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Season 1

19 Mar. 1990
Chûgoku kara kita aitsu! Chotto hen!!
The introduction of the Saotomes and the Tendos. Representative families of the "Anything Goes School of Martial Arts".
22 Apr. 1989
Asobi ja nainoyo gakkou wa
Akane and Ranma wind up both attending Furinkan High School. But at the school gates, all male members of the school sports clubs are lying in wait to attack.
29 Apr. 1989
Ikinari ai no arashi chotto matteyo
Tatewaki Kuno, captain of the school Kendo club and in love with Akane Tendo, finds out that Ranma is Akane's fiancé. He relentlessly challenges Ranma to battle...
6 May 1989
Ranma to Ranma? Gokai ga tomaranai
Kuno has fallen in love with the "pigtailed girl." Kuno, who has no idea who she really is, calls out Ranma in order to entrust him with a present...
13 May 1989
Hone made aishite? Akane koi o fukuzatsu kossetsu
After a big fight, Ranma is beaten up badly by Akane. She takes him to Dr. Tofu's clinic to be treated...
20 May 1989
Akane no shitsuren datte shouganai janai
The great Dr. Tofu is tending to Ranma's wounds when Kasumi stops by. The second Dr. Tofu lays eyes on her, he is unable to contain himself.
27 May 1989
Toujou! Eien no mayoigo Ryouga
A strange young man appears at Furinkan High School in search of Ranma. When he sees him, he exclaims "Ranma! Prepare to die!" and attacks!
3 Jun. 1989
Gakkou wa senjouda! Taiketsu Ryouma vs Ryouga
Ryoga and Ranma fight inside Furinkan school grounds, leading Ryoga to find out about the Ranma's Jusenkyo curse.
17 Jun. 1989
Otome hakusho Kami wa inochinano
Stuck in the middle of a fight between Ranma and Ryoga, Akane's long hair is chopped off by Ryoga's bandana sword. Concerned for her, Ranma ditches the fight and tends to the dumbfounded Akane.
1 Jul. 1989
Pî pî P-chan Roku na monjanee
It turns out Ryoga is also a victim of Jusenkyo, turning into a baby pig every time he is splashed with cold water. Akane, who does not yet know this, vows to keep the piglet and let it sleep in her bed. When Ranma hears this...
15 Jul. 1989
Ranma o gekiai! Shintaisou no sukeban toujou
When the entire Furinkan High Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Club is injured before their match with St. Hebereke High School, the members ask Akane to step in. When Kodachi, captain from the rival school, hears this, she plans an ambush!
22 Jul. 1989
Onna no koi wa snesouyo! Kakutou shintaisou de iza shoubu
Upon finding out that Ranma is Akane's fiancé, Kodachi decides to wager him on the next match. But when Akane sprains her ankle during training, it's Ranma who stands in for her?!
27 Jul. 1989
Sukeban no me ni namida? Rûru muyou no kakutou shintaisou kecchaku
The day of the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastic Challenge is finally here! Barehanded attacks are illegal in this sudden-death duel with no time limit. The battle is about to begin as Akane and Kuno look on from the crowd.
19 Aug. 1989
Kotsuban uranai! Ranma wa nihonichi no oyomesan
Dr. Tofu's mother, Kin, tries to persuade her son to get married by presenting him with tons of photos of bride candidates. But Dr. Tofu doesn't have the heart to tell his mother there's someone else he's interested in. In the meantime, Akane does her best to stop Dr. Tofu's arranged marriage.
26 Aug. 1989
Gekiretsu shoujo Shanpû toujou! Watashi inochi azukemasu
Ranma and Akane are enjoying a parfait at the cafe when a beautiful young girl named Shampoo suddenly appears before them! Exclaiming "I kill Ranma!" she relentlessly chases him!
2 Sep. 1989
Shanpû no hangeki! Hissatsu shiatsuken wa mimo kokomo ubau
Shampoo fixes "lunch with love" for Ranma, but what he finds inside the lunchbox is P-chan! Shampoo challenges the infuriated Akane to a fight with the "Kiss of Death."
9 Sep. 1989
Ranma daisuki! Sayonara wa iwanaide!!
Thanks to Shampoo's Shiatsu technique, Akane has completely forgotten about Ranma's very existence! In order to get Blend 119, which is needed to restore her memories, Shampoo issues an unbelievable condition!
16 Sep. 1989
Ore wa otokoda! Ranma chuugoku ni kaeru?
Another night at the Tendo Dojo, Ranma and Genma continue to "train" and cause a ruckus. Ranma, fed up with his father, declares that he's going back to China!

 Season 1 

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