Kelly who is the hottie cheerleader of Bayside and Zack's love interest. Lisa who is the fashion icon of the group and is Screech's long time crush. And Jesse, the study addict goodie two-shoe's and is also the vice president of the student council.

While each the group isn't what normally clicked in high school, it still was a lot of fun to watch them because of how opposite they were. It was always so charming to see them work together, who wouldn't have wanted friends like them? True, the situations in the show are extremely unbelievable, the acting isn't up to par, and it's cheesy messages, this was always a pleasure to watch. You have to admit that sometimes it does bring a few laughs. I'm not afraid to admit it, I still enjoy watching this show and I think you will too, just have fun and admit it, there's something memorizing about it. Otherwise people wouldn't be talking about it still almost 20 years later.
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Don't diss this show
bluejewel1729 March 2001
I read a few comments from some users about this show. Many were definitely fans of the show, while others dissed the show completely. I think that Saved By the Bell is a show that many kids grew up with. I know when reminiscing about times when I was younger with friends, Saved by the Bell was brought up. These aren't the friends which whom I grew up. These are the friends I met in college. It seems that pretty much everyone I know has seen Saved by the Bell and loved it. How many people can say they saw each episode about 5 times each? I know I probably did. I miss seeing the re-runs and I enjoy seeing each Saved by the Bell character when they accomplish something new like a new movie or show. It's just too bad you don't see many of the kids from the jr. high years. I remember this show well, and I always will.
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Definitely makes the grade
ForReal8418 February 2004
Saved By The Bell was one of the best shows that ever aired on Saturday mornings. Ok so it wasn't a show full of Emmy quality performances, but it was a show that was an escape from the everyday pressure that school has on its students. Saved By The Bell centers on a group of friends and their ups and downs through high school. Filled with memorable moments and interesting characters, SBTB is one of the best young adult programs of its time. It has stood the test of time and still remains a popular program. I think it was a show made for the sure purpose of entertaining its young audience for a half an hour. There are a lot of episodes that were pretty amusing. Never again will a generation make such a connection as the one mine did with SBTB, the series starred Mark Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris, the main character who each week spun in and out of several pretty extreme situation. His main squeeze Kelly Kapowski played by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, and the most popular geek Screech, played by Dustin Diamond. Also along for the ride were Slater, Jessie, and Lisa, who made up the rest of the gang. I don't think that it was ever aimed to break the barriers of great television it was what it was. Sure the series made high school look like a piece of cake, for example being able to go to The Max whenever they wanted, taking advantage of the principal, and tricking nerds into doing anything they wanted. But Saved By the Bell was one of those shows that as corny as it may be, it will forever remain one the most entertaining shows in the history of children's entertainment.
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TheMan305130 June 2002
This is the spin-off show to "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" and it's 100 times better than the original. This show was awesome! I guess that the switch from Disney to NBC and from a kids to a teen program helped a lot. While Miss Bliss was pointless and had no interesting characters, this show was funny and it had a brilliant cast of interesting characters. Then again that is what this show is about. Many people think this show is about High School but it isn't, it's about people. While they get themselves into stupid situations you must think back and remember that everyone gets themselves into stupid situations when they're in high school and that's where the humor comes in. While for some reason the main characters here are like the most popular people in school you might or might not relate with that but you could at times relate with what's going on in their lives. Which is why this show is good. Sure it might be silly but then again it's a comedy and high school was pretty fun and silly at times.

Like Zack would say: I like school. It's just too bad classes get in the way.

Now a little side note: This show was awesome but this is like the only good show NBC has had in it's Saturday Morning line up. It just makes you wish NBC would have never stopped giving cartoons on Saturday morning. Anyway, atleast the new line up gave us Saved by the Bell.
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Bayside before it went bad...
Honkon1 June 2001
I remember watching this show when I was about 5 or 6 on TCC. The characters were the best! Zack was the slickest there was, Slater was the muscular jock on the wrestling team. Screech always kept me in stitches with his nerd-like personality. Best bit would have to be foxy cheerleaders Lisa and Kelly played by the beautiful Lark Voorhies and the lovely Tiffany-Amber Theissen. I didn't care too much for Jessie though (A Little Self-Righteous) Also I'd burst into fits when Zack would take a pop at Belding. This show had decent plots (Standard 80s theme). This review would not be worth writing without mentioning the comical presence of Ed Alonzo (It was a shame to write him out, but maybe the characters thought Max was too '80s). This show was goood and I enjoyed the feature length Hawaii Episode. I didn't care for "Saved by the Bell: The College Years". And I agree with whoever said Saved by the bell: The New Class was rubbish! That show sucked big time

Those show was just too boring. Now Nickelodeon UK airs these in reruns, I still watch it. It makes a change from the other shows.

All in All, One of the best shows to come out of the 1980s.
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jwave213 July 2001
In the future, when one looks back on the 20th century sitcoms, one will take note of "I Love Lucy," "All in the Family," and "Seinfeld." Rightly so, my friend, rightly so. But in that esteemed group of half-hour hilarities, the brilliant "Saved by the Bell" must be included.

SBTB had such depth, such writing. And it was reality TV before "The Real World" or "Survivor." It took a realistic look at high school. It showed that in every high school, whether it be near the beaches of Malibu or near the cornfields of Nebraska, there were only six kids that mattered. The same kid who was class president was also head cheerleader, valedictorian, choir member, star athlete on the track and volleyball teams, school mascot, etc. and nobody else in the school did a thing! And of course, students like Zack Morris would get away with prank after prank after prank, even committing a felony in some cases, but still not be expelled and even find time to be best buds with the principal! This is the high school that I knew, and SBTB brought it to life. To glorious life with glorious writing. Ah yes! The writing! Some of the finest scribes of our time took their turns at SBTB. Example of a brilliant passage: SCREECH: Lisa, I got an A+ on my report card. LISA: In what? Dork 101? "Dork 101?" Hilarious. If Shakespeare were alive, he would've taken a chance at crafting such timeless dialogue. All in all, kudos to SBTB. It's gone to Hawaii, it's been through college, and yet, it still remains as good as it was in the early 90's.
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Kooky fun for kids
DoyleLuver11 August 2002
This show may not appeal at all to most people over the age of about 12, due to it's stereotyping and how the six regular cast members manage to be popular, smart, and involved with every club/sport that they could and always happen to become homecoming queen or something. But for a show to last as long as did with such far-fetched ideas proves it had something. The six regulars were the 'blonde Tom Cruise' Zack, A.C. Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa. Then of cause their principal Mr Belding who they had a pretty unique relationship with really. Why this will appeal to kids is because it's funny, and it's storylines are easy to follow and entertaining, and of cause there tends to me a moral to each episode. There is nothing offensive about this show, in fact quite the opposite, it is very innocent and not as bad as people make it out to be. It dared to stereotype and got away with it while being entertaining.
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Corny? Duh!
RawkStah10 April 2005
As far as I am concerned, when it comes to camptacular television, "Saved by the Bell" is one of the best shows ever made. It's not a truly good sitcom like "Roseanne", "All in the Family" or "The Cosby Show", and doesn't have the surrealism of shows like "The Drew Carey Show", but it's not supposed to.

It's a sitcom. Sitcoms work exclusively in stereotypes. There's the jock, the popular guy, the political girl, the dumb girl, the dork, the pretty girl.. what else do you need? If I wanted to spend the time, I could break this down into archetypical Greek Theatre characters, but, a) I'm lazy, and b) it's "Saved by the Bell", for the love of pete! The show is nothing but purely mindless entertainment. Absolutely no thought needs to be brought to the table. Even "Full House" required more input (at least from the viewpoint of McLuhan's 'hot media' v. 'cold media' theory) than "Saved by the Bell".

This comment? More effort than was needed to enjoy "Saved by the Bell". Reading and writing.
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I love this show...
book addict2 September 2001
So I may be 10 years old. So I may only have watched Saved by the Bell for nine months. But I love the show. Zack wasn't that cute in the early episodes, but got a lot more good-looking later on. Kelly - oh she was pretty! A little airheaded in some episodes, and totally brain-dead in the two dumping-Zack ones (The Last Dance and The Aftermath) but she was a nice girl. Jessie was NOT annoying or obsessed about grades. She turned down a chance to go to Stansbury, remember? Slater was a bit of a dumb jock, but he was the one who was really clever in Driver's Ed. Lisa was kind of shallow (she kept track of how many hours they had to shop for prom dresses!) but hey. And Screech - who could forget Screech! He was nerdy but lovable - popping out of dustbins some of the time, hiding in filing cabinets, being a pineapple princess, getting stuffed into 82 lockers...he was hilarious.
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bring the show back
Josh Leblanc11 February 2005
That was a good show and i think they should have a reunion show soon. See They gang get back together at bayside high would be pretty cool. You just now that every one who liked that show as much as i did would like to see that happen. We would see Screech with his stupid antics, and slater showing off, Zach with his pranks on Mr. belding, Lisa talking about some sort of clothe company that she owns, and Jesse thereto talk about saving the environment, and of course we could see the sexy Kelly make an appearance with her husband Zach. maybe they could be there because Mr. belding is retiring as principal and then at the end he hands the job over to Zach. that would be cool.
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There needs to be a national holiday dedicated to this show
MN-Troy18 January 2004
Saved by the Bell is one of the television shows that a vast majority of people born after 1970 has probably seen at least an episode once. I, on the other hand, have seen every Saved by the Bell episode (note: not the lame New Class or College Years) at least several times over and it all began back in the wonderful year of 1992.

I had just started junior high that year and naturally after a long week of school, Saturday finally came. I would usually sleep until 11 and wake up in time for American Gladiators, but one Saturday morning I inadvertently woke up at 10 and caught a show and that show was Saved by the Bell. I was instantaneously hooked to that show and watched every episode up to the special graduation ceremony NBC aired on prime time T.V. In fact, in a junior high poll conducted that year about what students at my school defined as the most monumental moment in their lives. Yes, it was when Zach and the gang graduated high school.

The question that should be asked is why was I hooked and still hooked to Saved by the Bell. The story lines were never original and the jokes were never funny. (Example: When Jessie reveals her middle name to be Myrtle and Zach quips and says Myrtle is his turtle's name. ). And that kind of cornball joke was just the tip of the iceberg in a show that was inundated with not-funny jokes. At one point I thought Slater was the coolest person in the world with his mullet, and at one time I actually tried to grow such a mullet but I soon realized it was pure blasphemy to be like Slater because I am not Slater. So I thought what I stated in the previous sentence is why I was hooked, but alas it wasn't the case. Perhaps a team of Ivy League School Researchers could conduct a study why so many Americans and people aboard watched and are still watching Saved by the Bell.

The show, perfect in every shape and form, had some problems, mainly due to continuity errors. For example:

In one episode Kelly enters a talent contest at Bayside High. She is going to sing a song, but unfortunately she appears to be tone deaf and can't carry a tune. HOWEVER, in an episode later on, Kelly somehow has a beautiful voice while proving backup vocals for the Zack Attack.

Such a blatant disregard for continuity. Did the producers of SBTB actually think they could get away with it?


Let's face the facts here: The world would have been into a second Dark Age if Saved by the Bell never aired.
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Reading these comments makes me feel Old
Manth_Sigdaw5 August 2002
I got to tell you that reading some of these comments posted here makes me feel freakin' ready to check into the retirement home and get a cane and walker. I'm 24 years old and I graduated high school in 1996, so I was just a few years younger then the SBTB kids that graduated high school in 1993. Those kids were the seniors when I was a freshmen, so I never saw this show in the same way as most of you teenage kids that were in pre-school or elementary school back then do now.

You guys talk about "Saved by the Bell" like it's sooooooo retro and old school and it's as old as "The Brady Bunch" or "Gilligan's Island". I mean the show did last until '94 to show us a year of the gang in college. It ain't that old school and retro. Sheesh. I suppose I'm having a hard time dealing with getting older and realizing that generation gaps can actually run two ways, LOL. I guess if I roll it back 10 years from my perspective, I probably do think of early-mid '80s teen TV shows like "Facts of Life" in the same old school way you teenagers think of a 1989/early-mid '90s teen show like SBTB.

Anyway, this was a stupid but good show. But obviously I see this show very differently from bulk of the current teenage fanbase of SBTB.
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"I'm in a building with two Beldings, one of whom is balding!"
Pepper Anne26 December 2004
Talk about a show with a tremendous following. This was the teen soap from my generation that was originally picked up by the Disney Channel and started as 'Good Morning Miss Bliss,' which was set in an Indiana junior high school and followed five friends, their teacher Ms. Bliss (Haley Mills), principal Belding (Dennis Haskins), school administrator (T.K. Carter) and others. With the risk of being canceled, the show was given a face lift by setting the story in a California high school (Bayside High) and reworking some of the cast to become less focused on the teachers and more on the teenage cast, some of whom were also changed (Zach, Screech, and Lisa were part of the original cast). Then, the show was picked up by NBC, where it remained healthy for a number of years, before all of the actors got a little tired and disbanded.

'Saved by the Bell,' looking back on it now (and probably even realizing it as a kid) is an incredibly cheesy show, but it has other elements that gave it tremendous appeal. First, was the cast of teens. Mark Paul Gosselar played underachieving Zach Morris (who was not so underachieving in 'Good Morning Miss Bliss') and was a likely precursor to the headlining character, Parker Lewis, of the 1990 series, 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose' (although both may have been modeled on Ferris Bueler). (I admit that I was absolutely in love with this guy when I was a kid(. Zach's gang of friends also included his love interest, cheerleader Kelly Kapowski (Tiffany Theisen); feminist and brain Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkely); fashion minded (and appropriately Californian) Lisa Turtle (Lark Voohries); dimpled jock, Slater (Mario Lopez); and charming doofus, Screech (Dustin Diamond). It was not the first of its kind to have all the friends together in the same classes throughout their high school term, nor is it the first to have the principal follow them throughout that time, as well. When Saved by the Bell did change, it was made to look 100% American teenager, and that's exactly what it was. You could tell this just by watching the credits how generically it was framed.

Each episode followed the trials and tribulations of the six teens, usually involving some scheme cooked up by Zach Morris to get his way. They did have some original devices with the show, particularly moments where, prior to confrontation or much needed second thought, Zach Morris was able to call 'freeze,' and freeze frame everything while he addressed the audience. In a way, Zach Morris' ability to intentionally interact with the audience (one-way interaction, obviously, since we can't respond) also likely served as the precursor to Clarrisa Darling on 'Clarissa Explains it All.' We were living in Zach Morris' world, not just simply watching a bunch of high school students getting into mischief. Albeit the shows were incredibly corny looking back on them, they were still quite funny and often, entertaining, when I watched them as a kid (hey, not everything can maintain its appeal as you get older!).

The show, too, did take opportunity (usually in earlier episodes) to address certain issues such as drug addiction (in an episode where Jessie Spano, the do-it-all girl, gets hooked on something like speed and in a later episode where the gang befriends a young actor who invites them to smoke pot), although, come to think of it, this was the only controversial subject touched upon. The rest of the time was devoted to pure entertainment.

Then, the cast graduated, and they had several spin-offs. One was that of the gang heading to college, minus Elizabeth Berkley, who seemed to just want out of the show while, I imagine, others were waiting for some spotlight after the initial show ended (as did much of the craze). 'Saved By the Bell: The College Years,' to no surprise, however, did not last long. NBC also tried to cash in on the successes of the show by continuing with 'Saved By the Bell: The New Class' which was an undisguised attempt to merely replace all of the original characters with Zach Morris and the gang clones and replay another four years of teen high school mischief. Although this series fared slightly better than the College Years show, (keeping both Screech and Principal Belding in with Screech playing assistant principal) it did go through some cast changes before finally being cancelled. It even served in the same spot as the original show--eleven o'clock on Saturday mornings. Also, the success of Saved by the Bell lead to many unsuccessful attempts at similar shows that aired both on NBC (for quite a few years) and the USA Network. But nothing beats the original. Not by a long shot.

Dismiss the corniness and tune in (they're available on DVD, so you don't have to search the dial for the syndicates) and look at what television used to be like when it was still worth watching.
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hey hey hey's memories!
Ashley4 September 2003
Saved By the Bell was one of the best, and only good shows, ever made for kids...and adults for that matter. Yea, they gave Slater a few lines that weren't the best, but he made up for that, he was hot. And yes, at the end, they never should have put in Tori. But up until Tori the show was great. It had lessons, it's comedy fit for children. It reflected off of things that children were going to face. This show is great for generations to come. I'm 18, i was only 4 when the show first came out. But I watched the reruns on TBS and some of the situations i saw in the show came up and every time they did, I was reminded of the show. I just bought them on DVD! I love this show. It brings back memories. Episodes are based on true high school situations. Social, mental, and physical. Shows like these are great. It's based on true life...not the damn Cleavers!
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Makes "Gilligan's Island" look like high class Entertainment
dickjones871 August 2005
"Saved by the Bell" is a perplexing bit of pop culture lore. Here is just an embarrassingly wretched TV show that has legions of fans worldwide. This is easily the most fake depiction of high school there has ever been in the history of TV or cinema. Even the kids from "Scooby-Doo" seemed more realistic then this. You never saw Velma act like Screech. Everyone acts so fake and stupid in this TV show, and none of the kids seems to ever go to class. They always just sit around their cool burger hang out joint, talk about the mall and/or have some super cool scheme to do. What the hell. Even the phony, image obsessed cool people in real life don't act that way.

Let's go back to Screech. How come the goofy looking Screech got to hang out with all the good looking cool people? That rarely happens in real life and when it does happen, the ugly/average looking person has some redeeming quality that the beer drinking, club hopping, image conscious cool people like. And this person doesn't act like an idiot, because they know otherwise they could never hang out with the good looking cool people. Screech acted like an idiot ALL the freaking time. Why did they let him hang out with them? They were all so good looking and cool, and he was this ass ugly kid who had ZERO redeeming qualities.

And another thing, this show takes place in the early 90s, but there is not a hint of early 90s anywhere to be found here. This show is so horribly 80s it hurts. They don't seem like grungy kids that graduated high school in 1993, they look and act more like the class of 1988. Why is that? This show is so stupid.
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Favorite Show Growing Up
dkenney3923 June 2008
Saved by the Bell is just amazing. I'm now 19 years old and i still watch it sometimes in the morning on tbs when i get up. There is just something about this show that stuck with me as a child. Maybe it's the characters and how well they went together, or maybe it was the situations that the gang got in daily. i just loved that show growing up.

i would say that the six of them and Mr. Belding mixed perfectly together. All the guys wanted to be Zack and all the girls wanted to be Kelly. It is just one of those timeless shows that won't go away anytime soon. Why do you think they still play it 2 hours a day in syndication? It's just great.
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They don't make shows like this anymore.
harpisteva20 January 2008
I loved this show when I was younger. Even though when I watched the show it was re-runs that came at 5 p.m. I remember watching it once and being hooked on it. I think Saved By the Bell is an American classic like I Love Lucy. By watching the show now, you just realize that we live in a different TV era now, where shows like these are just not produced by TV networks. I guess in 90's there was a popular theme to show innocence amongst teens. I never really liked Beverly Hills because I felt it was just about rich teens, but Saved By the Bell had a realistic element where it's just about young people living every day life in High School.
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Greatest Teens' TV Show of All Time
stlcardinalsfanstl27 November 2015
Saved by the Bell simply is the greatest kids'/teens' show of all time. Every single episode, apart from the Miss Bliss season, is entertaining. The actors and their characters are amazing and make the show work perfectly. The show's episodes almost always have a theme of friendship. No matter what happens the group will be friends forever. It's a very lighthearted, fun show. I remember watching it every morning (7:00-7:30, and the the next three time slots if I faked sick ;), before school when I was in seventh and eighth grade. I just finished watching it on Netflix the other week and boy, it brings back some good memories. I don't know why it has a 7/10, though. Apparently every reviewer is a renowned critic. The show was never supposed to thrive because of spectacular acting; it was supposed to thrive off of its great cast and great themes/plots. Every episode was something new, and very rarely was there a continuity. All in all, this show is great. It makes the viewer happy. If you ever need to cheer up, turn on Saved by the Bell. :)
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The best T.V. show ever.
husnain ali5 November 2007
I love this show and think it is the greatest show that comes on television. I can watch saved by the bell at any time even if I am upset because I know it will cheer me up and put a smile on my face.

My favourite characters are everyone in the gang but I most particularly like Zach Morris, Samuel Powers (Screech), Lisa Turtle and Jessie Spano. My favourite episodes are Palm springs weekend in which the gang get invited to Jessie's fathers wedding but Jessie is not happy about her father getting married, so she tries and stops it and snow white and the seven dorks in which the class puts on a play similar to snow white and Kelly and Slater fall out with Zach and Jessie because they think they have feelings for each other.
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It is high school; all over again
Grassroot23 July 2005
I was born when SBTB came out on television. I then never heard of it. Then last year, I was hooked to it. It came on TBS around early morning 7-8 (PST) I really liked it. I was confused about the cast switch, and the state switch. Then I found out that the junior high and high school episodes, happened in two totally different T.V. worlds. I liked how all the cast members had a special personality. Zack was the troublemaker, and Kelly was the nice girl. Jessie was the independent activist, and Screech was the smartest. Lisa was the most fashionable, and didn't care about anything else. SBTB had the life every high schooler wanted. A clueless principal, going to The Max whenever they wanted, and how they would just slip pass about every teacher. Since last year SBTB appears on several channels, on channel shows it for 3 hours a day. This had to be the best SBTB season, beating Good Morning Miss Bliss, and The College Years, but however, SBTB The New Class won in ratings.
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misshelairemarie21 May 2004
Saved by the Bell was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. There were so many dumb things they did and yet I was still entertained. Sometimes I could tell what was going to happen next and I still stayed tuned in to watch. I even watched it when they had the spin off when they were in college. I also thought Lisa Turtle was the coolest girl on TV. I always wanted her clothes and accessories. I wished my friends and I had a place like Max's. Zach Morris was my first love. :-)Jesse got on my nerves and Screech was such a lovable dork. I always wondered what happened to Tori's character. It's like they randomly through her into the mix for a season and then she was gone. And what in the heck ever happened to Miss Bliss???
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